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Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading decentralized p2p privacy cryptocurrency!

Monero is secure, low-fee, and borderless, meaning users can send XMR around the globe despite corrupt governments or broken financial systems. Innovative privacy features such as Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring CT (hidden tx amounts) ensure that Monero's blockchain is obfuscated -- the financial history of all Monero users is encrypted from the prying eyes of adversaries on a public blockchain, with the proof of the transactions being possible by a Monero user willingly providing a view key for a specific transaction if needed.

Monero has also improved upon the scaling downsides of the current popular cryptos. To avoid high fees, dynamic block size ensures that the size of the blocks will increase as the amount of txs goes higher. Further, the mining network algorithm Random X establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier of entry. Lastly, the mining network will be preserved by Tail Emission -- instead of the block reward falling to zero like with Bitcoin, the block reward will gradually approach 0.6 XMR in May 2022, where it will forever stay. This constant linear inflation means the inflation rate will asymptotically go to zero while continuing to provide an incentive to miners to maintain the network.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a Monero Chad will be with you shortly.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE - https://web.getmonero.org



>Non KYC:
Local Monero
Crypto ATMs
see: kycnot.me



Gui/Cli (recommended)

IOS: Cakewallet
Android: Monerujo

>Cold Storage

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Thanks for sharing. Any news on XMR yield farming now that BTSE is offering wrapped coins?

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nothing new on yield farming, but if BTSE is legit it's guaranteed

can you also add these to the /general/

>Anti-Money Laundering Regulation of Privacy-Enabling Cryptocurrencies

>Other Resources
Explorer https://xmrchain.net
Transaction count/difficulty/hashrate https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/monero-transactions.html
XMR to BTC transaction ratio https://www.monero.how

and change mining to

Benchmarks https://monerobenchmarks.info?

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i think that archived link under mining is actually dead. use https://www.getmonero.org/get-started/mining/

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I'll never get tired of OP's pic.

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Thanks mate. I'l be dropping some more OC soon.

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Where can I grab some of the original monero-chan pics? Are they only uploaded here or is there a page where the artist uploaded them?

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How do I steal electricity to mine monero for free?

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Plug your laptop at work

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>tfw boner
>tfw one of you faggots wrote it

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Imagine holding dead XMR bags instead of LOKI before the OEN rebrand.

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Shoo, streetshitter

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Is there a powerful laptop I can do this with? Preferably one that is quite too.

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I have a gaming desktop and a free internet and electricity. How do I estimate how much XMR I can mine in a month?

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Monero is peaceful protest

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Tax evasion isn't peace. You are literally taking bread out of people's mouths.

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>he thinks using monero necessitates tax evasion

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Dip: Bought
Node: Running
Rig: Mining
/xmr/ general: Comfy

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>DCA: always
>Rig: mining
>/xmr/ general: comfy
never got to running a node, maybe i will someday...

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If monero was introduced in 2014 doesn't that make monero-chan 7 years old? Guys...

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hmm 7yo pussy smell good, yes sir

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More than bitcoin or any other major cc.

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>xmr thread

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Mine XMR on the CPU, ETH on the GPU. ETH is currently more profitable.

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That is a solution but so is BDS
Look into it

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Still use fucking non-profitalbe staking lol?
Join: https://twitter.com/dao_duck/status/1338181297257263112?s=20

Your Daddy is here now!

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What happened to this? Are they really capable of tracing transactions?

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If they were capable of it why does the IRS still off a reward to anybody capable of it?
The only 'tracing' they can do is probabilistic (see: they can't), it's nothing more than a bluff.

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yeah ..... NO

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90 seconds of critical thinking and googling debunks this weak fud

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this has been debunked a hundred times unironically

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Where can I see IRS' reward?

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Now stop spreading FUD

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Deleted direct link because it was obnoxious

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Thanks, and sorry for being a retard.

