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Something's not right.

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Incoming Biden admin working overtime

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If trade wagies are fucked and tech wagies are fucked what the fuck do I specialize in now

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Posting on more time

US bank regulator gives the ok for banks to use blockchain technology. There will obviously be more crypto crashes in the future, but at the moment they won’t be regulated to death. Bullish for those that hold crypto related stocks.

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Biotech PnDs

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Rim jobs

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feed n seed

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GOEV chads report in.

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For reference - Perdue v Ossoff Georgia race
1.8% lead in the November race
~3% advantage for Republicans in off-year elections
You're going to tell me that Dems are going to overcome a 4.8% lead when it required unprecedented mobilization of Atlanta in November?
I don't buy it
Warnock v Loeffler, Warnock is going to win
>32.9% Warnock vs 25.9% Loeffler
unlikely that gap could be closed

Perdue / Warnock victory = market moon 65% probability
Perdue / Loeffler victory = market moon 10%
Ossoff / Loeffler victory = market moon 5%
Ossoff / Warnock victory = market crash 20%
80% probability market moon, 20% chance market crash
Buy the dip
Worst case scenario, the dip will last a week before the market remembers that the Fed has pledged $4.6 trillion in purchases through 2021 and it will recover - take advantage of this dip if it does occur!

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i honestly admire the stupidity of all the faggots who bought the first BABA dip, even when there was an entire weekend of nothing but negative press to allow them to make an educated decision that next monday

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buying meme stock
bngo up 1500%
chek up 400%
snss up 15%
mtnb up 50%

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What do I have to do to get a girl to sit on my face like that

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Setup a local Black Lives Matter chapter and collect tithes. I mean donations.

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>tiny nips

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They aren’t fucked, you just have to be semi competent to get ahead.

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>getting a bachelor in finance, informal education focusing on data
I believe it, to some extent, but I don't think that it will be as fucked as most other fields provided that you can get a fair amount of experience with certain data types.
That and most new grads are useless anyway

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So, America lost?

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Gaussin literally has a new paradigm chart. They're a french hydrogen company working together with PLUG

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Every job is getting JUSTED anon. Work from home is another part of the JUSTING. Unironically, you need connections now more than ever. I know someone who got fired in the beginning of the pandemic and was hired a week later at a new company, while there's still wagies who are unemployed.

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>unprecedented mobilization of Atlanta
You know they can just "mobilize" the same votes this time around, right? No one's racist or sinophobic enough to actually stop them.

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Go be a finance leech and contribute nothing if you're worried about money. The Jews ALWAYS win.

I'm a biotech engineer doing some cool shit that's gonna make me rich, and unlike the shit that gets pumped on here this one's legit. I'll shill it once we go public

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I bought the dip and sold at a 5% loss pretty quickly, I'm not a bagholding retard like a lot of people here

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What, like in the 60s? Yeah.

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Do you think they had a recall on his gene edited dna? His face is too small.

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>BTC surges to $31k
>BFARF doesn't do anything
It's what I get for buying Canadian

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Show them your 300% gains on MARA or RIOT

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Put in 160k last week, going to put in another 240 tommorow.

Ma has nothing to do with BABA anymore.

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Learn to shoot/edit video and graphic design it requires zero school and is in high demand
>t. artfag

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What's the best index fund to put 500 in every month for a Roth IRA? Ultra long hold until retirement

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WFH is actually a liability to your career bc your management assumes you're not working and so they have fewer qualms about firing you. Seen this play out all over the place

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And conveniently cropped out penis

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Or a fucking leveraged S&P fund. They say leverage creates risk, but the S&P literally always goes up

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Majority of bitcoin miners are in China. Just buy GBTC if you want a paper derivative of BTC

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Whats the play boys?
Lefties fuck off.

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You're now realizing what it feels like to slowly approach The Singularity. Eventually, human work will not just be worthless, human work will produce negative value. What happens in an algorithmic-driven society that comes to the conclusion that humans have a net negative value?

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Only have 50 shares.

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He looks like he’s dying of aids.

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You kill the machines :^)

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Those of us who Made It will convert the rest of the population to fertilizing mulch for our robot-tended crops

Then life becomes a game in which we bet capital on which robo-scientist will increase productivity the most

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Please and thanks. I'm looking for the next affordable investment.

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Do you niggas hold aapl? Cant decide if I want to dump it or long it.

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You going fucking off to pmg, hoarding up on gold for Trumps embarrassing upcoming exit. Make some money blogging about adrenochrome.

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Butlerian Jihad is a prophecy. Unlike that novel, the machines will be too powerful and/or abstracted to be destroyed.

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there's no longer the same drive as there was during the presidential election - democrats are happy with the way things went. there is no longer a "I'm voting to get Trump out!" mobilization as there was in November. Now it's just a boring senate race - Dems will not show up
You're expecting uneducated impoverished black voters in Atlanta to show up to vote in a senate race.. it's not going to happen

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Well there are some job that you can't WFH. Sometimes you actually gotta be there you know.

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Weedbros I need a suggestion (SNDL).

My avg is 0.58$ so I’m a bagholder at the moment, would you suggest to hold this stock for X months until it’s well over 1$ or ride the dude weed lmao carousel starting tomorrow and sell on Friday?

I don’t want to get fucked another time if this shit goes back to the 0.40-0.50s because and miss the gains.

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There's close to 0 institutional ownership on these crypto mining stocks, so you're at the mercy of retail FOMOing in and right now the flavor of the month seems to be BTBT. Fundamentals hardly mean anything right now.

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yeah I'm sure the next iteration of Baba is going to have amazing growth and sustained quality with robot CCP sycophants at the helm

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Based and Dune pilled

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You don't actually think uneducated impoverished black voters in Atlanta showed up to vote for old ass Biden, do you?

Nigga, the ballots come in suitcases. There's no problem with turnout.

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>You going fucking off to pmg, hoarding up on gold for Trumps embarrassing upcoming exit. Make some money blogging about adrenochrome.

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I love horses and I love WKHS

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So seriously, why would we not have a second crash coming up?

