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anyone else alarmed that america is celebrating the banning of freedom of speech?

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I mean acceleration is always welcomed

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boomers gave the media this kind of power, and theres nothing that can be done to take it back without bloodshed. unfortunately it isnt just that easy to take up arms against others

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My fellow whites rolled over for niggers, so fuck them all. Every man for himself.

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we did the same thing with the Patriot Act. Both sides engage in theatre while slowly eroding our rights.

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It's a private business, anon.

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>banning of freedom of speech
>private companies deleting content they don't like

topkek you are all so fucking retarded

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Yo ultimate faggot, private businesses can do anything they want and you backing that up is American. Saying the faggot shit you’re spewing is anti-American. Sit down, basedboi bitch.

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Who cares even Argentina is better than that country

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I stopped caring. If you think about it, most of our time is in a job and freedom of speech isn't a thing there so really, it was always an illusion anyways

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Biden America is my biggest fear, yes. Enjoy new vatican for the next 4 years.

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>working >12 hrs every day

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As a European i am VERY alarmed.

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Well we were the last western country with any pretenses of free speech left so we're just joining the crowd now.

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Might want to bone up on what freedom of speech actually means.

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So I don't lurk /pol/ or suck Trump's cock, gonna need a QRD based frog poster

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Theyre a public utility at this point

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It’s orchestrated censorship and banning for lies. It’s literally a coup, but low iq/low eq retards just go for their 2 minutes hate.

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Twitter is exercising THEIR freedom of speech by banning Blumpf, you mouth-breathing chud.

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Omg he said riot and coup!!!! Kill him!!!!

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These. Kill yourself, OP.

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>low eq
opinion discarded, kike

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First they came for the Alex Jones, and I did not speak out because I was not Alex Jones.

Then they came for Donald Trump, and I did not speak out because I was not Donald Trump.

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Senate judiciary committee brought Zuckbucks and Dorsey (twitter hippy CEO) for questioning about censoring Trump during the election on their platforms. Some retards here think these megacorps arent quasi government. Who cares really though? This will just lead to alternative twitter taking off, all the better to go to uncensorable platforms if you ask me

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It's like when they made the baker make a cake for those gay dudes. Liberals were wrong to say it was discrimination because it was a private business just like miga retards are wrong saying a private business moderating their platform is a first amendment issue. Everyone is retarded and we will learn nothing of this. I'm more concerned that a mob tried to stop certification of an election because they're salty that their guy lost the popular vote two times in a row.

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quasi goverment - go the fuck back to pol

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I take the bus and train, so it is basically 12 hours

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Also this. The Jews are right, goyim really are fucking stupid.

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How’s the bagels in Jerusalem, shlomo?

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They are literally the opposite and if you don’t like them stop using them. I don’t use ANY of those social media garbage sites but I’m a patriot and they are private businesses and I’m not going to stifle the laws we’ve built just because some fascist egomaniac has tricked a bunch of retard tier hicks into getting themselves shot in the neck for him. You guys can’t see yourselves for what you are, it’s the most pathetic shit I’ve ever seen I honestly can’t believe how a bunch of whining sniveling cowards can think they’re the heroes but here you retards are.

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Twitter can like my chode

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A lot of the western world is. On the surface at least. I don't think most people will tho. Especially not in this golden cesspool.

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ignores monopolies, lobbyists, patents, agriculture stipends, tax breaks, on and on and on the gov is tied to business, yet we live in the "free market"

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You can still communicate freely on the blockchain

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>an american company stopped allowing someone to use up bandwidth and server space for free
Oh no, the tragedy.
Don't care. Fuck the US, you monopolize internet discourse anyway. Use a platform that can't/won't block you next time.

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Also i just watch cspan, such as the SJC i just mentioned. Nice assumption though

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Were on borrowed time here lads, how will the jeets survive once biz is blocked and we’re the next china?

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That's not freedom of speech retard

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So much for “ shall be the supreme law of the land”. Lemme invite you over to my house so I can drug you, fuck you up the ass, and eat your liver cuz it’s private, moron.

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Ask me how I know your brain is smooth.

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It all comes down to business - should a private company risk losing money due to the ramblings of a lunatic

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Mate, America lost its free speech years ago. Its just now, there is no need to try to hide it. Sane people aren't celebrating it. Only Left wing retards and Democrats who have become so inbred due to Trump that they actually think there are no more consequences to their actions. Hence why you leftists swing position so widely from ACAB to support cops, to defending Biden even when they are socialists, all in an attempt to "own the right". They think its a win, but there has literally never been a time in history where someone can squash this much speech and only ONE side becomes the "victim" of it.

