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but bitcoin is not a rugpull...

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Through ups and downs, she makes you a wealthier anon.

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Btc will set thee free. What could be more beautiful than that?

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It would be 2d and not that fucming tranny uposted

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that's a man

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this, 2d is supreme

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This is the stupidest post I've ever seen on this board for mongoloids.

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There are women and then there are thots.

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Nice Bulge

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She'd be a big nose jewish milf that lets you come in her mouth then snuggles you whenever you want. But only if you promise to never cheat.

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>if btc was a women

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your waifu and those other 2d whores have 1/3 of gen Z on a HRT fueled gender benders

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If ETH were a woman

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>If Bitcoin was a woman

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If ethereum were a women

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>masculine shoulders
>obscured hips
>awkwardly crossed legs
Bitcoin will never be a real woman.

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If ps5 was a women

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Faggot detected

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If cocoa cola was a women

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Cola mommy gimme dividends

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If PNK were a woman

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Looks like Carmen Sandiego

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If Bitcoin were a woman.

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What's with the war paint? Who is PNK going to war with?

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> actual bitcoin as a woman

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you have autism

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Where on the world did you come up with that?

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If google was a women

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I-Is that real?????

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If Reddit was a women

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the Indian court system (she's nepali tho)

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>If bitcoin were a woman

Chainlink already has an entire CYOA full of waifus. Get with the times lads.

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If communism was a women

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Legitimately better written than 3/4 of the garbage I see on /aco/.

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Not enough blood on her hands

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