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I gave up on MARA. the dilution is so out of control that I can't even buy calls on it anymore and I'm leery of shorting anything in this market

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So did the CCP put a bullet in Jack's head yet?

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Everything is priced in you dumb ape. SPY will reach ATHs tomorrow.

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You better be doing the sneedful

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Wait til apple car announcement or release. Sell then if you want out. No point selling now, the year is young and they have something up their sleeve. Their processing chip is fairly competitive against Intel and they definitely have some smart home shit in mind that will bump shares to at least 250.

Just hold, apple isn't going anywhere.

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crash will happen all week. even more severe if Ossoff and Warnock both win.

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This poster last thread is mentally challenged. Why would I want to do physical labor? I want to live the comfortable life of an aristocrat and know that I'm better than the people I pay to do physical work for me.

I will still work out, but only for aesthetics.

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So what you're saying is buy BABA?

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Whos going to make their new chip?

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after the scrutiny of the november elections, this is going to be extremely monitored and watched
>There's no problem with turnout.
I doubt it, and I also don't buy that the senate races will be won with "suitcase votes"
Senate will also confirm EC on Wednesday - Wednesday market is going to bounce back hard after the uncertainty is removed and split congress + biden presidency is confirmed
Buy the dip

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We just had a 50% crash a year ago.

>> No.25532813

Damn, greta hit the wall hard.

>> No.25532844

If that's a crash then I'll be a millionaire in no time. That was a hiccup

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are they going to announce georgia results tomorrow or we gonna be waiting until next week

>> No.25532860

OSS. Buy now.

>> No.25532862

That’s already priced in you dumb dumb.

>> No.25532863

I'm literally never selling MARA unless there is some news about bitcoin regulations. Understandable why you're giving up, but their profit margin once they have all their miners come Dec 2021 is too juicy for me to pass up on. Wish you the best.

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Final warning
Buy AZN before it moons
$200 EOM

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Here's how it plays out:
>"Nooo you can't throw us out. We're official GOP observers and we're allowed to be here!"
>Cops on shift from the Atlanta PD throw them out
>Counting continues
>Warnock and Ossoff win by 2 when Fulton reports results at 5AM
>Media reports GOP enthusiasm just wasn't there. Tough luck.

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projections are 10% drop if dems win senate. do the math, queer

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I don't foresee another March 2020 crash happening again soon, but I still think we got further to correct downwards this week.

>> No.25532933

>Dec 2021
btc bull run will likely be dead and buried by this time. i admire your bravery but that's too much risk for me. so that's why i'm out

>> No.25532937

You forgot the pipe burst... I'm an arena...

>> No.25532949

That was one of the sharpest crashes in history. But it still was a market crash

>> No.25532962

Oh you actually think Dems are going to win? Lol...

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Doing the sneedful is buying SNDL, selling $1 calls on the closest expiry and using the premium from selling said calls to buy more SNDL to sell more calls until you have no money left. There is one dude that posts here that has 13,000 shares or something along those lines and makes decent money doing it.

>> No.25532988

I'm a retard but I have a $20,000 line of credit. What do I do with it boys.

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If the Democrats win Georgia tomorrow any market selloff should be bought heavily. With control of the senate the Democrats will pump massive amounts of money into the US economy which will heavily benefit stocks, crypto and precious metals.

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>> No.25533015

let me guess: trump will be serving another term in your world too

>> No.25533045

Cash it then flee the country to somewhere cheap

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man the global markets really are screwed when you think about it

honestly terrified of where we will be as a society in 20 years, I need to make enough money to buy a cuck shed and get the hell out of the cities as soon as possible

>> No.25533099

Stop putting words in my mouth guy. I’m just saying that GA going to Dems is a long shot.

>> No.25533111

How do I be the guy on the right

>> No.25533116

USA will have cases through 2021 and shutdowns/quarantines because over half the population doesn't want to take the vaccine which I totally understand since pfizer dude "didn't want to cut in line"

the real question is when will big movers pull out of the market? It depends on whatever Biden pushes. Either way, if corporations truly move out of states, money will move and the market will. E chaotic.

If covid3 comes out resistant to the vaccine and it is worse, another pullout will happen.

I don't fuck with crypto, but if thats where foreign money is trying to hide due to international pandemic of covid3 you might win.

2021 gonna be fun, I expect at least a housing crash with the amount of foreclosures and new homeless.

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I tried to file for 2019 but it was rejected and they only owed me $100 so I didn't bother mailing it in. Do I still get a check? Sorry /smg/ you're my only friends and I didn't know who else to ask.

>> No.25533123

yeah no. That would imply that tax cuts get revoked and would crash the market to 2016 levels. Not even dems are stupid enough to expect a sweep

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>> No.25533149

I'm long since $2 and cost basis on my shares was almost 0 from selling covered calls prior to today. Covered my cost basis on the book value of my shares today, so my cost basis is now negative. Whatever happens by then happens.

>> No.25533160

That is a lot of money in Turkey if you can get there before the bank finds out.

>> No.25533208

biden won georgia and vote by mail turnout (dem proxy) is already a higher proportion of the senate runoff than it was the general. dems have a much higher likelihood of winning than you think

>> No.25533213

Return to monke

>> No.25533228

The fuck do you mean it was rejected? You fucked up the free e-filing? https://www.irs.gov/filing/free-file-do-your-federal-taxes-for-free

>> No.25533245

Don't forget to borrow bitcoin as well

what are they gonna do, lower your credit score

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>He doesn't realize this is a pump year and quarantine will be lifted in may
The Biden administration is just going to pretend they fixed the problem and ignore any new covid cases you fool. They are going to pump the economy so hard it'll explode in a few years but until then it's straight to the MOON.

>> No.25533290

All I gotta do is hang in for another decade at my job then the glorious full retirement option comes open to me.. (age 48 and done w/work for the rest of my life). As it stands now I'm semi retired thanks to the virus. (still getting paid in full though)

>> No.25533301

Sell puts on banks

>> No.25533320

>when will big movers pull out of the market?
Literally never. The second round of stimulus was the first of many more to come. The dollar hasn't even gone down significantly yet if you zoom out.

