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2nd for puts on TSLA

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I'm gonna short telsa at 10 cent

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Man, fuck Gamestop

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First for NUMI.

Original webm, do not steal.

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>This isnt pajeet shit
>its literally an order form on fidelity.
Fidelity is made by people that aren't potty trained.

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When will there be a $FEET

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Okay i realize it might be a piece of shit, but my point is the information they are showing me (specifically the net credit) is the premium im going to receive up front even though it doesnt match the actual calculated net credit. Its not some glitch, this is what i will receive. Why?
I guess ill just have to call and yell at them

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holy shit thats fucking kooky anon. howd u do that?

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is that real???

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BTWN is waking up soon.

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I dunno, talk to Fidelity support. They pay rajeesh to answer these questions.

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imagine working there

imagine the smell

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Am I real?

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what keeps me from theoretically shorting hundreds of thousands worth of bitcoin?

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Your fear of crippling debt

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Why would you do that when BTC will hit $1M+ EOY?

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T. Cryptard

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My cawk will widen your hole when it wakes up

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Tether printing exists to long BTC, not short it. You can't fight the Tether printer.
Hasn't X been moving more than CLF?

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Listen bro you've got to face reality. If you don't have at least half your money in BTC you will be poor by EOY. I will be a billionaire, I have 2,000 BTC.

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CLF is on track for 6th EPS beat in February. X had to do guidance because they lost money. CLF is superior every way

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>Has 80 million dollars

Post proof

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How new do you have to be to not have bought BTC when it was $20 bro?

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I just hate bitcoin and its war on the environment

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bitcoin is bad for the environment without creating anything in return.

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Redpill me on clf

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environment bad
money good

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>doesn't post proof
You do not have 2000 bitcoin.

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You should have bought mara and riot. faggot, got clf at 11. trash.

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Is it too late to buy CLF? I didn’t listen to the shill. I’m safe and sound in TSLA

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Niggers tongue my anus
But BFARF makes me money

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>I'm safe and sound in a company that is almost worth a trillion that makes half a billion dollars a year



>CLF worth 3b
>Generates 1.6b in revenue in ONE QUARTER
>You guys didn't buy

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Apparently unemployment has hit an inflection point. Are we heading into a W-shaped recovery?

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who cares, this isnt /pol/itics

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you are dumber than /pol/, you are, may Allah forgive me for uttering the word, an /int/erloper

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Are you on crack?

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Fuck the weekends I want to trade

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we should create our own darkpool allow trade over the weekend

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Please do my MARA calls need to print harder

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If you understood economics you would know that unemployment is actually bullish for equities in the short run (12-16 months). This can even extend to 4+ years

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Imagine in clf did a v shaped crash like 2008 holy shit. Sell high and buy the crash again

2 ten baggers in 3 years

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can i capitalize on this or is it too late? TSM?

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Reminder that estimated taxes are due the 15th

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I have never paid taxes in my life

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It's never too late to buy TSMC and hold forever

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Based Bezos

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Anyone currently holding (or planning to buy) any emerging market related stocks / ETF's? I am currently planning to take a position in some ETF that has decent exposure to China / Asia in hopes of benefitting from the (probally) weakening dollar and expected Asian economy boom, but almost all ETF's have a high weights in Alibaba / Taiwan semi-conductor. Any tips / experiences?

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how to buy

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why? can you explain breh?

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lmfao retards

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Current market cap is 7 billion

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Stay poor faggot I have 10000 BTC and I am currently on my private island near the Bahamas with my Esquire magazine model

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I'm a nigger and I have 100000 BTC

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SRAC is merging with Momentus in Q1

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Yea wtf is clf fag a bot? He’s been saying the same shit

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Lol, I don't care if you faggots here believe me. I live in a ghetto apartment and survive on unemployment. I refuse to sell even 1 coin until BTC hits $1M.

>> No.25773347

And SRAC is a Cannabis focused acquisition company? Why should I be excited about this

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At least buy your mother something.
Following your plan as well tho.

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If all you had done last year was buy an at the money SPY LEAP on January 2nd you’d be up 75% for the past year. If you bought the dip in March you’d be up about 500%, depending on when you bought.

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Parler claims they might lose all their data. Will AMZN stock drop if people think Amazon can just delete all your company's data/backups at will? I know it is a bad idea to have all your data in one place, but lots of companies do it.

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Yeah and all I had to do was buy apple in 2017 BUT I WAS NEVER TAUGHT STOCKS

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If I was gonna invest in amazon long term I would split it between amazon apple and Microsoft.

Maybe switch Microsoft with square or some shit.

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This isnt taking into account currency inflation.
Retard graph.

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What are the stocks to buy on Monday to take advantage of Biden's trillion dollar stimulus?

Clean energy?

>> No.25773517

Thinking of selling and maybe switching sectors to TSM, not sure if it's too late or not though.

