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Am I really going to make it by just stumbling on biz 4 years ago after remembering its existence from when I used to look at /b/ once in a while and wanted to learn more about making some side money. What a weird success story. I might have to make up something less weird.

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memes are dreams friend

i spent my time on 4chan shitposting about vidya gaems, you went about it the right way
enjoy your early retirement buddy

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nice larp. No one on this board has more than 200 LINK

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That's a chadfolio.

Wish I would have heard about ETH back in 2015, I was around these parts back then too. Got 11400 link though.

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Yes, that's the only good portfolio you can have in crypto.

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Good job riding that BTC and ETH to the top. Time to put it all in Link in prep for the Q1 insanity as we rocket to triple digits. Good luck!

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Nice portfolio. I have a similar amount but it’s 90% link with the rest btc/eth. Same story as you op, hope we both make it.

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Sergay killed anyone who had over 200 link a long time ago. Nice soft larp and RIP to your father he looked like a good man.

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crypto is the career 4chan poster’s subsidy

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Switch some link for $prq and $btc at this point. I’m not pajeeting.

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Switch Link for some shitcoin and papa BTC after it's launched to ATH and Link is down 75% in sats right before ALT explosion and Q1 Link Shenanigans. kek nubiz

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What is this nice app anon, a wallet? Could you post a link to it? Any tutorials/tips for a noob like you once were? If not larp, I'd appreciate some tips and advice on trading/investing into crypto. Thank you and have a good night.

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damn good portfolio. I would've had something similar had i sold the top of grt :/

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im not even sure if these are bait anymore. This cycle is something else.

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Assuming you bought all of that at the perfect time in 2017 you'd still have spent about 5000 dollars to get 321,687 (soon, 1 million).

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>OP will be a millionaire this time next year
Go with grace fren

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Cash it, DUDE

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Rule 1: this isn't fucking red dit so we say "NEWFAG" or "newfaggot" here. Noob is 2005 WoW Barrens chat l33tsp33k.

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No way you have such even amounts of coins. I call larp. That is the ultimate comfy stack tho

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You will make it fren

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But I worked so hard outside of 4chan and now it’s going to be the sole reason why I make it. What a crazy simulation.

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App is Delta. Lurk hard. Accumulate. Don’t swing. Believe in the holy trinity.

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It looks pretty doesn’t it? I couldn’t rest until it felt complete.

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peep the archives from 2018 if you really want to learn things

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Shits crazy right. If you told me 10 years ago I would retire because of advice on 4chan I would have told you to shut up. 10 years ago I was buying gold from people at one of those we buy gold places. Minimum wage shit. Real sad time.

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anything specific anon? Also, how do I access these? 4plebs through or is there some other way?

honest to gods and the creator

are you a moderator here? i dont like reddit, too much faggotory there and antifa cucks.

thank you fren
do i need anything else apart this delta app and monies to trade cryptos? Some nice analytics website like the one on a vid here would be nice

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That portfolio is OCD as fuck. Nice work anon

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It’s absolutely bonkers. I remember wage slaving as a kid being so jealous of these “dot com” kids I heard about making millions buying domains and investing in the early internet. I would always think “man, if I was a bit older I would have seen it and been one of them.” I feel like this is it, we are the new dot-com kids from the under belly of the internet.

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>tfw I could have gotten into LTC back in spring 2013

I don't think I'm going to make it. Though I had no fiat to spend then anyway, but I'd be marginally better off if I had just autistically collected LTC for 4 years before selling at ATH.

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What do you think of LINK anon, also would you buy XMR or NIOX?

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LINK is my favorite character in this story so far. XMR is solid. It feels like a sketchy antihero, i like it.

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I have to make a of a statement here and I hope you anons will listen. The medium of 4chan, as an anonymous msg board is one of a kind. It's the type of free-flowing thought environment that companies wish they could create, but can't due to obvious HR reasons.

The internet is causing the greatest renaissance that the world has ever seen, where all minds are being connected and inputs are coming from every individual brain/neuron.

Anonymous boards like this are essentially the center of the maelstrom. Many decades from now, threads like these are going to be analyzed to see exactly what went on here

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interesting. Since you posted back, could you help me with how to start trading, buying, selling cryptos according to this post


Would be nice to get a grip of what programs, apps to use and how to keep things safe.

I've read a bit on cryptos. Been into stocks more recently on trading 212 but never into crypto.

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among all the ni66r shitposting and communist-zion agenda on /pol/

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Did you first see /biz/ sharpied on a traps ass?

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wtf is this picture

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Fresh off the boat, from reddit, kid? heh I remember when I was just like you. Braindead. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary: never make jokes like that. You got no reputation here, you got no name, you got jackshit here. It’s survival of the fittest and you ain’t gonna survive long on 4chan by saying stupid little jokes that you’re little hugbox cuntsucking reddit friends would upvote. None of that here. You don’t upvote. You don’t downvote. This ain’t reddit, kid. This is 4chan. We have REAL intellectual conversation here, something i don’t think you’re all that familiar with. You don’t like it, you can hit the bricks on over to imgur, you daily show watching son of a bitch. I hope you don’t tho. I hope you stay here and learn our ways. Things are different here, unlike any other place that the light of internet pop culture reaches. You can be anything here. Me? heh, I’m a judge... this place... this place has a lot to offer... heh you’ll see, kid. . . that is if you can handle it...

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Anon, you are not far off. I can’t remember the details but i’m sure it’s something very close. If I make it, that should be in my autobiography. The sharpie mcguffin.

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appreciated it anon, nice little pasta but I kindly asked for crypto advice.

This Delta app, is it working on the pc aswell? I don't own any xiaomi or other samsung so the gmail is not connected to any device and own iphone so i'd have to pick this retarded macbook to be able to lurk it without having to touch my phone on a retarded little screen. Advice bois?

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Dan Bilzerian, the ultimate simp.

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