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That was cute bobo, you had your fun, now put that little cage back on and let's lock it up for next few weeks, before you dump any more

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My gf talks to me like this and locks me in chastity. Now I’m leaking.

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made for massive white dick

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Holy Trainer v3 Standard size 45mm ring. 40mm ring was too small. But I think I can fit in a smaller cage.

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does she fuck other men?

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Sounds hot, what's it like?
Does she make you do cuck shit too, or is it your choice?

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Mommy milkers makes the pain go away.

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Nah I’m not into cuck shit and neither is she. I used red pill tactics to get her obsessed with my masculine side in the beginning. Never lost frame, passed all the shit tests, never let my intentions known, etc. Sex in the beginning was me fucking her while she had a boyfriend actually. After a month she left him and committed to me. About 3 months into me banging her I slowly started giving her breadcrumbs of my crossdressing kink (that I developed back when I was blue pilled). She was already obsessed with me as a man, so even though I did faggot shit in bed it didn’t make her view me as a beta.

Modern day she puts me in pink maid dresses ties me to the bed and bangs me Amazon style. We are both switches so I still dom at times as well. But it’s only functional because our relationship developed naturally in the beginning. If you were to try and get into the position I am in without attracting her as a man first, she would think you’re beta and cuck you.

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>Sex in the beginning was me fucking her while she had a boyfriend actually

She's cucking you whether you're into it or not

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and then you came into your cum sock and went back to sleep

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>future girlfriend cheats with current boyfriend to become current girlfriend and definitely wont do the same to me

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Too good to be true.

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cuck 100%

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nigga what the fuck, you whites are degenerate.

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God I want this jewess to circumcise me

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Good choice goy. You get to enjoy her soft jew lips sucking the blood from your penis instead of a bearded rabbi who does it when youre 7 days old

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I mean that fact that she cheated in the beginning only displays how quickly she would give herself to a man that displays higher value than myself. But I’ve heard her complain about the guys who hit on her. I have no competition. But I will make it clear that I am very aware if competition came along, she would not be pair bonded to me like a virgin would. If you’re saying I am getting cucked because she still talks to other guys, my response would be all women are always on the hunt for a better option. Regardless of the male, hypergamy is always your biggest enemy.

I came into a sock once in middle school. It was mediocre and I never tried it again. I used to do far crazier shit when I was a blue pilled incel than cum into socks.

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How about a new angle on him

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You’re probably one of those guys on this board that thinks money is what gets you laid. It’s not. Study TRP and learn game. Everything is about holding frame and not being a mentally weak bitch in the initial pursuing process. Money will never get you pussy if you don’t have game with women.

Really not into cuckolding. I might get cucked in subtle ways. But my bitch is not fucking other men.


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>Those forehead and eyes wrinkles
Absolutely disgusting. Imagine being 20 and already aging this badly.

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>I might get cucked in subtle ways
yeah, she's only sucking off other men so that's okay

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Nah the only ways I get cucked are all my own fault. I cohabitate with her (big mistake, never cohabitate guys. Seriously they told me not to and I didn’t listen and now I see why you shouldn’t). So the basic lack of personal space and invasion of privacy that men need is lost in this relationship. I’m trying to get her into her own place so I can be on my own without her breathing down my back. But she says she doesn’t want that because she would never spend time at her own place. She likes cooking me breakfast and shit but I just wanna live alone.

All the ways I am cucked are just me not setting up better barriers and boundaries of personal space in the first 6 months of the relationship.

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Still hot

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Id like to smell her gut flora before deciding.