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Post your worst financial mistakes and how much they cost
>be me
>have 16 eth
>want 32 eth
>buy xrp hoping it pumps to $1
>xrp crashes instead
>lucky to get out with 8 eth
>want to neck after watching eth pump

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>be me
>retarded frustrated newfag
>sell all my altcoins at a loss for bitcoin CASH when it's $4k
>instantly lose money
>compounding 90% losses
>few weeks later everything moons (bcash not included)
>altcoins would have been worth $50k from less than $1000
small price to pay for a big lesson

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had 400k link in 2017 didn't hold
completely fell for linkmarine but got spooked out of crypto until recently

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bought link at 14
make great trading plan
get weak hands
sold link at 11.51
thankfully the market has been forgiving and i had gains over this loss.

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I had 500 eth this summer now I have not even 15. Defi shitcoins went down, 3 andre rugpulls, and 1 random rugpull

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>$50k from less than $1000
Recently passed me by as well, hurts, especially right before the bull run

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Impregnating a nigress

140,000 dollars

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>buy xrp hoping it pumps to $1

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You’d think you learn after the second time eh? The third? Fourth?

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Holding grt

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Had 1.6 BTC and went all in on an alt at the peak of August. Bought the very, very top. Now have .5 BTC. I'm still holding because I believe in the project but fuck it sucks knowing how much I've lost in opportunity cost alone.

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Buy 100k BNGOW and sell it before it ran up 3000%
Buy 30k FCEL at .25 and sell at 1.00 only for it to go to $12+ over 4000%
Buy TSLA calls and lock in a 150% gain, only for them to go another 2000%
Buy OCGN at .35 and bitched out only for it to go up 1000%
Short the market in mid Feb with SPY and QQQ puts and didnt roll them out a couple weeks cause i got impatient with the market not selling off, missing out 5000%
Missed out on like 1.2million this year. Weak.....

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>be me
>catch btc at 7k and ride the 17 bull
>buy eth at the top on credit
>market crash
>throw 30k in ICOs all the way down
>my shitty ico coins all die a complete and total death

>read about link for 3 years
>fomo in at 14

haha live and dont learn thats my motto. youre welcome biz bros i helped make some of you wealthy im sure

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Sold 600 XOR at $10

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bought $50k worth of SBREE at $10

Didn't sell at $50

held through the dump

woke up one day to my balance being $1500

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What the fuck, are you retarded?

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Buying any amount of LCX.

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Good god are you a newfag? Just curious

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Child support/health insurance. Have paid 60,000 so far.

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>buy rsr super early
>1 mill for $1800
>hold it for 2 years till it moons
>ath was 3 BTC
>held all the way back down to .01$ (1btc or 90 eth)
>decide I"ll try to get a bigger stack
>jewish friend suggest I get into the liquidity event for this defi project he found
>dump 26 eth (everything) into it
the highs are high and the lows are low lads

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>held all the way back down to .01$ (1btc or 90 eth)
opps, I meant to say my ath was 3 btc or 90 eth not that I had 90 eth after it went down

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Bought and sold 2M XVG in a day($1000). I was 23 and I was just getting started in crypto. I’d trade a bit with no fucking clue of what would happen. A week later those coins were worth about 500K. I kind of laugh about it now and I take everything a lot more seriously. Funny, I think those coins are still worth around $1000 maybe so wtf.

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Was about to but I couldn’t figure out the account creation shit

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Im reading these and crying because any single one of the amounts you lost would be several years wages for me. Im currently worth 10k usd. How have you not killed yourselves when you loose money like that? You couldve been set for life

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I bought LCX

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There is a disconnect from real money and crypto. When you lose crypto it feels like nothing because it's just internet tokens. It's like gambling in World of Warcraft. Especially true if your initial investment was very low years ago.

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anon i feel bad. what do you do as your job? what is your savings rate? go to trade school, or community college. don't spend another dollar on anything nonessential. are you in USA?