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Are you retarded?
>how do I invest in Momentus
>here is the SPAC that will merge with Momentus, shares will convert 1:1 to MNTS stock post-merger and the merger is expected in Q1 of this year
>yeah but dude weed

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It’s 100% accurate and you know it

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Well if they've made such a drastic pivot it seems like they aren't exactly savvy, sounds like the next shitbag

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>Biden will be a one term (illegitimate) president (possibly from dying)
>He will have a crash that wont recover like Trump
>He will have the worst job loss in history with no recovery
>Housing market bubble 2.0 (Thanks Obama!)
>Take the blame for botched vaccines
>Possibly spark a hot civil war
>Will restart endless wars
>Probably see many pay-to-play deals (VP Biden strikes again!)
>Make Democrats rethink their lives when he doesn't deliver any policy changes
>First women president will be un-elected (and is un-electable)
>Trump will be proven right in every way
Gotta look at the bright side

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0% chance we are in a bubble. Shoeshine boys no longer exist

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How about THIS

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sounds like you've done literally zero research and your opinion is worthless

come back when you have something useful to say

>> No.25773688

>fuck up the economy beyond immediate repair
>get voted out of office after a single term
>blame everything on the new guy
Thanks repubs

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Shouldn't high inflation result in lower P/E ratios? Or does it more correlate with interest rates (low interest rates high P/E)?

>> No.25773716

this doesn't control for
>interest rates decreasing for the entire period of the chart
>increased foreign revenue = higher market cap to domestic GDP ratio

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Well I still wanna get the fuck out but I can’t

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>China fucks up the world
>Trump saves millions of lives
>Trump pushes direct relief
>Trump saves business
>Trump recovers the economy
Retards like you are why its so hard for good things to happen. You like to play games and make up drama just to feel smart and superior. Just accept you are a shitty person and move on, stop hurting others. Grow your life anon.

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I've done all the research and it still doesn't look appealing

>> No.25773803

>didn't know stock existed twenty minutes ago
>>I've done all the research
enjoy missing out I guess

>> No.25773820

I like it. Looking at MAXR and SPCE too. Anything I'm missing?

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Dump SPCE like a dead baby, the entire "new industrial revolution in space" thesis relies on Starship and SPCE can't participate – can't even get to orbit lol

SPCE is a competitor to Six Flags, not MAXR or SRAC or Dynetics or whatever

>> No.25773877

All they did was delay crash it was retarded. Should of just gave people a warning and propped it up

>> No.25773909

>my PSTH mooned again for no fucking reason
The meme SPAC.
>find a SPAC that would make me feel good to have, but it reduces human suffering
>know that I would be found dead under a pile of freshly printed money if I invested in it
Please JPOW. I want to be able to make feel good investments instead of just chasing tech Beta

>> No.25773974

is it too late to get into ARKG? like in this price range.

>> No.25773984

I like how you fags think there is a space revolution, the current space hype is just like SPCE when it merged in 2020. Starship is still in their prototype phase and haven't even constructed their Super Heavy booster, they are expected to launch to Mars in 2024 and we will see a space revolution then but for now you will be bagholding and there are better plays.

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Can someone explain to me why I’ve seen people post a bunch of YouTube links called Forbidden or Private and they are all different videos?

>> No.25774069

W-what kind of videos were you watching?

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>random anon
>mommy shotwell
>"We certainly de-risked that program pretty massively with that," she said of the flight. "You always have schedule concerns and issues, but the amount of flight hardware down in Boca with that team is really impressive." Asked if she thinks Starship will reach orbit in 2021, Shotwell said, "I'm voting yes."

Mars missions require more development than commercial LEO missions, notably Starship doesn't need refueling to start revolutionizing LEO launches.

The SPCE comparison really shows you're a brainlet though, given that Virgin can't even get to LEO.

>> No.25774096

Sound like pedoshit anon

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Convince me not to do this Monday

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NTDOY will be at least $100 EOY and pays a dividend, what is your excuse for not buying it?

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>230k for the "2023 at 12 dollars" call

I don't understand how calls work, how would it possibly be so easy to make money that way?

>> No.25774156

What are the best domains to buy in these days?
I’m thinking EVs, electric energy, steel/copper/raw metal materials. What else?
I’m trying to build a portofolio based on these. I’m currently in steel/CLF only. Thinking to buy into X too.

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Essentially I have the right to buy 40k shares of CLF at $12 before 2023

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>tried the stock market out my first time this year
>up like $5,000 over a period of 3 months
>get bored and try out crypto
>up $127,000 in 5 months

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>try crypto
>put $500 into Stellar after they ask for my ID, social and every other mundane shit
>okay so how is crypto even anonymous when they get all this info
>check 3 months later
>$500 is worth $80

Miss me with that gay ass tulip scam

Fuck XLM

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Pic related. I seen like 5 different videos posted with YouTube links like this in smg over the last week and they were all different videos. Why dis happen?

>> No.25774218

I dont see why you have to pressure me like that. Maybe I want to buy stocks that Im more familiar with from the past

>> No.25774224

How much did you started with?

