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Do you have a safe?
A piece of paper in your actual wallet?
A metal backup?
How many backups do you have?

I'm nervous anons. What do those of you with 6 or 7 figures in crypto ACTUALLY DO to keep your phrase safe?

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1 pen written copy with indelible ink
1 metal copy

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I was gonna tell you a pretty easy way but then I realized I almost replied to a pepe using faggot and would have to KMS

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>encrypt by hand using a pencil and paper
>incinerate work
>write encrypted pass on piece of paper
>roll paper
>insert into metal tube
>insert tube into anus
i do this daily.

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I keep explicit SKs
Laminated and double bagged cards with half keys written by hand generated on an airgapped machine on a live OS in a windowless room, inside a disguised safe that requires two keys that are held in separate locations. Cards are labeled with nicknames, corresponding to another set of cards at some other location, containing the other half of the keys.

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Thanks for the serious replies, faggots.

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Once you have a significant amount of crypto, getting a metal backup is a really good idea to protect yourself from house fires

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i microchipped in in my nuttsack where it's not painful

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get an engraver and metal card it's like under $60 for both. i have a copy at my house and one at my grandmas

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I store my seed at sneed's, he watches it for me

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Shave pubes and tattoo the seed there, let the hair grow back. Shave again as needed.

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My emergency seed phrase belongs at everyone of my relatives, each of them have 1 word of the secret phrase. In case of me dying, they will have access to my wallet.

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tattoo it near ass hole

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We're supposed to write it down?

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i made my own zodiac killer type puzzle stored on a piece of paper and the cloud

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Learned what I posted from when I was in banking. You want to keep it really secure? You spread out the points of failure. That's all
If your keys are generated and stored totally offline then the only pain point left is physical intrusion to where you keep them. Protect it with dual control. It should not be possible to break into one location and defeat the security. Using dual control combined with a multisig scheme basically guarantees security

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I have a 42 digit password in my head, and only in my head.
On PC startup it decrypts a keystore (in-memory only) whose keys are used to decrypt text files containing priv. keys, seeds etc. with a notepad++ plugin (also in-memory only, so unencrypted data is never stored on the disk), and other stuff.

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Just write the seed phrase in different selected books. Nobody is ever going to look inside some shitty cookbook

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I'm autistic so I just remember mine.

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So a head injury or a computer failure removes your access? That doesn't seem safe, anon.

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literally just zip up a file with your private key or seed phrase in it, and store said file on dropbox or something

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20mb encyrpted veracrypt container containing one text file backed up on the cloud, 2 dvds, 3 usbs and 1 external HDD. Only decrypted on a linux live boot on an airgapped pc

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oh and for extra security lock the zip file under a strong long password, and if you're worried about remembering that, then just store that password somewhere in your house

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I had 24 different gastroenterologists tattoo it in my colon. When I need to use it I just shove my head up my ass to look for a refresher.

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i write it on my palm with a sharpie

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And in the event of a fire?...

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Old offline linux laptop with keepass with a long ass sentence as password that i remember. Instead of usb backups you can even save that shit in the cloud, might want to use cryptomator or something as an additional safety if one open source project fucks up their crypto. I only unlock it on that offline laptop though due to keylogger paranoia

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one copy of my seed in a safe. one copy of my seed to my dad. i memorized my passphrase but also told it to my brother (it's easy to memorize / look up but it's a long strong). so if i die my family can still have my crypto.

private key is currently on a trezor. i'm not worried about anything.

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bip38 encrypted paper wallets multiple copies at multiple locations also digital
password is split using shamirs and distributed in my family and safe locations in case i die

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>So a head injury
Yes, still a good tradeoff imho. I'd never write down or store in clear text access to my wealth anywhere.
>or a computer failure removes your access?
No, of course not
Multiple backups, offline and online, exist of the encrypted keystore and applications (crypt agent, plugins etc.).

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I keep it saved here on /pol/ in the archives:
"juicy paper nail tomato brother leaf tank state nickel sword cannon kike"

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Split in 3. Create: ab ac bc. Store in 3 different locations.

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>I'd never write down or store in clear text access to my wealth anywhere.
good that would be retarded

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I write them on /biz/
>Nigger Faggot Retard Hitler DId Nothing Wrong Fuck Niggers Fuck Jannies Fuck Jews Fuck Trannies Trump Won The Election

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on a text file on my desktop on a pirated version of windows 10.

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i post my wallets on pastebin only the private keys and it's hidden of course

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A veracrypt container encrypted with SHA-512 AES and a text file inside. This encrypted container is stored in google drive and my local disk. This is plenty enough protection and anyone going beyond that is mentally sick. Wikileaks released their AES-256 encrypted "insurance file" years ago and distributed it all over bittorrent. To date its content is yet to be decrypted. So I think the average faggot and his 12 words is safe with that level of encryption.

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On a post it note stuck to my monitor, never know when I might need it

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Engraved it on a piece of aluminum on my CNC machine

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>being baited this easily

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so you are replacing one mnemonic secret to an other?

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If someone gets 66% of your pass phrase they can brute force the rest

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I keep it written down in the same lunchbox that my hardware wallet is in.

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Wrote it on a brick phone with no internet access, removed the GPS module for safe measures

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yes but it would take way too long compared for you to move them first once you see your place tossed.