I'm already seeing copyright companies taking even more drastic action to purge piracy recently. It ain't looking good.

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Hey i never offered my opinion except that the banning is fine and its even more fine for trump to tweet from cryptotwitter sooner than later for true uncensorship. It doesnt mean i think theres a free market though and companies that size are truely unregulated in this regard. I think youll see the 4th industrial revolution leading to much stricter banning of wrongthink and a large cryptotwitter emerging as a response, similar to many industries the gov is about to try to or has taken over such as finance/banking, media, and healthcare

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America isn't, only (((America))).

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Where did these retards come from?

Even /biz/ was smart enough to know that free speech matters and that private companies DON'T have a right to do whatever they want. No faggot thinks private companies had the right to stop water and electricity to wrongthinkers because they were "private".

I mean fuck that retarded bullshit. Private companies have a right to crush the President of the USA for "wrongthink" and then begin purging numerous other right wingers and try to deplatform a free speech app for not complying with their rules. GTFO you newfaggots.

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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atuFSv2bLa8

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I think wrongthink is a misnomer. It all comes down to what advertises are willing to throw money at. If a 'social revolution' eg #metoo starts advertisers will not want be associated against the tide. Regardless is that shit had happened for decades prior.

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More sorry than worried. Americans will suffer like we here in the 3rd world suffer except this time there is nowhere to run to.

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who the fuck uses twitter anyways?

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>muh private platform
Ok fine. Do you want your mind exposed to the products of a platform that actively seeks to create a social bubble and opposes the ideals of free flow of information and reasonable discourse?
You do? Fine, you're retarded and you will all die horribly in some unimaginable hell.

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Holy fucking based. Does anyone believe this dude was a false flag?

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Same here anon, I like to think the money I save not owning a car is worth the 2-3 hours lost
Plus if transportation is light on shitskins I can use that time to post with my frens
>Wagie cope
Yes. Please God I need to make it

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Complete separation between private and public sector was always a utopian meme just like Marxism. That's not how the real world actually works. Ideologues are always the useful idiots of group pragmatists.

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pasel /pol/tard

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If its only about advertisements then the senate wouldnt be questioning them. Trust me theres more oversight about policies than you think. These companies report things to the senate and gov. In this specific SJC Zuckbucks even dropped the bomb starting this month facebook will report "hate speech" to the gov of citizens. Meaning if they can theyll track how many times you said chinky chinky ching chong online and use it later.

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>ramblings of a lunatic

Trump haters are out of touch neoliberal boomers who will probably get punched by antifa like wheeler did. Anyway, Twitter only exists because of Trump. They are LOSING money because of Trump. They are also having their protections stripped that allows these people to abuse their power. These companies don't need "capitalism" to survive. They like the power of controlling speech and maintain a "directed" democracy. Imagine being such a fat fuck neoliberal boomer with no fucking values then to steal the wealth of a generation willingly allowing corporations the right to fuck you in the ass and going against core American ideals. I mean, even fucking China would be better at this point, at least they give you rules and regulations about what not to say. You are basically a traitor if you even agree with this and spout your MUH PRIVATE CORPORATION BS.

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kek exactly

you fucking magatards are morons


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Tough guy through a keyboard is tough

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Politicians should be deplatformed. They spend far too much time telling people what to think and too little listening to what people think. Ban them all from posting on social media, it'd go a long way toward improving this country.

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Because of the buttload of retard money I am making? :)

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>Cities burning for 6 months straight during an anti-white iconoclasm without a single deadly shot fired.

Can't imagine why the thought what they thought. It's a cataclysmic mystery

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not worried. can protect speech. can protect self. can use suterusu

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well at least there's always tor if we ne- OH WAIT GOOKMOOT BANNED ALL THE TOR EXIT NODES

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There were no riots over the summer. There were only peaceful protests that magachuds tried to pretend were violent riots. Name me one news story from a reputable source that talks about ANY kind of "violent" riots.

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Oh, shut the fuck up, baby.

You all must be retards for using Twitter in the first place. Now you're complaining that their editorial policy is not to your liking. To demand that someone owes you attention is the behavior of a woman.

