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We are all gonna make it. I hope we all have great gains for whatever coins we are holding.

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i never had morals...
life is a simulation. not like in the elon musk way but in the "nothing matters because we are insignificant way". have fun though

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i love you all

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Anybody know about stimulus check protocol ???

The previous stimulus was sent to my bank account.
But since then that bank account has been closed.

I looked on the IRS tracker and it says that it was sent to that old bank account on January 4th?

What do now?

Will they just see the error and eventually mail it to me or what

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>Haters Safe
Kek has spoken, fuck you OP.

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you should lurk /lit for a year, your superficiality without self consciousness made me cringe. What are you, a sixteen yo emo girl? The absolute lack of shame you filthy degenerate

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niggers are buying the dip and are guaranteed to lose money, don't be a nigger