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Received $15,000 for Christmas, 100% of it is going into VONG, maxing out my roth IRA first. Enjoy being poor

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I love horses and I love WKHS

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if dems win tomorrow, is the market gonna tumble?

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Moshi Mosh, Bog sama? Hai Hai Clashing this malket, Bog onii-sama!

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I thought that wasn't until the 6th?
To answer your question it depends on what industries you're in.

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Maybe it’s a good day not to be Jack Ma?

Absolutely based

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OPTI marines. We're going to make it!

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Shamelessly copying and pasting some DD before I fuck off for the night after this thread.

MARA is still juicy my fellow Anons. I did a little research last week attempting to project what their gross profits would look like and I actually underestimated slightly, as per their press release this morning they project $523M in annual gross profits at $28k BTC. I'm not sure what else to compare BTC miners to so naturally I started looking at gold mining companies and what their annual gross profit looks like. Relative to companies like Kirkland and Barrick, an annual gross profit of $523M should see you around a $5B or so market cap, MARA currently slides in at $700M, well behind relative competitors in RIOT ($1.11B) and BTBT($1.28B). MARA's mining fleet will consist of more than 103,000 miners capable of producing 10.36 EH/s, they currently have about 33,000 rigs. RIOT recently purchased more rigs as well and at full deployment will have a 37,640 fleet at a hash rate capacity of 3.8 EH/s. BTBT currently has a little under 41k rigs in their fleet at a hash rate of 2.3 EH/s, and from what I can understand are expanding to 59k @ 3.3 EH/s, they are also a Chinese company and that makes me hesitant. I'm seeing huge opportunity in this undervalued and emerging market, with MARA currently having the most upside as their business model implies they will have a hash rate about 3x greater than both of their top competitors, while their market cap is currently closer to half of both RIOT and BTBT.

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He's referring to the Georgia runoffs. No one seriously expects Trump to overturn anything

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The XL moon mission has begun in aftermarket

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Oh and I’d like to add


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>Enjoy being poor
McDonald's and Yuingling while freaking out over a 1.9% loss today isn't that bad.

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Tell that to /pol/
What's interesting though, is normies even believe in election fraud now. So, I wonder what the long term shot here is.

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I make 78k a year. Programming job, will increase.

I have a 401k that I out 5% in because my employer matches it.

And I have a traditional investment account.

Should I open a roth ira as well and max that out?

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Thats why you just buy TSM and AMD and call it good.

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>normies even believe in election fraud now
not around here they don't

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No because the big movers are dems. But it will slowly drain as the reality settles in.

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Can I get the Google drive for the books?
I already own wealth of nations bit want a PDF copy.

Also my Gf is letting me borrow 6k is she good gf?

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Ah, makes more sense.
Apparently every flight to D.C. in the US is booked now, so either way prepare to get comfy

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Niofags report in.

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Do you also use DRIP on your VONG?

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>DCAing up after catching a double
I can’t do it... I wish I never took profits

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My tale is tragic. I bought $2k worth at 4c then when it started mooning i sold everything else and bought $20k at 10c. Then when it dipped I panicked and sold at a loss hoping to buy back lower. I sold at the very bottom, 6c. I feel like a retard. Im no longer in OPTI

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why is CHEK up 215.22% today, i have no idea.

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what are some basic whitegirl approved stocks?

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>I wonder what the long term shot here is.
Learn Mandarin and buy shares in Chinese companies. Ethiopia and Rwanda too if you can figure out how to invest in them.

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Yes. Max it out every year. It is literally free money.

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Here they do

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Very similar situation, and the answer is absolutely. It won't be tax-efficient to touch it until you retire, but all your gains within the account can't be touched by uncle sam. Then when you're rich off your other investments, that 6k/year will have compounded enormously and you can withdraw from it completely tax-free. Presumably you're investing at least $6k a year for long term growth anyway. It's free fucking money.

You can also borrow off it, if you're worried about part of your net worth being locked away for decades.

