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do i srsly need to cash out over the absolute trump retards causing mayhem in that shithole country?

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Depends how bad it gets. I wouldn’t count on the magatards just going home even if their idol tells them to stop

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i 100% believe this will get worse and the us is very fking close to a civil war.

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>cashing out when cash will be worth nothing

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God I hope so

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I wouldn’t worry about it
The government called in a specialist

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Unironically bullish. Where would burgers put their money when the dollar inevitably collapses?

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food and weapons

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nah bro they're all gonna rush to buy a $36000 internet token

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poor burgers, yes. Imagine what the rest will do. Wait, no need to imagine anon. open your browser, enter btc, have a look

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Hahah they are such a non story it’s not even funny

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isn't that what venezuela did

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if these faggots weren't trump retards or blm/anitfa faggots this might actually lead to something
but it looks like its just going to lead to a lot of arrests and more restrictions on my god damn liberty

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no but you might unironically need to change to fiat on the 13th over the tether fiat. Should it be bullshit then you will have to time the dip, gl anon.

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>dollar tanks, bitcoin goes up

How is that a bad thing?

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tether fud*

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if the dollar tanks, the last thought of an avg burger will be to spend it on a speculative internet magic coin, instead of hoarding it like a filthy goyim.

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The average burger wasn't buying magic internet coins to begin with.

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Why even use USDT when there's BUSD??

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Dollar crashes and americucks are buying gold and silver to put under their pillows. Normie boomers didn't like Bitcoin before today they won't tomorrow either

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btc is going up because more and more normies are fomoing in. a huge chunk of these kind of people will be gone once USD crashes

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based, busd is at least audited by murican government every month unlike tether and they also don’t print that much

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>once USD crashes
It’s currently crashing and has been for a long time. People are just now realizing how shit the dollar is. A common thing i keep hearing more and more is “wow I use to get a lot more at the store for this much” or “wow gas used to be so cheap, what happened?”

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>normies FOMO

Idiot, people are buying because the world is on the verge of the biggest economic crash in over a century. Any fiat money you own will be worth less than the paper it's printed on in 6 months time.

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if the dollar tanks where will investors put it to keep it safe?
metals or crypto.

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The whole point of BTC is to be a hedge against civil unrest / governmental collapse / money printer go brr

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I'm not based, I'm just a retard who got onto Binance yesterday and I'm genuinely wondering this.

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The problem with civil unrest or government collapse is that it may lead to widespread internet outages. Is BTC worth anything when you can't connect to the blockchain?

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won’t happen... quality of life is still decent enough where the masses are too comfortable, indifferent, and lazy to fight. Burgerland will have some decent conflicts, no doubt, but a civil war is very unlikely.

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This is bullish. They will rush to buy bitcoin as they dump their useless dollars

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no they have no money for food

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My boomer boss the other day was talking about housing actually being a bargain right now if you account for inflation.

Obviously not true for some housing markets

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Honestly don't know if that matters anymore. By it's nature, political conservatism/right wing politics very rarely carries out massive activism. Watching thousands storm the Capitol building makes me think something is dangerously wrong. It likely won't be this year, but I have no doubt that something major will happen in the US by the end of the decade.

How soon this is highly depends on Biden's agenda, the Harris situation and the internal Republican politics. If someone like General Flynn emerges as a leader, then the Rubicon has been crossed.

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commerce will cease to function at that point
>but muh shiny rocks
People will barter things like bullets and food supplies until the situation stabilizes again, gold will be worthless

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Nonsense. Unless central banks hyperinflate, the USD will probably remain in use. Gold is even more secure, having been valued for trade throughout virtually all recorded human history.

People don't just become savage beasts once the government falls, and the perception that cash is valuable will keep it so.