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i see, i should probably keep playing around with trading tiny amounts of coins and see if i can build a profit from my initial investment instead of just hodling what i have in stocks.

im a 24 year old swedish factory worker. I save 1k a month after all essential expenses. depressed, exhausted and suicidal in the darkness of eternal winter. I have come back to /biz/ to see if i should put my entire networth into something small in the hopes of gambling my way out of wageslavery. I heard something called parsiq was supposed to go on a bullrun. So tomorrow i might set up a coinmetro account and gamble my lifesavings since thats atleast better than remaining as i am now. I am too tired to think of anything beyond the daily struggle

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anon, I honestly don't have any great advice for you besides get out of sweden. but please don't gamble your life savings on a shitcoin that could be a rugpull.

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>buy 15k link at an average $0.21
>wife makes me sell them @ .45 to go on vacation and to pay bills and the like

>lose over half my income to chink flu
>swing 500 of my trumpbux around shitcoins
>eventually get 300k Statera for maybe $1k
>swing it to a 420k stack
>take various profits for bills and food prob around $6k
>remember looking at max uniswap getting me 200 eth but didn't take it
>crashes to under a cent and looks dead
>cash out to swing shitcoins again and it pumps the same day to 2cents while my other shitcoins dump %60
>bought back a quarter of my stack
>slowly cash out for bills
>completely out of crypto funds
>negative bank account

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Its ok fren I love you

Im worth 10k like this fren >>25582683
I live with my parents
I pay 500$ in rent and im 27

coming to this board was one of the best decisions ive made i used to have 1k in rona peak. Im gonna prob do a coding bootcamp or trade school and change my life, Good luck guys.

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Swinging 1k link for BSV in 2018

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>have 1 btc at the 2017 top
>see it's a top
>still don't sell
>btc is 6k
>see it's gonna bounce
>realize I could have tripled my stack
>be angry
>invest in alts after reading some threads and alt go up, allegedly
>have less than 0.5 btc
>realize it's not supposed to go this way
>still don't sell alts
>have 0.1 btc
>btc is 3k
>need to cash out because of an irl event
>cry in pain
I am at 0.5 btc today but all the time I've put in and all the stress was really not worth it

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yes i intend to leave, the country is gonna turn into south africa with the native swedes behind barbed wire fences. As for gambling i dont know what else i can do but look for something extremely risky with a high ROI to change my life fortunes. Slowly increasing the little i have in stocks isnt even gonna be enough at all. Its either gambling on shitcoins or becoming a mercenary in some warzone because i refuse to wageslave like this. Im desperate for a way out

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My worst mistake was only buying one Bitcoin last spring

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>be on biz 2018
>only bought 52k link at 20-50c
>didn't sell my organs to buy more

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Bought the top of yam, proceeded to lose literally everything.

Kinda got hard during that desu, just something about the idea of getting fucked so hard so quick.

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at least buy something with a real, solid use case. Like BTC, ETH, or even XMR. If you want to gamble on a x1000 that's your choice but just know that if it worked often, everyone would do it.

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Had a good eth stack about 100. Invested into Rari and XDai. Only have 20 ETH :( and a bunch of XDai and Rari... They need to 5x for me to get back to the same $

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This, pretty much most ppl that invested in defi shitcoins. Maybe the chats were right stack sats and eth, 10% for gambling but use it to increase your main stacks. We fucked up

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I remember seeing shitposts to buy btc when it was like 25c.

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lost a stupid amount of money on slippage trading from a gold stablecoin to a shitcoin. can't remember the details but always check before hitting dat button lads

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I bought INJ in November and it x4.

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money isn't everything bro, getting scammed is like having a heart attack while being hit with a sledge hammer with aids mixed in, and an heroing did cross my mind, but at the end of the day we tell ourselves: " don't invest what you're not wiling to lose".
even so, if I hadn't lost it, i'd be worth over 100k
idk, if you make it through the initial shock you can survive anything

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good for you faggot here have an upvote

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investing in XRP

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i was too dumb to even pay attention back then
my friend, however, mined thousands and thousands
you know what he did with it?
used most of them to buy pizza
he can't even look at crypto anymore, he's that gutted
i even told him about chainlink
its sad, man

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lost like $500 in those HYIP/adclick shit scams back in 06-07. completely dismissed bitcoin until a decade later because i thought it was the same thing.
had a bunch of money from college shit and always had a computer quick enough where mining isnt a total waste. wouldve more than made it

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Rari should be a 5-10X soon

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Sold off 600000 rsr for bzrx several days before the bzx platform launch. Fuck me.