>> No.25774240


A dollar

>> No.25774270

I’ll be more especific. How much did you invest first time and for how long have you been doing this?

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I see and do you have that much money?

>> No.25774286

Do you live in a country that bans alot of YouTube videos or something?

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several years

Also just bought some ETC on robinhood cause fuck it I'm bored and markets closed lol

>> No.25774310


Sexy, hoping to be there someday.

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XLM is up 140% this week. How the fuck did you lose money?

>> No.25774316

i recently hit $200k in crypto and want to retire early. i'm very impatient. if i put my $200k into the S&P 500 index and went to SE asia couldn't I just live like a king for the rest of my life by taking maybe 7% of my 10% APY each year to live in a poorish city there? am i being retarded? i'm really sick of my life and want to get away but i also refuse to work... (neet)

>> No.25774321

I mean you bought a fork of a centralized shitcoin and have no intuition in the market. It's the equivalent of, say, me opening a brokerage account and buying CLF.

>> No.25774330
File: 45 KB, 550x550, 7C313D78-7C2F-4DB3-9E79-47637B4F2A3E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya but I clicked on one of them and was able to watch it

>> No.25774332

This dude bought $80k in CLF calls. Bruh.

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Sold this shit and bought dogecoin lol

>> No.25774351

Charge your phone bruh

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So when does the rug pull commence anons? When Biden takes office? Or when he dies and Kamala becomes president a year into the administration? Or when hillary clinton becomes the supreme leader in 2024?

>> No.25774375

My issue with srac is the CEO of momentus. Tripfag posted an article about how he is a ruskie who has ruskie oligarch money in the private company. Shit dont bode well with Biden

>> No.25774383

Get into selling options, and don't take all of it out so you can use compounding to your advantage. Eventually you will have enough to live nicely in a decent country and switch to a safer portfolio with less work required to maintain.

>> No.25774392

Every single market bubble since the introduction of QE has collapsed when there is a rush of money to what is perceived to be a better asset.

>> No.25774414

Things will be fine until house democrats somehow get the most power, then they will fuck everything up. Forget Hillary or Kamala, things will be bad if someone like AOC gets power.

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And my question is if he has enough money to purchase "40k shares at 12 dollars a share".

>> No.25774422

Whats the better asset now?

>> No.25774428

also interested

>> No.25774433

You find that, then you make a lot of money

>> No.25774444
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ALPP chads get in here

>next month NASDAQ listing

>> No.25774458


>> No.25774475

He doesnt need to, why would he? Just sell the calls to someone else that will do it.

>> No.25774516

Stocks rise with inflation if nothing else. Companies change their prices to respond to inflation measures. The ratio should remain the same.
Debt to equity ratios might possibly change over time.

>> No.25774524

TSLA? Honestly, Big tech is now old tech, you need to invest in space, cybernetics, and AI. In another few decades, AAPL AMZN GOOG will be like coke and kraft, if they survive getting broken up.

>> No.25774528

It will eventually happen. Right now the average age of an incumbent HR member was 57 with new ones being 50 so in a decade or so the old guard will either be replaced or die out with AOC candidates as our generation starts to become the dominant voting bloc.

>> No.25774617

No, I mean a different class of asset. A stock bubble that just goes to a different stock bubble isn't a collapse of the bubble.

>> No.25774624

Last digit is how many K I will dump into RBLX DPO

>> No.25774660

So real estate, commodities, forex, gold, bonds, government bribes? What else?

>> No.25774678

Just go for the full ID amount of 25mil.

>> No.25774689
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>> No.25774719

>TSMC and hold forever
Other semiconductor players could strap in

>> No.25774741

>exposure to China

>> No.25774790

What can i buy to sell calls on if I’m a poorfag?

>> No.25774793

why to buy option and not just simply to buy the SP500 maybe on leaverage too?

>> No.25774796

I'd add art, debt, crypto (despite being a rounding error in global assets), and fixed income assets to that list.
The only things that seem undervalued are gold and certain forex pairs. Also its generally the case that the best returns are eventually in hated assets which would be bonds. But its difficult to see ROI chasing MMs thinking those assets are valuable instead of playing the casino unless the mother of all recessions is coming.
I don't think I can see where the out is.

>> No.25774807



>> No.25774813

>gonna invest in amazon long term
this is not 2006 you laggard. Invest in IEXEC

>> No.25774833

GE and Ford. The returns and capital appreciation will be awful. A decade ago I had covered calls on KO.
I no longer bother with CCs.

>> No.25774866

I wouldn't invest in still
Maybe litium or Vanadium would be a better choice

>> No.25774879

I can't see either, people keep saying it's unsustainable but people already have too much in cash and there is no better asset other than the market for the foreseeable future to put it into.

>> No.25774916

Should I sell Mara? Btc is fucking done for

>> No.25774993

Why did you even hold over the weekend? Its more obvious ponzi than tesla.

