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How many are still holding since ICO of 0.04, thoughts?

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ghostchain... I can't believe I fell for this scam

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Gook scam. So glad I sold almost missed the ETH run up.

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For the last few months FTM fud has been increasing. I believe this means we'll be seeing significant price action soon

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The FUD for fantom is EXACTLY like it was for ETHEREUM in 2015

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>imagine buying fantom in 2021

Lmao. Who buys an eth clone in 2021. Let alone an eth clone with 0 adoption.

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I can see this too kek might buy a bag

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$1 Q2

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No no no. Don’t you see the world will run in fantom. Your phone. Your car. If fantom dies then everything dies. It’s more important than bitcoin. Trust me bro. Fantom is the next fantom. It already killed eth. Fantom already killed link. Fantom is not a chinky gook scam that crabs below ico level. It’s really not bro. I’m not a schizo at all fuck off.

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Still holding, still believing in Fantom, still not worried.
I'm becoming a multi-millionaire within the next 3 years thanks to my Fantom stack, so screw you guys and whatever you think about it.

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Kek. Sadly if you go to fantom telegram, they actually believe this shit. It’s honestly pathetic and hilarious.

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That’s why I recently bought a big bag

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Clearly not an ETH clone - do some actual research numbnuts

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My thoughts as a 2M FTM bagholder are: Fantom = scamtom.

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Yes it's a scam until we can accumulate bigger stacks.
I'm planning on putting 80% of my investments into Fantom at the next big dump, my current stack doesn't do it justice.

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Over the past year i have read an unbelievable amount of Shit, hating on this project. People go out of there way to start a negative thread to hold the price down. Now is this a hidden gem of 2021.... time will tell, just dont miss the train reading the fud

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I bought at all time lows last spring/summer, still pretty comfy.

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bought a bag of 5k FTM when it first started being shilled here around 75 sats. started staking as soon as it came out, so far my stack is at about 17k and I get a few hundred a week staking depending how high the current price is.

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