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So what happens when Cardano implements smart contracts? Will everyone just move over from Ethereum?

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Never going to happen.
Probably they will steal some of the market share.

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Honestly yes.


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>So what happens when Cardano implements smart contracts?
ETH dies.

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They are such comfy holds

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most of them, yes. Gas fees are retarded, ethereum will never be able to scale.

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Hah, you underestimate Vitalik the king

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are you stupid? or just new to this space? okay here's the redpill, shit only pumps when it's at the promises stage but once the actual product rolls out, it fails in 99% of cases, the few L1s that remained pumped were because they managed to keep the promises alive longer, but once they start wanting to deliver and then the market realizes no one wants to use this crap like every other failed L1 then it'll just die a slow bleed death it deserves. It was in its best interest to remain perma vaporware, but no doubt that cuck hoskinson is getting tired and wants to exist scam already, poor lad is like 25 but looks 50.

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Do we have any assurances that Cardano won’t get clogged with transactions, and fees won’t go sky-high?

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what makes cardano able to scale

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Back in 2018 I talked to some ark developers, they were stupid as fuck

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there is nothing being built on cardano

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Cardano has a lot to prove but Hosk is a determined individual with an axe to grind. $100 eoy obviously

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Yes Tyler

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Can it even reach that number?

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defi devs are too lazy to implement L2 solutions on Ethereum, you think they will move everything to some new pretentious platform?

Also remember that to the not-ADA bagholder it is just new blockchain full of empty promises # 976

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shit is decentralised and your wallet is sharded. you have like 50 public addresses to receive with.

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Holy shit this cope, as if ETH is better.
Cardano achieved almost the same in 2 years as ETH.
It's Vitalik who is going to dump on all of you.

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post ADA holdings
checked and truthpilled

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Yes. Hydra can scale to 1,000,000 TPS
This has already been formally verified and Hydra will be implemented after Gougan

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Based holds
I have link as well :/

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Yes, the real world will use ADA
ETH Maxis will seethe reeee solidity

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>ADA 1$ Eom right, anon?

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Obviously. Have you checked the KEVM testnet? You can just port shit from Etherium without writing a line of code.


No one is really developing on Etherium (instead of just memeing hard) because it's a raspberry pi in space which needs a rocketlaunch to carry fuel there. Not realistic. Defi only will start with Cardano.

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>eth killers

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I would but it requires ten brappers worth of gas to reply

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This is scaling eth nicely!

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The year 2017 is calling and wants it shitcoin back

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of course they will destroy ETH

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lol trannes shilling ada.. it was just a matter of time before you found each other, it's truly a match made in hell
biggest sell signal i've ever seen

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More like Noda


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Native layer 2

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>itll scale i promise!

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>Buy high, sell low
>FOMO in at ATH
Which one?

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I have 600 ADA because Im too broke to buy more. What kind of gains are we expecting?

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I bought because number go up :)

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>just a list of things with promises made by creator or bagholder

Wow proof accepted!

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That sounds like the just like eth copers

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at least a x6 from here

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I think we'll kiss $1 by eom, I'm a stacklet too, I think we can buy back in at around .13 once the bullrun dies, before goguen.

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Of course! Like lamden, or all the other projects pitching the same thing

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only reason this pumps is cripple fags buy subdollar shitcoins, maybe not, but this is my opinion

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Cardano is the linux of platform coins.

They will have the best tech, shilled by the smartest people but used by absolutely nobody.

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Apart from literally the whole Internet on Linux Servers

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don't about the other 3, but Celsius is definitely not confirmed (yes I've watched the entire video). The only thing Alex confirmed is that they will have ADA on Celsius and that he (or his Celsius people, whatever) will be running a node on Cardano. When pressed on moving to Cardano he says something along the lines of that if these guys can indeed do everything Ethereum does but without fees he'll move, but that's a clear first let's see you do that and hen we'll move answer instead of a confirmation of it happening. You should huff less hopium bro

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>Used by nobody
>95% of supercomputers
>Android phones

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Stop embarrassing yourself.

