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Time to tell us your net worth. If you intentionally lie (not due to bad estimation), may you lose all your gainz and may all your buy/sell timings be cursed for 50 years.

I'm probably between 700K and 1M USD, depending on how they value the property my family would bequeath me.

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20K MF

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2T-3T Depending on when my dad dies.

Yes, trillions (USD).

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about 10k

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Nobody has that net worth kid.

Enjoy the curse.

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Were including inheritances? I have like 35k in liquid assets but Im set to inherit .5M at least.

24 btw

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>nobody has that net worth kid

Oh, you are just a baby.

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About tree fitty

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2k cash, 17k student loans, mortgage still has 160k on it and could sell it for 200k EZ. Stonks worth 15k and crypto at a few grand. Net worth changes every second and it shouldn’t phase you

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$3000 just about. Just visiting /biz/ where do I start guys?

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nice try fbi agent

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25000 maybe?

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I'm 24
I have 1,050,000 in gold miners, 66 ounces of gold (Leafs) and 600 ounces of silver.
I had some crypto up until recently, about 0.8 BTC total, but I discovered leverage and because life got a little boring over christmas i gambled it all away.
I make 50k a year.
Figures are usd
for the record losing the crypto is still somehting that haunts me regardless of the gold and silver

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I have $18k in crypto and $50 in my bank account.

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8K if the government takes back their money

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Hi Rothschild son.

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I do not even know. I’d guess like $500k. Most of it is in real estate. I wished I was a crypto chad back in the day instead of listing to boomers about investment advice. Overall can’t complain on my 2x and only putting down 10%.

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My guide to high net worth plan for 10 years:

(I'm 36, with around 600K USD, self made from literally 500 USD at 21)

- Invest in 0.1 BTC within 1 year
- 1 BTC within 5 years
- Try to create a product in your career from zero. Meaning you are not beholden to any other person for Intellectual Property or licensing.
- Put money in weak currencies after converting them from the USD on Forex. Turkish and Argentinian fiat give AMAZING interest with huge delicious volatility to play with.
- Make sure you sell your cars within 3 years of buying them, don't let them depreciate.
- Try to marry up
- Always save 25% of your monthly income, NO MATTER WHAT. Even in the face of starvation
- Be apolitical in all circles, be disinterested in it
- Maximize your fake friendships to capitalize in opportunity
- Cloak your ambition, do not let anyone know what you really think and appear weaker than you are financially
- Only fall in love with your children in terms of selflessness, never marry without a fair pre-nup
- Befriend every race and culture for maximum chance at sales and or opporunity

You're welcome.

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£28,500 which is $38,691 somehow, wtf Americans why is the dollar so weak? I'm sure a month or two of BrExid chaos will even us out

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Right now? 23-25k

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1k. thats it.

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Make sure you post here again when your dad dies and you inherit nothing.

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I'm between 10-15K

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Oh, and my wife and I have a combined net worth of around 90k, although some is tied up in retirement funds that are government-locked until we are too old to enjoy them.

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>28k in crypto, 17k car paid off, 12k watch (family heirloom given to me when I graduated)
>22 and living at home

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Your curse will be lifted after sending this address 1 ETH when your dad dies.

>100 million dollars


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Delete this post.

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1.9mil. Hopefully 2.5m by end of the year

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just under $200k mostly all of that in equities. I think I may actually take half of that though and buy a SFH on a 15yr mortgage.

good luck frens may your gains be green

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Good advice, screencapped thanks anon

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15k usd, 24m
70k/year salary but only started saving and investing.

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like 16k

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20mil if including future inheritances

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That's a very transactional view of existing on this planet anon. It's just my opinion, but any relationship built on the rock hard foundations of "marrying up" and "never trust your partner for a fucking second" is doomed to fail. Although I'm sure you can smile and pat yourself on the back when it inevitably does, because you got a prenup and "won" that particular trade.

