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The fud really fucked me and here i am with nothing when i couldve been a multimillionaire. How do i cope?

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>How do i cope?
Fomo in now and relish in the money you'll lose doing so

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It's still not to late to buy bitcoin friend.

If you want to an hero now imagine 20 years from now. Bitcoin is unironically going to a million USD +

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I'm glad I decided to visit /biz/ all those years ago. Every anon should visit new boards once in a while.

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I've been visiting 4chan since 2006 and I only got into /biz/ and crypto last year
I blame anime

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i did visit, i browsed here back when pizzas were bought, i thought it would die off eventually, even during the former mania surge i stayed away. too lazy to involve myself and too scared to risk what little i have. If i only had put in a few hundred bucks

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I am here since 2007.. fuck me in the mouth.

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How do you start investing in crypto? Is there a /biz/ wiki or something?

I've been browsing 4chan since bitcoin started and always wanted to invest but was just a poor kid.

Banner is mfw right now

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