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Good thing this isn't a shitcoin

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>ETH will never be able to scale
Isn’t that the point of OMG network?

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Be quiet before /g/ comes after you anon. You should be more careful before saying things like this.

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hey retard. there are many live platforms that have smart contracts.... ffs TOMO is even compatible with ETHs EVM....which means the same contracts can be ported over to that chain without needing to change anything. is everyone using TOMO? no. don't fall for the ETH killer meme. it's never going to happen. everything is already built on ETH...we measure our gains in ETH and BTC.... our crypto trading habits revolve around ETH and it's infrastructure (metamask, uniswap, etc.) that's not gonna change.

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>Linux of platform coins
You mean the tech that runs the backend of like 99% of the web

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>"I have a huge motivation to switch"

>"You just migrate a smart contract, everything is hopefully- we gotta test all of that, but if it works, then I mean we have it in the test lab..."

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you sound like a boomer that doesn't like change. anything can happen, especially ADA taking a huge portion of ETH's space

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anon, we've had better tech since 2014. StellarDex was miles ahead of Etherdelta and still costs fractions of a cent to transact on the stellar network. nobody wasn't to shift trading habits though. the only thing we can do is build better ETH infrastructure..... cause ETH isn't going away.

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ETH isn't going away correct, but ADA also isn't going away. Quite possibly the strongest team and community in upcoming projects at the moment

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Gf's dad said Ethereum would get to bitcoin price level, should I buy?

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ADA isn't anything new and it's way late to the party. seriously dont understand why you fags think it's going to matter one bit once it has smart contracts. did stellar kill ETH? did EOS kill ETH? how about WAN, ONT, TOMO, NEO, QTM, etc. there are literally hundreds of "better ETHs" out there in the shitcoin graveyard.

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are you building on ADA? I'm not.... why would I? the network I want to build on is the one that everyone already knows and uses because thats where I make my money

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Have you actually spent even 10 minutes looking into ADA's project, team or community? NGMI

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>ETH killer nr 753
Looool just like they all moved to Polkadot, or EOS, or Harmony hahahahahahaha

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This would be a good response if you fail to account for the fact that said platform starts breaking down and becoming unusable if it gets too many users

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fuck outta here comparing ADA to EOS. At least try fudding instead of just spewing utter stupidities.

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>better ETH infrastructure
>What is KEVM
>What is IELE

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based, checked, and red pilled

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Imagine someone inventing more efficient keyboard layout than 'qwerty'. How many would switch?

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what a terrible fucking comparison, QWERTY doesn't clog down when millions of people use it at the same time

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"I can't wait for this to happen"

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Imagine someone inventing a more efficient way of storing and distributing data than carving it into stone? The printing press is vaporware.

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jesus christ you niggers seriously need to rope yourselves. the "network effect" you dumb cunts continuously bring up is currently about as wide and deep as a sidewalk puddle. blockchain and crypto is hardly in its infancy. its like you dumbasses don't realise better solutions have replaced inferior ones in the past - in basically every industry. nobody gives a shit about ponzi nigger tier projects on the eth network (uniswap and others). nobody with an iq above room temperature is going to trust their infrastructure to a bunch of commie and pedo sympathisers (eth). just look at all the major hacks that have occurred on it. eth2 is years away from completion and both eth1 and eth2 will coexist because the project is bumblefuck explosive shit mess. cardano also already has a governance model which will soon be implemented, something which eth hasn't even TALKED about. staking experience is also 100x better. on top of all this, everything cardano does is mathemtically proven to be secure and formally verified.
>hurdur le "peer review meme" xDDD

the writing's on the wall, you'd have to be retarded to not see it otherwise.

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Is ADA a save investment for someone who doesn't want to involve himself in Crypto constantly? Just to let it sit there for weeks / months? Or do I look into different things?

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ADA is better than ETH because ETH already mooned and ADA can potentially make me a lot of money.

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Yes this is definitely a long term hodl with slow steady gains but one of the best coins to be in for 2021

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>better speeds
>better scaling
>no retarded high gas fees
Gee I wonder

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>t. Never sold ADA since 2017. Held through all ups and downs. Staking in the meantime.

