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Im fed up..wich coin should i trade grt

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I'm wondering the same thing.

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literally anything else
I lost 65% of my ETH on this fucking bullshit, the official team discord is in shambles right now

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Why are people pissed?

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doesn't matter, because you're a weakhanded impatient lil bitch boi who can't stomach any losses, or sideways action, for a few days, even when you're holding by far the most undervalued token in the whole market.

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Absolutely this. NGMI

This will take at least 6 months to start really moving, and it also will probably continue to dump a bit more from here. If you can't handle that GTFO and go gamble on some retarded shitcoins.

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Reminder for every faggot on this board USDC uses The Graph (GRT)

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HODL man!

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$prq. I’m not memeing.

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Grt volume is extremely low..i dont see any possitive perspectives

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constellation $dag ATL rn... its a cool project. they are coming out with the dev kit, and do some pretty neat shit with accounting firms and signals

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Hathor (HTR)

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Because of this fucking unlocking in a few months!
Why would anyone buy something they know will just dump?
I’m ready to accumulate but not over 20 cents. And I’m serious about that

>pic related is Parsiq

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>gets in at the literal ground level of a new blue chip
>sells at a loss because it doesn't immediately make him a millionaire

oh this guy's going to make it

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You talking about that kiwi dude?

Team clearly doesn't care about average schmuck, Price is only around 28-30 cents because retards like me refuse to sell it for a loss and others are delegating it for a passive income.
Once delegators get unlocked and 4 billion tokens hit the market it will drop down to 5 cents or below. Those "comfy" GRTs you were earning will be worth around 10 dollars at the end of it.

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Imagine if you fomo into some other shitcoin and it immediately starts dumping and GRT starts mooning. How does it feel being a degenerate gambler OP?

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Buy LTO $1 eow

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I'm out too. Didn't have much of a stack just 100k. Screw this. Everything else is mooning.. not getting left behind in this Israeli scam.

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This is the bottom. When holders start selling in waves due to frustration, you just know that it's time

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opportunity cost nigger

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Weak hands?

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Bought 50k this coin at 0.12 and dumped it all at 0.7.

I saw stupid people buy 300k coins at 0.75.

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DYOR, but I'll spoonfeed you.

Ethereum will be king because of this

The Graph will benefit tremendously if stablecoins on ETH that use The Graph are adopted by the U.S. banking systems, which was suggested by Jerome Powell 2 months ago at the International Monetary Fund meeting, and relatively confirmed in the announcement today by the SEC.

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How will graph benefit tremendously from this?
Would you please elaborate?
From what i understand graph is a decentralized api, and aims to index all the worlds data.
Which is great for web 3.0, defi, and dapp devs, but how does the graph benefit directly from banking systems adopting stable coins?
I'm not making the connection.
Thanks in advance.

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I got fucked hard because I failed to stick to my own rules. I FOMOd because it is big. It's real. I'm a bagholder for the first time, but I think what will happen is an OXT-like pump one day within the next six months. It won't last but maybe an hour. But it will pump to a new ATH. Set a sell price between 0.84 - 1.17
Talking dollars, obviously. But...no fuckin' way am I selling at a loss. When it was .28 the other day..I was down over 80kUSD

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if the graph is integrated with stable coins which it is (USDC, big one)
and stable coins get integrated with banks
that means the graph is already at peak importance and will probably never go away since banks now rely on the graph

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you retards will remain poor until you factor in just how retarded you are and that the only way you can outsmart the market is by buying something great at a great price and never selling.

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I have lost 700,000 US dollars holding GRT and not trading it for ETH at .70

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>> banks now rely on the graph

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Is this poor enough for you? >>25532755

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you're not up?

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W-w-wow anon

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you are way wrong and an idiot. GRT has a huge market cap right now, its not realistic to pump and dump it. and no, the initial launch hype wasn't a pnd. it's never happening. GRT will probably keep bleeding out over time.

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Because it will never dump that's just good FUD.

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Just fuck is this a top 5 controversial coin all-time or something people cannot stop fucking fighting about it

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Imagine not being long on GRT right now. Its at the fucking bottom selling pressure has dropped off and its almost entirely whales trying to suppress the price.

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I’m about to drop 3 million GRT on your face. I’ve lost FUCKING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS

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By not flipping into ETH

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your fault for buying high. simple fucking rules, follow them. GRT is bottomed out it will pump hard as fuck within the next week, the only question is when.

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what will happen when grt announces a subgraph for polkadot, ksm??

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It has bounced off 30 cents 4 times in the past 4 days.
You would be selling the literal absolute bottom, right before the biggest bull run in crypto history, on the most undervaled coin in the entire market.

But you do you.

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I didn’t buy high. I didn’t trade for ETH at the right time.

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Close but the most undervalued coin is JRT unironically

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Copy this in every thread homo

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Which indexer should I delegate to bros

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literally close your eyes and pick any coin. 100% guarantee it'll be better than this bollocks coin

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biggest news of the year

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>not realistic to pump and dump it
>initial launch hype was not a pnd
>never happening
>will probably keep bleeding out over time
You're the fucking idiot

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If it weren't for goddamn PRICE SUPPRESSION
making it DUMP every time it hits .35
we'd be on the FUCKING MOON right now

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im thinking UBT

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Fully Diluted Valuation

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Don't touch this. It'll bleed 80% from here.

Glitch sale 1/11.

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given current price
dumb fuck.

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>USDC uses The Graph
For what, exactly?

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Just a shot in the dark but I believe The Graph is used for querying. It's the Google of blockchain, don't you know?

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thanks for the anon shilling LTO at 13c

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Hurry and sell so it can moon

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You're delusional. GRT would be At $2 if whales weren't suppressing the price like they are now. This had so much steam in it from the very beginning but retards panic sold and whales took advantage. I know you're trying to bait but im rebutting to prevent newfags from believing your garbage

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That's called dumping, fageet.

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is GRT only for Queers?

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thanks for the cheap grt today. i appreciate your lack of discipline.

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imagine not delegating! couldn't be me!!!

(coughs and dies)

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Should I start delegating now

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This is going to 0 isn't it

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Oh it went under 30... I feel bad for you guys. Sorry you have to go through this crucible. Well you're either going to pull an xrp or moon against all odds. Good luck. Hold strong.

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yes the delegation rewards are still epic, and to be perfectly honest, we aren't going to see a return on principal in about six months (hopefully)

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand GRT. The tech is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical blockchain most of the indexes will go over a typical retard's head. There's also Yaniv's jewish outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Vitalik literature, for instance. The graphites understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these delegations, to realize that they're not just pieces of the future- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike GRT truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the genius in Yaniv's existencial catchphrase "google of blockchain, motherfuckers" which itself is a cryptic reference to Sergey's Russian epic Pump and Dump. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Tal's genius unfolds itself on their binance screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a GRT tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 GRT of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

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instant classic

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$WHITE whiteheart.finance

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ALBT. Bout to moon like no other.

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Do you have a good delegating guide? i dont the get the fee cut and reward cut

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here's an archived thread i have

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This didn't age well

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Imagine the salt mines when this thing will shoot to $5.

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What's going on with this thing /biz/?

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This Sir please don't sell just wait 6 months

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Came here to post this.
>sure it’s dumping now but it won’t in six months
>continue holding it for the next six months instead of making money elsewhere in the mean time

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