>> No.25533336

Damn, 48? What’s your retirement plan? I have 14 years left (54) for my pension.

>> No.25533367

It will be the same but the msm will ignore the virus by covering the Iran war. It is a risk though because China is waiting for us to be in another conflict so they can invade Taiwan while we're busy.

>> No.25533376

Wrong. WWIII 2023

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By checking these numerals

>> No.25533392

Yeah I used turbotax and it told me it was rejected and I had to mail it in so rather than mail it in for the money I just left it at that.

>> No.25533394

Banks will be making a killing due to houses being snatched up by those who have the money.

>> No.25533395

the first thing is getting trips, which you've done. congratulations. the next steps are a bit more difficult

>> No.25533410

I'm 40% VOO 40% QQQ 20% SOXL.

>> No.25533417

>The dollar hasn't even gone down significantly yet if you zoom out.
Thanks to based modern monetary theory you just win if you have investments
Literally just don't have cash

>> No.25533438

I started at a young age plus loopholes in the regs that cover it.

>> No.25533441

Wrong. Gov will continue to freeze foreclosures until 2022

>> No.25533454

This guy knows

>> No.25533467

My guess is military from 18 into national guard and a company that forwarded military service into retirement with a fuckload of money thrown into ira/roth/tsp/401k

Or he is a frugal son of a bitch who coupons.

Idk lol.

>> No.25533472

How did people buy memes in the 90s

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I'm fine with 2 more years of a bull run. Maybe the war will kill off the trannys. I allow it.

>> No.25533506

Enjoy your new Chinese neighbors.

>> No.25533510

Well first off shame on you for being lazy. Second, check https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments Sounds like you'll be able to claim any as-yet-unclaimed Trumpbux when you file your 2020 and 2021 taxes.

>> No.25533511

By calling your female broker

>> No.25533512

That happened to me too because some gay thing needed to be 0 instead of what my previous year said it was, was so fucking pissed until I figured it out

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File: 1.41 MB, 1200x800, Kilroy_Was_Here_-_Washington_DC_WWII_Memorial.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they had to be traded through bathroom stalls or other niche locations secretly

>> No.25533545

The war will end with USA "democracy" replaced by a corporate-military junta and the capitol will be Austin TX.

>> No.25533550

Institutional investors are starting to buy in now, at least according to news from yesterday. It'll obviously never be close to RIOT or MARA, but I was expecting another easy rise to $3. These OTC cryptocurrency miners are blatant PnD scams lel

>> No.25533576

This meme was used during ww2 where soldiers would draw kilroy was here on German bunker walls or subtle areas in war zones to boost morale of following soldiers.

This specific kilroy is hidden on the far side of the memorial. Pretty based.

>> No.25533585

So I should sell my tsm and buy avgo?

>> No.25533605

It’s going to be Balkanization with foreign interests propping up the various states.

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Wagecuck here looking for advice.

I have 20k in my account from saving all year with 18k of student loans. My original plan was to pay off student debt, start saving for a house with my fiance. But I've been hearing investing sounds more promising rn.

What should I do, pay off debt and save for a house or start buying hard into the market over the next 3 years? What would you do with 20k sitting in my position.

>> No.25533652

Wrong. Believe what you want, I don't care whether you profit off this.

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>So, America lost?
In 1965 with the immigration act, yes it's all been downhill since

>> No.25533662

That's what I thought I'd need to do, thank you anon.

I just gave up thinking it wasn't worth it.

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Whatcha hodling, /smg/?

>> No.25533692

I only figured it out because I wanted my Trump bux

>> No.25533697


>> No.25533705

So you would rather risk going fucking broke and still having 18k and pretty much unloanable or take the solid deal and be debt free and just work smart with investing smaller savings since you don't know shit about the market in the first place to dump 18k

Do the latter and be debt free. If you really want to fuck in the market, your credit score will be high enough after the loan payback and you can borrow cash to fuck off in. Difference is this time you can actually default on the loan.

>> No.25533708

*19th amendment

>> No.25533711

You're probably fucked till it gets uplisted to the nasdaq. A lot of people stay away from OTC shit. I bought BITF.V and sold for a 30% gain. I'd hold it, but the fact I can't trade it AH because of canada deters me from holding it in the event where I'd have to liquidate due to BTC taking a shit during AH.

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>invest in PLTR to get rid if their grandkids

>> No.25533732

trump lost

>> No.25533758

>Pay off your loan so you can take out another loan
This is horrible advice. Pay off all your debt, then have 3 months of cash savings. Then invest whatever you can after that.

>> No.25533764
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imagine an anon being shot by an Amazon war drone in WW3 and seeing a picture of a green cartoon frog as his last dying moments

>> No.25533779


>> No.25533786

Both retards

>> No.25533802

Pay off the debt!!

>> No.25533808

You didn't understand. If he is debt free he can then save and invest while learning how to do so.

If was really desperate, he could pay off his unforgivable student debt and then take out a loan to fuck with, because you can at least default on that loan.

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There is only one question that matters. How do I make money without it being stolen by the Jew?

>> No.25533828

Priced in. Bottom of March crash set the new baseline. Hope you got in on the ground floor of this 10 year bullrun, beartard.

>> No.25533829

This. "Debt free!" is a Boomer totem. Nice, but a distinctly bad play if inflation or hyperinflation play out.

Like, would you rather clear the student loan off the books and miss out on a year of housing appreciation or make a downpayment on a giant mortgage? The answer should be obvious.

>> No.25533849

fully paid off homestead where you sell jam, eggs and woodwork stuff to nice ppl in your small town

>> No.25533853

Student loans are one of the lowest interest lines of credit there is, imagine ever paying them off.

>> No.25533858
File: 18 KB, 558x614, 7E86D0F7-CF14-4B85-9F9A-0050FF4E039B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>rich dad poor dad says debt is good, take out all the loans you can and just claim Bankruptcy when you are 42 and work a dead end job until you ultimately die of alcoholism.

