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nothing burger

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Just like MimbleWimble, no one cares sadly.

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Lol went long 2 minutes before the tweet

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Will there be a flare airdrop for LTC as well?

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And the reason no cares is because no one will build smart contracts on litecoin and no one will use NW. Why do you think Grin and Beam are worthless? NW is impractical and insecure.

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The rumors about paypal might be true. Paypal devs have been seen cloning the core repo.

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FLR is going to be huge

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When the drop will happen? And how do I claim it?
My LTC is in a Exodus wallet, but I can install a full node here, in case its needed.

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where would eth go?

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The fees on DeFi are astronomical. I stopped negotiating a while ago, because I always buy shitcoins in small quantities.
If its possible to transfer these ERC20 tokens to a LTC-based flare structure, I will do it.

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apparently 5 billion FLR are allocated for LTD holders - not sure on how to claim, etc.

I am very bullish on FLR, bringing smart contracts to multiple chains via one token is going to be huge for FLR's value

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Why would Flare pick a shitcoin like LTC?

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I'm not sure either. I'm checking their twitter but haven't found how

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BTC is slow and expensive
ETH is slow and expensive.

LTC is fast and cheap and liquid on every exchange.

Imagine not being in LTC

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If Litecoin keeps it's blocksize limit at 1mb its going to get clogged just as badly. Smart contracts take up a lot of space, to the point where they overwhelm a blockchain made for that specific purpose like Ethereum.

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The PFG protocol solves that. Thats how LN solves the overarching seg men

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LTC won’t moon

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holy fuck LTC is going to be tainted by the xrp scam, I am selling all my litecoin now ...

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thanks for letting me know, just sold 100k

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Nothing will moon as long as BTC continues that retarded overextended rally.

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XRP mooned because of an airdrop

Now LTC will moon because of an airdrop

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sound good
however flare still vaporware

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How so?

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went long last night

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because theres no product released yet

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It's not a scam if the product isn't released yet, you can only judge once it's released.

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Flare is not Ripple/XRP. They stated since the beginning that they would be bringing on multiple chains (xrp was the first).

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>What is ADA

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Ghost chain trying to build hype by integrating with LTC

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Poomp it

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Holy the volume. Airdrops are so hype

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I flip flopped between LTC and XMR on which is the better transactional one and then I remembered BCH. Did some digging and it's by far the most popular crypto in Africa despite every project under the sun trying to "BANK THE UNBANKED" over there. Guessing it's the brand.

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LTC is faster and cheaper and MW will make it the most liquid coin

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>opposite of biz rule
Thanks, just bought 100k

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Basado, bought more a couple hours ago. This weekend I need to pull my old pc out of storage and get my LTC memes ready for the moonening.

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it's going to pump again soon

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im going to cooom

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As long as btc doesn't dump this will go 2x today

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anon lay off the crack

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I have 400 ltc, we get free flare if we hold ltc? Is it worth anything?

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You will get flare aidrop yes they are announcing it next week

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Definitely looks like LTC is gaining faster than ETH lately. Looking good so far.

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