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>was underage young faggot
>translated a whitepaper for one project
>got 3k$ worth of coins(Travelflex, now called CaixaPay)
>didn't cash out at launch
>almost sold for 2k$ during one pump n dump but dev said that it's listing on bitfinex
>never sold
>coins are now worth about 5$, dead project
>forward a few months
>inject actual money into crypto
>buy XP(ExperiencePoints coin)
>gamble with it on a bust site
>make 3M out of 50 coins
>lose it all in one day
>1k$ lost
>owner of gambling website says that theyre going to dump XP to the ground and kill it
>sold all 1.5M coins
>next day
>pumps to absolute moons
>If I kept ~3M coins I could've sold for up to 30k$

>quit crypto

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well your problem there was that you're an idiot

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No... why did you miscegenate?

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>gambled with BTC that's worth several hundred K now.

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Bought link early in 2018 thanks to biz
Brother forced me to sell it all to cut losses in the great crash cause link didn’t dump as hard as everything else. Made us buy dragonchain
Still feel like a fucking idiot for listening to him

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i will kill myself in like 2 years

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>Worth 10k usd

You're living it better than me that's for sure.

Got about £100 to my name and debt

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300$ here

>> No.25585732

Ampl... Like $200 worth... Lost half...

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I just thought it was a 4chan spam, same with doge.

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I bought Elixir and Bounty and held both of them to 0.

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>selling all my btc at 500$
>leveraging eth and the hack fucked my position (early days)
>bought $rlc because «muh 6PhD team»
>bought only 250$ of $prq and 2.500$ of Scamtera
>decide to hodl 16k$ of $rlc instead of selling to buy $grt at launch
>selling my btc in December to get some $grt but $grt is now a 0.30-0.35$ stablecoin and $btc gained more than 50% in a week or two

Right now :
>not selling entirely my $rlc stack and definitely saying goodbye to this stupid unused slow technology

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Putting probably at least 100 ETH into this absolute pile of catshit.

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Truly the shittiest choice of all. Even if I think it'll bounce back some time in february once the legal issues are resolved, losing something like 2/3 of the entire stacks value was just brutal.

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>lives with parents
>pays rent

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I bought 180k of TSLA puts earlier this year thinking the drop in oil prices would lead to the death of electric cars.

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I bought a bunch of BTC to buy acid off the Silk Road back in 2012. $11/coin. The goods never arrived, funds sat in escrow, and then were refunded. I was sketched out so didn’t try again. They sat in a wallet on my PC until the first big run up in 2013, where I got all excited and sold my whole stack for $300/coin. I can’t say I regret it too much because I was a broke college kid at the time, it was a lot of money and fueled a lot of partying, the time and memories of youth that I wouldn’t trade. But man, who would have foreseen $30k for one BTC.

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> coding bootcamp
want to know how i know you're a scruffy neckbeard video game play introvert midwit?

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> poorfag
> discover link on biz at $0.50
> All in linklet with 5k Link.
> Get impatient, trade and loose 4k Link in the process
> Link moons to 20$
> ngmi

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>I can’t say I regret it too much
ok well i'll say it for you, you regret it

>> No.25587156

You should but it all in ETH if you really want to all in on a single token. ETH is a solid and safe bet in the short to midterm 1-5 years and is grossly undervalued. It will at least 10x this cycle. Probably even more. You could them take 1\10 and blow it on shitcoin speculation in hope of further making it.

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sold 5.9 btc back in March for 4500$ per coin

>> No.25587181

Sold 60k Theta at 10 cents, which would currently be $120k.
Sold 1.2 million ZIL at 0.007 cents, which would currently be $88k.

>> No.25587211

How big was your stack?

