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$2,000 waiting room

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The sell wall at ATH is gonna be nuts. Probably thicker than BTC's.

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its not. Its actually smaller than the sellwall at 1300.

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Hell no dude. Everyone and their mother wants that ATH. Ethereum + a price search would be fucking.. bonkers.
Buuuut right now its dumping so we'll see.

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$2,000 will come quickly after ATH.

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Sellwall at 1400 is 16million. But it will be pulled the second we pass 1355 again.

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So long as 1200 holds its 2k by early feb

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just a huge selloff, but we seem to be recovering as of now

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Wait until the DeFi buzz stirs up again, ETH wants to burst through, it's just needs incentive from the market at the moment

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why are we damping

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Because the moon is underground

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Shut the fuck up

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are we back to pamping now?

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kek did u underwater?

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you khants said it would go to 10k

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$5,000 in March
$10,000 end of year

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its over biz
eth moon has been cancelled
tether fud too strong

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Come again?

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Ill translate: im a big faggot salty nocoiner, pls no pumperino

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I never said ath

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Why should ETH be anywhere above $300? DeFi would be unusable with these stupidly high prices

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Am I too late to buy?

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Nobody knows

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no, buy now.

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It’s not?

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Literally just buy now. HODL (very important part). Then buy during 20% dips. Literally free money.

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Is that why people are piling into bitcoin? Because it's like Earth Buddies?

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based burgers pumping right after waking up

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buy now or suffer for eternity. and remember only people that jump of the rollercoaster get hurt

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I bought 5k of eth on Friday and I've already made 500 bucks this is hilarious

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sell signal

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ethereum is a scam to lure people away from the real revolution, bitcoin

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Will happen within a few days

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Ethereum is completely different from bitcoin and has different uses than bitcoin

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you havent even properly breached 1300 yet moron, imagine thnking eth will hit 2000

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Thank you based Vitalik!

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Stay jealous

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ugh, i bought around 5 eth at 620, sold at 1230 - hoping to catch a dip. no bueno.

i feel sick, even though i 2x'd in a matter of weeks

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Why would anyone EVER sell

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btc was crabbing and so was eth. it didn't outperform in the short term against btc and i got paper hands

i'm jumping back in, fuck it

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Don't ever ever sell anything
Get a fucking job to pay your bills until your stack makes it

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Good. When $1440 breaks it's gonna dildo straight past $2000, a lot of people waiting on the sidelines for confirmation of a break

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we can only hope

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Yeah there’s gonna be all kinds of resistance at the ATH

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>$10,000 end of year
I'd be a multi millionaire then and I earn 12€ per hour. We both know its not gonna just happen like that easy.

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And what happens after

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It's never too late.

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Buy in again.

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Pink wojaks.

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if you really believe that bitcoin is going to front an alternative currency revolution alone you're fucking beyond delusional
if bitcoin is america ethereum is france
if bitcoin is gold then ethereum is electricity
if bitcoin is railways then ethereum is roadways
bitcoin does literally nothing and is simply a proof of concept of a byz solution
ethereum is literally the fucking application of the theory

2017 was ico scams that would change the world
2020 was filled with actual wealth producing products in the form of defi
2021 will be the IMPORT of real world wealth building applications INTO EXISTING DEFI APPLICATIONS
imagine for a fucking SECOND that something like etrade or charles schwab or nasdaq or nyse beings using settlement on something like ethereum effectively cutting out the idea of a middleman entirely
meanwhile, ethereum is only 3% of 1 BTC but will end up being TEN TIMES ITS VALUE

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I lost 500 dollars panic selling when it dipped to 1160 and crabbed around 1200. Is it worth buying back into at this point or should I just wait for it to dip on the 15th

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nice dream, both are meme shitcoins though

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Screenshotted and invested, based anon.

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i caught that dip to 1287 and got in.

god bless and fingers crossed

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Good man

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You guys should pay me to sell on the 15th because that means it's going to continue to pump. Every time I sell a coin, it pumps. But I don't want to beg.

