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I told my parents over Christmas that I had invested some money into Bitcoin. Now they say "I see Bitcoin has gone up, you have to sell right now!".

Does your family get involved and want to give you financial "advice" as well?

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>you have to sell right now
They are right

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it makes no sense to them that someone would hang on to their investments rather than cash out to consoom

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Oh and my mom has never invested money in her whole life, she knows nothing about business. But she also likes to give advice on what I should do with my business, that I should change my website, my products etc.

And now she said: "My philosophy is to cash out once you've made some money on your investment, because until you sell you haven't made anything".

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Told my mother. She told me to not be greedy and cash out something before I lose everything.

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They are not wrong, but they shouldn't be giving you orders like that.

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i convinced my mom to never sell
your weak hands will be left holding exactly what you deserve

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Yeah. Im 30 years old by the way, I moved out 10 years ago and I make more money than they do.

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no, siblings already do it themselves, rest dont care apart from roth ira

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Never talk about your investments or power level anon

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Kek boomer advice.

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I aske my brothers. They are all convinced it will come back down. They have been saying so since 20k. Lel. I ask and as long as they think its overpriced I buy more. If their vision mattered they would have bought themselves already.

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told them im in crypto but never said the amt. in six figs now but im sure they think it's peanuts (4 digits). just waiting until i hit 1mil+ and tell them im retiring out of nowhere.

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Just dont give her a coin name it could be a stable coin for all she knows thats what I do

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My brother knows and also has some. He told parents, but I always act like I don’t know what they are talking about when they start talking, so parents might not know that I have (however they are sure he has). Nobody else knows about me.

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yes, and I'm trying to get my three siblings to invest too, we all got 15.000€ from our father when we turned 18, but I'm the only one who invests

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Same happened to me in 2017.

After it crashed they said "I told you to sell".

Now my portfolio is bigger than in 2017 and I tell them to fuck of with their stupid boomer advice.

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Yes I did. It was a mistake. Try to not mention it again it's not worth it, they don't understand and try to give advice when they don't know jack shit
>muh I have lived on this planet for much longer than you so I know more than you
fucking cringe, boomers are fucked

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I told my parents in November that I had about £6k worth of cryptocurrency.
>Why don't you just sell anon, £6k is a lot of money
I tried to explain but: "u could buy a car!" etcetc
Skip to today it's worth about £18k

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My mother has iron hands. I'm trying to get her to sell a tiny amount so she can have a non beater car for once in her life, but she likes to watch the numbers go up.

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i dont say shit because i dont want retards telling me there 'opinion' when they have half my iq

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You seem like a nice person.

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> I have lived on this planet for much longer than you so I know more than you
Kek, thats exactly what my mom says.

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