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People just get irritated with questions like that because faggots spam it as FUD and assume that you are doing it too, even if you were somebody trying to find out if it was legitimate or just FUD

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>bought into the XMR shitcoin at .08
jesus christ why is this piece of shit shilled so heavily

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Because bitcoin has fundamental flaws that would prevent it from ever being used as a currency.
-High fees
-Low miner incentive without higher fees as difficulty increase
-Open / transparent blockchain
-No fungibility

Monero solves all these problems, with high adoption.

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Comfiest hold

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i got in this on monday, I noticed my penis has noticeably increased in size since then. Is this normal?

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Only if your hold remains an unknown amount of monero. If it is indeed unknown to others, this cock growing effect may infact be exponential.

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Will someone please take the ban to post the bottom pic uncensored please god. I’ve only seen it once and now after seeing her posted so often she’s plagued my mind. Not the one with the dumb Bella delphine face it looks just like the last picture here.

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I guess I will give this whole internet money thing a try.

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welcome aboard the chad train anon

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No problem fren

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No fren it’s the one with the surprised look on her face :^(

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Good luck anon. I cashed out some of my XMR for this watch, am feeling happy.

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Damn the jannies are the most bottom tier people on this board, you guys didn’t do shit during the bear market

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Nice feet

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truly based

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welcome my brother

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Market has decided Monero is a shit coin?

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shoo shoo smelly hinpoo
shit on another street pajeet

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Hourly reminder that Monero is poised to become the reserve cryptocurrency of the global shadow economy and is currently replacing BTC on the darknet while also making inroads into the cyber-crime and money laundering sectors.

>Bitcoin Will Never Be Truly Private Says Andreas Antonopoulos

>Bitcoin is too hot for criminals. They're using Monero instead

>Crooks opt for Monero as crypto of choice to launder ill-gotten gains

>Darknet Giant White House Market Drops Bitcoin, Supports Monero Payments Only

>Monero replaces Bitcoin for Sodinokibi Ransomware operators

>$7.5M in Monero Demanded in Alleged Cyber Attack on Argentinian Telecom Giant

>Criminals laundered $2.8 billion in 2019 using crypto exchanges, finds a new analysis

>Latin American crime cartels turn to cryptocurrencies for money laundering

>Why untraceable cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Considering that the global shadow economy is valued in the trillions of dollars, even if just a portion of that ends up in Monero's marketcap that is still HUNDREDS of billions of dollars. 5 figure XMR is inevitable.

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This img is depressing. If someone asks why we still haven't reached Mars or explored space back then, show this cursed img.

Taxation is theft son, educate yourself

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sir I must kindly request that you take down this “Jenny.” Coins with generals dump until the general founder gives up. By making this general you are dooming us all. I solely attribute the 0.0038 BTC/XMR ratio to your actions.

>> No.25688990

jenny, please make another 10 /xmr/ general threads, I could use a dip

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That pic looks based as fuck what's wrong

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Just bought twenty on robinhood bros gonna make it

>> No.25689249

>buying crypto on robinhood
>telling everyone how much you bought


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The kikes fear monero

>> No.25689377

congrats anon, you now own exactly 0 XMR

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Kekked. Checked.

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Hello my paid Russian shill friends, don't forget to upgrade your Monero to 0xMonero before it's delisted from every platform. Shame on you for working on Orthodox Christmas BTW.

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nope. 0xmonero is still vaporware bullshit
just like the last hundred times you spammed it
stfu you moron

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Ahahahahahaha ON ROBINHOOD

holy fuck he doesn't understand that he doesn't own what he bought


>> No.25690164

we should laugh but educate him as well
did you read the sticky on DG?

>> No.25690203

I'ved never used Robonhood. I guess you don't actually own any coins that you there?

>> No.25690207

In Minecraft, the organized gang robbery known as "taxation" tells me that using public places is a perfect fit for this purpose.

>> No.25690244

>You are literally taking bread out of people's mouths.

>> No.25690332

From the first words of your message, I began to hear the voice of a brain-dead journalist. This is not surprising considering that journalists are just cheap intelligence agents.

