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I don't know what to make of the Graph and my hands are becoming weak.

Will it actually be profitable for retail buyers?
Literally why the fuck did they choose the worst tokenomics of all time?
Why is the telegram channel literally just pajeets?
Is it only useful for poor developers who can't afford databases?

Am I seriously going to miss a bull run waiting for another moon?

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>Intelligent Anons ONLY
>nobody posts
checks out

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Choosing the worst tokenomics of all time in a bull market is a good idea. Pull half of your supply out your ass while the token appreciates in value is a genius move.

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>ID: hadCooom
yeah well fuck me

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What’s so bad about the tokenomics?

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are you fucking serious

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GRT waiting room.

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Bus seat coin

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Is it just me or does it kinda look like we're pas the worst and heading towards somebiggains in the next few days

I'm not ta expert, but look to be finishing it's massive dip, time for another massive moon?

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The more I learn about this token the less good I feel about it.
I'm going to wait for a weekend pump to .35 hopefully and sell it all. Most hopeful anons I've seen say it won't be till half a year till it moons... and that's around the time they dump billions of more coins in.
Delegating is fucking ridiculous too with gas prices.

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It's going to pump again on news.

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>Intelligent Anons ONLY
>Literally why

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Thanks for bumping the thread faggot

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Most projects have shit tokenomics and still manage to pump quite well. I'm expecting them to announce the addition of other blockchains like polkadot maybe.

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>Intelligent Anons ONLY
>shills his heavy bags he bought at 0.7

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>calls himself intelligent
>is homophobic

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You know how Graph seems complicated and weird and overly technical, like nobody will understand it, let alone use it? You know how tons of other projects do a great job of hyping up their token holders and advertising their product, and The Graph don’t seem to do that at all? You know how projects are exploding left and right and it seems like everyone is making money, except for this project that is underperforming? And how you come on /biz/ and a lot of the discussion is pointing out how it’s a stupid investment with a stupid token allocation and that anyone that holds it will miss out on the bullrun and lose their money?

Well now you can answer the question of “if I bought link in 2017 would I have held into it?”

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Explain the endless stream of pajeets (and only pajeets) on telegram/discord

I saw a decent amount of high IQ anon discussion on GRT in the months leading up to release and then a few days after.

Now it's been radio silence for a while.

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Are you really comparing LINK to GRT?

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We're waiting for news. They took a long break during NYE and hopefully some stuff will get rolling in soon. The thing I'm personally bearish is how Jewiv handled that twitter shitfuck. CEO's should never get involved in politics or social dynamics, just pure business autism like Sergey maintains.

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Telegram and Discord are shitholes, that’s not unique to The Graph. All the intelligent /biz/tards who bought hard into GRT at launch are now delegating, waiting for more subgraph migration and more chains. There’s not much to discuss at this point, so the dialogue is mostly newfag retards who constantly stare at charts and pray for a moon.

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>Now it's been radio silence for a while
That’s usually what happens after a pump n dump

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Sold the piece of shit at a loss, not touching it for the rest of the year. ADA, XLM look like a better use of time and capital

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At least pick a better brand of shitcoins fagget. Cardano, what a piece of shit.

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Yes, absolutely. It’s not on Chainlink’s level, because literally nothing is, but it’s the closest anything has come in the last 3 years.

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Oh you mean the fact that there will be 10B tokens? So what? When a market cap doubles it doesn’t matter how many tokens there are.
Presumably the counter argument is that with a lot of tokens, a high token price would mean an unreasonably high market cap, so is unlikely.
I think the problem is people think “bitcoin started in the cents and is now $30k - I need to find something else which costs cents but will end up costing tens of thousands so I can become a billionaire!”
That’s not going to happen. None of the tokens <$1 today will be >$10k in a decade. That was only bitcoin. What you should be looking for is a project that can turn 10x comfortably without a pump and dump. The Graph is such a project, because it can go to $3, and it is currently in the accumulation phase. This is not a good lottery ticket for the bull run. It is a very good investment for the coming years, and for once you didn’t miss the accumulation phase.

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now this is shit posting.

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It's literally the only fud there is on the graph.
Once all the tokens are released there will be nothing left to fud.
Brainlets are expecting a dump, but wait they don't realize is the full 10 billion tokens is already priced in.
It's all uphill from here.

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>7 posts by this ID

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>Brainlets are expecting a dump
I’m kind of expecting a dump to $.15, because that kind of thing often happens during accumulation. If that happens I’m all in with my remaining cash because that means it would hit 10x at $1.5 which I think will happen within a year.

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aside from the obvious one dollar it will reach, will it reach 1000 or more? I really think GRT has something here and been following it, just searching for opinions

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I'm amazed how the token found its floor at 30c and solidified it. It dips below that but it always jumps back. Unless Yaniv sex tape leaks I don't see any risk of going in at this price

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Do you guys store your graph in a wallet? if so what kind? i am looking into ledger or trezor but idk if they support GRT

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It's not dumping that low. It's bottomed, and there's so much news coming over the next few weeks.

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Why store it? Stake it.

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the token supply fud again kek

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I suspect you are right, I have a bag but if it goes to $.15 I’m buying a few 100k.