>> No.25774996
File: 149 KB, 1024x555, 1587320716551.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my bussy

>> No.25775006

Can't Tether keep printing to "buy the dips"?

>> No.25775013

Seconding this. I hold a range of asia etfs and all of them have Alibaba at no 1.

>> No.25775021

How did you come up with that conclusion? I checked their finances and plans for this year, it's not a scam. Unless BTC crashes, then I'm fucked.

>> No.25775072

Because its pure fomo and their expansion plans will come to fruition late 2021.

>> No.25775078

An 08 style crash would be nice to trade. That had two or three smooth short setups, a lengthy bounce that looks like it would have been reasonable to long safely, fairly gentle break down after that bounce phase before the real blood fountain hit. Much easier than the fucking dot com crasg meat grinder kangaroo thing near the top before it all burst apart.

>> No.25775117

desu i pulled out of doge, too unstable for me. tik tok pumped then it dumped below 0.013 since last week, i dont see it gaining anymore unless you're day trading

>> No.25775163

Hmm, I'll dig more then. I'm holding still and AH ask price is quite high now so I feel safe. But I'll be monitoring on Monday.

>> No.25775207

Take out initial investment and ride it out with the profits. Its a fucking gamble

>> No.25775240

how do we feel about FUBO?

>> No.25775247

Guys who fear an impending crash, how are you preparing for it to keep your gains safe? How tight is your stop loss?

>> No.25775260

I bought China, Taiwan and Korea ETFs separately with my own allocation. Don't care about the other EM shitholes.

>> No.25775303

>How tight is your stop loss?
Don't use a stop loss.
> how are you preparing for it to keep your gains safe?
Long vola (and no, not UVXY or other memes)

>> No.25775321

>Made $473,780 in 2020
>Somehow valued at $1 billion

>> No.25775359
File: 543 KB, 495x518, sdasdsadasdsaadasdas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First for SRAC

>> No.25775386

I think we are super fucked if it pops and TSLA might be the one that breaks the market. I think everyone should consider at least 5% in gold.

A nice bear perspective on things.

>> No.25775415

The answer to that question used to be PLUG. All newbies learned covered calls on it.

>> No.25775423

>all he cares about is what happened last month and gibsmedat
ngmi with such shortsighted vision.

>> No.25775442

>The returns and capital appreciation will be awful
so why to buy calls

>> No.25775444

I'm thinking the same with Tesla. I don't want to sit on cash and miss a potential bull run even if it is in a crazy unsustainable bubble.

>> No.25775450

lower interest rates mean higher pe
also the closer we get to the technological singularity the higher the pe will get as that future explosion of wealth gets gradually priced in

>> No.25775463

>PLUG. All newbies learned covered calls on it
why do theeìy usually sell covered cals on it? what's the point?

>> No.25775504

It used to trade around 3 dollars and had a full option chain.

>> No.25775514

Covered calls are best suited for boring stocks. A way to eek out returns from a relative stable underlying. Selling calls on a more volatile asset gives better returns but it requires holding an underlying that might frequently get you assigned (and thus miss gains). Better in that case to cover with a bought call.

>> No.25775651

Buy FUSE gents

>> No.25775692

Isn't CLF just highly correlated to steel prices? Before it started going up, I saw a pic posted with CLF prices and steel prices, with steel leading. You just have to make the same graph, look at it, and determine if CLF is already priced-in or not.

It's not rocket science.

>> No.25775735

Where is BCRX shill, I would like to discuss stuff with him.

>> No.25775776

Infinite. Quantitative. Easing.

>> No.25775780

Friendly reminder to buy MindMed before it gets listed in the Nasdaq

>> No.25775798

Bubble. About. To. Pop.
Bubbles usually pop at maximum euphoria, when everyone (like you) think it's a perfectly safe investment and nothing wrong could happen

>> No.25775833

If you expect inflation, you should be willing to buy higher P/E, since the E will go up with inflation in the future.

Interest rates correlate with the inverse, E/P. Basically 1% interest is 100 P/E. When interest reaches zero, any P/E is "rational", if you look at purely the money. This is one of the differences between the dotcom crash and the current state of the market: during the dotcom crash, interest rates were 6%

One more thing to note: the crash isn't going to be a pop. It's going to be much more of a slow tire deflation. When the dotcom boom peaked in early 2000, people didn't even realize until ~september.

Things to look out for: QQQ or SPY going down at least 20% from ATH, or the fed starting to up the interest rates.

>> No.25775889

Where will people put their capital if not the market? What asset will become the 'safe haven'?

>> No.25775893
File: 59 KB, 234x226, faggot account.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haha, I'm gonna link to my private videos from now on just to fuck with you guys.

>> No.25775895

Give it 6 months until GME either squeezes or doesn't and I can take profits.

>> No.25775912

They just published an article saying PFE vaccine is effective against new form of virus, are we finally mooning?