>> No.25690341

No private keyes, no ownership. It's the same for every crypto. Also defeats the whole point of buying monero, unless you are a moonboi

>> No.25690399

With Robinhood you can't ever withdraw XMR. You just get more or less USD depending on Monero's nominal value.

>> No.25690627

cant you say that for every cryptocurrency exchange then?
kraken binance and etc

>> No.25690856

No, because on actual crypto exchanges you can (and should) withdraw to a wallet which you and only you have access to.

Your "mistake" is not an uncommon one and not something you should feel bad about, Anon.

Part of the spirit of crypto is that it allows people to be their own banks. You'll frequently hear the phrase "not your keys, not your coins" - meaning that if you don't have the ability to send or receive crypto without the permission of the institution that's holding them for you, you don't really have ownership of them.

If you're just interested in doing some day trading to make a few bucks in fiat, Robinhood isn't a terrible action. If you explore the project more and decide you want to make an investment of it, you would do well to purchase coins from an exchange that allows withdrawal and store them in a wallet of your own.

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>monero in a death spiral

>> No.25690920

Furthermore, it is well within the realm of possibility that privacy coins and XMR especially will encounter regulatory pressure in the coming months or years. You could find yourself in a scenario where Robinhood forces a sale of your assets and you have no say in the matter. Not your keys, not your coins.

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Neck yourself moonboy

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Satis Report and Wrapped XMR got me real bullish

>> No.25691678

Might trade all my monero for diazepam

>> No.25691771

This definitely isn't based, but it's also kinda based. You'd be using the coin to transact privately, which is what it for, first and foremost.

>> No.25691994

Lads it's dumping

>> No.25692202

im not that robinhood guy but thanks for answering my question
can you name a good cryptocurrency exchange that has that?

>> No.25692227

satis report was off desu but there are way more reasons to be bullish

>> No.25692358

see first post; don't use morphtoken

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>satis report was off desu but there are way more reasons to be bullish

They're more likely to be off on short-term forcasts than on long-term ones, especially in a market as irrational as this one, so take their specific timeline as a rough ballpark guesstimate.

But that XMR can ultimately hit $40K+ is actually quite a reasonable estimate assuming offshore/black money continues flowing into Monero over the next decade, we're talking about obscenely wealthy entities here.

>> No.25692545

the sticky says morphtoken is non KYC
why would you not use it?

>> No.25692620

Satis report was off regarding time, but its underlying rationale is sound as shit.

Re: exchanges, I like kucoin. LocalMonero is the best way IMO, though.

>> No.25692880

They have withhold funds from a few people that were exchaning from/to monero and demanding KYC after the fact. The shit started one or two weeks ago. Also the DNMs have used their api to exchange the buyer's btc in xmr for the seller; the api was closed and the DNMs accept only xmr now.

I wrote "DNMs" because I don't know which excatly, don't care enough about it.

It's a shame because morphtoken used to be top-notch, but rn you're better off with eg. kraken.

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What percentage of Bitcoin's mcap do you guys think Monero will claim by the end of 2021? I'm hoping for 2-5%. What's the point of using bsv/bch when you have an anonymous alternative that solved scaling

>> No.25693434

Morphtoken doesn’t require kyc. You are mistaken.
They do block based on geo location however. This is why funds can be held. So if you use morphtoken in certain areas they can hold your monero.
The reason White House market doesn’t use morphtoken anymore as a bitcoin third party service is because they wanted to officially become monero only. Has nothing to do with morphtoken really.

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>> No.25693703

>Morphtoken doesn’t require kyc. You are mistaken.
Only when funds are withhold, or so I thought.

>They do block based on geo location however. This is why funds can be held. So if you use morphtoken in certain areas they can hold your monero.
Which areas? What happens if funds are held, how do you get them back?

