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You idiots will invest in anything that goes up in price and won't try to rationalize WHY it's going up.

Your portfolio is built by FOMO and your fall will be because of your FUD. You are an emotional trader unless you can tell me a non Tether reason BTC is going up.

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Nice try buddy.

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just what i was thinking. majority of the people here have no fucking idea what they are doing.

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I want to rape her and then slit her throat after wards.

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Clown economy, anon. Get honked or you miss any gains.

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I invested into Web3.0. It's doing very little at the moment but within a few years will make the DeFi run look like childs play. NKN at the top, Bluzelle and RLC second, followed by decentralised storage... Storj, Filecoin etc.

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>he knows
>the thread is over

shot eet down

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I gladly I admit I have no idea what I’m really doing. But I’m making money...?

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The problem with this logic is that the emotion that caused you to FOMO BTC is the same emotion that will make you hold it until the bottom, thats how they get you.

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I'll give you a non-tether reason.
Your post. It just made me buy more.

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I'm fucking retarded and still making money lmao

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Where do you guys get all these pictures of Asian qts?

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i have no idea why bitcoin keeps going up but i keep buying it lol

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But normie retards don't have a trillion dollars.

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I’ve already made up my mind I’m selling at 50k.

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He знaю чтo пиcaть,нo дa лaднo

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Tell me a non tether reason why btc will go DOWN

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Why do you think BTC will reach 50k? What's your thesis?

Also, if it had a meteoric rise to 50k, do you think you wouldnt fomo out of selling?

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Stop posting these gooks already. These people have NO hips to waist ratio. They all look like children.

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dont care me make money

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My theory is because of lack of power usage in China. Miners can't mine because people arent allowed to use heating and electricity during the winter, and their tariffs on imports have fucked them from the inside out. This rally is purely about seizing wealth back from the 60% of miners in China.

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No. I don't chase a poompa anymore. I accoomulate

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Stagnation. Because BTC's price is entirely based on people thinking it will go up, if it starts stagnating, it will cause a slow sell-off. This becomes a positive feedback loop. As prices drop slowly, people will see the BTC is losing money slowly, sell, and prices will drop faster, repeat this loop until it's at correction pricing. I don't think BTC will flash crash (unless arbitrage bots tank the markets)

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This pump is all supply shortage and miners not keeping up, but the real world effects of Chinese not being able to use the power required for miners is skyrocketing price. As soon as China starts switching back on the price will continue to rally

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I bought 0.5 at 10k while I was tripping on acid and now i have 20k
dont care why it goes up as long as it does

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>They all look like children.

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>they all look like children

That’s the whole fucking point.
>inb4 pedo
>inb4 sick fuck

Listen faggot, it’s not my fault that your Jewish overlords brainwashed you to go against nature, but for 100s of years the prime age for a female to be wed was between 13 and 16, it wasn’t until these ugly feminist Jewish whores destroyed the outcome of nature and introduced things like women rights and women suffrage, now look where we are now? Western civilization of full of faggots and trannies, men are insufferable mad children and women have turned into whores with no morals. I bet you’re a fucking Jew or a leaf. Biz really needs to start putting flags, also..fuck jannies

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Found the Muslim pedo!

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There’s a project with fud like I’ve never seen before. Well, maybe once before. It’s potential is exponential. The man leading the way is one of the most autisticly gifted people I’ve come across in my life. In my life. I have put, I have put - my full faith into this monster.

The fomos from the original climb have already sold or researched and realized what they have. The early swingers have learned their lessons. The fud almost entirely comes from its own holders trying to accumulate.

I’m all in and putting everything I have extra into this. The information you need is in my words and you will know if you’ve done your research which project and project lead I’m talking about.

You can believe in me as I’m autistic. You can believe in this projects lead because he has 1000x times the level of autism that I do.

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>ID curry
I suspect their is a tiny chance you are shilling something I hold. Just tell me the first letter of the ticker and nothing else.

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"What's a whitepaper?" I ask as I light my blunt with a rolled up piece torn off of van Gogh's Starry Night.