>> No.25587224

>be me
>get bcash airdrop
>sell then for $3700 each

>> No.25587271

I came into crypto just in time to catch the 2018 falling knives. Hoarded them like a jew for 6 months until i needed to pay rent, while market was at the absolute bottom.
Only lost less than half my bags but fuck was that gay.

>> No.25587281

>had average buy-in of bitcoin at 13k
>panic sold the bottom of the dip (16.5k)

>bought xrp at ~.40
>sold at .62 literally 5 minutes before it started pumping
>watched the charts for the several hours it mooned

>> No.25587334

Compared to the sea of xrp bagholders you’re doing alright

>> No.25587375

Spending my 2017 gains mostly on drugs and having to start my portfolio all over again.

>> No.25587382

>didn't buy Keep3r at 10 dollars because I went to sleep after I saw it
>got pissed and canceled my order for 115 KP3R when it was 85 and went to sleep, almost went to 600 a week and half later
>few days later throw out all of my 20 ETH
>60 days of crying and doing nothing, even though I could have easily made the money back
>3k USDC for the last few weeks after I traded my remaining 5 ETH for it because I was tired
kill me now, it gets much more

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Of course I do. But there was just no reasonable scenario in which I would have held for years and really made it. I was far too young and foolish. I made a few grand at the time and thought I was rich. So easy to see in hindsight, but in 2013 Bitcoin was still fantasy internet money (still is actually), there was real and imminent fear that it would just drop to zero any day. The premise of it going to even $1k, let alone $30k, wasn’t even in the realm of imagination. Worth noting I cashed out through Mt. Gox, which notably went to shit like a year or two after, along with all of the BTC stored in wallets there. There was risk in other ways early on too, and very few had the foresight and stomach to hold through it for years.

I feel like the resident boomer of this thread because I have yet to see anyone mention anything pre-2017. *crack* *sip* you kids really do have no idea what it was like

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10 BTC. Literally just wanted a 10 st

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don kill urself fren

>> No.25587469

10 BTC. Literally just wanted a ten strip of some good LSD.

Another anecdote; the way you got funds into an exchange back then was insanely primitive. I literally had to go to a CVS and wire money, cash, directly into a Mt. Gox account using Moneygram’s telephone system. The whole thing felt surreal. No banks or credit cards wanted anything to do with crypto in those days.

>> No.25587676

how can ETH do a 10x sustainably if 2.0 isn't here for years and it's already near unusable for most people at these prices?

>> No.25587725

Good question.

>> No.25587781

i'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if it's usable or not, it'll still do a 10x, and all the unscalable fud posters from last month are absolutely rekt now with ETH doing a 200%, but i still do wonder when it does inevitably do a 10x how anyone can use it

>> No.25588165

your welcome

>> No.25588194

I sold my vehicle to buy a ring to propose with and was arrested on her front lawn and am now a felon with "domestic violence" due to the incident

The cop asked what kind of flowers I was holding as they pointed ARs at me, and I've been walking to work for 2 years now.

>> No.25588467

Buying 2 eth worth of BRAP

>> No.25588557

hahaha oh fuck 500 was retirement tier with a few years of patience

>> No.25588633

it's not about the current state, it's about trajectory

with that said, it will not 10x anytime soon

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I sold my LINK stack at $19.6 nearly perfectly predicting the top. I could have bought around 11 BTC at the time but instead waited weeks for LINK to crash, I eventually bought back into LINK at $14 or so. This is the mistake with the most opportunity cost, which is roughly $245,000. It stings a bit but if I'm being honest after seeing so much missed opportunity in crypto you come to the conclusion that if you look at things in these terms you'll be consistently disappointed. Instead I'm glad for having my six figure stack in the first place and learn from my mistakes.