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Literally nothing. Over 1 Billion (10% of the total supply) are already staked. Delegators lose their bonded curve bonuses if they unstake so nobody is selling this ever.
>ITT seething incels who chose not to buy at 10c - 15c

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Holding like a tard

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>there's so much news coming over the next few weeks.
Thanks for the inside scoop fren

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ellaborate im autistic

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I'm just talking about known things, like main net for projects like Uni. Once they start charging for queries, and more projects announce they are working with it, what do you think will happen?

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learn about staking come on autisticanon

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thanks for the enlightenment IQ3000anon, much appreciation fren

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Priced in

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buying it, not selling... using it. fuck off no code commando.

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In b4 fomo pump rd 4

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I'm seeing a fuck ton of brown people in the telegram, so I asked this

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I was just about to sell and zoomed out on the coingecko chart and for the first time it feels like upside, maybe i am delusional
Is 2 cents ~6% really whats keeping you from selling?

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>Ama very good i hope good news and plan sar

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It was around 34.5 today. Think it hit 34.9 on binance. You really wanted that extra less than a cent? A cent it only $10 difference per 1000. Some weird logic.

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What was the reply?

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They didn't say shit, they just kept talking about their cheap indexing. Someone did DM me and say it's 50% jeets tho lmao

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How much grt have you delegated and for how long? it almost doesnt seem worth it unless you want to lock it up for 12 months, or have an insane amount of grt to delegate. Id rather hold and sell at a profit.

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Lock up is 28 days, but yeah dont stake, wait for curator staking, more fun

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Theres an AMA live thursday apparently


Make sure to ask about when will normies be allowed to run indexer nodes, and when will curator staking be available

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Love me some fake blonds.

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tell me more
is this the bonding curve thing?
why is it more fun?

GRT ~1.20-1.40 in 2-3 weeks btw.

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>when will normies be allowed to run indexer nodes
it's way beyond the technical or hardware skills of normies, nearly everyone that has the capacity to be an indexer is doing it already
>when will curator staking be available
within 2 months

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should I convert ltc into grt

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Nope it looks that way. Don’t stress. Keep it riding.
T. My wife doesn’t know how many coins we own. Sike. They’re all mine!

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Blow off top time.
Enjoy the ride!

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He’s just a super poor fag who’s extremely poor at being poor

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never let a wahmen know about your finances.

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It is the bonding curve thing
Curators stake on subgraphs not indexers (like uniswap, aave, etc..)
And it has a bonding curve, i think it was kinda like those ocean datasets, a fuckton of people here made bank on it
You also get query fees so its basically like adding liquidity on uniswap except you dont risk impermanent loss

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I mean ok but id rather get the answers from the dude himself

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Fuck no. We’ve been married awhile but even as she sits right next to me she doesn’t have my phone passcode or know what’s in my bank account. We have a couple joint accounts yes, but I still have my own too.

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Potentially something close to Decentralized Google. People all want the decentralized internet but if you want that you need all the dry as dust boner-killing back end APIs and shit to be decentralized, GraphQL is ubiquitous AF so coming up with an economic structure to do it in a decentralized manner is gnarly.

However, I am skeptical that this is going to be the best version of that, LANDMARK paper published just recently that describes a scheme for p2p index queries which I would put my money on as being a far better solution than this semi-centralized shiny doo dad.


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How the fuck is this even relevant
Not only does it not "describe a scheme" its only iterating through the (3) possibilities of how one would set up a decentralized database which isnt even the issue here, even if someone does find a miraculous way to "make a decentralized database" what makes you think grt cant yoink the paper and actually apply the structure irl

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Ya I saw you try to start this thread and it shut down before I could post this.

>Merkle search trees are a promising direction for future investigations into peer-to-peer database indexes.

they dont have shit figured out, they have something for the "future" when ever that fucking happens. IF it happens as they state its a fucking MAYBE

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How does it feel to miss out on another BTC pump, GRifTers?

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>what makes you think grt cant yoink the paper some aspects they could, but look what BitTorrent did to iTunes. I still use Torrents, when's the last time you spent a dime on iTunes?

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>protocol labs

fuck I didn't even notice that, I retract everything this paper is rat poison.

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when you buy both

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I sold my single Bitcoin all for GRT about a month before the bull run

I hurt myself today to see if I still feel

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all you've lost is a bit of time and trading opportunity anon, you blew your load but now you just stake and HODL. Remember LINK.

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I know. This is really only particularly excruciating because I’m a major poorfag who was hodling that since 2013. I’d given up hope on btc

I’m not gonna make the same mistake again

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It's ok, I sold my .01 BTC for GRT as well, because I didn't value such a small quanity at all. I'd rather have a thousand of something than a fraction of something. Maybe I'm a tard, I don't care. We're in this for the journey now. We all are.

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anon I...

>> No.25584238

Scratch that, I am a tard.

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gunna hurt for awhile but it will pay off.

>month before bull run

did you get the presale?

>> No.25584605

i feel you man, i mostly hate myself for not seslling the top and buying anything else, i would have made it by now

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I dont understand why people buy crypto just to cry about losses as if every coin will moon instantly. Stop ruining it for everyone else.

