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I keep cashing out linkies for weed

went from 3,000 LINK to about 2,000. a fucking 3rd of my LINK went to weed. I can still make it with a good short at the next local top to accumulate more LINK, right goys?

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nobody is this stupid

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this is why druggies will never make it

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it's true. ive been cashing out for almost a year now for weed

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why the fuck do you have to cash out for weed can't you just make money some other way

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im lazy i just sit home all day everyday

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Just recycle cans or some shit, do postmates

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that's gay af i just wanna play videogames and smoke weed. im hoping link moons so hard that it only takes a tiny fraction of my LINK to pay for my weed and hoping that staking gains will outpace it

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fucking why? it's easy to grow, it's easy to mooch, it's easy to work two days a week

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Selling LINK does the equivalent damage to your future as just shooting up heroin

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growing is too much work and i dont have the space. mooch off who? im not going to work for schlomo anymore im a LINK marine and i dont stand for that. i have morals you know

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It’s okay, OP. I did the same for an eighth of wax and that is now worth thousands.
Live and learn. You’re still early.

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I seriously thought link was a meme for 3 years lol

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Stop using weed, it will ruin your potential

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this has got to be bait

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You spent $16,500 on weed

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Dude, wtf

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if the world ran on hope we'd all be filthy fucking rich. you gotta do better than hope faggot.

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dont even trip dawg, someday you'll be in a work grind. my roommate spent $10k a year on weed and thats with the employee discount. It's not good to spend 16k on weed but it is what it is you're not the only one, and for you it was basically free he worked 40h a week all year.

like you will be next year lol

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You have bigger problems than worrying about your link
Think about what makes you want to live
If all you can think about is weed and videogames then you might need to research your own mind
>tl;dr why do you even want money if you're already dead as a person

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Bait or not, pic related.

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This is bait. Nobody is stupid enough to do this.

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You know know one will ever respect you unless you actually have job. It will just be you and your linkies until the cold end.

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stop being a degenerate nigger and just grow your own

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>2-3 oz's per month
guaranteed not to make it what the fuck?

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Stop spending your investments to sustain yourself. You can't make it by burning away your future income to sustain your present lifestyle.

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1x lev long LINK coin-m on binance you degen fucking junkie

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Also, fake and gay. If you actually spent that amount of links in any point in time on weed you would have overdosed long time ago.

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bro nonoononon you dont deserve anything if you cant stop frying your brain in exhange for financial freedom omg

stop smoking or start selling to cover the expense

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retard you could have bought grow equipment for the price of one oz

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Lol this, just grow it yourself. Easy as fuck to do.

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Dugs are bad mmkay

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>$300 a week on weed
Damn dre no wonder you had the aneurism

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Linkmarines do one thing and thats didnt read never selling faggot. Youve spent fucking 17k$ on weed. Im retarded to the the point where im addicted to xans, but i have never sold a link. Id rather suck a fucking dick. Learn the game faggot

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I spend money on coke every weekend which I can't afford to do, but have never sold my link. You just finance it other ways. Also stop smoking weed, it's a losers drug. It's fuckin boring and makes you brain dead

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Bro just use real money for weed instead of your crypto wtf....

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Unironically very based.
Hodling a pound of weed is safer than hodling equal dusd amount of link.
You should check DMG out tho. You deserve being spoonfed fren.

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From a poorfag's perspective weed and vidya is the best use of my time. If I go outside to be social I'll spend 3x that on dates and social gatherings. Gotta make it first then I can work out all day and spend money hanging out with friends.

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>$16k on weed

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Imagine cashing out crypto for such a garbage npc normie nigger drug

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Based, I grew 2 plants last year and my medical card allows me up to 15

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weed is literally a fucking PLANT, just start your own garden for personal use, it will give you a healthy hobby, the weed will be healthier and you won't get jew'd by dealers.

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