>> No.25588988

I ignored link sub $1 FUCK MY LIFE

>> No.25589017

swining my UNI airdrop

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>Late August peak euphoria
>Obvious scam coins mooning 10x before rugpull
>Get fed up and decide to be early this time and ride scam coin to 10x
>Bought acam coin as 30th wallet expecting them to pull the rug at around 300 wallets.
>The pulled the rug 6 minutes later at 31 wallets

>> No.25589820

I thought this could be in topic as it's about financial mistakes: As i like you guys and your humor in general, and i don't want you to get clusterfucked in some weeks, i leave this here.
Yes, it's the "tether fud", but please just give it a read, this is the official accusations and not some twitter accounts info or a retarded crypto newsflash. Tether is being sued based upon RICO act. The currency btc is traded in at 60% will soon be down. Make your own decision, maybe it could be qt least a good idea to take out your initial investment. I rather would like to see facebook normies getting wrecked than 4chan autists. Peace, i'm out, no need to call me seething ncocoiner or whatever, i still have a stack because desu i don't know how it will play out either. But please, just look at the information and decide.

>> No.25589901

Gambling on bitmex, lost 50% of my corn.

>> No.25589946

>didn't sell
>didn't sell again
>delegated then undelegated
>28 days

>> No.25590053

bought STA at .20, didn't sell at .45, am still holding the bag. Oh well, made the money back 5x between ETH and uniswap shitcoins

>> No.25590277

>Got 40 ethers in q2 2020 and sold them for $500 profit then
>missed XRP few weeks back
I basically clossed 2020 with 0. Many good but costly lessons.

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Fell for one of those doubling money scams, eth not GP

>> No.25591163

I bought fucking wysker app ico
it was a nazi scam, they got liquidated last year

>> No.25591184

Yeah I bought dryships a few times what of it?

>> No.25591187

fucking way she goes boys

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>Worst financial mistakes
Went to sleep.

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>have 33btc
>now have 1.03btc

>> No.25591282

be have 25Eth get fucked up and sends all to scammer

>> No.25591395

>Went to sleep
this cost me, now I either wake up or go to sleep to never awake again

>> No.25591754

>bought 14usd ath waves
>finally above 2 usd
lost about 9k usd

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>> No.25591787

I just keep trying to swing and most of the time it's not worth the stress.
Sometimes I win, most of the time I lose, but it's just so addicting to try and time the market

>> No.25591810

Didn't fall for any scam or rugpull, probably held CORE too long so only got a 2x instead of a 4x but audious cost me a few $k never hold a coin that gets listed on binance

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Bros... XRP holders are getting free gibs from the airdrop
I... I can’t cope

>> No.25591929

>bought NU at .25
>gobbled up the shitcoin 1 DOLLAR BROS hype
>hodld as it hit .40
>kept hodling as it sank past .25
>finally sold at .18

>> No.25591959

this shit is why i'm never going to sell my btc and eth for altcoins. fuck that shit, i'd better go down with the ship if it goes to 0.
>be me
>put 3000usd in btc at 12K
>instantly drops then crabs
>figure it's such a small amount im gonna have to ride a shitcoin to have some decent gains
>go 50/50 in AMB and COSS
Now i'm at 3 btc @8k and never ever giving my sats away, lesson learned

>> No.25592010

>buy $1000 of an ERC20 shitcoin called "Shroom.finance" while tripping on mushrooms
>it immediately crashes and turns into $200
>i hold it for 1.5 months as it crabs and slowly climbs
>decide to finally sell at a 50% loss
>day after I sell it does a 25x

>> No.25592073

I lost around 300k in the corona crash last year. You treat money differently once you have more of it and know how you got it. If I lost my life savings that I worked 20 years for in that crash I wouldnt know what I would've done.

>> No.25592111

i saw the writing on the wall when i joined the telegram and it was full of absolute faggots. sold immediately and walked away at a slight loss. still think it's a cool idea. Flare Finance is doing something similar, a decentralized mutual fund

>> No.25592135

holy shit you win the thread. how did it go so wrong?

>> No.25592186

50k sounds like a big price for a big lesson

>> No.25592266

personally never made it because i fell for every shitcoin, from Harmony ONE to XRP... my IQ is kind of low, not gonna lie.

I'm on ADA right now, eh ¯\_( ツ)_/¯

>> No.25592378

i don't get BTC holders, just buy stock if you are not ready to gamble.

