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perhaps, but ill be a wealthy loser

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especially if you don't feel as a loser just because some fucktards tell you you are one just because you won't bow down and become a cuck
a lot better than what is being considered being a "winner" by normies lol

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We're all losers, anon.

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i dont get the cripple stuff. /biz/ constantly shit on it in 2017 and called it a l*ddit coin.

Will you discord trannies and r*dditors go back?

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Loser is only how you feel about yourself and your life. Not everyone on this site is a poor kissless neet living with his mother. I've got what people considered making it already and yet I feel like a loser to myself

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I'm not. I'm a Fuse holder. So, future global elite here.

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I just want to drink beer forever, fuck you.

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Bullish for Chainlink

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Fuck nigga

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I wonder who could be behind this post
Who would want to demoralize linkies the most?
A nolinker, a swinglinker, maybe a jew?
OP, please tell us, who the fuck are you?
An XRP schizo or a BSVtard?
Who would try to demoralize us this hard?
It could be an API3 street shitter or a BTC maximalist
No one knows for sure, but I can tell you this
OP is a fag
Who knows deep down that he had...
Three entire years
As he types his fud out in tears
Did I mention he's a queer?

"The NoLinker's Lament"- Anonymous, 2021

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brought me to tears. Beautiful

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Take the schwabpill, no need to wait 3 years

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seething nolinker. invest in rope

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I was born a loser


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this is bullish.

imagine spending all your energy to laugh at linkers who live rent free in your head to your grave

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cope, seethe, dilate. Posting reddit like this is true reddit. you trannies and your demoralization discords won't ever work, and your memes are low effort, inorganic, and forced.

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why you bugs mad?

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ugly, unskilled people spend so much time trying to make others feel bad rather than improve themselves

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Absolutely majestic. OP isn’t even gay, he’s fucking slavic lmao. He could make a billion dollars and he’d still be from Eastern Europe.

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Slavs are literally the bottom tier of white people and they know it. Slow suicide by alcohol is their way of accepting that they basically failed as a society.

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Op is obviously a poor street shitter. Cant even reply with words.
You should spend some energy learning English and then dyor on LINK. That way you won't be such a butt hurt seether and you will make some money. Who knows maybe even enough to lose you virginity

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buy signal

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Cash me

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OP do yourself a favor. Look in the mirror. Then do the needful

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The fact that some fatass schizo sits at their computer making these is more disturbing than the soijaks in them
Yes, greentext me or reply with a wojak. Copy what every other NEET is doing so you get schizo cred lmao

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Niggers tongue my anus

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Say it with me:
Fuck The World Economic Forum

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Someone's very active today.

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i beat up linkers for fun. i heard this guy bragging about buying link at $6 so i pulled his pants down in the smoking area in front of everyone. then he tried to swing at me so i punched his head in and his eye exploded. i walked off laughing and went to the next bar

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