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>would bequeath
ok I can use made up numbers too:

Probbly around 6 to 10 Billion USD depending on what trillion-dollar market cap giant buys my proprietary [REDACTED] and how many shares they offer me. Also depending on how their stock will moon once my [REDACTED] BTFO's the other trillion-dollar companies

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Does your family hold LINK?

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Based asf

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23k Euro
I don't count the inheritance but my parents should be about 60-70k euro and we all live under the same house but since it's our own and it's pretty big I don't plan on moving soon and worrying about a lot of things

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That's a man.

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7k in savings and 150K USD in btc. Another 150K USD in properties and gold. Betting on this bull run.

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Based and Truthpilled

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probably around $42k

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Emotionally, women are much more cunning than men. Without a prenup, a healthy one, and the balls to tell it to her, you are PREY.

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Paper cash on hand 50K
100 K in Bank
50K held in reserve by FirstData
3 pounds of Silver
3 oz of Gold
4.4 ETH
E Commerce Website that grossed 1.5M last year. High profit, low overhead.

3 BR house with outbuildings on 2.5 acres (owned)

A 1984 35 ft Bertram Yacht
A 1985 Grady White Offshore 24
2015 Ford Superduty Pickup (owned)
2020 Ford explorer (payments)
2017 Harley Davidson Sportster 72 (owned)

Guitar Collection
Art Collection.

I would guess 700K if I was to sell business, 1.7M

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27M net worth $275k

It's not a lot but it is something

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how many self made bitcoin millionaires here lol

so cringe you guys are on your parents dole its obvious

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you're doing a lot better than most I can assure you

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getting close to 6 figures.

and who is that girl? source?

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85-95k depending on market fluctuations.

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>he includes things his parents own in his net worth

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25k, all in crypto.
Fuck my life

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net worth:
approx 6k in the bank
approx 10k in bitcoin

that's about it


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600 euros.

Invest 450 on crypto...i hope that we will all make it

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About 100k I guess, most of it in cash.
Hopefully half of it will become crypto this year.

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>Always save 25% of your monthly income,
and invest in what?

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Thank you anon, just trying to survive, save, and invest.

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>has a morage
>has only a bit of money in crypto
>not putting 50g's+ in crypto and renting

kinda dumb bro

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141k USD in crypto
15k in stocks
~45k in property equity
20k in cash
70k in 401k
290k all up

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what ones

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8k, roughly speaking and zero debt. Third year of college, but I got 90% of it paid for with scholarships and have been paying the other 10% the boomer way (summer job)

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Around 146k usd, 120 of those in a savings account at 0.00% interest.

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1.45m in crypto (ausbux)
50k in stocks
50k in gold and silver
been here since 2017 made a killing off ICOs and held through the bear market.

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that bitcoin will triple in the next year tho wont it?

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ABOUT 3.50

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australian dollars (0.75 us cents)

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hs fag about 800k if i push my mom down the spruce stairs in minecraft

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>I think I may actually take half of that though and buy a SFH on a 15yr mortgage.
why would you do this (unless you have a family?)

>> No.25529715

did you use any app to choose which stock to invest in? i dont want to learn

>> No.25529728

How the hell does e-commerce website make 1.5 profits per year? What???

>> No.25529740

just buy crypto

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This whole board is insecure NEET incels bragging about what they have or lying about it, to demoralize other insecure NEET incels and make themselves feel better about their shit lives. You're all liars and grifters. Pathetic.

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take a pic with your mcdonalds shirt with your tits out while drinking a mcpoor nigga

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24 m
375k left on mortgage, house can sell for 550k (been remodeling since I moved in)
30K in AAPL
16K in Crypto
3k in Bank
I drive a beater car and cook at home and the last new piece of clothing I've bought were socks

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$16k in student loans and $17k across various assets. My net worth is $1000.

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>> No.25529840

>Counting things you think you'll inherit
lmao, your boomer parents aren't going to leave you shit, retards

>> No.25529842

You don't need fancy clothes until you fall in love and need to impress, or need to persuade a business meet. That's it. Three pairs of excellent shit, and all the rest Walmart George shirts.