>> No.25533867


>> No.25533876

what about property taxes?

>> No.25533885

>deflation hits instead

>> No.25533887

Sorry, thought >>25533758 said "keep paying off your debt". Making bare minimum payments is the smartest play here.

Dave Ramsey pls go

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I unironically sell jam and muffins to old ladies

>> No.25533901

I just fucking hate debt, low rates or not.

>> No.25533925

Should I just buy the Uranium stocks Rick Rule tells me to


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MARAbros....will we be alright ?

>> No.25533936

Right, suddenly the Fed is possessed by the spirit of Paul fucking Volcker and commits to letting trillions in treasuries and mortgages rolling off its balance sheet. Get real, easy money is here for the forseeable future.

>> No.25533942

If you can't make more money trading stocks than the interest on a student loan, you should kill yourself for being a genetic dead end

>> No.25533944

Only buying owning a house if you can at least put 20% down for a 15 year mortgage is smart. Anything else is a merchant trick.

>> No.25533975

I will refer you to >>25533942

>> No.25533977

You can't get rich without debt. Debt is GOOD. Just don't over-leverage yourself.

>> No.25533980

Sorry I have been debt free for 5 years now because I am not retarded.

>> No.25534001

the correct thing to do is to invest, but since you're looking for advice in fucking 4chan, you're prob better off paying your loans off first instead of blowing up your shit on risky momentum plays
if you're just going to park it in an index fund then ok i guess, still a risk since if market crashes you probably lose your job too

i have student loans and i have enough to pay it off entirely but gains from stock market is more than the interest so im not paying it off yet, but im pretty comfortable with investing/gambling my money away since i know my limits already

>> No.25534013

And your net worth is?

>> No.25534019

>Rick Rule
Literal who doesn't even have a Wikipedia page, he is just a random ass boomer.

>> No.25534021

srac bros we got too cocky

>> No.25534025

Also all the retards saying “you can just trade stocks” are basement dwellers with absolutely no major responsibilities. Show me anyone besides CLF tranny who makes over 100k annually from stocks.

>> No.25534028

Dilution over for now, depends completely on what btc does now

>> No.25534036

He works for Sprott which does most of the good mining deals

>> No.25534039

Thoughts on BNGO?

>> No.25534048

OK, chart $20k of your debt growing for the last five years vs the exact same money invested in something like SPUU (2x leveraged S&P ETF). The rules of the game are different in ZIRP land.

>> No.25534052

Rounding $300k

>> No.25534055

Is there any way to DCA without fractional shares?

>> No.25534068

How does 1k sound like

>> No.25534074


Watch out guys we got a big shot posting.

>> No.25534077

When I started my job the regs stated "27 years service;full retirement" The max is 32 years (anything over your paying them basically). Your able to walk at 20 but at a reduced payout. They got 3 types of paid time you can earn on top of the regular paid holidays. Comp, Sick, and vacation. Comp and sick, any unused gets counted toward service time at retirement (max combined of 2 years). Vacation, any unused they pay you for up to 6 months worth. Vacation time racks up as your service time grows. By the time your at 20 years your earning 2 whole vacation days a month.

>> No.25534078

Past performance is not indicative of future returns brainlet.

>> No.25534133

Is there anything more reddit than ARK?

>> No.25534139

Also once you hit 240 vacation hrs, any over that gets dumped into your sick time count.

>> No.25534144


>> No.25534158

do you hold AT&T by any chance

>> No.25534161

Right, future returns are driven by...Fed forward guidance. Which is 100% more of the same.

Again, this isn't 1980.

>> No.25534168

>Dilution over for now
imagine actually believing this. MARA is a terrible stock for two reasons:

1) share dilution will continue for an unknown period and you want to be diluting when BTC is at ATH's, not in the highly uncertain future

2) by the time they've paid back all those miners the bull run could very well be over.

just buy options on LedgerX

>> No.25534170


>> No.25534174

>Someone with vested interest in mining tells you to buy mining stocks while also shilling his portfolio review service.
All in on Uranium, forget that nuclear is never coming back.
>I can't make serious money because I'm not a NEET
Cope. Most of the successful traders here are swing traders of memes that do limited research.

>> No.25534176

>Get real, easy money is here for the forseeable future.
you underestimate how confusing this all is to a newbie
that guy might buy into the next GNUS or something instead

20k isn't a lot in the long run anyways, I'd still say he's better off just paying off the debt. He's essentially using loaned money to buy stocks if he still has those debts and im not sure that's a good idea for a newbie in terms of trading psychology. He can start DCAing his paycheck with less stress afterwards

>> No.25534177

Woah. Haven’t checked stocks in a week. What’s going on with horse?

>> No.25534180

>post yfw he was kidnapped by East India Company agents to make the CCP look bad

>> No.25534192
File: 10 KB, 225x225, bobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya'll cowards be the kind of niggers who refuse to get a business loan because "debt bad and scary". If you're not willing to take risks you will never get good returns. Why are there so many ultra-bobos posting right now?

>> No.25534204

Yes as a mater of fact I do (along with other stuff)

>> No.25534211


>> No.25534224

You’d make a lot more money stuffing old ladies muffins with you sticky jam.

>> No.25534227

6000 new horsie orders, coming to a street near you.

>> No.25534230

>32.9% Warnock vs 25.9% Loeffler
You do realize that the GOP votes were split between Loeffler and Doug Collins? It was a jungle primary. I think she is more likely to lose to Warnock than Perdue is to Ossoff, but not for that reason. I think it's likely that 1 republican wins. Joe Manchin of WV will likely side with republicans on anything particularly radical.

>> No.25534231

iktf. my family lives deep in the California foothills and every day I fantasize about buying a trailer and living on their land

>> No.25534257

Because I have a family and child in a middle class lifestyle/earnings bracket and don't want to end up homeless and play it safe.

You have fun with that sam hyde lifestyle.