>> No.25775914

Money has to be backed up by goods. Having SO MUCH shit sold as "a service" sure helps keep it afloat, but eventually even that can't sustain it.

It's like you people won't ever learn from the weimar.

>> No.25775923
File: 68 KB, 579x439, 1609963324612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to grocery store to get a Bang and some more beer
>already kind of tipsy
>cashier has a big fat ass
>it's almost freezing cold outside
>still wearing gym shorts from lifting
>go home and pass out
At-at-at least I have a lot of gainz and money...right?


>> No.25775987
File: 170 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210108-160825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks again CLFag! Ironworker fag here, haven't been to work in a month.

>> No.25775996

Pretty sure any kind of trust about vaccine has been lost. Every news must be perceived as a lie even from most normies.

>> No.25775997

I was greedy and sold covered calls on my RIOT shares. If RIOT pumps to $35 before 1/15 I will have to sell all my shares. Never selling covered calls on meme stocks again.

>> No.25776010

CLF was my free stock on RH. Is it the future? I looked and they make natural resources and steel. Sell me on why they’ll be a part of the future and I’ll place some calls

>> No.25776050

No. There's more to it than that. A lot more. I don't have the info but it's been shilled here for months so kys

>> No.25776056

When the duck did you get in

>> No.25776064

It used to be Bonds, but not anymore, so it's not gonna pop ever. It's just gonna plateu.

Unless the Fed decides to be a faggot and ups the interest rates. That'll be a proper crash.

>> No.25776072

It's been shilled more months! Go back and then kys

>> No.25776131

I buy Mara and btc is done

Of fucking course

>> No.25776180

Should I buy twitter when the markets open? Or is it going to dump more on monday?

>> No.25776186
File: 60 KB, 794x830, steel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it tho? Or do I have to draw in meme-lines for you?

>> No.25776197

Thoughts on OPNT?

>> No.25776241

Did you at least pay with one of those % cashback cards?

>> No.25776278

Sounds like a run-of-the-mill drug company with a niche market, no net income and steadily declining stock price.

>> No.25776314
File: 6 KB, 250x181, 1605069760311s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone looked at the economic data? Is is absolutely terrible, there is absolutely no fucking way you will get inflation with this data.

90% of wallstreet is on the inflation trade. Algos are selling and buying because certain stocks and bonds reach specific numbers, this can turn around any time.

Biden promised to do a lockdown and send out more stimulus, will be interesting if he can or will deliver on these promises.

Also the potential impeachment of the fucking president and potential riots on the streets. Can the stock market shake off the impeachment of the president?

There are so many risk signs right now, it is absolutely crazy.

>> No.25776378

>90% of wallstreet is on the inflation trade.
Probably. The question is: do you want to sit on the sidelines, waiting for a crash and watching your money inflate away?

> Can the stock market shake off the impeachment of the president?
The stock market as a whole is not really moved by political events, maybe some %. Take a look at indexes lately. So much shit happening, but they barely moved.

>There are so many risk signs right now, it is absolutely crazy.
Usually this is teh point where you have 1-2 more bull years.

>> No.25776426


>> No.25776441

ok nigger

>> No.25776470

Where else is money going to go?

>> No.25776487

Yeah, my chase card gives me 1.5% cash back.

>> No.25776493

Lol I have a lot of friends that are devs at fidelity. They get to wfh until 2021. Tursday is 'learning day' and they program until 4 pm and get off. They love it

>> No.25776501
File: 154 KB, 820x836, 1592335356724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking for a stock under a dollar that will be worth a 100 in less than six months.

>> No.25776527
File: 9 KB, 810x456, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When will they hit $5?

>> No.25776552


>> No.25776603

>Probably. The question is: do you want to sit on the sidelines, waiting for a crash and watching your money inflate away?

This would imply we have real inflation right now, can you be really sure about that? We have several problems with the supply chains and the less supply might be a reason for all the price increases. It can easily become inflationary once all the people go out and want to spend their money, but do you want to frontrun the trade so much

>> No.25776609

I get that too. This a bug of some sort.

>> No.25776631

You know, you should probably not use that photo considering all the other tickets you shill with it have been shit.

>> No.25776638

They might hit $3 tomorrow.

>> No.25776703
File: 292 KB, 959x1084, 1585696620758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck, I'm so close to making it but at the same time, my private life is so close to breaking apart.

>> No.25776723
File: 50 KB, 562x560, 1607182453994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your fault for having a private life, loser.

>> No.25776729

I'm talking more about stock price inflation:
- Fed continues to print money because YOLO
- Money finds itself in the stock market sooner or later, because that gives the biggest growth of all major value-store categories. Trickle up, so to speak.
- Stock prices go up for no "fundamental" reason

>> No.25776755

>just need a 10x to quit waging

>> No.25776756
File: 23 KB, 423x424, ftn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright bros, gonna listen to the latest FTN. Their description of the show makes it seem like you should invest bigly in the deep state.