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130k in crypto
800 bucks cash
2010 Prius covered in body damage and cigarette burns

27 year old community college dropout working in the entertainment biz not too shabby imo

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So net worth roughly 60k
Age 27.
Education: HS Diploma, 2 STEM associates degrees, STEM bachelors, currently on full scholarship for STEM masters degree.
Salary: 70k in one of the lower cost of living areas of the US.

Also this >>25528587
Why does 90% of /biz/ just LARP? If you are actually successful why not educate the rest of us plebeians on how its done?
>inb4 buttcoin shills
If you must shill buttcoins can you at least tell me where the intrinsic value of buttoins is?
How is it anything other than speculative pump and dumps?

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>> No.25529953

$260K 99% in crypto and 65K student loan debt. I just turned 30. I'll probably make it completely some time when I'm 31 which is legit.

>> No.25529973

based spendthrift lifestyle
>12k in 401k
>55k in crypto
>8k in stocks
>2k in cash rn
>2k in silver
I'm excited to break 6-figures soon. 28 year old and had pretty much no money to my name two and a half years ago.

>> No.25529976

Thank you friend

>> No.25530003

what crypto

>> No.25530017

Prettiest man I ever saw...

>> No.25530109

11k? Maybe? I have zero credit but no debt. I need to pump pump pump.

>> No.25530124

cope, get to work faggot and you won't be so poor

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Not including any kind of inheritance: ~8k

6k in crypto
2k liquid

>> No.25530151

24 m also

>> No.25530156

>Befriend every race and culture for maximum chance at sales and or opporunity
I've done great without doing this, are you a nyc jew bychance?

>> No.25530166

Glowie thread

>> No.25530238

Not enough to have milkers like that in my face every day sadly

>> No.25530249

450k pretty much all in crypto. Started with $250 in 2017

Not sure why you would count inheritance though.

>> No.25530270

I didnt know biz was so poor.

37M, 3.8m , 60% in bitcoin.

>> No.25530323

9K cash
13K stonks
1.2K crypto
8K 401gay

Turning 25 this month and I make $52,500 though I'll get a raise in March, hopefully its more than 5% this year, r-right guys?

>> No.25530423

>1k in crypto

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> If you are actually successful why not educate the rest of us
I don't know jack shit about "making it" or being successful.
The shit I am working on I came up with of in the last term of my cs degree (took the idea from a professor and don't plan on giving him any credit tbqh) and is the only thing I got going on. I know this shit will be incredibly valuable if made functional and once a couple other technologies are more 'mainstream'
Take this project from me and I'd just be another wagie in the rat race. No advice to be had from someone like me tbqh .
Most other peoples who made massive stacks with a single good idea are the same. You can study them and learn nothing.

>> No.25530561

23, 100k

>> No.25530601

170k 401k
70k crypto
20k metals
20k cash

>> No.25530632

50k 401k
5k emergency fund
5k dividend stocks etf (Vanguard)
1k in crypto

No debt but renting apartment.

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File: 31 KB, 400x400, TCUrubFN_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

minus 3000
2000 for braces (this is kind of an investment)
1000 overdraft
0 cash, 0 crypto

yes, it's me, the 666 ETH address student

>> No.25530657

>Befriend every race and culture for maximum chance at sales and or opporunity
Yeah I bet investing with Tyrone trying to bring starbucks to the ghetto will play out well for me. Get out of here faggot you should already be millionaire at 36.

>> No.25530675

27M (stinky job stealing immigrant)

>> No.25530687

Your petty little white man's woes are irrelevant. Money doesn't care about whatever tiny penis worry you have. You WILL befriend whoever you need to to make it. Simple as that.

>> No.25530700

100k in crypto
however much in IRA, who the fuck knows, probably like 30k
10k cash
uh... my car
no debts, zero

>> No.25530736

I didn't mean you specifically. But I think you're right that people usually just make up numbers on this board.
Basically >>25529770 sums up the bulk of /biz/ posters.

Good luck with the comp sci project, I went mechanical engineer and now that I getting into my masters thesis I really wish I had done CS instead.

