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>be me
>notice shitcoins are pumping left and right
>notice CVC is at ATL in its btc pairing
>notice high volume
>put 50% of my stack in it at $0.105
>hold through a 5% loss
>starts pumping to $0.135
>starts dumping back down
>panic sell at $0.1180
>its at $0.145 now
I unironically want to kill myself. I'm never doing this trading bullshit again, from now on I'm just gonna buy and hold coins with serious potential for big long term gains

>t. 90% GRT 10% WAN

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>from now on I'm just gonna buy and hold coins with serious potential for big long term gains
>t. 90% GRT

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Haha are you fucking kidding me?

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fuck me i bought 8500 nano at 1.50 just before the pump, panic sold at 2.05, now its at 4....

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>emotional trader

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>threadly reminder

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>90% grt
>coin that dumps during a bullrun
Its like some people actively work hard to stay poor

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bruh if a stock tanks you go in long. never sell with loss, true men hold their bags until $0.01

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I didn't sell with a loss nigger. can you read? I just missed out on some serious gains by panic selling after a dump

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So you lost

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I did

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massive CVC PAMP NOW!!

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Ive been holding a few assets for years, i just dont give a fuck. I dont loose if i dont sell i dono maybe thats cope

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Thats the way to go imo. oatmealfaggot checked back in here today after a couple years and the nigger actually made it just by accumulating LINK and holding that bitch with iron hands for 4 years. At the end of the day those who play the long game have the best chance of winning

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My man!

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same, got cucked chasing pumps and swingtraded down my initial GRT stack by 20%. Rebought back yesterday but fuck, it feels bad man. Now only holding patiently

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At least you didn't turn 1600 into 1400 while everything is fucking moving

it coud be worse
you could be starting out as a poorfag like me

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>get vitalik on the line
>he sold
>pomp eet

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Maybe try runescape trading for a few years

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>put 50% of my stack in it at $0.105
>panic sell at $0.1180
So you earned money? Your net worth is literally higher now than before? Yeah look at mister bad trader here who can't even sell at a loss, good on you OP.

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And to add to this:

>from now on I'm just gonna buy and hold coins with serious potential for big long term gains
That's literally the smartest thing you can do and makes you a good trader.

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Its at fucking $0.1655 now. I would have rather never gotten into this shit to begin with

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I fuck up by trading coins.
I make money by holding for a few years
How to i stop looking at my wallet

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Buy lcx, dont look at it again for 6 months, then if you really need money withdraw a little, otherwise say good job and hodl till you make it.

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this. This fucking trade is probably the 2nd most despair I've ever felt in my crypto life, the first being watching my shitcoins crash and burn after 20x gains in the 2017 bullrun. I already know im gonna check the price of CVC tomorrow and it'll be $0.2 (which was my original target) FML

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GRT is a scam. Pump and dump garbage.

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you my friend, can have fun staying poor

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things i learned
Never sell at a loss
Never cash out everything

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