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I can’t believe I listened to an echo chamber of delusional schizophrenic low IQ retards. I’ve missed this entire bullrun so far thanks to this index meme piece of shit. Fuck you smug autistic faggots for thinking you found the next gold mine and were so much smarter than everyone else to be buying. Not every autist is smart and successful, hence why there is only one Elon but millions of autistic incels doing jack shit with their lives like you Statera faggots

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Keep buying high and selling low anon

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shoulda bought HEX fren

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if you're holding a coin that has a general thread every day and it isn't in the top 10 you should sell immediately

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Good rule of thumb. Death to Pajeets and Chink scammers

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The joy I get in seeing racist white incels get scammed out of their small net worth will never get old

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Sir why do you bother fudding a coin that you acknowledge is held by delusional schizos that will never sell? seems a little pointless arguing with delusional schizos don't you think?

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I am not even white you leftoid faggot. Man are you cucks annoying these days.

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never selling only pooling

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fuck off op im not selling and i cant believe im losing money on this piece of shit i shouldve cashed out on the pnd and forgotten about this decentralised bowl of shit
i fucking hate statera, dr;ns,op

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This. If smallcaps coins like statera have general threads it’s likely never going to moon. This is because the thread consists of only one same person switching his IP addresses. There is no community. Rip

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You can see the dump really started once the keys to the dev wallet were lost. Also it can’t recover because defi is a meme and it’s not on any exchanges

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Based shitcoin gambler
Thanks for ur monies

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>thinks bullrun has ended
> ngmi

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>Uniswap isnt a top 10 exchange
>Its not on any exchanges
identify which statement is fud and which post is fact

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>tfw larping
>tfw actually sold Statera at 20 cents months back but like to fud sometimes when bored because the schizo holders are so adamantly defensive about their shitcoin

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2/15 posts are shills defending shitera, nice troll thread bro archive it

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I lost 4.20 ETH on this coin

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