>> No.25530747

$2.8MM right now in USD value.
became a millionaire in the 2017 market.
took me a few years to realize that 8 figures is /makingit/

>> No.25530754

32k crypto
125k in property

>> No.25530808


Posting in a Rothschild bread.

>> No.25530881

>20k debt (small business covid loan, 3.75% interest)
>~100k of inventory (roughly 75k value worth given liquidity/cost of business)
>15k of crypto
>3k in my bank account

not great anons, not great

>> No.25530882

I'm 36. Just a shade under 4 Million.

My money is mostly in real estate with something like 2.5m in equity across properties.

>> No.25530898

Its mathematically impossible for any individual to have a 2T net worth.

Even 1T is impossible as of 2021.

The highest individual possible right now could be 150-250 billion depending on how good Bezos can hide his excess holdings.

>> No.25530911


>> No.25530979

Is setting up an ecommerce website hard?

>> No.25531014

Its the rules

>> No.25531017

>small business covid loan,
youre lucky you even got that.

>> No.25531020

100k crypto (just hit this week finally)
10k stocks
5 k debt (loan for crypto from april'20)

105k net worth

>> No.25531027

how did you go about acquiring said real estate and financing it? I want to acquire some multifamily homes in the next few years.

>> No.25531055


>laughs in rothschild

>> No.25531097

Around 910k, probably 10-20k more counting all my possessions.

>> No.25531163

32K, no debt. 2005 car, no crypto. >30 oil paintings that I will sell to a billionaire or museum for 3-50 million.

>> No.25531248

-700K CAD. I have a townhouse and a small land in the middle of nowhere. No other loans or debts. Just a lot of mortgage.

>> No.25531330

2.1T-3.1T depending on when my mom dies.

Yes, trillions (USD).

>> No.25531383

-45k, up from -80k last year. I'm working on it but please tell me how to fix my shit faster.

>> No.25531411

3.1K, currently 18

>> No.25531446

(I make 70k and am super frugal but want to make my savings make money)

>> No.25531462

2-3T, depending on when my dealer dies.
Yes, trillions (monero atomic units)

>> No.25531481

40m ~900k

>> No.25531503

what debt do you have?

>> No.25531523


Currently about 20k. If my dad dies, several million. If my mom dies, probably a few hundred thousand on top of that. Won't see that money for decades though, my parents are both in shape and no health issues on the horizon.

>> No.25531576

looks like you are on the right track, anon. just turned 28 here with about 500k between cash/crypto/PMs/401k/stocks. i live with my mom and drive a prius. i work two jobs and sell drugs

>> No.25531610

how did you choose which stocks? and why do you work if you have that amount of money?

>> No.25531614

>$145k salary
>$320k crypto
>$120k cash savings
Waiting for another 10x on crypto so I can leave behind the wageslave hell for good and just earn passively via real-estate, stock dividends, and other passive sources + capital gains. Maybe go full hedonistic for five years then settle down and start a family having a paid off house, paid off car, and millions in the bank.

>> No.25531644

fucking DCA. do not waste your life and do not be a fucking retard just DCA and you will be proud of your decisions and willpower in 5 years. seriously

>> No.25531681

where the fuck do you live that you have such dogshit savings relative to your income. wtf.

in b4 gay area silicon valley jew bastard nigger lover faggit

>> No.25531748

you own real estate too?

>> No.25531767

is DCA weekly or monthly better?

>> No.25531773

i made most of my money working as an auditor at a CPA firm (now a consultant), buying crypto, and selling weed. if you think you can retire comfortably on 500k in the US youre either autistic or 16.

out of anyone or anything in my life, 4chan has made me the most money hard shilling LINK since 2016. I bought at $1.

>> No.25531802

Student loans and auto, all under 4%, so I'm not in a huge rush to pay it off v. possible gainz.

This is mostly what I do-- I give myself like $200 a month for crypto or options and everything else goes 401k or boring high div stuff

>> No.25531884

you need to make that decision based on the DD that you have performed. for me right now, with a ~180k salary, I have 250/week going into certain stocks, and roughly 250-500 weekly going into crypto mainly bitcoin since i already own some LINK. just do not fucking sell ever, and save that money.

