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We meant EOY 2021 from the beginning.

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What a nice looking gaaa

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That’s a man

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That's a woman.

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that is a man

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those are child bearing hips

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>That’s a man

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ah yes of course

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OP, I think you will find, upon closer inspection. that the photo you have posted depicts a male member of the extant species Homo sapiens sapiens. I must conclude from this assertion that you are a member of extant species Homo sexual. I will endeavor to send you a notarized copy of my and my colleagues at the Museum of Natural History's findings relating to this matter for your personal satisfaction.

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i finally realized everyone who says this only says this because all they look at is gay porn and naked men. they have conditioned their minds to associate nudity, sexuality, and lust with male ass.
How do i go long gay pump & dumps?

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it's a meme bro.

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>it's a meme bro.
yes, put your trannie meme into your faggot ass

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That’s a man

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not even quality schizoposting, just retarded

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>yes, put your trannie meme into your faggot ass

>posts "That’s a man"

took your meds yet?

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Man ass will never be worth 1k EOY

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bubblebumbutt's ass is worth 2k EOY

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>child bearing hips
>barrel chest
Confusing desu

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literal man

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That’s a man.

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nice man, man

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