>> No.25592388

Are you me? Also I missed the XRP x2 by 1 day. I bought REQ instead of LINK. My boomer brother just called me and mocked me because I told him about my mistake on XRP and how pissed I am about it. How coins are a scam and so on. I held ETH since the last bullrun and traded it for fucking XRP a few weeks ago for the Airdrop and didnt trade back in time. Now I miss the bullrun and lost 50% of everything. Im so heartbroken.

>> No.25592934

Being in crypto at all is enough of a gamble for most people. Holding the big ones holds the least risk in a high risk investment. Don't shame people because they don't want to participate in rug scam fiestas.

>> No.25592979

You know, I can't imagine being in this early. When I look at the graphs and see prices so low, I get jealous. Not just because of money, but because of what pioneers the early adopters were. They were on the precipice of something new and massive.

But that's just my fantasy. In reality none of you could even imagine what the future of btc was going to be and in a way you were in a shit spot simply because there was no way you'd hodl it out of some lunatic hope and essentially all you got was regret of not having done it.

>> No.25593031

In reality most people that got in early were drug dealers / buyers. There's not a single person that got in before 2017 that I know that got in for reasons other than drugs.

>> No.25593162


thanks for this friend

>> No.25593186

That's my experience as well amongst acquaintances. Do you think there was *anyone* who saw the potentail future and started hoarding? Some mouthfoaming libertarian maybe?

>> No.25593230

There have to be some but I doubt they post on /biz/. They would've been the type to make delusional threads on /g/ back in the day.

>> No.25593323
File: 89 KB, 500x493, 1599503027539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh you weren't joking

>> No.25593446

I bought FUN. Enough said

>> No.25593927

Index funds?

>> No.25594003

Buying Lition

>> No.25594019

wow, turns out this was the best thing ive ever done, thanks anons

>> No.25594087
File: 1.00 MB, 2531x2915, evidpi13vvw51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me
>Poor Newfag
>plan to DCA ETH
>Say fuck DCA and Trade defi shitcoins
>By August I'm at $15k, while a DCA stretegy would've netted me $4k
>Market crash September down to $800
>Get 2k from airdrop
>Turn that 2k to around 12k by early October
>Lose it all down to 3k again
>Get back up 6k over Christmas
>Start leverage trading
>Now I'm at 1.2k
>DCA would've been at 15k right now
>Total money in 4k

Wtf do I do next?

>> No.25594174

paid a £7.50 fee for ETFs when you can buy them without the charge. Only lost about £45 before i realised im dumb but it's a bit annoying

>> No.25594294

do the same thing and expect different results.

>> No.25594394

Stop being a degenerate and just accumulate sats+eth and hodl.
>btc not a gamble

>> No.25594416
File: 55 KB, 1100x619, 160927210830-tk-ah092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what was the lesson?

>> No.25594457
File: 760 KB, 760x839, 1604387741550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>hear about this 'btc' thing
>use a bitcoin faucet and get 0.01 btc from it
>go back to masturbating to furry porn
>dont profit

>> No.25594762

that be one rare motherfuck

>> No.25594872

kek, been there, fuck

>> No.25594882

Where's all the posts about lcx lmao

>> No.25595017

I think you should just let it run anon

>> No.25595128

Keep your dot fren

>> No.25595163

Or at least stake on kraken or binance so it stays liquid?

>> No.25595198

Money's great, but that's only because life is great. Money exists to enhance life.

>> No.25595218

hes talking about grt anon
>didnt sell .7
>didnt sell 2nd pump to .45
>28 days
desu if he got his money back he would have probably sold .29 so thats some good news

>> No.25595280

ARK, fucking trashcoin piece of shit

>> No.25595309

2 years ago I was worth roughly -£28,000

I'm in the green by about £2k now

You arent doing too bad

>> No.25595421

dont gamble on absolute shitcoins, there was yfi, then even yfii was a decent bet for a while, uni, cover, sushi, etc.. there are always "decent" shitcoins to put money on, theres a difference between "good" shitcoins and the absolute bottom of the barrel
and 2nd dont do everything in one hit, diversifying is a meme, but 1/3rd on 3 shitcoins isnt, especially if the 1/3rd pulls a 5x

>> No.25595463


fucking classic. When will you god damn normies learn that women are not built to understand finantial investments?