>> No.25531905

My recommendation is if your investments are not averaging an ROI of at least 4%, I would focus on paying off the student loans at least ASAP.

That's what I did and I paid off 35k in student loans in 2 years.

>> No.25531919

>4chan has made me the most money hard shilling LINK since 2016. I bought at $1.
So you admit LINK is a pyramid scheme?

>> No.25531941

Los Angeles unironically being cucked in the ass by rent. Rest has been averaged into crypto past couple years before the run.

Not yet unfortunately. Once I average out of the market near the top of this bullcycle I'll be buying up a few rental properties to earn passively on them, and also get the fuck out of LA as I'll be able to semi-retire by then.

>> No.25531977

Sorry, replied to wrong ID

>> No.25531981

2k in the bank, 6k in crypto. still living with parents, but they own expensive property, inheritance will probably set me up for life
but i just feel like my own life has been wasted :(

>> No.25531987

>he doesn't know about the shadow monetary fiat system
>he isn't aware of bitcoin prime, the REAL first cryptocurrency invented in the 1760s by the rothschilds with the help of the mathematician bernoulli himself
((((they)))) already own all of the crypto anon just submit

>> No.25532039

I thought the link memes were funny for a bit so I bought some and this is all I have left. Couldn't tell you wtf link does or why its valuable

>> No.25532130

why individual stocks over say an index fund or ETF?

>> No.25532135
File: 346 KB, 1064x917, Screenshot_20210104-214519_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25532148

yeah for sure. I'm relatively risk averse, and know that whatever the better return rate is is what I should go for.

>> No.25532186

yeah anon tell us how to start a business. It feels like moonshots or starting something on the side is the only way to not be a wagie until you're at least 40.

>> No.25532295
File: 85 KB, 301x328, ugly incel 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Net worth: 7.4 billion. Half was inheritance from a rich dad. The other half I built myself. Garage full of cars. Travel around the world whenever I want. I've tasted all the best culture's foods and the most expensive restaurants. And being super-rich, I've fucked the most exotically gorgeous women on planet Earth. 10/10 gold-digger supermodels and some normal gf's too. 50 million in crypto. Mostly BTC.

>> No.25532413

you can definitely retire with 500k in stocks, no question.

>> No.25532621
File: 1.60 MB, 1080x1080, d2a8f306-41b8-40c3-ad66-69d4f390914e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25532698

In mine c ra f t ?
26 m
28 eth 31k
102 link 1400$
.003 Btc 1200$
56$ u s a freedom units

>> No.25532729

Based and real estate pilled. Hope to be on your level someday

$36k crypto
$26k 401k
$9k personal stocks
$23k cash
$41k real estate equity (rental duplex)

Total: $135k. Not shit compared to most here, but I started from nothing only 3.5 years ago.

>> No.25532786

>but I started from nothing only 3.5 years ago.

did your parents dole money help

>> No.25532864
File: 171 KB, 888x885, 1591491358121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$750k net worth
>99% Nigerian
God is good ;)

>> No.25532878


Britpoor detected. You prob don't even own a car lmao

>> No.25532899


>> No.25532904

45k €
about 30k in BTC, 12k in stocks, 3k physical gold

>> No.25532979

I started 2020 at around 10k (not including car or physical possessions) and I’m starting 2021 at a little over 40k.

My retirement accounts are >85% TSLA

>> No.25533060

Delete botton broke

>> No.25533351

around 700k, crypto made it so this almost doubled in the last month alone

>> No.25533416

you use your parents car dont you mate?

>> No.25533439

23 M $13k kill me

>> No.25533445

(it should be 10x that but I'm retarded sometimes)

>> No.25533465

>I started 2020 at around 10k (not including car or physical possessions) and I’m starting 2021 at a little over 40k.
what method?