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No this is a password I can choose. To gain access one would need to:
>hack into my computer or my google drive account
>crack a 37-char long password
Now I know dictionaries can be used etc but I wasn't stupid enough to make the password that easy. Even then it would take a very, very long time to crack, and unlikely to be worth the time and effort. And anyway, step 1 is unlikely to happen in the first place. These combined low probabilities make me comfortable enough.

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Ordered a Titanium sheet and engraved with steel letter stamps.

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I have multiple copies on hardstock with the phrase encoded in a made-up language/alphabet.

I'd also like to try the whole engraving thing when I get the chance.

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> Allowing your seed to be displayed on your PC ever
> Being 100% sure there is no 0 day screen grabber on your computer.

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>No this is a password I can choose.
doesn't really make a difference if you remember your own passphrase or a mnemonic seed. if something happens to you your crypto is gone just the same.

that's all i wanted to point out. same security model.

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>what if someone exploits a 0day and screen records and streams your screen 24/7 and pays attention to every second to file away anything that might remotely come close to a seed phrase
frankly, i'm okay with taking that risk. i don't hold XRP

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well not exactly as knowing a seed alone is enough so if you find yourself evacuated with nothing left knowing your seed having is memorized will be better.

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also can someone appreciate my kek id

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>screen records and streams your screen 24/7
yeah you wouldn't notice that on performance and bandwith and disk space getting chewed up at all.

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You're correct, but this adds one layer of abstraction. Let's say I actually write my password on a post it note in my office. The people reading it will have to figure out what this password is for. My email account? Computer lock screen? Amazon? They won't connect it directly to this encrypted file on my laptop. Whereas if someone find a piece of paper with 12 words, they are a lot more likely to connect it to a crypto wallet.

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i tattooed it on someone in their "lolzomg binary hacker" tat

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>yeah you wouldn't notice that on performance and bandwith and disk space getting chewed up at all.
i don't get it, so you just owned yourself? my point is it's unreasonable and borderline schizo to believe that someone is screen recording your screen at all times. unless you have a prior target on your back/are royalty or a billionaire ceo or some shit.

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It is the only sentence my child knows and I do not plan on teaching him anything else

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correct. cryptography is built on one-way puzzles like this

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Spread your key across 15 memes and post them on 4chan, when you need to cash out just find the memes

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nice ID

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Except if they steal one half you are left with one useless half and both of you have zero money

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just remember it? retard.

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this is like trying to explain politics to little kids...
if you write your secret down your security is gone, if you don't, just remember it then doesn't matter what you remember a password or a mnemonic seed. it's the same shit, only you are literally worse off if you have to run get into some disaster and can lose access to your boomer tier encrypted container.

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>kek ID agreed with me
I feel blessed

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well good cryptography is not built on the assumption that your opponent is retarded or somehow incapable. it's not your mom you should be hiding your crypto from.

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how will this hypothetical "0-day screengrabber" transfer my seed from my amnesiac airgapped linux live session?

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Veracrypt. I don't need overkill levels of security. In the end, you can tryhard enough and find a flaw in any of them. Just don't be a retard and put it in a plain text file everywhere.

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shh don't confuse the retards with their big brother fantasies!

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midwits like you should stick to coinbase

it's a stupid hypothetical in the first place, no need to add your air-gapped retard-tech into the equation

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>if you write your secret down your security is gone
That's theoretically true. In practice if I carve it on a rock somewhere there is literally nobody that can link it to MY veracrypt container. Yet I can go to that rock and read it whenever I want.
If I had hundreds of millions I would maybe add more layers, but the the purpose of protecting my crypto, this is enough.

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>Just don't be a retard and put it in a plain text file everywhere.
that's the most important thing yes, but please for gods sake educate yourself on the better alternatives!

for example more and more wallets support bip38 and soon enough exchanges will directly swipe it for you which means you will never ever have to decrypt your private key on your own device.

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I splice it up between several bonded couriers

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I just keep my seed in my password manager and copy it around for multiple wallets:

witch collapse practice feed shame open despair creek road again ice least

It's actually quite easy to memorize.

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>midwits like you
said the brainlet who can't even follow ids or thinks zipcrypt is secure rofl

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Just memorize the phrase.

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OG stinky since 2017 with 120k stack here, all in and haven't sold 1 single link yet.
Using a trezor one generated seed.
+ passphrase that'll take centuries to bruteforce with the best supercomputer.
The seed is in a notebook with my 2FA keys for exchanges too.
The notebook doesn't contain the passphrase, and I rolled it in transparent tape, signed on it then added tape, that way if someone opened it I'll know it.
Notebook kept with my other documents (degree, transcripts, etc...) in a case.
passphrase is hidden at my grandma's.
I could be ok with keeping 0 backup because my memory is good, and if I get brain damage then my linkies are the least of my worries, but I want to leave them for my family if I die, even though I doubt they'll find the notebook and figure out that the passphrase goes with it and how to buy a new hw and how to use an exchange, etc...
Of course I'm still paranoid that I'll mumble my seed in my sleep when sleeping with a roastie because I'm so used to repeating it in my head.

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write it down on a piece of paper, take a snapshot, send the snapshot to yourself via gmail, boom it's secure and stored forever on the cloud.

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