>> No.25776760
File: 114 KB, 546x790, 1600185634534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Simply by definition, if you don't have a private life it's because you're dead.

>> No.25776784

What if I IPO'd, and now I only have a public life?

>> No.25776786
File: 15 KB, 196x258, thiccshroom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons, I lost about 130k being a greedy moron leverage trading. I now have about 60k left. Is there still a way for me to come back from all of this shit? Obv no more leveraging, I'm done with that, but how would you invest 60k for long-term gains?

>> No.25776789

That's only a 2*2*2*1.25
That's doable.

>> No.25776796

savings rates are greater than ever, when this corona meme dies the floodgates of inflation will open

>> No.25776797
File: 289 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210110-121441_Stocktwits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy the meme lines

>> No.25776807

Jesus fucking christ

>> No.25776813

My chink exposure money is allocated like this:
66% MSCI EM Asia ETF
33% CSI 300 ETF

Can't complain so far.

>> No.25776818
File: 11 KB, 640x794, technical analysis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> invest bigly in the deep state.
I invest in tinfoil futures. They seem to correlate with deep state stuff very well.

>pic related

>> No.25776849

You guys should read Jack Schwager's new book.
The guys in that book all stopped relying on TA because it stopped working. That's also my experience.

>> No.25776856

What if the market crashes soon

>> No.25776866

>long-term gains
L-shaped recovery coming next year
leverage the fuck up and get out when you reach your target

>> No.25776868

You have 60k. Forget about 130k, it's gone, act and invest like you never had it.

>how would you invest 60k for long-term gains?

I`m betting on a swing towards small cap in the next few years. VTWO. ETFs by themselves won't make you rich though just steady gains.

>> No.25776873

yeah, I know. made some really bad bets with rona, mainly shorts on currency pairs/nasdaq etc. Got blown the fuck out.

>> No.25776895

Clf aapl sq nio

>> No.25776914

I don't read no book. Also, technical analysis is just numerology for autists, so miss me with that.

The market does not "crash" the way you think it's not crypto. "Crashes" happen over months, there will be plenty of sings and opportunities to exit.

>shorts in a bullmarket

>> No.25776929

yeah, I really need to get that into my head, thanks. I got into the classic gamblers mindset of wanting to recoup losses rather than making smart investments. really moronic.

leverage up? for the drop you mean? Idk man, I really don't think I should be leverage shorting more after blowing through so much money already.

>> No.25776930
File: 2 KB, 120x125, 1604064679913s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes this is where I see the problem, we have this huge inflation in the asset prices, but at a certain point the companies have to have earnings that justify these valuations. Just look at a company like Zoom, they had really good earnings, but the company got absolutely crushed, because the people pumped it too hard.

Most manufacturing companies will have worse earnings in the next 2 quarters than they had before. Can you pump a stock on worse earnings? This next months will show

>> No.25776933

epic troll

>> No.25776952

yep. I know. For some reason I thought this would be bear town sooner rather than later. Turns out I was wrong.

>> No.25776955

You went to zoom? What's a matter, own Tesla?

>> No.25776966

>leverage up? for the drop you mean?
no, leverage up for the last bull run upto the top
and gtfo

>> No.25776978

The market is forward looking, especially with classic companies, so an earnings drop does not really affect stock prices.
However, at these interest rates, a P/E of even 100 is completely "reasonable", and most companies are 20-50 now.

>> No.25777003

what assets would you be looking at for that last bull run?

>> No.25777006

>there will be plenty of sings and opportunities to exit.
What if they are right in front of us, but we refuse to look at them? Unprecedented USD printing, bubbles all around, euphoria on market, China buying USD debt from other countries. I'm afraid we will repeat 2008 where everyone was optimistic and thought good days will never end.

>> No.25777017
File: 2.96 MB, 485x485, 1609558281407.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've learned to follow backstabbing Kelly Loeffler. If she moves out of the market, you should to. She got the drop last time, it will happen again

>I am aware there is voter fraud
>but I can't in good conscious object the ec because some people came in this building

>> No.25777021

So you have a solid time to sell?

>> No.25777032
File: 248 KB, 1914x745, 1604084089537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I was pretty conservative with my trades, see every retard go yolo and make thousands and I couldn´t resist to yolo some of my money. FOMO is fucking crazy

>> No.25777042

These are all signs that the top is coming not that we have reached it and are now secretly in decline. Once stock prices actually start to fall and companies fail: that's when you know you're in a decline. Just watch out for bulltraps.

>> No.25777046

I just can't imagine being this blind.

>> No.25777055

where can I follow her trades?

>> No.25777065

When SPY or QQQ drops 15% compared to ATH, I will go full cash until it starts properly climbing again.

>> No.25777066

Can anyone recommend a book on finance for beginners in a purely objective sense? I'm looking for a textbook on finance and investing, but all I can find are trash essays like "10 ways to get into investing".