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yup, do what >>25527557 says to max it out. then open a non-tax-deferred account and buy /biz/ memes, or just buy SPY

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that's it, I'm going all in on gold
these retards are never going to stop printing metric fuck tons of money

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IF they somehow pulled off a miraculous highly, highly improbable victory of BOTH seats, yes in the short run the market would dump. However, during that dump institutions/smart money will be buying everything. The dump would last less than a week before the market would go "Oh yeah, the Fed has pledged to buy $4.3 trillion minimum in assets through 2023"
It's not going to happen - I wouldn't even worry about it. Republicans already have a +3% advantage when it comes to elections on off years
Republicans are still extremely pissed about the presidential election - democrats are content (look at the surveys done since - a HUGE number of republicans believe there was something fishy going on)
There is no way in hell Dems are going to turnout to win *both* seats. Totally possible they win 1 seat, but it does not matter if they win 1 - only matters if they win 2
Are voters in Georgia really going to vote BOTH of their senate seats to democrats?? Hell no!

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I live in GA, and people actually do here. Tbh, I can barely believe my state went blue. But, it's not terribly hard to see why when you look at demographics and how many carpet baggers have moved in.

No, I mean why the media is running with this. They could easily crush this if they didn't want it out there.

If you're a long term investor, yes. But, that money is taxed if you pull it out before like 65.

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I wouldn't put those 2 things together fren

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Everyone in Texas knows there was fraud.

There's Trump 2020/U.S. flags everywhere you go. 1 nigger here and there has a Biden thing.

This is the main reason why I'm still holding NAK. It will happen, frens

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physical gold or GLD shares?

>> No.25527701

what will bngo look like by the end of the week?
I sold half when I bought it at 3 but am wondering if it will get any higher

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Buy salesforce and watch your money grow this quarter. Easy 10 percent maybe more

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Roth IRA good for tax free appreciation of contributions. Traditional Roth generally good for playing tax games with (such as bumping you down a tax bracket).
I don't have a Roth because I want to retire well before 65

>> No.25527726

Of you the ones you don't already have: PINS, TWTR

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Normie Qoomers are literally 2020's #NotMyPresident

>> No.25527788

>for Christmas

>> No.25527817

I live in a nig-infested area in the suburbs of Atlanta and I honestly see more Trump signs than Biden. But then again anyone who isn't from reddit knows it was rigged.

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>buy from the top
>risk $ 2200 to may be make $220 in 3 months

Jesus, man.

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Except 2020's "muh popular vote" was lies, as per usual with libtards.

>> No.25527832

Shares, people who collect physical gold look like psychos

>> No.25527864

cunny kino

>> No.25527877

Are Roth’s target dated? Can you choose the term length?

>> No.25527880

physical holds real value and you open yourself up to more risk if you buy shares in some gold trust

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Has anyone had an in depth look into BNGO?

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So this was the press conference in GA anons we're talking about earlier.

What the fuck kind of strawman is this. Literally none of those claims are what Republicans are talking about.

>can you feel their fear?
>I can.
Here is what Republicans are actually claiming in the 4 states:
>100k plus votes counted with no poll watchers
>voting machines logged votes for Trump as votes for Biden
>signature and address verification not done
>destruction of ballots mailed in for Trump

Trump sends out a tweet and mobilizes over a million pissed off Americans. Convoys that are a thousand vehicles deep documented driving all over the country towards DC.

Yall are cash Gang right?

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my SPAC better take off. papa needs a new computer chair.

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They look based as fuck. Imagine not having a gold vault in your home

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It may actually happen. I personally don't think they'll get the Senate, because it literally benefits both sides to have the republicans control at least one chamber of congress, and it's impossible for the republicans to win the House right now, unless tons of a democrats literally die or retire. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a squeaker where both sides can farm juicy campaign money in the next cycle.

>Georgia runoff election voter turnout tops 3 million

>> No.25527954

Kek claimed to know the answer and deboonked it while still investigating

They didn't win shit

>> No.25527999

buy PHYS instead. Same peg, but significantly less risk. GLD and SLV are good only for the options chain, so if you want LEAPs, go for it. Otherwise, stick with the Sprott vaults, which have actual metal in them, rather than JPM's empty nonsense.

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I pay like $1300 for what's considered a luxury apartment...I could save $300 and have a fucking underground lair/sex dungeon while day trading

>> No.25528064

not cash gang, SPAC gang my friend.

>> No.25528072

how are there still maga trannies coping

>> No.25528085

Bought CLF and GME calls before close today.
Is everything going to be ok?

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i do

>> No.25528107

oh wow. based. they even have a TV! Where do i sign up?