>> No.25534258

That’s fucking huge I have $22 calls expiring the 22nd

>> No.25534286
File: 628 KB, 500x279, v04.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesn't mention income
>actually wants to buy a house in the next 5 years
There's no point caring about student loan debt, just do income based repayment if it's that big of an expense for (You)
My re-entry price was 1.70, so it's not a big deal. Reading comments from FOMO bag holders definitely improves morale :^)

>> No.25534292

I bought back in on that news so it's gonna dip

>> No.25534298

swing trade TQQQ

you gotta work your whole life to get a property big enough for anything but a cuckshed that you will only get to enjoy when you're 60. I'd rather find a way to multiply my money in the meantime
And good luck selling home made food without fetting fucked by the FDA

>> No.25534301
File: 269 KB, 973x873, bobo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have enough assets in real estate that even if I lost LITERALLY ALL THE MONEY IN MY TRADING PORTFOLIO, I could still live a decent life with my family at $100K a year off the passive income. I mean we'd be living like poor people but we'd be living.

>> No.25534333

Held up well after hours so far

>> No.25534351

Probably somebody made a stock thread on /pol/

>> No.25534358

D's also split the vote with Warnock

Loeffler is incredibly unpopular and has had a lot of bad press. I think she is far less likely to win than Perdue.

>> No.25534364

were getting to a point in our nations history where it's going to be fashionable to hunt and kill landlords and you post something like this?

try a little humility and subtlety...it may save your life..

>> No.25534392
File: 176 KB, 686x378, activate it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That would explain all the 40yo boomers trying to justify their lives of wage slavery.

>> No.25534395

Are you me?

>> No.25534401

risk management

>> No.25534410
File: 55 KB, 780x600, Commie_Helicopter_Ride_png1506847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon should own a reliable gun and be prepared commit mass self defense.

>> No.25534417

"For now" being the keyword here. They made it clear in their recent S3 filing that if they have to further dilute the shares in the future, they will. This is what pretty much all public crypto miners do to raise cash since they have almost nothing on their balance sheets. They've closed their recent 200m shelf offering as of today and won't need to do another for some time. Say whatever you want, I've made decent money off of MARA and took away the cost basis on my shares. I will hold and see what happens since I don't have a crystal ball.

>> No.25534422
File: 102 KB, 1280x720, bog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I'll stick with the old fashioned way of protecting one's life, by killing anyone who dares to try and threaten it. With guns.

>> No.25534435
File: 162 KB, 749x1024, F551ACB9-FE61-4F52-9479-3A2E1D5C336D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think he didn’t listen to Jesus to buy those cash flow wage-caves?

>> No.25534440
File: 275 KB, 1029x1000, boomer hd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What etfs are you on, fellow /smg/ boomers?
Is the vanguard growth etf looking good?

>> No.25534458

why are you even talking then like you're doing something risky

you're not risking as much proportionally compared to someone who has a negative net worth and is trading stocks despite their student loans. They have bigger balls than you to be doing that so early on right after graduating

>> No.25534463

Obviously you shouldn't leverage more debt than you can reasonably take on, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take on debt it just means you shouldn't be a mouthbreathing retard.

>> No.25534466

>be landlord anon
>warband of negros run up on his rental property
>"oh fuck oh shit oh fuck!
>proceed to dial 911
this is exactly how it's going to happen, no point in LARPing..

>> No.25534473

>Reading comments from FOMO bag holders definitely improves morale :^)
The pink wojak indicator is a pretty decent buy signal

>> No.25534474

If I sold my oceanfront and we lived in my car, my wife would be upset but we would have 2.4m

Probably will move into mountains since sea-level is kind of rising and our county isn't maintaining the shoreline.

Oh well.

You sound like a person I wouldn't talk to and probably would end up hating as a human being.

Good luck to you.

>> No.25534486

Yes it is

>> No.25534487

Futures red :(

>> No.25534492

>it just means you shouldn't be a mouthbreathing retard.
where do you think you are

>> No.25534505
File: 7 KB, 289x174, pump it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First of all I don't personally manage any of my properties. Secondly I live in Tejas so it would be a bunch of beaners. Thirdly I know most of the major cartel beaners in my area and they'd back me up.

>> No.25534514

How does one actually learn wtf they’re doing? I got into this shit with the crash and mostly follow /biz/‘s advice, which made me over $2,000; but I work for a living and don’t know how to actually research things to know how they may do.

>> No.25534515
File: 217 KB, 1080x1055, Snapchat-1852954816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But with landlord anon take the BBC trying to avoid his inevitable demise? Find out soon!

>> No.25534522
File: 10 KB, 250x250, 1579915443608s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ms. Rona ain't over lads.......

>> No.25534543

Woah you got properties? I might have track you down and kill you in minecraft so I can take all your shit

>> No.25534544

So in this single smg we have 3 millionaire portfolios, multiple property owners and especially a wealthy son of a bitch with cartel insiders.

This place is ridiculous.

>> No.25534545

How did you come to know cartel bosses?

>> No.25534554

buddy, I've also made decent money on MARA but after watching this thing pump and dump daily for 2 weeks I don't see how you can recommend anybody buy this stock.

they owe 170mm for the miners they purchased. you're telling me they already made 170mm by diluting their stock? seriously doubt it. what we've seen so far is the dilution from them just paying back the *20%* that they had to pay 48 hours after executing the contract with bitmain. another 30% is due by the end of february. this is a company with no assets aside from the bitcoins they mine that they can't even sell

>> No.25534587

the 4 and 5 figure posters are the most honest

>> No.25534591
File: 81 KB, 600x536, laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thinks a D congress will cause a crash
Another stimulus bill, something resembling a green new deal, aid to states, increased social welfare, etc. The D controlled senate will be extremely bullish short term. You're probably a XOMbie to be spreading this kind of FUD

>> No.25534595

never going to happen

>> No.25534601

>believing the LARP
that anon probably owns a single rental unit in the shittiest part of the city and has delinquencies up the ass and is probably contemplating burning it all down.

people that openly brag are more than likely massive losers in real life..

>> No.25534615

See in the OP where it says
>Educational Sites

>> No.25534617

Good luck, cuck.
Pro-tip, most used automobile dealers and mechanics are connected to the cartel here, if you want to get into business in Tejas you must deal with Jose and friends.