>> No.25584860

What? Grt has only been out like 3 weeks.

>> No.25584902

Coins can be converted to USD anon :) insider tip

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should i convert it all into BTC or ETH while its at a little high right now .33
i got in at .29
i figure i convert now then convert back when it goes back down
i am a newfag! is this recommendable?

>> No.25585087

Not at all. Swing trading, especially with no idea what you're doing, is a bad idea. You could potentially sell and buy back a little more, but you could also get left behind as the train leaves the station.

>> No.25585432

whales are manipulating the shit outta this..

>> No.25585498

not into mfin btc or eth
shit is gonna dump real fucking hard soon

>> No.25585533

Don't invest more than you are willing to lose.
>Time in the market beats timing the market.
Listen to your instincts. Then do the opposite. BTC is good, you should have it. But now might not be the best time, or it could be amazing. Who knows. BTC has run and GRT has been beat the F up and you just bought the bottom, maybe, again who knows. From market action price growth looks healthy. Buy a dip below 29 don't sell. Then delegate it, trade 10% to learn/lose/stack, then forget about it and live your life and make money and invest more. Then come back and look.

>> No.25585542

Always a bullish sign anon

>> No.25585602

let's wait for the whales to throw us a bone while i get like half a GRT a day just from staking

>> No.25586314

Me too and now I want to delegate it. What is wrong with me.

>> No.25586331

you should

>> No.25586545

is something going on lol, we're going steadily up, is this some dip waiting to happen or something

>> No.25586585

Suppression can only keep the price down for so long. Your confusion tells me that you don’t actually understand the revolutionary nature of this token. You’re lucky you didn’t sell when the FUD was palpable.

>> No.25586607

Haha a lot of losers missed the train under 39 cents

>> No.25586663

How much % do you make a day from deleagting?

>> No.25586677

i'm looking at about 9% a year so far, and that's assuming GRT price doesn't change.

>> No.25586729

Is something happening???

>.36 cent, up 22.83%

>> No.25587206

Back to being $.36 stable coin.

>> No.25587215

Yes. Moon moon

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oh jeethuth im mooning!

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>I think the problem is people think “bitcoin started in the cents and is now $30k - I need to find something else which costs cents but will end up costing tens of thousands so I can become a billionaire!”. That’s not going to happen.
This. People who have that kind of mindset are either 1) newfags in crypto, 2) intellectually challenged, or 3) simply Indians.

Morons forgot that back in the 2017 bull run, scamcoins and literal vaporware like Bitconnect, Confido, Verge, Tron etc went x10 or more. With tens of billions in market cap. If literal trash pumped that high, what do you think is gonna happen with a legit project with working products like GRT? Do the math and ask yourselves, anons. For once, use your own brain and reasoning.

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Tbh it’s not late for anyone. If you have 5k right now all you need is 2 10x during altseason to make it. I’m sure just about every coin will give you those returns if you don’t chase random pumps

>> No.25588034

GRT is going to $10 minimum this year

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand GRT. The tech is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical blockchain most of the indexes will go over a typical retard's head. There's also Yaniv's jewish outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Vitalik literature, for instance. The graphites understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these delegations, to realize that they're not just pieces of the future- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike GRT truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the genius in Yaniv's existencial catchphrase "google of blockchain, motherfuckers" which itself is a cryptic reference to Sergey's Russian epic Pump and Dump. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Tal's genius unfolds itself on their binance screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a GRT tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 GRT of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

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Thats going to my BASED folder.

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>Tbh it’s not late for anyone. If you have 5k right now all you need is 2 10x during altseason to make it
This is literally the floor for GRT. Not buying some at this price is laughable, selling at a LOSS at this price is idiotic. I'm holding 10,100 GRT and will keep accumulating under $1.

>GRT is going to $10 minimum this year
That's plausible. But I would like to start with a little more realistic price first, which would be $3-5 price range. If it hits $10, then I'm gonna cum in my sister's panties.

>> No.25588696

>intelligent anons only
>my hands are becoming weak

>> No.25588747

This reads like an American Psycho quote

>> No.25588777

That means you bought at like $.16 right? That's still a 2x and will be a 3x soon

>> No.25588802

> everyone who can run indexing nodes already are
Does this imply that the market of indexers can’t be expected to grow much and that roughly the competition (and thus terms for return % on fees/rewards) can be expected to continue to be roughly what it is now?

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I went all in GRT at 25 cents. I missed the BTC and ETH pumps. Every time I browse IG or Twitter, I see all these BTC/ETH pump news and shills, I feel dead inside. It hurts, anon. But remind yourself that with GRT you are buying a chance to make it bigger, you are buying the possibility to have more $ this year. Hodl or even better, accumulate more. In the end, we will come out in the green. A x10 ($3) is pretty much guaranteed this year.

>> No.25589026

The return on investment shown on graphlets.io for delegators, is that per epoch?

>> No.25589067

Kek based

>> No.25589124

5 year price targets?

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>poo for him, good luck ID
You’re will get the panty cream you crave, anon

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