Here's what people did in the 2000s:
- set up your own forum
- invite your friends/like-minded people
- talk about things you like without anyone interfering

NOTHING stops you from doing the same.

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this. banning trump if anytthing is an act that gets people to wake up to the fact that they are losing freedom
most people i talk to have no clue what the patriot act is or that it exists

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Freedom of speech is a civic ideal, a human right, and a thing protected from the government by the 1st amendment. That the last of those doesn't cover Twitter doesn't mean the first two are not under attack.

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Dont forget propaganda became legal under obama. Consider banning may also count as a form of propaganda

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>There were no riots over the summer. There were only peaceful protests that magachuds tried to pretend were violent riots. Name me one news story from a reputable source that talks about ANY kind of "violent" riots.

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Just because you hold massive amounts of cognitive dissonance and have zero fucking self awareness, doesn't make you and your leftist cult actually "tolerant". Leftists act extremely intolerant and racist on a regular basis. You have just been socialized into a particular set of bigotries... Anyone who disagrees with your particular set of commonplace convenient-to-the-establishment-status-quo bigotries is "big meanie Hitler" and all the various other child-like black-and-white demonization words the left loves to indulge in.

That was a pretty stupid retort... He basically called you a naive bootlicker. It wasn't a tough guy act to point out how you're just foolishly rolling down hill with the inertia of the lowest common denominator in society.

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No one claims we live in a free market you imbecile.
All of those things you mentioned are bad, too

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Brainlets like you are the worse and deserve to be severely punished. If you can't see how this slippery slope WILL affect the direction of society moving forward you should be shot in the street like the faggot dog that you are. Precedent is the issue here. These tech companies literally blocked a sitting President. Call him whatever fucking name you want but now just think about how easily a "normal" citizen can be blacklisted from all these tech companies. And before your retarded faggot soi ass cries out about "muh private companies bla bla bla...." how about you look around right now and just pretend that these tech companies don't control the thoughts, expressions, emotions and virtually every important aspect of the midwits of society (including you whether you use them or not) and then with a straight face pretend these private companies don't have more power to shape a generation of brainlets than world governments.

These tech companies are literally circumventing rights and freedoms of sovereign individuals through monopolizing the retards of society who outnumber all the rest of the people along the bell curve. The midwits all use social media, the midwits are the majority of society, tech companies establish basically a monopoly and now control all thought speech and expression including art.

Everything starts socially. So it will go from social media to the lawmakers now. Retards like you who don't see social media as a means for weaponization of the midwits of society into direct policy again should be shot.

To not be concerned here you are either a midwit yourself or a brainlet. Either way, stock up on crypto and stop participating in this phony system.

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Oh nvm yea the banning is fine too i agree

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Free speech is only a right on your own property. You don't own facebook or twitter so suck it up baby!!

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If you're in the markets, you're not private. kys

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You're right, silly me

But in all seriousness - the absolute level of Chutzpah it takes to hold double standards like this is unnatural even for Jews - A civilization will no last like this

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Leftist revolutions always end with the revolutionary vanguard confiscating property and shooting the former owners. It happened in China. It happened in Russia. It happened in France. And it'll happen here too if we continue to do nothing as radical zealots continue to get away with ever-more-egregious violations of the social contract.

You have to understand that these people aren't LARPing. They're deadly serious about taking all your stuff. They feel entitled to your hard work. They feel entitled to beat you into unconsciousness for defying them. They don't believe in truth, justice, fairness, or the law. They're on the side of the angels and you're not, so anything they do is right and anything you do is wrong. Their minds have been warped beyond repair by their demented Utopian ideology. For the rioters, for the people demanding your stuff anything at all is justified as long as it's done in the name of the revolution. And that includes killing you, killing your family, taking all your stuff, and calling it "justice" or "reparations" or "equity".

Do you think it can't happen here? You're wrong. The kulaks in the Soviet Union thought --- back when they were still alive. The Kulaks were farmers who weren't really wealthy, but who had done well for themselves through years of hard work. Do you have a two bedroom apartment in Greenlake? Drive a car less than ten years old? Send your kids to college? You're an American Kulak. And the radical left in the US, just like the radical left in the USSR, wants you "liquidated" (i.e., murdered) "as a class" because your "privilege" interferes with the revolution. Leftist revolutions always end the same way.