>> No.25534637

Warnock split it with a bunch of nobodies, Loeffler split it with an incredibly pro-Trump congressman. You are right though, her chances are worse because of the tension between Kemp, Collins, and Trump. She was chosen by Kemp to win back suburban voters that drifted from Trump, but she had to appeal to Trump hardliners to compete with Collins, who threw his hat into the race because he felt snuffed by not getting the nomination. Collins really fucked her chances. Things should be okay with the markets if one of the seats stays red though.
t. works in GA federal politics

>> No.25534640

they're likely to undo the trump tax bill and raise taxes on corporations

>> No.25534665

How does it work? You put up a property for rent and they phone you to ask for their cut?

>> No.25534670

I started wageslaving and im losing a bunch of money now cause i cant watch my stocks... What are some comfy holds?

>> No.25534671

Definitely possible the economy goes into another recession under Biden. Opportunity for Biden to blame trump for the recession and pass meaningful legislation at the same time

>> No.25534672

so you're not gonna even mention the insider trading scandal? lmao jesus man

>> No.25534688
File: 33 KB, 400x400, 1605984583813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But Baba dipped to 217, if they bought then they'd still be up.

>> No.25534706

Lmao everything I hold was red as shit today. From boomer to memes. Good luck

>> No.25534720
File: 80 KB, 1024x700, 1604078795902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Within the next 2-3 months, the markets could either take off like crazy or go redder than you've ever seen. Isn't it exciting?

>> No.25534725


>> No.25534734

>GA federal politics
also what is "GA federal politics"? I thought state and federal politics were separate

>> No.25534753

Set stop loss above break even? Idk how did you manage them before waging

>> No.25534764

hope you sold or plan to sell anon. shit's not gonna end well

>> No.25534778

Dem cheat play to split the results not make it too obvious.

>> No.25534790
File: 24 KB, 374x374, 1607014193605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.25534802
File: 634 KB, 600x600, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we can't possibly have back to back red days to start 2020 right

>> No.25534855

I'm sad that get rich quick crypto cucks are going to make it while responsible investing us and pmg are left in the dust.

>> No.25534861
File: 1.02 MB, 2822x1555, CB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SHRMF up 40% AM


>> No.25534862

Use trailing stops or automated trading

>> No.25534870

reverse search has no results

>> No.25534887

>not playing both sides

>> No.25534888

Here, I'll spoonfeed you:
You can read the same press release on MARA's website as well. The entire 200m shelf offering was completed last week.

>I don't see how you can recommend anybody buy this stock
My outlook is longer than the average person in this thread. When I first started buying shares and LEAPS back in November in the $2 range, I told myself I was not selling till at least mid 2021 when they will receive miners the ordered on the last batch and I will still stick to this plan if not extend it with this recent batch of miner purchases.

MARA is an EXCELLENT swing trade. For the last couple weeks, I've been buying calls at close and selling them at open. Also selling covered calls close to open and buying them back near close. Almost every single day this resulted in profits and I bought some more calls today at close. While MARA has been making me good gains, I think its time for me to branch out and find another good play for 2021.

>> No.25534892

I hope so I bought 60 shares of TQQQ and I'm looking for a reason to invest in ROPE

>> No.25534907

>What are some comfy holds?
TSM is half my portfolio right now, lost my $55 cost basis since i sold it momentarily for GME i September but bought back in at $104 and it's pretty fucking comfy right now

>> No.25534908

>Worst case scenario, the dip will last a week
Dems winning both seats would *not* be bullish short-term
Dems winning both seats is against expectations - unexpected events are not bullish nor would be increased taxes expectations
Why do you think we dipped today? Market hedging against the risk of both seats being won
You're going to tell me that Dems winning both seats would be bullish in the short-term after we had the DOW down more than 700 points at one point today due to increased expectations of Dem double victory

>> No.25534941

Fiat should do an ICO and call it Fiat currency and give you a discount if you buy a car from Fiat, in Fiat

It will have actual intrinsic value in the form of a purchasing discount and thus be more real than the USD

>> No.25534969

you've convinced me anon. thanks for digging that up

>> No.25534986

Yeah that was really bad PR. 3rd party/blind trust is the name of the game for politicians these days, which makes it hard to prove anything, but gives opposition a lot of ammo to speculate with.
Your Senators and Congressmen that go to U.S. Congress in D.C. are federal politicians. It's not uncommon in campaign politics/consulting to focus on a particular state.

>> No.25535007

Depends on your starting capital. If you have a million it's easy. If you just have 300k it's risky but it can be done

>> No.25535063

If you are wage slaving just put it in 40%edv and 60%qqq you will beat any retarded portfolio you haphazardly put together and you can focus on your life / job.

>> No.25535084

I think I saved it from someone here posting it lol

>> No.25535107

What's the interest rate on your loan? If you want a house, then buy a house. Your choices are an overpriced but new and functional structure out in the middle of nowhere, or an overpriced rotting pile of ancient wood and stone in an actually desirable location. Or you can buy some meme stocks at their ATHs. The only thing not overpriced right now is labor so maybe take that money to start a business and hire some wagecucks of your own.

>> No.25535142
File: 295 KB, 1086x1920, 8865B7B8-622D-4228-9DE1-74A3C30FCC18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like I said anyone who makes 100k trading post your proof. You can’t because you don’t.

>> No.25535143
File: 86 KB, 1080x697, 1604717548389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No problem fren, hope we all make it

>> No.25535195

any know anything about ZOM?

>> No.25535196

Checked digits of wealth
Buying MARA tomorrow

>> No.25535253

Yandex led to a blog which led to this pixiv link:

Not sure if it's right tho, it's restriced and I don't feel like making an account

>> No.25535264


>> No.25535293

damn, I don't wanna make one either
oh well

>> No.25535299

What about bfarf?

>> No.25535338

So because I'm not an astronaut the Eath is flat? Cmon man. You yourself mentioned an example earlier in the thread with the CLF guy (although he's being too risky with those calls)
I live in the third world so I will never make 100k per year, trading stocks or otherwise. Doesn't mean it can't be done.