>> No.25595469

going all in on UNI at $6, and riding it from $8 all the way down to $3. destroyed half my wealth (3 btc lost)

>> No.25595491

Bought 10 ETH @ $90 in 2017 when I had $50,000 in a savings account.

>> No.25595552

>wanted to buy 6k worth of AMD in late 2015
>less than $2 per share
>spent it on going back to school instead
>drop out 2 years later

>> No.25595583

well... that's just a misunderstanding of science.

I work in research, I saw the green energy boom from a mile away. It was delicious to ride PLUG/FCEL/Ballard.

I did however cash at x2-x4 and it has since then x15 in ezmode.

>> No.25595636
File: 36 KB, 421x421, 1593084844511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright thanks anon i will invest the most into ethereum and try a little with some small amounts of altcoins to see if i can turn a profit

>> No.25595874

Was it kleros?

>> No.25596083
File: 61 KB, 540x437, cute-dog-wrapped-bed-sleeping.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I couldn't afford a new pc but had a laptop and mined doge on launch. Was too late for bitcoin I would have barely mined any! I lost every doge dream I ever had.

>> No.25596152

This still hurts
>buy RSR
>hold for months
>nothing happening
>accumulate more
>nothing happening
>wow check out this coin, the GRAPH- it's like Google!!!
>sell all my RSR for the graph
>goes up, I'm a fucking genius
>check again a week later and I'm down
>Oh shit I'm way down
>RSR is now 4 cents

>> No.25596204

the only regret i have is not buying more RSR

>> No.25596707

It's not too late, Anon. rsr hasn't even begun liftoff yet

>> No.25596949

bet 1.5 Btc on Trump

>> No.25596985

Only paying attention to crypto when everything is hitting aths and still losing money during a bull run due to an inability to make correct decisions and being paralyzed by choice due to not having any form of emotional support base like a group of friends or some signal group to feed me information and some green arrows for confidence

>> No.25597138

Had a big bag of fun that I sold for link last week.

>> No.25597168

buy red, not green
yesterday grt anons were capitulating, thats when you dca into it
chasing green candles will only bring you despair, look at xlm right now

>> No.25597264

> be me
> stressed out for years now
> tell wife to invest little money in coins i tell her
> she's not stressed, checks folio only when i ask her about it
> she's 40x from just holding and not looking
> i am 10x from trading

>> No.25597296
File: 95 KB, 1120x653, xlmshitcoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25597440

How do you find the gumption to buy when something is falling? Is it just looking at people's outlook on an asset

Thanks for the (you) anon

>> No.25597477
File: 37 KB, 300x300, thumb_x-unfortunately-the-clock-is-ticking-the-hours-are-going-65903724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sold my first edition yu-gi-oh cards to childhood nerd we picked on because i was a Pokemon maxi

>> No.25597481

Xdai ath had 25 btc. Still holding now 2.6btc

>> No.25597523
File: 60 KB, 728x665, 1608207272063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

christ yo, thats bad.

Lost 300k of paper gains on XBY, was afraid to sell. only 1k left of that shitheap

>> No.25597654

>Almost turned 5 Eth into 25 Eth
>Held too long and rode it down to practical worthlessness

>> No.25597692

kek, yoinked
GRT was literally at its "atl" yesterday (not accounting for the listing price but it doesnt seem like it's ever getting there)
another example is UNI
zoom out the entire chart
7 oct dip got bought up
30oct this dip was breached again
you start to dca from here
rest is obvious
if you buy red on genuine coins you will always make it, it just a matter of when

>> No.25597701

at least you're up

what coins did you wife do 40x on?

>> No.25597869

you sound fun.

>> No.25597965

>Genuine coins
Feels like it's hard to find them with so much crap flying around, thanks for the advice anon

>> No.25598024

dont stare at the charts too much, pepe

>> No.25598055

Also how do you even find solid coins that have had charts like that, just browsing on sites like coingecko?

>> No.25598067


Yikes fren, unironically where I bought Theta at.
Best decision of my time in crypto so far.

Only bought it cause my buddy said some psychic said it would make everyone rich one day.