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So should I wait to buy it or invest asap? I kind of missed my chance when it was low this year but i thought i should make good on that now

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We will see but it's a big shift in crypto considering coinbase is going to list this as well. ADA is ETH 2.0 ?

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Didn't DOT release years after ADA and is like 40x the price

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>ADA is ETH 2.0
Except better.
>No slashing
>No lock up

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This. KEVM will make it easy for the eth devs to switch over.

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That was the most retarded dumbest thing I heard in a long time holy fuck

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Easy there chad, you are scaring the reddit incel virgins

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ETH 2.0

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yeah, not a hard confirmation. Before that part he says "If we can't scale on ETH we'll migrate" and he's going to test some shit on Cardano. How long you thing testing for migrating a $4B & 100k active project will be? I work in cloud migrations for enterprises and these typically take like 2 years to happen.

So there's basically 4 options which this conversation make viable:
1. Somewhere during testing Cardano some ETH L2 solution provides a plug & play product, so they can scale on Ethereum and that's it
2. The Cardano testing basically goes bad and it ends up sucking and they stay on Ethereum
3. The Cardano tsting goes well and they put a part of Celsius on Cardano (in some AMA Alex mentions that Celisus is already operating in parts on25 blockhains)
4. Testing goes well and they completely migrate to Cardano

3 is probably he most likely one, but when you act like the 4th option is confirmed you are looking through a lens of hopium

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it's not unusable. certain apps are starting to be though, like uniswap. the solution is to create a more efficient uniswap though, not switch networks. this is what I'm currently working on.

welcome to crypto newfag. BTC is still king after almost 12 years....BSV is superior tech in every way, but we don't fucking care because this isn't about tech, it's about money. the most efficient type of blockchain ends up being something that's fairly stable with very low fees.....we have them....nobody uses them.

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Brain dead..

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and yet btc is slowly losing dominance, this comment means nothing.
wanna know how i know you're retarded?

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Doesn't even show Polkadot
should ask why ...

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Cardano was a promising tech in 2016-2017. Rightnow it promise an outdated tech while there are vastly superior working products already running (Avax, Algorand and soon Dfinity)

>> No.25602966

that's TOMOs main selling point too. how many devs switched over to TOMO? Im not trying to sell you on ETH...the market already decided. I'm trying to wake you up to that reality. ETH is home to shitcoins in the billions of dollars. nobody is building anywhere else....like it or not.

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>BTC is slowly losing dominance
wanna know how i know you're retarded?

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Why would anyone pick cardano over Polkadot?

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Bitcoin zero activity. Still numbar won

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in all fairness, Algorand is also a work in progress

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>btc dominance was around 95% in early 2017
>trending downward
>lower highs and lower lows on market dominance ever since
only sub 70 somali iq specimens such as yourself would disapprove of facts

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as a smart contract dev i will use the best tool at hand
cardano (or polkadot, or whatever shitcoin you fancy) isn't it
for low trust applications, it makes more sense to use a sidechain like xdai, and bridge tokens back to eth L1
for higher trust applications, optimized rollups and zk-rollups will do the trick. admittedly these require significantly more individual effort to implement
the trap bagholders with little understanding of the tech keep falling into is this: nothing on your chain matters unless you start from decentralization. you can't handwave this part. when "thought leaders" try to claim "we all have different ideas of decentralization" to prop up one shitcoin or another, they're pulling the hood over retail investors. without decentralization all you have is a slow database with extra hurdles

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A superior solution does not imply it will be used.

Look at C (the programming language). Tons of better languages out there that address C's problems and yet it's highly used because people built atop.

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Yeah. They have so much news coming out over the next few months. Just hold and see what happens.