>> No.25535353
File: 13 KB, 518x280, sweaty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started with around 10k in spring of 2019. If you do the math, you'll find out that I've made more than 100k a year. Keep coping, stay mad.

>> No.25535390

bro how

>> No.25535398
File: 185 KB, 900x856, 1582905096462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SSO and/or QLD.

>> No.25535425
File: 15 KB, 300x300, 1600486207253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I currently make 71.5k as a cyber security engineer at a financial group, and have a guaranteed promotion coming up in the next 3 months.
How high should I negotiate my salary above their initial offer bros?

>> No.25535474

I did it anyways because I've got the time, so here's the guy's twitter:

>> No.25535483

how would anyone here know
half the general are poorfag students gambling their corona bux away

>> No.25535511

i know for a fact there are some successful wagies rattling around in here somewhere

>> No.25535512

>and have a guaranteed promotion coming up in the next 3 months.
How do you know it’s guaranteed?
Did your manager say it’s guaranteed?
>How high should I negotiate my salary above their initial offer bros?
Neither my current nor previous company had room for negotiation in promotions. How confident are you in your negotiating skills?

>> No.25535524
File: 214 KB, 345x336, You stupid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Big brudder gobernment stepping in to save everyone's asses with stumulus and bailouts is the new bottom.

Lmao. Keep being delusional. This market is so inflated it can drill into the center of the earth with just the acceleration provided by gravity.

>> No.25535531

I got lucky with my house. It's around 60 years old but the structure is in great shape and it's been remodeled over the years. Built better than the slap it together shit they build now. I got it during the last great housing crash. The owners had shelled out a lot for the main level remodel and had decided to tackle the basement remodel themselves (they fucked that up). Then the crash happened. Enter me; I get the price knocked down more due to the shoddy basement job. Price was already knocked off due to the crash. I pay $400 a month for a 3 bed house. I fixed the basement myself. Wasn't hard. I wanted it exposed. Two large ass rooms was the result. One's my utility/storage room. The other is a bonus room. No ceiling to fuck with. If something happens upstairs (leaky toilet for example) I can tell it right quick instead of the months it'd normally take after the water molded and ruined the drywall.

>> No.25535533
File: 191 KB, 774x1024, 8B028B13-9405-44CB-9B22-0875D2201535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25535534

I swung BITF.V for a 30% gain, but the only other crypto miner I looked into was RIOT. Didn't like their balance sheet when I was looking at them in November and the fact that they don't even own their mining facility and the company supplying the facility with power are suing each other was a red flag for me. I've picked the crypto hill I'll die on; not really going to be doing more research on miners besides keeping up to date with any MARA news that comes out.

>> No.25535542


Because he invested in Genesis Technology.

Hi, I'm Tai Waipipo and I'm known as the retard who...

>> No.25535551

guarantee you won't be able to negotiate given you are already an employee

>> No.25535557

He started in literally the easiest time ever to invest all in on tqqq would get you close

Just fucking buying tesla would too

>> No.25535558

If it’s been at least 2 years, try a bump to 85k
Have you tried negotiating your salary before?

>> No.25535559

71.5k seems a little low for that position. I'm basically glorified tech support that came in with no education and no experience (obviously I lied in applying) and I'm 75k. I think they've already low balled you and will continue doing so. Fighting for a bigger pay raise isn't going to be easy when you come in low. Since you asked though, aim for 100k.

>> No.25535569

>Did your manager say it’s guaranteed?
yes, he explicitly told me it's guaranteed and funding has already been set aside
>How confident are you in your negotiating skills?
confident enough that if they tell me it's non-negotiable, i'm going to negotiate anyway.

>> No.25535575

>t. what is an increase in taxes

>> No.25535578
File: 1.48 MB, 540x378, v09.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>extremely bullish short term
They aren't going to touch tax rates, not with this economy.
Just hold TSM and AMD.
>they're going to raise taxes in the midst of a pandemic + recovery
Extremely doubtful
>Why do you think we dipped today?
I zoomed out.
>You're going to tell me that Dems winning both seats would be bullish in the short-term after we had the DOW down more than 700 points at one point today due to increased expectations of Dem double victory
Screencap my post if you want, as I don't really believe institutional investors are that worried.

>> No.25535589

>given you are already an employee

>> No.25535590

do research into the the top pay rates for others in the promotion position for your company and other companies. gauge your salary request based on a range that will be probably brought down. ie if you think 90k is what you'll get, say 93k or something. push the limit as high as you can without seeming unreasonable because they'll probably bring it down anyway, but you don't want to cross into unreasonable territory.

>> No.25535599
File: 354 KB, 544x599, 1609818593082.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post yfw one Christmas tree takes out more commies than the protest on the 6th

>> No.25535644

>ie if you think 90k is what you'll get, say 93k or something
The negotiating books say you’re supposed to start with “no”, as in asking for too much, otherwise you ask for too little and you’ve lowballed yourself at the first “yes”
So this dude’s right

>> No.25535648

Nothing that interesting, mostly TSLA, SOXL, TQQQ, WKHS, shroom stocks, and a bunch of SPACs which I won't bother listing. Correctly timing the Corona Crash was a big windfall. I also don't trade short dated options so this was done through outright ownership of stocks and a few LEAPs.
Yet you didn't do either of those things.

>> No.25535654

it is, but i'm also living in one of the lowest cost of living cities in the USA and just got out of college. I was hired at 62k, got a raise to 71.5k 8 months ago, and now i'm slated for a promotion in 3-4 months.
this is reasonable and what i was leaning towards doing, thank you anon

>> No.25535669

Tech isn't fucked, I'm making 110k at 24 at a Global 50. You just have to not be retarded, and also have soft skills. Spending your days on NEETChan isn't going to help you lol.

>> No.25535699
File: 62 KB, 553x629, FD9E4E35-6C29-4651-AE3E-58BB533781F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But FLGT and hit bench and OHP hard tomorrow

>> No.25535702
File: 184 KB, 400x300, 1608822861946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25535709

Also, it's not even true in the first place. Starting from the date I opened my account, if I bought TQQQ or TSLA and held until now I would only be up 27K or 147K.