>The reason White House market doesn’t use morphtoken anymore as a bitcoin third party service is because they wanted to officially become monero only. Has nothing to do with morphtoken really.
I didn't say it's the only reason, but I thought morphtoken disliked that (for legal reasons) and had to let them go. Can't find the reference though.

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File: 190 KB, 1545x903, monero miners 20210108a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>What percentage of Bitcoin's mcap do you guys think Monero will claim by the end of 2021? I'm hoping for 2-5%

This market is highly irrational so its anybody's guess. Atomic swaps is when we should start to see more consistent movement but sufficient liquidity will take a while to accumulate.

However, bear in mind that most of Monero's future growth is projected to come from the influx of offshore/black assets, so it isn't a zero sum game here, Bitcoin can continue to get bigger without it negatively impacting Monero.

>> No.25693944

I don’t know off the top of my head but I know of a few states that require vpns to use.
Morphtoken had implemented a patch to prevent tor exit nodes from being used. There was an easy work around that whm could have done but they said fuck it and went all in on monero.

>> No.25693990

Personally I think we're gonna see Bitcoin dump tremendously in the near future (weeks to months) and that the whole market will follow accordingly, but that XMR will take less of a hit in USD than almost any other asset.

I base this purely on gut and intuition- my normie friends are fomoing into 40K bitcoin, and although history doesn't repeat, it usually rhymes.

>> No.25694266

>I think we're gonna see Bitcoin dump tremendously
I don't know
events this week have shaken the establishment and elites
normies are seeing record gains
alts are all over the board but a lot are up
we probably wont see any significant pullback for a while, at least until bitcoin is well over $50k (which might be next week lol)

>> No.25694357

>Morphtoken had implemented a patch to prevent tor exit nodes from being used.
Thats what I had in mind. I would have reacted the same; it sounds like both parties prepaired in advance for this, noone was surprised.

>I base this purely on gut and intuition
Same gut feeling here. XMR is not as correlated to BTC as other coins anymore, most likely because the use case is different (store of value vs. usable currency)
I'll pause buying until we reach like sub 110€ and keep plenty cash for after the BTC crash.

Friend texted me the other day that his boss was asking him if it's profitable to mine BTC on the company servers (they have lotta GPUs for AI). Notably the boss is a she, and has not a technical background - she's only there for the gains and not the tech. Normi fomo is high. No article in the local newspaper though, so were not at the end yet.

>> No.25694441

Are we going back up 10% today
Feels bad to be down

>> No.25694593

>events this week have shaken the establishment and elites
What are you talking about? The protest in the capitol was basically theater and the elites are consolidating their coup. Since confirming their faked election result they have now released a deepfake video of "Trump" conceding. They've probably murdered his whole family already. I'm actually more suspicious of BTC and TSLA for pumping during these times.

>> No.25694595

Thanks, monebro

>> No.25694620


I like that this is the "Buy the Dip" thread but we're substantially up in USD since yesterday.
>inb4 satfags

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File: 56 KB, 634x461, Internet-bubble.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Bitcoin's current parabolic rise is so obviously a bubble yet most seem oblivious to it and think it'll just keep going forever, its tulip mania all over again. It might well last a while but at some point, just like during the Dot Com Boom & Bust, there is going to be a reckoning and reevaluation of all crypto, and few will ultimately be left standing.

>> No.25695166

This might unironically be the final pump for the buttcoiners

>> No.25695181

Certainly is a bubble, the question is just a matter of time + where whales and new institutional investors will set the top. It could be that it climbs to 100k and the new floor becomes 30-40K, or that it dumps back down to 10 today. Nobody knows with the volatility in that project.

>> No.25695782
File: 1.35 MB, 857x708, 1609634535596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


To be clear, Bitcoin can and should continue to serve a purpose, after all Monero needs it for atomic swaps. But based on fundamentals and actual utility the ratio obviously should be waaaaaaaaaaaay closer.