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It’s going to be less about who can get smart contracts first (tron has fucking smart contracts) and more about who can get the easiest migration pipeline in place the quickest. ADAs is still a ways away I think short term it’s the Layer 2s that are going to suck the value off of Eth. How much do you think Eth will be worth when 10000 transactions on L2 only require one single transaction on the main chain?There’s also a project called CKB that are about to be able to let you just compile any code including Solidity to their chain because their VM is literally just the RISC-V instruction set. I would bet they are going to beat ADA to the migration and I would argue they are a more secure chain than ADA is. Proof of Stake really isn’t battle testers, every existing proof of stake chain has had attacks and centralization problems. I assume DOT and AVAX and ALGO are all working on their own migration stuff too.

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Is polkadot decentralization? how many nodes does it have?

>> No.25604683

ADA has over 1.2k nodes. One of the most decentralized networks in the space. The most decentralized POS network.

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you're fucking retarded and know nothing about programming. c is still widely used and has many uses: embedded development, scripting and os kernels.

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for a long time, with ETH it hasn't been about the transaction fees but about owning a piece of the network all the defi and other stuff is built on

>> No.25605018

Retard here. So what if this generation blockchain is already lost, ADA and ALGO are trying to beat ETH but the next gen are too far head it doesnt matter? Hyped projects like Avalanche and Radix for example, but they could be something else and Im missing the point

>> No.25605077

Thanks for the laugh Hadji.

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Didn't they say they'd implement smart contracts more than a year ago. Never gonna happen.

>> No.25606186

Already out in test net. Your never going to happen that's for sure.

>> No.25606242

Easiest way to buy Cardano for an idiot? I have made a lot of money with crypto but I am a coinbase moron.

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kraken, do a swap or add fiat to account

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No because they would still be years behind on dapp development. If you have time to learn one as a dev you are going to the one with the overwhelming bigger market/userbase.

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This guy gets it.

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>the writing's on the wall, you'd have to be retarded to not see it otherwise.
Thank you, based anti-ponzi poster. As a fledgeling eth dev I have recently come to see the project as unworkable for the real-world smart contract products I have started work on. Vitamin is a smart gut but all he really cares about is for ETH to moon, which would kill the usability of the network.
I am going to start learning more about Cardano. Are there any other networks I should look into? My purpose is to build smart contracts with dApps that normies can use for things like recurring billing and bets among friends.

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Quick question, the contracts are an API so if I want an end-user to hold something of value, I give them something related to cardano? How the fuck does anything work with ETH, I'm still confused.

>> No.25606947

DOT and their wild west mirror project KSM may also interest you.

>> No.25606998

you are a liar. learning solidity is impossible. you have not managed it. don't make me stick my fingers in my ears and scream "LALALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU" over and over while you LIE about your ability to learn this fucking impossible language.
maybe it's not the best language to start out with. i know fuck all about coding, but trying to learn that shit made me feel like a 10iq hopeless case.

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Imagine being a wagie on the way to work at their solidity job. What the fuck do they even do?

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again, trying to convince retail investors will never get professional developers to use your platform
>muh XXX TPS
>muh XXX nodes
none of this will ever fool anyone who's truly in the space. you have to understand good developers can earn a living anywhere, IT demand is endless. the philosophy of open source, the appeal of composability and the idea of participating in some great common project are critical factors in attracting mindshare. any blockchain spearheaded by a centralized company is doomed by default
it is even questionable whether another blockchain can replace ethereum as the smart contract platform of choice, as inertia alone might require a 0-to-1 gain for any sizeable move. current contenders do not offer 0-to-1 gains, they're all in the realm of "10x" and that's if you squint hard and ignore the fundamental tradeoffs they make for it
but, you probably don't care about any of this and are just worried about pumping your bags. good luck. it is possible for cardano's price to go 20x from here and for you to end up rich, it might be a shitcoin but it's undoubtedly less of a shitcoin than xrp, bsv, ltc, binance coin...
but it just won't ever amount to something real. having an exit price is paramount

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So you're telling me there's a chance? YES

>> No.25607553

absolutely shit take

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Cardano's KEVM is in dev net now. Mainnet in march.
Hydra (native layer 2) is being developed in parallel, not consecutively. Q3 or Q4 2021

>> No.25608156

95 % of traders do not give a shit if a coin has a purpose or not. They just care about making money. All coins are fucking ponzi scemes. ETH will stay a top 3 coin the next decade.

