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What are some uses for bitcoin other than money laundering and buying drugs?

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probably cannabis coin

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you can make free money with it

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gambling and ponzis. and thats it.

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none. You covered 200% of bitcoin´s history and future. Fucking spoiler alert.

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purchasing lambo's whilst living in your parents basement.

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Illegal gambling

Tax evasion

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Making money - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.altfolio.rmgsoftware

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you can buy wojacks with them nowadays, for 4chan tips on biz.
This is a real use case.

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buying legal goods and services, aswell as being your own bank

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Step up the crypto trading game, add me on Skype: CryptoAnna

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Are you gril? Will you sex me for many bitcoin?

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store of wealth

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Faggot? Obviously I am doing something better than you.

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This is correct response.

Bitcoin is good for this:
Ponzi- (ether, altcoins, ect.)
Money laundering and Money hiding

But seriously, drugs are the best use of this coin, jump on alphabay.

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ok it's not too bad of an app I thought you were spam

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Thanks! And sorry about the 'spam'.

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