>> No.25535740

Tech is fucked. Us luddites make the rules now and we're coming for you technigger.

>> No.25535748

If they have already set funding aside I would bring it up with your boss before they officially offer you the promotion. Are you willing to leave this company, or does your boss at least think you are willing to entertain the idea?

>> No.25535757
File: 10 KB, 244x206, highiq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>their biggest priority will be raising corporate tax rates

>> No.25535772


>> No.25535784

if your interviewing is with management that you are good with buerecratically, you can probably push the limit more. this is where fitting in with normies pays off. bonus points if you can bring up hard numbers of your results in your work. skip the conceptual discussion, bring up detailed data about what you do, why it saves the company money, how it earns the company money. always bring it back to you are earning them more money. you wouldn't have a job in the first place if you were losing the company money so even if you're grug brained you're making the firm money. figure out how much you are contributing and use that as your reasoning for a higher push. they might even make an exception for you if you're convincing with it.

>> No.25535851

Nice. Your pic perfectly captures how stupid you are.

>> No.25535869

How long have you been there?
How large is the company?
What's the going rate at other companies/industry leaders?

Financial Services have the money, IMO you're being underpaid. I was on 90k out of uni at 22 in Australia.

>> No.25535890

Is there anything i can do with a business degree out of college with only retail experience ;_;

>> No.25535907

My boss is very open and honest with this kind of stuff, I have already told him I intend on negotiating the promotion salary no matter what, and he even encouraged me to do so.
I would prefer to stay at the company.
The leverage I have is working on a team of only 3 people, and the company being adverse to low interest rates, they might not want to risk losing an employee and having to go through the cost of hiring someone else. Our team was supposed to get a new hire this year, but he was scrapped due to funding. Not sure if I can make that work in my favor, we'll see. I also have hard results of my work, which has been well above expectations of someone fresh out of college.
I do have some very good examples of results, and plan on using that as well.
>How long have you been there?
2 years
>How large is the company?
one of the top 200 biggest in the US
>What's the going rate at other companies/industry leaders?
National average for a cyber security engineer is about 138,000

>> No.25535915


Good thing I don't work in Tech, and manage projects in Financial Services :^) We're large enough that we don't even outsource, we just have a code monkey division in India lol.

>> No.25535928

How do I into promotions anon? I've been working 2 years so far with 2 raises($1.92/hour total).

>> No.25535949

Just a business degree and nothing else? HR or whatever, probably

>> No.25535980
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>yeah b-but y-you're stupid xD
The D senate will appoint AOC dictator for life. It's all over sell everything now before it happens

>> No.25535982

Tough to say, there are a lot of variables.
For me, I was hired into a leadership program, and at the end of the 2 year program, I'm guaranteed a promotion.
For you, try to figure out what their career framework is like, what they expect of someone a level above you, and demonstrate you can operate at that level and talk to your manager.

>> No.25536009


>National Average for a cyber security engineer is about 138,000.

>one of the top 200 biggest in the US

There you go lol. They have the money, large companies should be paying you MORE than the national average. I'm sure if they aren't willing to pay you what you're worth, your competitors would be more than happy to accept you.

>> No.25536036

Internships lol.

>> No.25536062

I wonder what it's like to be this retarded

>> No.25536063

>le suburban voters meme

It was fraud, faggot.

>> No.25536161

What’s the read on RTX? Dipped like a bunch today. Am I fucked?

>> No.25536171

yes. you can get a job in enterprise sales. don't let anyone fucking tell you otherwise.

i just graduated too, albeit a top 10 program. but i came from a poor family and worked retail all the way through college while doing hard af classes (math based ECON) full-time.

in that time, at a fucking retail store, i was invited to the country club by CEOs i sold to, met multiple VPs and account exec types who gave me tips and networking opportunities, and even got invited to a stock trading group with some multi millionaire in his 40s.

get a sales job asap, and get good at it. find an enterprise sales position with high ticket items, and go interview showing your hard numbers of how much you can prospect and close. don't knock it. people these days are terrified of being evaluated objectively. but sales is THE BEST skill you can ever develop and you can take it ANYWHERE: dating, interviews, making friends etc.

i'll even tell you what industry to look for: look for a software company that sells SaaS or other suits to other companies. apply for an SDR or BDR role. if that doesn't work then look at heavy machinery, or mass orders of wholesale. doesn't matter, just make sure the pricetag is huge so you get an adrenaline rush when you close.

i am currently interviewing at Google and another tech company that fits the description i gave you based out of Germany. if both those fail i have friends from college at other firms i can reach out to.

remember, a career is a position where you make money based on your performance. if you don't get paid on performance, you simply have a job. not a career. (i'm looking at you back office types who think you're undervalued)

retail gives you a ton of skills and opportunity. figure those out while you're applying around. adapt or die anon.

>> No.25536199



>> No.25536210

>Dipped like a bunch today.
Yes, everything dipped today.
>Am I fucked?
Yes, because you seem massively retarded and panic like a bitch after being down just one day.

>> No.25536242

Nice, it sounds like there is no drawback to negotiating then. I would do what others have said by basing it off median/average salaries in your field. Sounds like you can even afford to be bold with your initial counteroffer. Who knows, maybe it will be one of those weird situations where they ask you how much you think you should be getting paid.

>> No.25536295

Thank you :)

>> No.25536303

kek state jobs are comfy. For ex; Golf course super I. Only exp required is two years of groundskeeper work. 2,848.22-$4,557.28 at 40 hrs monthly. So be a yard mower boy for two years, get hired for this no problem. No college required.

>> No.25536334

Pedocrats committed fraud for their Chinese masters with the approval of the uniparty.

>> No.25536571

thanks fren
must be an alt name for their nsfw, gelbooru turns up nothing

>> No.25536670

Tl;dr. You're a megalomaniac tool

>> No.25536793

found the pissy back office dyke lol stay mad. have fun retiring at 60

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