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So, all hype aside, what are your personal feelings towards bitcoin? After all this time?

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It's better gold. Explained this position numerous times on here

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>It's better gold. Explained this position numerous times on here
Gold that actually appreciates. I am with this anon.

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Its lost sight of what it was intended to be and its only use is btfo because it cant scale

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I want to buy some for the first time, but I’m wondering if it will dip again or not. I can’t seem to find any consensus. AFAIK it’s gone way up and gone way back down again. Should I wait for it to plummet and load up on it?

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It's cute and valid.

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It's useless garbage. A ponzi. Price is only based on hype. I don't care though, bought 5 BTC at 4k and making heaps of money.

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shit happens and plans change

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Bitcoin is the most based coin ever. I love Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the cool boomer in crypto. The uncle who gives you and your friends a few beers or a shot or two in the family BBQ.

After all this time, Bitcoin is still the big daddy you respect.

Thanks Bitcoin for making me financially stable.

Regards 10 000 LINK, 500 000 ADA , 2 BTC, 100 ETH

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1 sat will be 2.1quadrillion dollars
screencap this

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Shitcoins with no active development have pumped 100s of % we are in bubble territory 2.0 Yes, Bitcoin will crash 80% again as it has in every cycle. Will that number be higher or lower than 40k I have no idea. But let us be real even if it did crash likely in the next 8-15 months you will not buy it at the end of 2022-2023.

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but i have a daily autobuy triggered by ai scripts

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Gold has real value. Bitcoins are 1s and 0s backed with nothing.

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There's no consensus because nobody knows and it's impossible to know. 40k seems a lot now but it won't necessarily in 6 months if btc is at 200k by then. If I were you I'd buy in at the next dip at 4x what you're willing to lose, then set a stop order at 35k usd. If it dumps you'll only lose around a quarter of your money, if it pumps you can change the order to 40k (or whatever you buy it at) and you'll never lose your initial investment.

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>He only ever listened to one side and merely assumed the other side must be lizard people.
Classic mistake.

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i honestly might diversify some of my ETH Into ADA just as a hedge

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you had 12 years

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>So, all hype aside, what are your personal feelings towards bitcoin?

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it's a genuine innovation. So much so that it will eventually be highly regulated like the internet itself.
Go in, but not all in

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what's the value of gold ?

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overpriced and theoretically worthless but as long as dumb people keep throwing money into it, my own stash will grow. Number goes up, I get happy.

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Honestly think we are still very early in crypto. Once the world becomes more globalized they will need cryptocurrencies to easily transition data and have global currencies.

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The worst Cryptocurrency but I have respect for it because its the OG I dont hate it,however we should move on

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This,in the end everything is made of the same particles.

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The value is decided on its utility, gold are used for many things, especially jewelry, but also say electronics.

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I really fucking hate it and wish Nano was the king coin.

Nano has the full deflationary mechanism of Bitcoin without any of the bullshit like fees or taking hours to transfer. The fully supply has already been issued, it’s instant, and it’s feeless. It doesn’t waste electricity and the chinks don’t have a monopoly on it.

Bitcoin is inferior in every conceivable way.

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>Gold has real value
It's just a shiny rock that people arbitrarily value

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There is no such thing as a valuable crypto. It is just 1s and 0s without any fundamental utility.

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Just like any computer software?

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cope nocoiner

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The reason we still value gold highly in jewelry is partly historical/cultural yes.

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Most softwares have real utility and purpose.

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dca and forget
it’s that simple

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so why can't bitcoin become something similar in the same vein? You can't use it as jewelry sure, but it is something that doesn't inflate, and people PERCIEVE it has value. That's the point.

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Hey anon, just wait a little bit and hear me out.
I know you are a no-coiner and are seething that you didn't make it in time for this bull run.
But the situation is not bad as you might think, we all were there (I wasn't).
Your feeling of resentment towards crypto is totally sane and explainable.
You see people earning money left and right, while you got the short end of the stick.
Tomorrow or any day of the week when you head to work, you will remember all the anons that will
never work a single day in their life. As you view your wagie-cagie you cannot but internally cry.
This internal pain fills you with agonizing hatred towards the people with good gains.
So you decide to lash out on the only platform where you actually have some sort of control over
your opinion (maybe not). What you just said maybe makes sense in your head,
but to us, be it an oldfag or not, your opinion is laughable and in actuality pretty retarded.
So in this self-induced psychosis you indulge yourself, looking maniacally at the charts
and posting screens of virtual currency that you don't even own. If this is not insanity
I don't know what else it can be. You had one chance to buy low and even that you
could not accomplish in your worthless life. You let a chance of literal free money
pass in front of you, some people are indeed meant to be poor. This is how life is,
for someone to win, someone else needs to lose, if we all win, no one wins at all.
The reason I'm telling you this is not because of disdain to you or your sub 80 IQ.
No, not at all, I'm telling you this because I truly consider you a friend and a part
of our investment community that is located on this Vietnamese fishing forum.
You still have a chance, the bottom is still going to appear and you will,
like everyone else here, for once in your pathetic life win at something by doing
absolutely nothing. Cheers anon, keep your head up and remember, we are all in this together.

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well said
hopefully some other chain finishes the job . we might actually see banks die in our lifetime

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It was supposed to be used as digital money, yet it is useless compared to regular bank transfer (which is cheaper and faster in Europe now that SEPA is live). So that's pretty shitty. But it is still good for buying illegal stuff on DNMs, it may also prove to be a better store of value than gold or bonds.

So it's fine. Not great, not terrible.

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If we can’t get money out of politics we’ll just get the politics out of money.

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my thought always was why didnt i hear about this thing until it was already 10,000 dollars