>> No.25533477

>- Only fall in love with your children in terms of selflessness, never marry without a fair pre-nup
even better than a pre-nup, you can put a lot/all of your money is a trust and set it up so you control it and it's for your spending. on divorce it's much harder to get funds from a trust than to nullify a pre-nup

>> No.25533530


about 50k in crypto
30k in tax free and tax deferred investment accounts.
no debt.

>> No.25533537

20, probably like 2k if you count my student debt

>> No.25533552

>3 BR house with outbuildings on 2.5 acres (owned)
this dude must live in hicksville to have this and only a million nw without selling business

>> No.25533601

>$140k crypto, 300k stocks (inherited about 70k of it in 2015).
I'm still in school but will have a job in a few years, I'd love to get $1m by 30. Unfortunately being a millionaire isn't what it used to be. I'm in the camp that having $10m is the new $1m. At that awkward age where some of my friends make $200k and others make nothing still, I think I'm doing ok regardless, I just really want to start working (though I will not be wagecucking past 45)

>> No.25533614

Sitting on around $170k (401k + cash + crypto + stonks)

>> No.25533821

you could be a billionaire and still talk like the most average person.

>> No.25534041

self made

>> No.25534143

good joke

>> No.25534235

1.3 million Zimbabwean dollars... im so sorry. I larped as a wealthy man. I’m just a cheapskate coping with my poor life choices.

>> No.25534312
File: 312 KB, 1089x886, 1579568697697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$300k all in link
Like $600 in the bank lmao

>> No.25534349


>> No.25534521

Went all in link back in 2018, average buy at 40c

>> No.25534625

Retirement 1M, Taxable accounts 500k, Crypto 500k, Cash 200k, House 300k,

>> No.25534721

-$50k cash
+150k crypto (120k BTC, rest in ETH + alts)
+320k stocks in brokerage account
+200k in retirement accounts
No property
Inheritance would be around $1.5m but I'm not counting on it
Net worth is around $650k including my car
Age is 28
Income is $300k from job
I feel poor, every paycheck immediately goes into crypto or stocks so my bank account always has less than $5k. I don't have much spending money. I feel terrible spending it because it goes against my goals.
I'm trying to hit $1m by 30 but it's looking unlikely. My take home is around $14k per month and I'm saving $10k per month. Mostly going into crypto and stocks.
I did a lot of progress, I went up from $250k from the beginning of this year to $650k, through stocks and crypto.

>> No.25534766
File: 1.65 MB, 256x256, 1605617651546.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

10k in bank
1k in crypto
car worth 1k
No job no skills no education live at home

>> No.25534824

29 y/o poorfag
£4.5k bank
£600 BTC
£300 ETH
£50 LINK
£100 XRP

>> No.25534946
File: 154 KB, 445x447, 1608866966277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's cool, but here's MY guide to high net worth in 10 years:

Ahem. Live with mumsy. Collect neetbux. Invest in ETH with it every month (even if mumsy begs for rent money.) You're welcome.

>> No.25534992
File: 127 KB, 220x258, B82D45E3-7DE5-4327-8A0F-AFFC20795036.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I have enough capital now to pay very little interest on an appreciating asset (it will at least beat inflation) and I can capture money that would otherwise go to rent and build equity. I should be able to maintain my level of investments otherwise too.

Do you think it’s a bad idea, I’m curious why you asked :)

>> No.25535048

>mathemetically impossible
>depending on bezos
U wot

>> No.25535137

$60k in bank
$120k equity in home

I'm 25, I expected to have twice as much by now, but I feel content that I have a buffer.

>> No.25535175

Don’t worry you’ll join him in the oven

>> No.25535301

Based sociopath

>> No.25535348

Between Bitcoin, savings, gold and 401k? Only like 115k

>> No.25535433

470k in crypto
350k in property
200k in property development
150k in retirement
30k in cash

After tax and expenses I pocket around 70-75k a year. I'm hoping crypto moons so I can retire in 2-3 years.

>> No.25535471

I'm about to be 34 years old. living in Boston. Lower low middle-class family at best.