>> No.25777078

"Lurk more" by don't be a fucking idiot

>> No.25777086
File: 104 KB, 640x1106, 1610220938776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i want to buy shares in UNFI

>> No.25777096

Everyone thinking about putting money in TSLA at this levels being a safe investment must be a retard beyond comprehension, yet it still goes up. Everyone knows it is a bubble but everyone tries to ride it. At this point I think the stock is just a meme for insanely rich people to prove bobos wrong and wrong again for a good laugh.

>> No.25777120
File: 493 KB, 1100x1007, 1609759500929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what's the next EV?

>> No.25777122

you dont need textbooks to learn about finance or investing. use that money to buy a share of T instead

>> No.25777128

See also: Bitcoin.
Timing the top is fucking impossible. It's like the MMO version of chicken, where you lose if you are in the last 50% to pull the steering wheel.

>> No.25777148

Didnt we go over all the EV players? The next meme will be materials the EVs are made out of.
Buy copper

>> No.25777151

just read the investopedia article on anything you don't know

market cap
free float
risk-free rate
p/e ratio
call option

>> No.25777153

Wait for TSLA to pop, that will tank all EV shares because of the ETF effect. Then $RIDE.

>> No.25777160


don´t go to smg during the week, many people just follow shill trades and got no clue, if you actually want to have a serious discussion and learn something, weekend smg is the best, but only during specific times (I feel like when most burgers wake up, the quality of discussion declines significantly and we see more shitposting)

classic books are: Intelligent investor or One up on Wall Street

Most investment books were written in another era, so it depends how much you can really learn from it.

>> No.25777172

hopefully before mid march
t. 5c 3/19 bagholder

>> No.25777196

A chinaman told me buy nio

>> No.25777198

Unironically this. Also watch the two most watched Peter Lynch videos for evergreen advice.

SMG is fucking hell during trading hours. It's way more chill at night and over the weekends, with way higher average IQ.

>> No.25777229

ty anon. I'll research the ones I don't know a bit.

>> No.25777250
File: 491 KB, 1631x1813, MN + TSLA Connection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy manganese. Elon battery guru who helped pioneer the lithium ion battery is changing their battery to include manganese. The guru has a brother who works for the mining company. Some anon posted this Pic as proof.

>> No.25777287

I might purchase GIK Monday. They should complete the merge with the new ticket anytime between Feb and mid March.

>> No.25777306

problem is you need to stop the option chains first, people yolo call options on Tesla and people buy shares to hedge. This is a self enforcing machine which can go on for a while as long as the people have the liquidity

>> No.25777312
File: 55 KB, 1920x1920, manganese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you please stopp sreading misinformation to everyone? This is thoroughly debunked. Manganese is just an additive to electrodes, and is not new. It's also only about 5% of all manganese sales.

>pic related, this project was also fake. IT was a cold war-era cover story for a submarine finding boat.

>> No.25777335

> as long as the people have the liquidity
I'm pretty sure people are running out of liquidity at this point. It's in the definition of yolo: all your savings.

>> No.25777338

I have noob question. Let's say I want to sell 10k of my shares, but there are only buyers who buy max 1k at once. Should I place single sell order for 10k or multiple smaller ones?

>> No.25777359

Thank you but I'm already Manganese baron with VALE.

>> No.25777399

A single sel llimit order should be OK. The algos will snatch it up.

>> No.25777406

I don´t think so, if you look at the average RH guy:
>buy Tesla call
>make several thousand with Tesla call
>buy more Tesla calls

Squeeze Metrics made a post on Twitter: "Why options trading is not a zero sum game."

Both sides of the trade can make money.

>> No.25777484

But it's all just scalping the stock price increase. People are actually buying actual shares for larger and larger prices, and they will run out of liquidit soon enough, the stock price plateaus, and the option chains will collapse.

>> No.25777529

Now this is where the Tesla magic comes in, they just do another stocksplit or sell more shares.

>> No.25777530

Yeah but tesla shorts dont

>> No.25777581

I fail to see how a stock split helps. Other than maybe attracting those investors that have less than $800 on their account. Also it takes a bit of time to set up a split, and the pop will have happened by then.

Tehy can't sell shares without diluting it, causing a slight price decrease, and a huge panic.

>> No.25777595

How the fuck does Tesla work? Stock crashes and he’s not the richest person anymore? If the stock up goes to like 3000 hes like a god?

Is this the only stock ever to do this?

>> No.25777689

>Tehy can't sell shares without diluting it, causing a slight price decrease, and a huge panic .

That´s exactly what they did last year. The marcet cap is so insane that they can sell new shares worth billions and it wouldn´t delude the stock price more than a tiny percentage.

I think Tesla is one of the best scams of the last decade.

>> No.25777759

Ehh, calling them a scam is a bit of a stretch. They aren't actively defraunding people, even God Emperor Musk said that the stock is overbought. It's people doing this to themselves and eachother.

>> No.25777775

>Both sides of the trade can make money.