>> No.25696619


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File: 281 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20210107-154419_Auto Photo Cut Paste.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know it's gonna be a long wait, and I'm glad I get to shitpost with you bros all the way to the top

>> No.25697069

will this shit do anything in this bullrun? going to buy at some point but if its just going to crab whilst everything else moons i dont see the point

>> No.25697237

I wish there was a way to have actually hidden transactions instead of obfsucated transactions mixed in with decoys. As it is, the technology allows for plausible deniability only, it doesn't completely hide everything going on.

>> No.25697286

we don't care for short term moon, so it won't rise like the rest of your folio,; but we also won't panik sell, so monero won't plumet like the rest

bitcoin is the hedge against fiat, monero is the hedge against bitcoin (and all the shitcoins that move alongside it)

>> No.25697301

Send it 3 times to yourself than you are golden.

>> No.25697305

limits of the blockchain I guess
XMR has already progressed a lot since the original release, and will continue to become better over time

>> No.25697340

yep that's already a thing

>> No.25697375

churn if more privacy is needed, ideally at different times, at different days. For a 1 in 1 million privacy you need to send it yourself 5 times with the current ring size

>> No.25697418

They're increasing the number of ring signatures soon.

>> No.25697475

thankfully the transaction fee in Monero is very cheap, so this is very feasible

>> No.25697533

in short term from 11 to 17 is likely
in med term 64 or 128 is likely

>> No.25697545

Bought the dip I am now an XMR maxi by 1%

>> No.25697682

The amount and the recipient is hidden however. No transaction totals appear on the blockchain and no wallet addresses appear on the blockchain.
It is true that the sender is the most at risk because of ring signatures, but this is why ring signatures are constantly being looked at and tinkered with.
Be that as it may, there is no such thing as perfect privacy, so even if you did have a flawless type of system there would still be potential leakage of metadata.
It's the limits of blockchain yes, but all the limits of having a fully decentralized protocol without a trusted set up. In the future Monero will likely switch to some sort of zk system without a trusted set up, but these are still being developed and researched.

>> No.25697695

It took around 20 minutes for my transaction last night to confirm with 10. How long would 64 take?

>> No.25697699

fuggg, miner is throwing internal server errors
is it due to update?

>> No.25697729

>Be that as it may, there is no such thing as perfect privacy, so even if you did have a flawless type of system there would still be potential leakage of metadata.
That is true

>> No.25697804

you are confusing decoys and blocks.

>> No.25697840

They are actually hidden. Every tx on the blockchain goes to a one time stealth address. The amount is completely hidden. The ring signatures with the decoys are mostly to mask whether an output has been spent or not.

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File: 327 KB, 700x500, dj billybool and monero-chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No matter what, i will always be shitposting here.

>> No.25697985

nvmd it fixed itself

>> No.25698022

The same. Block times are independed of the ring size and fixed at 2min; with network congestion it may take longer and you allways have to wait 20min before spending is possible

The main tradeoff with larger tings is transaction size (in kB) and transaction computation time. Both will be more damanding on the nodes' CPU but otherwise not noticable. The 64/128x upgrade uses a new algorithm and will perform roughly the same as CSLANG 17x, but has increased privacy

>> No.25698142

kek. nice oc.

>> No.25698283
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is the buttcorn tether fud real? cause if it is we gonna have a party in a weak

>> No.25698499

I think so. I don’t think it’ll send BTC to 0 overnight, but if theres any substance at all to the allegations, it’s going to be a blowoff and that’s that for this bullrun.

I mean BTC has already almost gone 10x in 9 months with a Mcap in the hundreds of billions, that’s AMAZING performance.

>> No.25698530

might be. even if it's not there will be a party because people will cash out or "buy the dip" shortly before the date. We'll see. It'll be exciting for sure.

XMR holding should be fairly safe though, I stand by this view:

>> No.25698601


I got my shekels ready to buy the tether dump

>> No.25698822


>> No.25699036
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>BORING coin

Perhaps, but its as close as you can get to a sure thing.

>> No.25699646

Spend some to get entertained.