>> No.25608187

Cardano currently has way more throughput than Ethereum and is faster by a long shot and is about 1000x cheaper. This is way more than enough to handle absolutely everything that Etheruem runs today and more and still be fast, inexpensive with predictable costs, and secure. The next phase of development will be Hydra which scales with users. Each stake pool becomes a Hydra Head and adds an additional 1000 TPS (including smart contracts), scaling Cardano to well over 1,000,000 TPS as needed smoothly. Cardano achieves this while not even having to shard the base layer through Hydra, preserving all of the properties and security of the base layer which is a beautiful thing. In addition, Cardano maintains 50% byzantine fault tolerance (Just like Bitcoin - 50% byzantine fault tolerance). ETH 2.0 on the other hand, becomes only 25-33% byzantine fault tolerant due to the fact that they are hoping to scale by sharding the base layer.

>> No.25608199

Until Ada releases

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>> No.25608252

holy KEK

>> No.25608304

eth is not worth its current value let alone more. it doesn't fucking work at this price. 2.0 maybe, but at the moment it's fucked, unusable.

>> No.25608307

The people investing in cardano aren't traders, we are an active community who cares very much about this project and believes in its future. Traders looking for pumps with short term gains come and go but cardano won't give them that. We prefer long term investors

>> No.25608330

5 years out

>> No.25608346

oh that's such horseshit. you'd sell for profit like anyone else.

>> No.25608355


>> No.25608356

tell me about the DOT, are they in the same league as ADA?

>> No.25608384

>ETH L2 solution
hey let's stay on ETH so that we can use a totally centralized L2 non-ETH solution... said the brainlet.

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>implying we care about the community
>implying we're not here to make the fucking money

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I mean true... But it's gonna moonshot either way and crash back down. I want to be long term AND make the short term gains.

>> No.25608561

How much ADA would I need to have for a stake node?

>> No.25608768

I could give two shits about crypto tech, I just want financial freedom. Fuck your community.

>> No.25608815

0. good luck attracting delegates though.

>> No.25608846

yeah seriously, nobody on this planet would turn down a superior quality of life to support some fucking crypto project. retarded and cringe when people suggest otherwise. maybe for a while they cling to bags, but invariably it's in the hope that the project becomes worth more, there's zero fucking interest literally anywhere in bettering a crypto team at your family's expense. tards.

>> No.25608984

>ethereum erc20
>fungible token standard
>support non-fungible tokens
gee I wonder why

>> No.25609131

Don't be so quick to make assumptions anon. I've been with ada for 3 years. Not everyone is like me.

I believe in the future of crypto, taking back power from the banks and governments. Ive had to transfer funds across borders using the banking system and it was horrible. I want a future where I have control over my own money as I should have.

>> No.25609235

Youre thinking short term anon. So it goes 10x then you sell for fiat and then what? You pay a shit ton of taxes (no, don't evade tax) and then your fiat becomes worthless anyway.

Why not invest in a project that allows for staking rewards, that opens up a new world of possibility and empowers people. Yes, the government might step in and destroy it but if we never try we won't ever make it. The current system only benefits the wealthy, it must change.

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>> No.25609315

>>ETH will never be able to scale
>Isn’t that the point of OMG network?
Plasma might never work. It's similar to Bitcoin's Lightning Network, which also hasn't seen much adoption. OMG was also recently sold. Rollups are the buzzword for L2 ETH scaling now.
And that shift from Plasma to rollups is actually a point in favor of ADA, which has taken the time to design a system they are confident will work, rather than trying one thing and then another, like the Ethereum ecosystem has.
I have more ETH than I do Bitcoin, but I also have some ADA and I'm willing to sell ETH to buy more ADA if it looks like it's getting adoption and showing results. The potential is there for ADA to negatively impact Ethereum's future prospects. It's not a certainty yet, but it is a possibility, so that's why I'm hedging into it.