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Face it, crypto is nothing but hot air! Crypto is a sham, a scam, an obvious pump and dump ponzi.

You know deep down it's true. You cling unto the dream of selling to a greater fool, with the ultimate desire of exchanging back into USD. You cannot spend or use crypto for any other use [ apart from money laundering and obfuscating drug sales ].

Wake up, everybody knows about bitcoin at this point, the market is drying up. Those who bought have bought and those who see through the bullshit will not buy at 30k, 20k or even 1k anymore. Don't be the final idiot holding the bag.

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>offer no utility
Noiler what?

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Unimex offers on chain margin trading for uniswap

Also look at TE-FOOD/Trust One, they are probably the best providers of utility doing food traceability.

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What’s your agenda why do you shill this shit all the time?

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How does Crypto add any benefit to the services listed in your image? What utility does it offer?

All I hear is buzz words repeated over and over and nobody seems to be able to supply an honest answer.

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Has somebody else realized that crypto is an ultimate scam? Have you heard my thesis before? I'm sure it will not be the last.

What is my agenda? Exposing this sham and preventing others from falling prey to the ponzi scheme.

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you --> coping no coiner
me --> embracing the revolution and making over 200k in the past 2 years...

Ok, anon it's hot air, please keep repeating that to yourself until around 100k btc, then bend the knee and get in... I need to make it big on someone, aight?

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So your plan is to dump the crypto back into fiat eventually, fulfilling the greater fool theory? You've essentially agreed to my claims.

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Let me know once one of you can provide a reasonable explanation for why you personally value cryptocurrencies, apart from expecting it to go up forever.

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>with how much did you start if i may ask sir?

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forgot to remove the >

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>smart contracts
>endless dApps
>projects coming up more scalable than banks
>grown to a trillion dollar industry from almost 0
>Oracle and API solutions for data management
>literally deflationary money with Statera
>a sound way to back money 1=1 against a crazy derivatives market dominating fiat

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In the 10 years that bitcoin has been out, name me 1 ( One ) decentralized application that has benefited from utilizing crytpo currencies.

Please doo not list me white paper BS or PR articles that boast about the "potential benefits of using X,Y,Z" - Those are simply posted to lure "investors" to deposit money into some made up bitcoin fork.

Its been proven that these dapps do not scale properly, and the cost far FAR outweighs any benefit that they could hypothetically provide.

I'm not trolling, I'm just genuinely curious as to why its so difficult to find an actual use case in the real world.

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It’s a way to store value in a decentralized way. Smart contracts genuinely make transactions easier — and as gas fees are fixed on scalable transactions — they will be incredible.

Statera alone as a deflationary token blew my mind. So yea, value has something to do with it. It’s ultimately money. A currency. Mostly I like the safety that comes with knowing my “dollar” is backed one to one on a blockchain, which causes me to feel mentally safer than dealing with clown money.

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What does this even? You’re saying Chainlink doesn’t benefit from Ethereum and Chainlink serves no purpose? I don’t see it as the be all end all of Oracle solutions, but geeze.

Cardano and Algorand are going to scale to incredible TPS soon. Shitting on crypto as were reaching the levels of Windows 95 and true purpose and saying “you could do everything on that with a pencil and a piece of paper” is the most Luddite shit in the world. Go home, boomer.

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it's a decentralized marketplace noiler do the math

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2020 is the year of scaling in crypto.

If you’re not prepared for this, idk what to tell you. PoS has been invented and it’s only a matter of time until it takes over the central banking industry.

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what about the escalating gas fees? It costs approx $76 to execute even a simple $10 transaction. History shows that this "feature" does not scale and has been broken for some time now

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bitcoin is useless, but ethereum is going to be the global financial platform.

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read this
this is all happening right now, some are already on mainnet (loopring, zksync, deversifi), optimism is happening in March, fully anonymous transfers Q1

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crypto is bullshit just thinking that BTC is worth 1/4 of apple is sickening. If BTC would stop to exist your life would not change at all goes for all cryptos.

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I've read the article you linked and it seemed to be the same typical circular logic I've heard from all other Defi white papers

"Oh weve made scalling easier so you can trade different defi/crypto's with ease!"

What purpose is there to such functionality? It appears to be self serving and circular logic that goes nowhere. Why do I care about "ease of transactions" between different coins? How does that provide any value to the common user? NOTE COMMON USER, and not the "defi investor" club that this board circle jerks over by continually transacting between a million different forks just to hoard sats

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hot air helps bealloon to go up to moon big faggot you can make money

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Luckily for me then, there are many many greater fools than I

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You represent the lukewarm IQ of the vast majority of crypto "investors"

At least you are honest about your intentions with this coin, I can understand wanting to profit off other people's naivety. You understand that crypto's are inherently useless

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>glances at monero
yeah, haha, anon, so true, no utility, better sell all of the tokens asap r-right!

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FINANCE is a big field, with a lot of money in it. Even if there is no utility beyond financial, that's enough.
The benefit to Decentralized Finance is it takes the middleman out of financial transactions, making it easier, cheaper to transfer money across the internet. It may be unpolished now, but it is obvious that the technology has a future. We are early adopters, so the COMMON USER features aren't there yet, but that doesn't mean they won't be.

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Right now ethereum is the best way to transfer and save dollars for people outside Western countries. You be even in Venezuela and get several percent on your dollar stablecoins on ethereum.
In the future as more tokenized assets appear, smart contracts are going to replace manual contracts. The main advantage is lack of ambiguity, unprecedented liquidity and removal of intermediaries. Liquidity because if you eg. tokenize your house you could use 5% of your house as collateral for debt instantly - something that's already possible, but requires a complicated process. Removal of intermediaries both increases gains for everyone and increases liquidity, as rather than banks acting connecting lenders and depositors normal people are going to pool money directly and globally. Which means if someone in Japan is ok with lending you money cheaper than people in America that's going to be the interest rate.

In countries without sophisticated finance industry defi is going to be the first step, taking the entire market for itself. Sort of like Africa never had dial up (maybe outside of SA).

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>haha defi is useless because of gas. no one wants to pay $50 in gas lol
>oh wait they made scaling easier? why the fuck would people want to use that? users love paying for gas

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It's all gonna come crashing down once the printed fake money can no longer poompa the orange coin, first there'll be the first major sell wave, shorts being liquidated with more poompa, alt season and finally a recap of 2018 january.

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uniswap allows me to exchange without needing to rely on a 3rd party that takes a cut, only lists a few cryptos, doesn't need KYC, and doesn't report to the IRS
blockfi allows me to lend my crypto for substantial APY

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The SEC has enough ammo to destroy Tetherscam in court. It's getting shut down and this is the last chance to exit the scam.

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The world’s banks offer nothing either. The world is a scam and those who invest in the scams the control our world become the elite. Crypto is the new scam that will take over the world.

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Unfortunately we still live in a world where we can't buy our lunches and lambos in Lumens or Satoshis.

Do you know how much money is tied up in centralized cloud computing solutions? Or Derivative markets? Or traditional centralized finance/credit markets?

Honestly at this point you might as well be shouting at the gold market saying its just a shiny rock. A ponzi of belief in a shiny rock dug out the ground.