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This will CRASH soon. You will regret buying it. Thank god I didn't!

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cope seethe dilate

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First post
Also the best post

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But my average is $6000
will it go that low?

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seethe. I bought back in march. I'll eat literal shit if it goes below 6k.

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Thanks, just sold 32.6 BTC. When do I buy back in?

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stop loss 20% below ath

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This: >>25650721
Also, checked

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Don't care , didn't read, not selling

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Joke is on you.

I've bought some
I've sold some
I have money ready to rebuy if it crashes

You can't beat me bobo. I'm covered on all basis

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Same... I bought 4.09 at 6K
Tell me.... what do I have to regret?

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In my opinion you are 18k over it (retrace will probably not go lower than 24k)

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make a trim (take 24k profit) at a first sign of weakness, the rest will be free BTC

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explain how this can crash since we have printer

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I will buy it when it crashes.

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Unless you can live off $100 a month, start looking for a new job.

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Yeah that's what Im gonna do if it drops back to 35 or 36K.
Lots of sell orders in near 40 it looks like.

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printer can run out of ink for many many reasons

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As long as inflation keeps ticking up, we're gravy.

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By the SEC cucking Tether, investors realizing every historical resistance was artificially pumped thus lossing confidence on Bitcoin. Right on time for them to short it all the way to 3k unfilled GME gaps.

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I'm waiting for the crash to buy back in but it just seems to be continuing going up,
Exactly what is driving up the price at the moment?

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from the current orders 40k pushes back to 36k, you are in the right region.
Watch out for 44k it may push to 31.5k if the bull pattern breaks.

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I remember telling bobos at 20-25k that its foolish to swing in the middle of a bull run because you don't know when the correction will happen. I remember specifically citing the possibility of correcting from 40k to 30k rather than their prophesized 25k to 15k. And now the bobos are adopting exactly that point now too. And they still could get rekt if we just decide to keep going up to 50k instead.

Hodlers always win

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cash it, now

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nothing goy, carry on as usual

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Short, and post results

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There are threads that they are printing USDT, buying and pumping BTC, and plan on selling it at ATH to cover the tether they printed with USD. As long as they are printing, the price will rise. When they stop.... they will dump it.

This is of course just a theory.... minecraft and all that.

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I sold 3x 13dollar MARA calls this Monday, laugh at me

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I have shorted it with my last savings.
Will be liquidated at 42k, wish me luck.

Either I will be rich or I will off myself it’s up to chance now.

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Good luck fren

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yeah it will "crash" to the level where it was like 2 weeks ago, crab a bit and pump my alts, and then move up again to $50k
Lucky you don't have any!!! You absolute ngmi retard

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I hate looking at this. It's too painful. I had a chance to buy a shitton of Bitcoins back in 2010.

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Fren, good luck. Let us know how it all works out

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Just shorted too. Don't worry bro this beast is going down.

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You're just posting this to pat yourself on the back... what a faggot.

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OP isn't talking to you, self-back-patter...

Jesus fucking christ...

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you are retarded LMAO

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Why didn't you then faggot? Because you lack insight, there's nobody to blame but yourself. You fucked up, stop complaining and get in now

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well i mean it has to go down eventually

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well i mean it has to go down eventually

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Alt-coin fags: BTC will crash soon, it's over-valued!
BTC fags: Lol, shitcoins are irrelevant!
Crypto fags: Lmao at these cucks living in the past with their boomer rocks!
Metals fags: Crypto is a scam, you can't hold it in your hands!

All wrong. The only "bag holders" are gonna be the vast masses of normies who have never heard the word "fiat", and think that the government paying them to sit at home and watch netflix has no consequences.

We're ALL gmi. Hasn't that become clear over the past year?

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This is the final exit-scam. They'll cash out around 50-60k, after that only normies will be left holding the bags. This parabola is unironically bearish as fuck for crypto, it came too early. Not sustainable growth. Instead of hitting 150k in 2023 we'll be seeing a multi year correction to who knows where. Alts will get blown the fuck out, 95% of them dead. Chainlink wll struggle to hit $2 after Bitcoin dumps.

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You’re absolutely spot on here. Savings account fags who don’t have the stomach for any sort of speculative investing along with the full on retards who don’t realize that money cannot be printed out of thin air without the value of said currency being directly affected are the ones who will be standing in the bread lines once the full socialism train officially leaves the station in the US. We’ll all be fine. Diversify if you are risk averse, but all speculative assets will increase significantly as the dollar goes to shit.

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C-checked.. my fear is your right. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Most people in this space are degen gamblers or larping 20 somethings that dont know shit about anything

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You can sense that with this pump past 31k, weve entered into euphoria. The last doubters are turning fomo and now everyone believes its real.. this is when the rug gets pulled

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I'll be so fucking ecstatic that i sold at 39.5k ath bizbros. Moved it all into alts. Dyor on bor or buy a rope.

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It's a new paradigm, and everybody who doesn't buy, now, will be priced out forever. Anybody who does buy will be rewarded with a lifetime of riches, as their bitcoin will continue its 30% monthly price increase.

Nocoiners, and anybody born in a future generation, will not be able to afford a $10,000,000 satoshi in 15 years. They will live in tent cities, and Hondas.

This asset bubble is different than all of the others - it will never slow down, or pop. The gains are permanent.

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Yeah it will crash 30% and I will still be up by well over 5x KEK

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Y-yeah, t-thank god I didn't buy when it was 30k a week ago or 20k a week before that.

Oh wait....

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