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Newfag here. I'm not like some of you six figures a year hell which would be a nice heaven for me but still got some money saved that I could put into crypto.

I've been looking around but I'm still not sure how to start buying crypto for long term investment ( btc after hopefully it's gonna have a small correction within couple of days ) and how to trade some other litecoins for quick term.

I know you can have your bitcoins on a private drive or something but how do you trade/buy/sell live like on for example "trading 212" with stocks.

I've been passively watching crypto for a long time but never actually got into it how to buy/trade, I may be late to the game but it's better than never.

I'm looking at LINK, XMR, NIOX and BTC of course

and btw I don't wanna be bogged

pump eet

Thank you anons, god bless.

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put it all in link and avax and check back in a few years

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Ok, but how the heck do I start making transactions.

Sorry I didn't specify. Which programs, webapps, apps to use guys.

Is there something like trading 212 but for crypto or do I have to use something else?

Are there any helpful websites that help you guys analyse the crypto ratings and values?

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there are plenty of good tutorials on youtube
the very first step would be making an account on a website where you can trade fiat for crypto like coinbase, which may be more complicated than it sounds depending on your nationality

once that's done, if you want to trade in shitcoins, you're gonna need an ERC-20 wallet like metamask and to load it up with Ethereum, not only to trade it but also because transaction fees for these coins are taken from your ethereum balance

to trade said shitcoins, there's a billion different websites but most people use Uniswap. It's simple as fuck to use and you can trade pretty much anything on it, but it's also kinda limited

to watch real time charts of the "big" cryptocurrencies you can use the big exchanges like binance, or just check them out on sites like coingecko that not only have a tradingview mode, but also conveniently gather information on them like which sites to exchange them on, their official website / twitter account, etc.
Not every coin makes it on these sites though, so for erc-20 tokens you might want to subscribe to a dextools membership, which is an extremely handy site for shitcoin trading

with all that being said, be cautious and do your best to avoid getting scammed, godspeed fren

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Get a Trezor Model T. Don't buy Ledger.

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Buy Freedom Reserve mate. these faggots on here are busy fudding the shit out of it so the best thing you can do is fucking buy it


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>It's simple as fuck to use and you can trade pretty much anything on it, but it's also kinda limited

wow, thank you fren for such an informative post. Hopefully those few mins of your day will get back to you with 10x reward :)

What are said limits?

Also, why do I need to load it up with etherum, can I also use this wallet to hold btc? And what's the best way to store these wallets and passwords, some of the people said they had it on external drives and lost passwords to them - wtf :D

Thank you and godspeed to you to fren

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Regarding uniswap, basically all you can do on it is market trade, you can't set stop loss orders or anything like that, unlike websites like coinbase pro and binance, but these websites only let you trade a smaller list of cryptocurrencies

regarding the whole ethereum thing, basically 99% of all shitcoins are based on ethereum, so to trade them you need to use an ERC20 wallet that functions on ethereum.
This is the reason why ETH is the n°2 cryptocurrency just after bitcoin, almost everything runs off it (at the moment)
and no you can't use metamask to store bitcoin for that reason, but there are other wallets and ledgers you can look into
Hardware wallets like >>25612010 are generally considered the safest options. You can leave your bitcoins on an exchange but be aware that these could be hacked, or you could be hacked
As for passwords and shit, do not store them on electronic devices. Write that shit down on paper, make multiple copies of them, store them in separate, secret and secure locations so that if your house burns down or your wife divorces you you don't lose all your shit

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Dollar cost average until you did enough research to start actively trading.