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Suicidal Wageslave here, i got parsiq recommended to me but since its not up on binance yet i guess i can only buy it on Uniswap? So the only way to buy it is to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first and then buying it with the crypto. In sweden every exchange is a taxable event which will severely maim my profits and give me a headache when i have to declare taxes. Will it still be profitable to go in with 10k usd into parsiq even though ill be fucked in the ass by the taxes.

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Trade to parsiq when the bitcoin goes lower than your basis. Claim it as a loss.

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sorry anon i am just a dumb caveman. Why would it be claimable as a loss? Basis is the price i pay when i buy Parsiq right? I feel dumb like a rock but how could the bitcoin go lower than that?

This is how sweden taxes crypto.


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Send money to a revolut account. Use that revolut account to send money to binance. Buy ETH on binance. Send it to metamask. Use Uniswap to swap ETH with Parsiq. Claim a loss stating you forgot your private keys or smth or don't say anything. Once you get enough money and want to cash out, do the reverse and never cash out more than 5-6k at a time to your bank accounts so the transactions don't register (I believe most governments snoop transactions above 10k€).

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Oh yeah and never cash out to your swiss accounts. Always keep it on revolut. Unfortunately revolut accounts are now EU-based so you could still get fucked by Swedish government (probably not if you have under 10k€ in the account)

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What you could do if you're planning to invest serious amounts and cashing out even bigger amounts is to move to Portugal, cash out there for 0% tax and keep your earnings in a PT bank account

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I appreciate the effort but i even though i dont give a shit what happens to me i would rather avoid getting fucked for taxfraud if i actually manage to make money. A 2x would be lifechanging money for me.

10k usd is all i have to invest. Is that "a serious amount"?

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Now that i think of it. I do have relatives in Switzerland. My cousin is a bro and would probably be down with helping me by buying Parsiq if i send him the money since he is a swiss citizen. Do you think that could work?

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*since there is no digital service tax there*

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or is that a far-fetched idea?

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Anon... you only pay taxes on the profits you make...

So if you make $5000 profit, you'll only be paying taxes on $5000. And if you lose money, you pay no taxes. Why is it so hard for people to understand?

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because im a dumb uneducated brute who want a quick cashout so i dont have to work anymore. The thing is tax deductions for cryptolosses works a bit strange here so i am confused. Thats why i am also now considering sending all my funds to my swiss cousin where its tax free to trade in crypto and let him invest my money for me. But i dont know if thats a loophole i can get away with

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>What's wrong with buying bitcoin, etherium and litecoin.
>For good measure add Monero, BitcoinZ and BTC cash, maybe even Doge.
>But some Link if you HAVE TO and actually believe in the project.
>Stay away from anything remotely shittoken.

Just buy, accumulate and be prepared to wait 10 YEARS. Because if no one has made you aware yet... You missing it... Sorry, to fucking late.

Or you can throw your pittance at bullshit projects and have a 95% chance you'll lose and even if you 5% chance hit x10-20... It'll still be a shit amount of money because you're a fucking wagie and you'll lose it all on the next shitcoin you gamble with.

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>Because if no one has made you aware yet... You missing it... Sorry, to fucking late.

Sorry about the grammar. But seriously just put in an extra 8-16 hours a week and do what I said above.

Take your x3-4 and think don't touch it for 10 years. x3-20 over 3-10 years is a fucking insane return if you are not aware.

A cash savings account will get you x1.02 which if you weren't aware. Will buy you less pizza next year than you could buy now without the interest.

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ok.. diversify it is then. Im just desperate for a rope to either hang myself or pull me out of working in this mindrotting hell so im looking for anything promising a quick buck like a fool.

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Do whatever you want with parsiq... I don't give a fuck.

But do your future self (+10years) a favour and get another part time job (if your job is so fucking unbearable you can't do an extra 8-16 hours) And put that in what I've just told you.

There is no lambo, there is no catch a x10 then shift it into a diverse portfolio before a bull run.

There is only cost average and ride out 2-3 bull runs over the next 4-8 years.... And 3 bull runs in 8 years means catching this one with 'real coins' and hoping it's not at the top now...

Then when parsiq doesn't do what you want it to at least you've accumulated a nice little diverse stack that weighted at least 25-50% BTC/ETH. Put it away every month... Buy the dip, Buy the rises and 'cost average' yourself a x3-4 gain rather than gambling on buying Hi or Low.

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Get rich and save Sweden from itself. Here's a coin I think that's on the rise.

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your advice is sound, i really appreciate it. I really do. I will have my swiss cousin help me invest in mostly ethereum and add some small amount of alts for fun. Then ill just hodl and hope for a 3x like you said. If i could make a 50 thousand euro in a decade that would be lifechanging

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