>> No.25528109

Those are pods. You don't get an apartment, you get a bunk.
>t. paying $2099 for a one bedroom in SF

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Not surprised that people suspect fraud or other shenanigans, election was managed pretty poorly here in Fulton. When I went to pick up my voter registration for the general they didn't check my ID or anything, just asked for my name and gave it to me. Then they somehow couldn't find me "in the system" when I tried to register to vote for the runoff, and they never sent me a mail-in ballot or anything even though I requested one. I don't know if there was outright fraud here but at the very least the whole thing was managed by retards. The water pipe burst thing also seems either suspicious or just the result of fucking single digit IQ individuals running the show, hard to differentiate between the two.

>> No.25528122

anime posters are brain dead

>> No.25528161

>1k per months to sleep in a tiny space and share everything else with niggers
This accounts for venezuella/weimar/zimbabwe tier inflation, right? No kike would dare to think that people would put up with that shit, right?

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You can think of Roth IRA as just a label your broker slaps on a brokerage account. So if you're approved for options you can trade options, if you want to buy ETFs or stocks or target date funds or Malaysian bonds you can probably buy those as well.

The rules are based on your age though - any withdrawals (beyond the $'s you contribute) before 59 1/2 will probably fuck you. There's no way to "target" that. https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/roth-iras

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Do you not know how many voters Trump got to register in 2016? Trump played a very good actor for a while. So much so, people think a very jewed up president is actually looking out for them. My parents and my grandparents are all magatards, and hang on Trump's every word. They also unironically think that Joe Biden will usher in Socialism.

Famed Jewish campaign strategist, Arthur Finklestein worked with Trump's campaign. He also worked with Viktor Orban's.

>> No.25528199


I'm fucking jealous as shit. I have a 2br and pay $2600 for it. Lease ending soon and employer confirmed remote position is permanent so I want to see if I can move out of this god forsaken county.

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>he doesn't know.

>> No.25528288

>biotech pajeets shilling PnDs
>tourists refusing to do anything but be spoonfed DD
>Qoomer poster background noise
When will it al end?

>> No.25528303

>He also worked with Viktor Orban's
At least the jews kept the muslims out of Hungary.

>> No.25528325

As soon as they get wiped out by whatever crash comes next

>> No.25528329

This looks so much worse now that I see people in it. This is my going to be my nightmare tonight.

>> No.25528357

Yeah I worded it wrong but you answered my question with the 59 1/2 aspect.

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>$2600 for two bedrooms
dear god I wish we had prices like that in this city

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You're just fuming that you didn't go all-in on BNGO

>> No.25528394

>tfw only got into BNGO at $6
What are the chances it pumps again tomorrow? I'm thinking the ride has to be over, no way it gets 3 100% pumps in a row

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That's not much different than this, other than the wasted floor space and stink of major fatties I can see in this photograph. I bet they have about the same amount of thievery.

>> No.25528413

I sold at $27

Why would there be another moon mission, what's causing this?
More non existent rumors?

>> No.25528417

this thread is for shitposting, not actual homework

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I don’t know what this portfolio is gonna do I’m too lazy to care anymore

Do I just hodl

>> No.25528451

I guess so. Keep in mind, the whole reason we know about George Soros is because of Arthur Finklestein. A lot of Jews actually don't like him, because he's playing off the goyim's rational fear and hatred of Jews. But, he's just showing up a "bad" Jew, so you can simp for "good" Jews.

Y'know you'll invest in the Pod REITs when they pop up. I should also mention that Jared Kusher is raising money on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange so he can pick up real estate for cheap.

>> No.25528453

If I had enough gold for a vault, I would buy real estate.

>> No.25528462

It's not at the top

>> No.25528471

>posts a pic of a homeless encampment
Ha ha, anon. Very funny.

>> No.25528489

Leftists aren't people.

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you need to add PAIC

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>> No.25528542

It looks really nice from the outside!

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>that's for 1 pod

I'm from Texas and have plenty of guns.

If the police can't catch douchebags closing off entire blocks in the middle of liberal downtowns, they can't enforce anything Underground.

Underground thunderdome will belong to me and lizard people overlords.

I'll make my slaves dig for gold, my sex slaves browse /biz/ for pump and dump stocks. It's going to be pretty good desu

>> No.25528607

>I might lose my lunch money
Get a job, you sparkling wiggle.