Tons of student loan debt I finally paid off after 12 years.

Currently sitting on about $31,000 in savings+investments, and $20,000 debt for my car and another $6000 I spent on credit cards for advertising (in real estate, was a wage cuck in debt my whole life, last year in real estate was good for me and ended my year the first time with savings and debt paid off, I paid off $35,000 in credit card debt in 2020)

>> No.25535519

7000k, I wish I'm an American my life is bullshit

>> No.25535576

Damn, when I was 25yo I had maybe $1000 to my name and $30,000 in debt

>> No.25535629

49, retired for 3 years ~ 4.5M
1.8M IRA (Mostly GBTC & ETHE)
2.1M Crypto (Mostly ETH and BTC)
400k cash (about half going to IRS soon)
100 acres of rural property on a lake

>> No.25535665

Started with 20k when I was 20

170k in crypto
30k in cash

Portfolio ATH was 450k in 2018 ;-;

>> No.25535796


99% balls deep in bitcoin since 2012

>> No.25535847

Oh I forgot all the forks, slap on maybe $40k

>> No.25535872

>net $200k (equities/crypto/pm/cash)
>crawling my way up from decades of social housing, poor education, zero family financial literacy, only child to single parent (mother). finally on 6 figure income

based. always try and marry up or at least equal, do not for the love of god marry a dependent, your children will fill that role. my waifu comes from wealth, i'll never access it and encourage her to not either. wealth should skip a generation, my money will go to my grandchildren. my children will get my parents money which i will hold in trust until they meet my requirements (having a child). this way the dynasty continues.
>have a gay kid
no probs, you can be gay as rainbows but you will give me a grandchild

>> No.25535910

And your solution?

>> No.25536219

I'm surprised biz is being so honest tonight, only two self-proclaimed millionaires.
36k, but I only started making money last year, so I'm ok with that. Most of that is in my 401k and my emergency fund, am in a position where I'm going to start branching out more soon.

>> No.25536272

There's nigs out there that feel rich off of $40K a year. how the hell you feel poor at $300k

>> No.25536851

$181k in crypto

>> No.25536913

Nice 7 million

>> No.25537078

I got like $30k in crypto, $45k in my retirement account, and $200k in student loans

>> No.25537127

Really good niche, established 10 years, good rep. Corona gave us a month of 15K days in March, tapered off now to about 3.5K a day.
I have a good distributor on Amazon, and have cultivated commercial and professional accts over the years. I know my product inside and out.

>> No.25537190

Money only feels real when you experience it. All the cash I make disappears into investment accounts. So I don't experience it and it feels like I never have enough.
There are so many assets I want to buy right now but I don't have the cash to buy them. That's why I'm taking loans (against my stocks) to finance many of my purchases. I'm trying to accumulate positions in BTC, ETH, LINK, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Shopify, Cloudflare, Xiaomi, ARK funds (specifically ARKG).

What's needed to be wealthy is far higher than what many people believe. To quote from someone who actually made it:

>How to be 'Comfortably Poor' on $3 Million https://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-WHB-2831
>Now comes Felix Dennis, the British publishing magnate who has his own, umm, outrageous definition of rich. Forget the millionaire. Mr. Dennis says $3 million makes you merely "comfortably poor." With an estimated net worth of more than $750 million, Mr. Dennis admits he falls into the "filthy rich" category.

>From his book "88 - The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money," and with thanks to the WSJ sister site, Financial News, here is Mr. Dennis' wealth scale. (It is listed in British pounds, with one pound sterling now equal to roughly $1.53)

1m - 2m ($1.53 million - $3 million) The comfortable poor
3m - 4m The comfortably off
5m - 15m The comfortably wealthy
16m - 39m The lesser rich
40m - 74m The comfortably rich
75m - 99m The rich
100m - 199m The seriously rich
200m - 399m The truly rich
400m - 999m The filthy rich
Over 1bn The super rich

These numbers are from 2010 in British pounds, so multiply everything by 1.5-2x to convert to 2021 Fed brrrrrrr dollars. I'm shooting to join the "Comfortably wealthy" club.

