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>be me last week, nocoiner
>decide to buy ETH because I had money in my bank account just sitting there because I’m saving up for a car
>eth blows up, I made a lot
>need to buy a car next month and my money is in eth
>don’t want to sell because It’s going to do great by end of year
>want a car

Please help

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Consoomers NGMI

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oh poor you

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where we're going, we will need no cars

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do you need the eth for a down payment or were you planning on buying in cash? if the latter you're a moron. take out a loan, the interest rate will be way lower than the rate which eth appreciates

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I was planning on paying in cash

I am 23 yo and it’s embarrassing to not have a car but this is a huge opportunity. I gambled and hit the jackpot even though my IQ is room temp. I guess I’ll just eat oatmeal and save up more of my checks for my car instead of buying random shit like clothes and paying for laser hair removal

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Do you really need a car, or do you just want a car? If you just want a car, then wait

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Its so much easier to recognise greed when you dont have a dog in the fight

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>I am 23 yo and it’s embarrassing to not have a car

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not being a money hoarder :/ baka

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>be a consoomer
>complain about being a consoomer