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The most precious possession you have in the world is your PRQ tokens. And for this token, and for the sake of this token, we will struggle and fight, and never swing, never sell, never lose courage, and never lose faith.

Analtoy Sieg Heil

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love the typo

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based. thank you anon

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based af

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Diamond hands PARSIQ hodler reporting in

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>mfw prq 5$ eoy

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needa shake out few more whales, and then no more price suppression. Swung this and lost 6k, never again

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you will never be a woman

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I just parsiqpilled today. I cant believe I ignored this shit on biz. When 99.99% of the shills are absolute garbage, sometimes you look over the good ones. This is literally a better version of the graph. Go look at the market cap difference

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But why you compare it to The Graph?
Parsiq is indexing?

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what the other anon says bro, it's a different thing completely. Others only compare it because they pumped at the same time but PRQ has a much brighter future

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Not true. There's a lot of overlap. Devs use both projects to enable frictionless development. Parsiq has workflows that you can subscribe to, whereas the graph indexes the workflows. There two of very similar services.

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I still don’t get it. Can you give an example of the difference please? A practical one

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The graph is basically the google of finding blockchain development code, whereas parsiq is like a subscription service/marketplace for developers to use other developers already-created code. Parsiq incentivizes developers to create meaningful and alluring workflows that other devs will want to use.

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A whale just dumped this to 50c from 55. This shit is gonna be permanently suppressed until it gets listed on a major CEX, until then I'm swinging with the whales.

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that's only one small aspect of Parsiq lol. GRT and PRQ are not competitors and they are nothing alike, anatoly addressed this himself

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Highly based. Finally people understand the power of Parsiq. Wait until March when staking/lending comes in on the IQ protocol.

Also, they can retrieve tokens when people get hacked/scammed. Anyone else built a token capable of that? Not a fucking chance.

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