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My friend just gave me $100 of his money for me to invest in crypto for him. I put it all in ETH. Will he be disappointed? He isn't expecting massive gains.

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Have you no seen him rapping?

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what does DNT mean?

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Yes, it's pretty high desu

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Never trade for your friends. Tell them to buy and sell it themselves at their own risk. Now if it goes to 10k EOY and you sell it for him he'll feel like a genius, if it goes to 10$ he'll lowkey be mad at you. Good job taking risk with no gain.

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If he multiplies his money I'll be happy. thats the gain

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great, then tell them to buy and sell it themselves at their own risk.

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but they don't have any crypto accounts

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they can make one for free super easily. they are lazy as fuck.

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Just buy DPI, index fund of defi
Won't moon, but definitely will sustainably increase

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buy him a monero and send it to him on a mobile wallet (just use a good one like monerujo or whatever it is the 'official' subplebbit says)

don't let him gamble it on exchanges

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