>> No.25537224

My best estimate would be... Under $50k AUD ignoring parents...

>> No.25537267

Yep South Central Florida, near Brighton reservation. Hot as hell, low income wages, retirees, snakes, bears, giant fucking pythons, iguanas, panthers, and alligators.
No riots, everyone gets along. We hold doors and say please and thank you. Lots of cows, horses and guns.
Next week I will drive 45 minutes to the coast, take my boat to Bahamas and go Tuna fishing. What are your plans?

>> No.25537439

22 yo. Like 15k altogether. 9k savings. 1500 checking. Rest in crypto and stocks

>> No.25537453

About $2.2 million. In my 30s. I can retire very comfortably in a decade.

>> No.25537555

The whole point of the original marriage is that it is a (better safe than sorry) contract. The man is forced to take care of everything financially and in return that woman is bound to that man forever. However in a world where women can work, be supported by the government or file a divorce without the partners consent, women don't need to be bound to men anymore and therefore men don't recieve any advantage from a marriage contract anymore, while a woman still recieves the financial advantages.

That means the plausible thing to do as a man in todays world, is you either write a contract in which the women recieves nothing just like you, or you don't marry at all.

>> No.25537588

Middle aged fag here

About $500k liquid, $120k crypto and about 1.5m in real estate equity.

>> No.25537688

around $90k in bank savings that I've started to put into index funds.

>> No.25537785

2.58M at 35, more then half my net worths in crypto . Goal is 5M this bull run so it’s mostly conservative

>> No.25537820

Imagine if you’d just bought crypto instead and ignored the schiff meme

>> No.25537821

I.m an oldfag as well.
Got a late start... had kids too early, and played music for a living until I was in my late 30's. Finally realized there was not a record contract in my future. Didn't make a lot of money, but fuck it was fun.

>> No.25537851

based, anymore anon?

>> No.25537887

I’m 29 and I can’t do this I literally just can’t I honestly don’t wanna keep going past 40. Once my dad dies I’m killing myself

>> No.25537934
File: 219 KB, 775x581, CA87D70B-3C21-466D-8625-AED1AE0A70C9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25537999

Been married for over 30 years. My wife is smart, and loyal. I love her to death, and haven't washed my clothes since I was 21. I love all my kids, did my best to be a good dad, and would not trade them for the world.

It's a fucking death sentence on a certain amount of freedom, a financial burden of ungodly proportions, a personal sacrifice of your dreams and aspirations.... even in the best of circumstances. Do you first, get married later.

>> No.25538056

29 male


I work as a teacher fml

>> No.25538075

I'm 36, probably worth somewhere around $5-10k, if that. I've never cared about success or tried to do anything with my money. I let it pile up in my savings account (not that it's much of a pile, I make $19/hr) and buy something dumb every so often.

Browsing /biz/ for the first time for the past couple weeks has made me realize that money means nothing to me and using it as a way to keep score of how well I can gamble on internet meme money is a lot more fun than letting it sit around or putting scraps into some retirement fund that would, at best, let me retire a couple years early or something, assuming the dollar doesn't collapse by then.

You don't need to do all that gay shit anon listed, you just have to have fun investing. Worst case scenario, you end up back where you started. Best case, you make it and get to look down on normies for the rest of your life. Bonus: if you don't care about dumb shit like buying stuff or having friends or getting married then the threshold for "making it" is much, much lower.

>> No.25538126

10k in cash, 280k in crypto

six figure hell is real

>> No.25538160
File: 39 KB, 608x611, boooooOooooOooring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About 5,600 BoringDAO. (so, $20M in 2022)

>> No.25538529

About 9k to my name

>> No.25538642

Middle age oldfag
35k crypto
10k metal
400k cash
15k stock
300~400k home

>> No.25538746

lucky bitch, you're already made by 2022

>> No.25538772

i'm gonna just chill in my apartment and smoke bowls with my 9 years of youth on you and nw the size of your sold business

>> No.25538843

That's a man

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