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Shoulda waited, it's gonna dip below 1200 before it bounces

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Welp rebought at the dip, when it predictably gets bogged you'll know who to blame.

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You might be right about all of that except
>if bitcoin is america ethereum is france

American may not be all it's hyped about but France is definitely worse

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Thank you based Vitalik!

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wtf do you call this

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buy now

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>only 3% of 1 BTC
This retard thinks token value in the absence of supply matters. Disregarded.

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a typical example of "get bogged goy"

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just did.

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go up, stupid piece of shit

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sorry but france? .... its not that bad..... fucking statera is france more like! lol or even xrp when xrp fully finishes its death and gets banned then xrp is france then.

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tfw everyone is excited about becoming rich and retiring early, meanwhile you only have 1 ETH and bought it four days ago for $1k

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Gotta start somewhere.

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will ETH moon when BTC crashes on the 15th?

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What's the word on ADA Oh Awakened One?

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No. If BTC crashes ETH will crash harder.

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how can you see it? binance API doesnt show that far

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a retard looking at non daily chart

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I have 2.44 eth and I bought it at like 400 bucks two years ago.

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I think he meant it more in the sense that america needed france for its revolution to succeed

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plan on buying more?

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Not unless it dips. I'm putting all my money in equity funds right now because it's safer.

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Already made 10 euro profit, stay mad wagecucks im selling and moving to cuba.

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Life update 2030. Unemployment is back down to only 90%. My stocks are all worth $0.01. My XRP was seized using torture at the hands of the CCP. The only thing keeping me alive is the income I get from staking my one eth coin— valued at 616k, making about 1% return per month, thanks to the great flippening of 2024, when ETH 2.0 took the entire market share of the total stock market indexes (save for TSLA and Amazon, which moved onto the Algorand blockchain in tokenized form) unfortunately i had to sell my Algorand to bail your dad out of debtors prison, after he used margin to buy the dip in 2023. He lost everything. Most coiners are living alright, some better than others, especially depending on how many no-coiners they have to support. I support 5 families on 1 eth coin and I am thankful for the ability to do so. We just have to make sure we never exit the house or else the risk of multimillion dollar Covid-compliance fines could bankrupt us, and send one of us to the neoplasm mining camps. An ugly way to go. My daughter is working diligently on the hydroponic farm, while my son stands at the door ready with my old double barrel shotgun. My wife is telling me to come back to bed. I should go.

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I remember when I first bought this shitcoin at 12dollars, any other early adopters?

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Converted all my btc to eth in preparation for the tether thing on the 15th :^)

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Based time travelling (ex) Algo steaker. Staking 32 Eth and 50k Algo. I am making it.

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If BTC actually gets fucked by tether, eth won’t be the safe place to be. The place to go is obviously XRP, because it’s pre-crashed by existing FUD. So it really can’t crash much lower.

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not going to happen today when normies are panic selling BTC and this fucking stablecoin is still coupled to BTC

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All aboard then ETH moon mission, departing soon. If my ID is Red, 1.7k EOD

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Mmmmm my sats

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Your id is curry color.

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You’re the retard here

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No problem, it should be red now

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if I told you what that meant... you wouldn't believe me

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how so?

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I have .33 ETH will I make it bros???

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I added at 1282.50 last night before it ran up, but there was heavy resistance then. I don’t see that same wall today. I think this is waiting for a BTC leg up.

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How does $3,333 sound?

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You are thinking of ETH from a BTC maxi perspective. You are seeing that it doesn’t have a hard supply cap and asking how the price could go up long term. The problem is that ETH is trying to do different things than BTC. BTC is trying to be hard money. ETH is trying to be the fuel that is needed for the decentralized internet. And demand for ETH is growing faster than it is being mined. And it will continue to do so as dapp development and usage continue at a parabolic pace. So supply cap is meaningless is meaningless, price will go up regardless

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That really has nothing to do with the post you replied to. Comparing two tokens with different supplies price wise is retarded.

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People compare ETH vs BTC to see what is better to hold

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And doing so by price is retarded. Market cap is the metric that matters. Retard.

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make number go up