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>shitcoins aren't mooning they just follow bitcoin but shittier
>link dropping like a rock
>weekly rsi at ATH levels
yeah, i hope you all get rekt

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this is the way

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So what? LINK is a sure thing.

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its about making money. if you did not sell at 20$ for btc then you got rekt. sure hodl if youre rich and can wait years for cycles to moon but not everyone has that mindset all that matters is numbers to them

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I will make money

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hope you're in tether so that while I sit pretty in PNK, you both A. don't get any gains and B. get your funds locked indefinitely by a certain regulatory commission

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Laughs in every coin you don't own. muahahahahaha

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we don't have baby boy stacks pretending to perfectly time the top and bottom

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>Lurk more newfag
So much bullshit in a post this short.
Still not selling DMG.

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