Someone sold those calls and missed out on tons of gains if they were covered, or lost a ton of money if they weren't. It is a zero sum game, every dollar made is a result of new influx of investors, like in all bubbles, and when the influx stops or reverses, it's going to be ugly.

>> No.25777794

He can sell the option you mongoloid

>> No.25777817

Were all gambling here man

>> No.25777852
File: 59 KB, 960x306, 198498641356574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i hate this. how to people ever have the balls to just put an entire $100k into something like this? shouldn't they be punished with taking such a risk? i have 50k so i can't even imagine throwing 100k into something. but maybe i should just do the same thing except with AMD?

>> No.25777855

Ya it depends on the definition. Hiding that you might be on the risk of a bankruptcy and continue to attract investors is sketchy, promising several things on which you didn´t deliver is kinda sketchy, the accounting is probably sketchy, but it is no fraud in the classic sense.

>> No.25777862
File: 1.44 MB, 200x200, 1608048414493.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking love the tsla bubble. even if it dumps 100% i'd be green lmaoooooo IM NEVER SELLING

>> No.25777876

Damn yo, republicans are in charge of the cities and keeping them closed?

>> No.25777879

>they said

No functioning adult takes any of those words seriously

>> No.25777900

With shares you can set stop loss and only lose like 20k

>> No.25777912
File: 44 KB, 488x513, 1581690344056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>even if it dumps 100% i'd be green

>> No.25777913

Stop posting new faggot.

>> No.25777965

Im going all in NIO. The news this weekend looks juicy for a long term hold

>> No.25777993

>even if it dumps 100% i'd be green

>> No.25777994

I'm fucking retarded.
"Why is this image moving every time I mouse over it"

>> No.25778001

Have fun buying the shares while people are selling the news, and then crabbing for 3 months.

>chink company built on lies and cooked books
>long term hold

>> No.25778074

Le buy the rumor sell the news. I dont trade around catchy advice. 600+ mile EV sedan. Sedan doesn't look like a retard SOLO onions mobile. New battery that can be used in charging stations/homes/etc. Literally a direct competition to TSLA weed man in China, a country that will own you in 20 years. This is not the news of an FDA approval or something meaningless this is actual company growth.

>> No.25778118

no, this wrong, read about delta hedging, or read the whole article

>> No.25778150

If you actually knew the chinese market you'd also know that 3-4 exact copies of this company will prop up in a year and at least halve the market share. There will be no growth.

Enjoy buying the top.

>a country that will own you in 20 years.
Nice meme tho.

>> No.25778218

20k is still a lot to lose if it's your entire life savings.

>> No.25778254

Got half my life savings in CRSR desu

>> No.25778296

Buy AirBus if you want exposure to space. They make most satellites

>> No.25778311

i mean i trade with my life savings too (50k) but i swing trade with it, i buy low and sell high, i DCA and scale out, i don't just fucking yolo that shit on a meme like TSLA that could crash any day (it doesn't of course but we all know it's all built on bullshit that isn't fundamentally supported)

>> No.25778335

I don't get why you'd be angry at this. They took a risk and it paid off. It could just have easily resulted in them losing everything.

>> No.25778350

my Vanguard emerging markets made me 4% this week

>> No.25778370

because i wish i could just make one amazing trade and retire a millionaire. i make good money swing trading but nothing like that and obviously it takes a lot more work. it's all so tiresome.

>> No.25778395
File: 43 KB, 502x799, zyzz-peak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you wouldnt get it
yes im a tsla holder how did u know

>> No.25778444

ok that's it im buying TSLA on monday

>> No.25778447
File: 259 KB, 925x984, 156198416532654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this bullish?

>> No.25778463

by who? Fucking Tesla? Dont make me laugh you retard.

>> No.25778488

Fuck Im fucking Starving

>> No.25778501

QQQ made 5%... The only ETFs I know of that consistently outpaces QQQ are the ARK ones. Everything else is meh.

Sell signal

>> No.25778527

>Much manganese
Solid state batteries will replace lithium ones. They have longer range, they don't explode, they have fast charging. You could have EV with 1000 mile range and can charge within 10 minutes, this will also cripple all the trashy charging infrastructure companies.

>> No.25778553

this one's been on my recommended viewing list and I finally opened it
it's a pretty good montage of kind of standard, entry-level financial speak and it hits a lot of the boomer bases... It moves from topic to topic with a bunch of mini-interviews but keeps it coherent. I think some of you might like it. Feel free to upvote

>> No.25778704

>they don't explode
Modern LiIon batteries don't explode, they just burn vigorously.
It's simple physics really, they have a shitton of energy stored, which, when released, causes a fire. You literally can't make a high capacity battery without also making it a fire hazard, the chemistry doesn't matter.

>> No.25778724


>> No.25778744

Never thought I'd say that about a cam whore but : Based Gootecks

>> No.25778778

Anon 100% of 880.02 is 880.02.

>> No.25778804

shh, don't break his bubble.