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how is this not a bubble?

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How it is?

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Explain how you think it is

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> he doesn't have the balls to buy bitcoin at 30k


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It is.

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>This time will be different

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Big value for a thing with no value.

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It looks like that periodically, that's how

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it is but it doesnt matter. drop all logic when you get into crypto

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How is the stock market not a bubble
How is the housing market not a bubble
How is fiat not a bubble
How is the entire global economy not a bubble

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actually bubblefags are the >this time it's different types because every time btc x20'd the previous ATH but >this time it's different, right?

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Tesla is worse

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How do you determine value?

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checked, just take a closer look at the images!!
such a bubble!!

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Bitcoin is unironically going to a million USD.

Think about all the money in the stock market, the real estate market in government bonds in ETF's

Over 100 trillion dollars are in these markets looking for a store of value. And here comes bitcoin. A 750 billion market cap asset that is the perfect store of value for a massive institution or a individual.

All these capital will go into bitcoin because all the capital that is looking for a store of value will eventually go towards bitcoin once it is know that bitcoin is THE STANDARD

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Explain how and why it's a bubble

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go short then, easy

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what does btc store exactly? imaginary value with no actual liquidity besides tether which isnt backed?

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Because you're an idiot who doesn't know what logarithms are. It's had the same cyclical pattern on an upward trajectory for 12 years.

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>what does btc store exactly? imaginary value with no actual liquidity besides tether which isnt backed?

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>it's not controlled by anyone
haha imagine being this retarded

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please tell me you base ur family's future on cyber hornets

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i like this one

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Lol, no that's not how it's determined. Next!

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not the only one

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You just described every bank and every fiat currency. Next!

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>no value
says right here $41,226

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the fact that no one noticed the difference in these 2 proves my point kek

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None of those things increase in value at the speed that Bitcoin has.

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>what does btc store exactly? imaginary value with no actual liquidity besides tether which isnt backed? Can you even cash out of this funny money?

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All these new fags are completely priced out. I bet they couldn't buy a whole bitcoin even if they tried to save up right now. The price of bitcoin will go up so much faster then they could earn enough goybucks to afford one.

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It's how everything is determined. >>25692590
Bitcoin's price is based on speculation of its utility, but to a degree so irrational that it's become a bubble.

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Demand goes up, price goes up. Economics 101

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Well it surely doesn't mean you should invest during the bullrun. Which is a stupid way to approach investing.

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well played anon :)

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Don't buy anon, it's a scam, I'm only up 4x

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Of course it's a bubble. But it might 3x before it bursts.

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So you don't know what a bubble is, but came into a thread talking about bubbles.

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Obviously it is a bubble you fucking retard. But what are you gonna do about it? You can't call the top. It's impossible. So quit whining and just ride the bubble

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you can almost get a purple tulip for 41k fuck ur right im all in

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>bitcoin is a bubble
okay retard

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Sorry, but you are wrong again. If it had no value then the price would be 0 because nobody would be willing to pay for it. However it's currently at right around 41k because of supply/demand and adoption by institutions driving speculation. But hey, just stay poor!

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Everyone who bought at any all time high in the past made money if they held onto it instead of panic selling.
Each time the price goes down it's from a greater high to a lesser low each cycle. Twelve years of steady cyclical movement on an upward trajectory is the exact opposite of a bubble.

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>oh god I forgot what this thread was about like a huge fucking retard!

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because bubbles are round idiot

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>If it had no value then the price would be 0

>Bitcoin's price is based on speculation of its utility, but to a degree so irrational that it's become a bubble.

Reading sure is hard.

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take a close look at the OP pic, I'm not gonna spell it out any further for you

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ITT: Absolute newfags, inform yourself what you are talking about. It's called volatility which is perfectly normal and expected in a free market.

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Sorry that you are a sub 80 IQ retard, can't fix stupid

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He needs to make an updated version

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This kind of volatility is worse than gambling odds. If you didn't get in when it was 10-20k you're ngmi.

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according to you, what is the fair-value price of a new technology that is: a censorless, immutable, unconfiscatable, trustless, decentralized, consensus driven, limited, store of value, and settlement network/protocol?

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It is. And it doesn't matter.

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Exactly! Smart investors wait until the literal top to get in

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bitcoin is a scam. dont buy. its just a 20 year ponzi bro

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the trend is your friend.
or do you only catch falling knives?

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its a bubble like that previous 4 years ago. long term is not

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Checked and agree. I missed out and kinda gave up hope of ever getting any kind of worth outta bitcoin unless I win the lottery or rob a bank.

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Lol, yes, it is. That is the whole reason you invest in crypto, is because it is a path to acquire useful things (property, food, entertainment, equipment, weapons, fuel, clothing). No one owns crypto for the sake of owning it, everyone is playing chicken to pawn it off to the most gullible bagholder they can.

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>No one owns crypto for the sake of owning it
and that is where you are wrong

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31 posters and only one got the point

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all the fucking retards in this thread not noticing OP image is the first leg of the 2017 run from 900 in march 2017 to 3k in may 2017. That was utterly insane at the time for anyone who was actually here. We then proceeded to go almost 10k that amount. You fags need to think bigger.

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How are tulips and cryptocurrency the same? You need mental help

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Not when you're buying big greeen dildos, healthy trends are your friend. This is literally just playing game of chicken and I see a lot of red wojacks in the near future.

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How much do you own?

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Alright, fuck off then. Checked though.

Literally anyone ever buying bitcoin is up. Are you retarded?

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Jesus, you're retarded.

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>how is this not a bubble?
>measuring prices in us$ dollars

pic related

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>he unironically is posting this everyday since $20k
Cope less and just get in. This is going until 1BTC = 1BTC.

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You're right. Crypto is waaaaaaay slower. Stay poor.

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you need education

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i locked my btc last bull run at 16k. can anyone help me unlock

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So you are going to miss out on opportunity to make some money because it's a bubble?

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>drop all logic
Incorrect, simply upgrade by installing META-LOGIC.

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>he can't read graphs

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nobody tell them

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This, every dollar printed bitcoin moves up with it, it’s set in stone now due to the inflation hedge narrative that’s been accepted

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How is it that you call yourself a woman even though you will never be one?

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>using FIAT/BTC charts

Literally this.
One BTC will be worth exactly one BTC once it has become the global currency and at that point your shitty paper monopoly money will be a thing of the past that only senile boomers will remember.

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How are you not a raging homosexual faggot?

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for the record frens this is whats known here as a HUGE FUCKING SELL SIGNAL

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I hate newsfags so fucking much

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