You have to stop these people before they kill you and your family. It doesn't feel real, but it is. There's no arguing with the pattern of history.

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bright poster. youre welcome here anytime


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This was such a peaceful protest indeed.

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>fascist low IQ piece of shit who ruined the country is threatened. If you’re not worried you must be stupid!
You guys are laughable. I’m glad he’s gone and I’m enjoying watching you all suffer. Plenty of people have been banned from Twitter where were you insufferable faggots to defend them? Losers idolizing a loser, truly a clown world.

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Nice website, cancer.

>> No.25721513

I have decided to leave the West. It has all the social authoritarianism of China and Russia with none of the efficiencies their regimes allow. There's no point wasting your life toiling in a corrupt America that hates you. I can buy citizenship cash in a number of comfy shitholes where the cost of living is zero and I can escape.

>> No.25721531

Based and truthpilled
It's time for the STEEM to rise

>> No.25721545

Could you give me some examples on where to move?

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I'm celebrating it because I know it makes MIGAtards seethe so hard

That's what they get for being smug motherfuckers for the past 4 years.

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>Were on borrowed time here lads
this exactly

>> No.25721571

>Nooo, not the heckin trumplerino, he just wanted to crosspost in peace, the fluffy Trumplerino.

>> No.25721577

>I'm sure these Tech monopolies (that work with intel agencies like the CIA and Mossad) will never silence opposition to future wars

Oh wait - I got banned from twatter for calling out the "Assad gassed his own people" lie two years ago. Mongoloids will see

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Idgaf is this bullish for bitcoin or not

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youre a fucking retard

the only violence on the cucked left is black people fighting back against centuries of state violence

everything else is white nationalism

which is more justified you fucking dipshit

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Take a stand. This will continue as long as we allow it.

>> No.25721661

your hatred for Trump is unfounded and now the actual Kikes are in control. So awesome

>> No.25721664

It is. BtC is currently acting as a "transition ark" from one centennial reserve currency to another during the tumultuous times ahead.

>> No.25721673

they turned the left and right into crabs in a bucket
each side cheers as the system hurts the other side and we just end up getting screwed over in turns
neither side paying attention to what is screwing them both.

>> No.25721690

The only clown here is you, and the sad thing is that you're too fucking retarded to realize it.

>> No.25721699

Is this about twitter?
Libertarians would be in favor it too, its a private company, idiot.

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I don't care about America falling down. Fuck this shit country.

>> No.25721703


Considering most of the elite class in the untied states are rootless cosmopolitan "citizens of the world" they'll need a place to park their wealth during these times - and they themselves will have to be mobile

>> No.25721739

This site became noticeably more infested with leftist shills after November. Makes me laugh when they lose money because they don't understand markets, it doesn't make sense to them.

>> No.25721741

> Posting on a private mega-corp tech site and expecting rights.

Trumptards truly are subhuman retards I guess.

>> No.25721742

Your weird relationship with race is only in burgarland. And that had nothing to do with companies being able to do what ever they want and ignoring the people's right to say what ever the fuck they want to.

>> No.25721743

Yeah, because a group of people controlling what the 95% of the world population sees is right, because they are private companies. Cuck.

>> No.25721754

When every major tech platform rolls out measures in conjunction with intel agencies and the DC oligopoly - the entire "libertarian" world view is rendered bunk because it was retarded and utopian to begin with

>> No.25721766

Never underestimate the sub IQ NPC level thinking of your common lefty and low information voter. They are cheering right now besides themselves that the mean people they don't like are getting banned. They are too stupid to realize it will all be used against them and the real so called fascists are finalizing the complete takeover.

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I'm alarmed at how badly my asshole smells. I stuck a finger up my ass, smelled it, and almost fainted.

>> No.25721782

I reckon it's the newfags trying to make a quick buck from the bitcoin bubble.

>> No.25721836

Senate Republicans should have stopped him before tech moguls felt like they needed to take matters into their own hands. Political polarization is past a point of no return

>> No.25721840

Exactly this. For the utopian libertarian society you either need companies to grow a conscience or governmental monopoly and oligopoly regulation.
There fucking massive tech companies are "too big to fail" and will end in catastrophic consequences.

>> No.25721842

>surprised face
>can this be true?
>what i wouldnt give for just 1 whiff he thought to himself

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Based griller

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If you like Anarchy: It's an opt-in hierarchy
If you're a Libertarian: You're not.

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