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The Graph

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graph the

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wen are more subgraphs getting moved over?

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No need to rush, billions more tokens will be released in the coming months and years, enough for everyone!

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when will the market find out about the token release?

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i love 30c i fuck my wife to 30c my child is named 30c the black lil bastard

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overpriced garbage that should be swapped to API3.

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Your a moron kid. Shill harder, GRT is used by almost all of the major exchanges already and is the sub for USDC.
This is literally the next big thing. You won’t have long to get in under a dollar for token.

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>Want to stake
>can't be bother because it would take nearly $100 in ETH gas fees to send it to my metamask
Why in gods ever loving fuck is ETH allowed to exist like it does right now? ETH is literally dogshit for actual transactions, even worse than bitcoin, fucking imagine if bitcoin required a gas fee of nearly 5-10% of its price to transfer

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Just bought another 2000 GRT at 35c. Not buying GRT under $1 is laughable, selling GRT at a LOSS is idiotic.

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I don't understand the tokenomics behind this shit.

Billions of coins, don't see how it can get higher price.

Regardless, bought another 10k

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>threadly reminder

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Tokenomics are bullshit anon. Those are retards thinking that cryptocurrency is like the FOREX market and works the same way as traditional fiat currency’s where supply of actual PHYSICAL dollars matters. What the Blockchain does and how the cryptocurrency behind it incorporates into the real world is what matters the most.

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the thread that saved GRT

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Unironically this too. What’s even more damning is how nobody from the ETH camp is even acknowledging the fuckery

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it has less than 1/10 the supply of XRP and yet the price is cheaper, while GRT is essential blockchain infrastructure. GRT should be top 10, make all trades with that in mind.

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Buy on coinbased or something, it's 4% :)

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Thats why ALGORAND and a few other of the next gen blockchains will overtake etherium in the coming years. The gas fees combined with its limited ability to scale up to billions of users will make it more and more a legacy asset.

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I went balls deep on LINK back in 2017

getting the same vibes with GRT

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Q1 and it's gonna be glorious, and curator program is going live later this month(Curators made testnet deflationary) shit's bound to moon so fucking hard

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Already priced in

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When will whales finally pump this thing to $2?

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top5 crypto project atleast, literally the backbone of DeFi, as DeFi grows GRT grows. Biggest DeFi projects use GRT and link is close to GRT as they complement eachother. Buy GRT or stay poor faggots. 20$ EOY easily

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5million sell wall already got bought in binance, which was keeping the price in check since 45cents

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gonna need skin grafts

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Delegated in.

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sitting on 15k here. just bought 5k tonight.

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Congrats. I can't buy that much at once since coinbase limits how much I can buy for some gay reason.

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Its over right?

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It's just the beginning, DeFi is going to be multi trillion mcap by the end of year and GRT is backbone of it

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I am going to buy this at $0.05

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Shut the fuck up you virgin nigger

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36 cents stable coin

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Why must we suffer like this

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fucking kek

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At least it's not a 30 cent stablecoin anymore. Soon it'll be a 50 cent stablecoin, and then, well, who knows what'll happen?

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>lost 20% in sats/eth in the last couple days

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As long as number go up, me happy. Me no look at sats, me look at dollar.

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fucking newfag

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what kind of returns can I expect by staking 10k?

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AMA in 12 hours anon we will pump

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Only subhumans dont buy this. This is the next link.

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Yikes, you're spitting venom. I actually felt that.
Be patient, shithead, this thing's only been out for a month and there's news on the way, so quit fudding every time there's no active price action.

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This project has been out for less than a month.
FUD cannot hurt me

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we wont do shit retard

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You retards shilled me this coin so fucking much the last 2 days. I finally gave in, bought 10k. This better be the new link or I will haunt you faggots till the end of time.

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yea maybe in two years I can get low 5 figures

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Paste some index address in here and check.

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It's still picking up steam, but if you want to get out before the money really starts coming in, go for it.

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Chart looks horrible. It's going back to 32c.

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Lol ok retard. Look at the daily next time, its going to $1 EOM.

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Zoomed out it looks like it’s consolidating huge gains.

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When will this piece of shit move? Why do relics like nano do a 2x but this is dead? Kurwa

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It's going to be bigger than link

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Nano going up because people who invested in 2017 and got out are banking on the horses that were mooning in 2017 and got out of crypto are coming in now, literally read from several forums how they are coming in and investing in Verge out of all coins lol

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GRT mooned when everything else stagnated, so I guess after all the shit starts bleeding we'll moon. Or before that they announce DOT and ADA integrations and it moons no matter what

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I'm going to be eating nothing but peanut butter and protein powder for the following year. I'm going to live like a hobo so I can accumulate as much GRT as humanly possible. Anyone who has 200k can unironically retire in 2-3 years

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20k is suicide stack
200k is make it stack

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Bro, oats are cheaper than protein powder

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Bro you need to eat protein and oats to be healthy

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