>> No.25598164

yeaaaahh that one is on you, website, whitepaper, tokenomics, utility, team, all the jam.. gotta go with your gut, im sure i wouldnt have bought the who-coin yfi at 800$/per, so sometimes early gambles work, but using that method and sticking to top 100 will still work you know

>> No.25598220

Did you at least gets some thots

>> No.25598236

Bought loads of NPXS at about $ 0.001 ... Anyone even remembers this abslute garbage shitcoin?

>> No.25598255

all these coins are literally "the" coins everyone on this board and outside knows about lmao, i'm not even shilling obscure shit, one good one I know was LRC, but that ship has sailed, you could just start by checking out the coins available on coinbase, then maybe binance, then check charts, check products, see if they have upcoming reasons to pump,etc.. & make your picks

>> No.25598351


are you me? except I had 1000 eth, now only 20 lol

>> No.25598424

>bought several thousand BTC at $2
>sold it all for crack
>am still a crack addict

>> No.25598462

>am still a crack addict
this one hurts the most anon

>> No.25598947

Sold RSR too soon
Sold xDai too soon
Sold Ocean too soon
Sold NOIA too soon

>> No.25599099

What do you look for in a white paper or utility? For the team you could google their names and check that and other stuff. Sometimes I remember I thought something was decent but it ended up being shite anyway
But yeah that stuff makes sense to do, I'll probably end up sticking to top100 or checking on some shilled coins on biz kek

>> No.25599357
File: 197 KB, 1024x538, EeXLwG5WsAYYI7g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me
>Buy 1000 bitcoin
>Get goxxed twice

>Mine/buy 3 000 000 Dogecoin
>Didn't sell when it hit 300 sats
>Hold to 2018
>"Meh, it's not moving"
>Sell at 19 sats
>1 week later it moons to 120 sats

>Discover Cardano
>Am up 5x total investment
Thanks Charles

>> No.25599375

Only if you make the same exact mistake. It's a sign that you can't escape that fate, and you might wanna just skip to the end.

>> No.25599472

nobody can read the future anon. If you sold for a profit you're doing well

>> No.25599513

well you still have a son now, teach him to trade and make miracle by mistake

>> No.25599629

Today I started reviewing my buying history.
I bought 9ETH in total for an average price of $450, most of it got lost in shitcoins, I now have about 3, and all that's left of the rest I used for buying alts is $500 in LTO.
What a fucking disgrace
you win

>> No.25600412

I've never done crack. Pretty sure whatever is worth that much is a pretty good experience. So just keep it anon.

>> No.25600663

I bought 30k XSN at 0.33$. I was considering putting that money into RSR, but FOMOd.

Had I made the other choice, I could have paid off my car and house by now.

>> No.25600770


>> No.25601385

I'm still holding 18mil Holochain. At it's peak it was worth a little under 300 ETH I think? I'd kill for 300 ETH atm. Fucking hell...

>> No.25601552

>be me
>hear about bitcoin on the news
>put all life savings in bitcoin at 20k
>it goes down
>panic sell
>buy at 11
>drops to 7
>panic sell
>goes back to 10
>fomo hard
>drops again
>sell most off because I quit my job thinking BTC would go to 100k

I have $100 in LINK and $600 in ETH. it's all I have

>> No.25601693

I didn't buy another 100k LINK back at 0.30c in late 2018.

>> No.25601730


and didn't sell link at $20

>> No.25601731

i dont mess about with money

>> No.25601800

It's def going back to $20 within this year (but might do a double top)

>> No.25601941
File: 75 KB, 764x505, u wanna mek it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

worst decision will be not buyin this

ull be cryin over skipin this in just a year

>> No.25601987


>> No.25602100

Fell for the nano fud and now I have a suicide stack

>> No.25602164

Yikes dude

>> No.25602337

>Be me
>Have 20eth
>Want 32 eth
>buy statera at 0.002 hopin it pumps to 0.4
>It pumps
>Lucky to have suicide stack of 32 eth and five more
>Realize it was luck and never play with shitcoins again, 120K$ portfolio only in btc and eth