>> No.25528623

Look at all those whites. We need to get Tyrone in there

>> No.25528645

Fuck I need to take care of myself and start working out. I dont want to be rich but run down when I'm old

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life is tough but not as tough as it sometimes seems

>> No.25528697

Only taking out profits before 59.5 is taxed, you can take out your principle without taxes

>> No.25528710

this is the last stand of implicit White identity

>> No.25528720

Here's hoping the Dems take it all and they give McConnell the boot as the senate leader and then pass the $2000 check bill!

>> No.25528745

You are only supposed to hold TQQQ for a single day. Always sell it before the market closes.

>> No.25528768

I'm going to make one next paycheck. And put in 500 a month.

>> No.25528801

>More non existent rumors?
no, they got an actual order for 6000 horserinos


check the news before you trash talk the horse

>> No.25528809

Why did Cathy sell some TSM earlier?

>> No.25528841
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>> No.25528857

To buy more NTDOY and NVDA

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>didn’t go balls deep into GOEV
My weak hands will never make it.

>> No.25528868

S&P futures recovering

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USPS is so 2020

we IKEA now

>> No.25528889

Projected to decline a bit.

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>democrats win
>get $2K gibbs check
>increases capital gains by 20% to fund it

The only people that profit is niggers. People with stocks will get fucked, this is why today was red

>> No.25528901

portfolio balancing, same reason she kept selling Tesla on the way up despite shilling higher and higher targets

it's one of the benefits 5 digit shitposters have over actual portfolio managers, we won't get fired if we go all in on one meme stock

>> No.25528909

not enough of a meme stock

>> No.25528912

What are you going to buy with the 500?

>> No.25528926

Any stonks you guys long? I'm talking 2-3 years down the line you treat like a savings account.

>> No.25528931

Ethiopians are white bro

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>2-3 years

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John shilled BX. Its tanking naturally

>> No.25529000
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Palantir. They been getting government contracts world wide after they went public.

I don't mind holding it until they give dividends 10 years from now desu

>> No.25529024

>implying they're going to fund it
retarded fucking animeposter

>> No.25529033

TSM, SRAC, KTOS, FSLR and maybe WKHS should do well over the next 5 years. The only stock I wouldn't hold over 5 years but am in anyways is GME.

>> No.25529034

Throw it inna SPAC trading around $10 with a sell limit of $11, roll it over from moon to moon.

>> No.25529035

I am longing AMRS if they don't fuck up their next earnings like they have for the past decade

>> No.25529042



>> No.25529106

I more or less stopped trading months back but somehow left some money in ZOM and it keeps going up.

>> No.25529111


that's a good horse. post more horses wearing nice clothes

>> No.25529134

I used to give the PLTR fags trouble for thier shitty forced memes back at 9 a share. Needless to say I feel silly now.

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I'm not a billionaire, I can't afford to invest. What's the point in investing long-term when even if you have millions you'll only make a measly 6 figures a year in increased net worth?

>> No.25529170
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Nothing to see here!

>> No.25529182

Based spachad

>> No.25529185
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>you'll only make a measly 6 figures a year in increased net worth?
how much are you spending a year?

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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

>> No.25529217

checked. if i had more i would post them. i am a WKHS investor and post interesting horses when i am able

god bless

>> No.25529231

This is the most low iq comment I have ever seen on /biz. Congrats you just hit a new low.

>> No.25529241
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I live with my parents, they think I have no money.
I put everything into my trading account and leech off my parents. I don't give a FUCK.

>> No.25529266

also my comfy long stocks are

NET and T
probably should get round to investing in semiconductor one of these days

>> No.25529267
File: 1.20 MB, 2597x1194, 1605069856090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25529279

ah, that explains the retardation.

>> No.25529328





>220% growth in 2020

Is the Amyris meme real?

>> No.25529350

Give me 1000 bagger 2023 LEAPS. I need to be a millionaire ASAP so I can live the NEET life in a paid off home while I still have my youth. I am obsessed with this goal.

>> No.25529377
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this is not cool. whenever i crash with my parents for my than a few weeks i make sure i pay something towards bills and food. don't leech off your parents if you're making money

>> No.25529398

tqqq and spxl

>> No.25529399

I bought 300 shares at 12.20 today expecting a slow climb up. Holy fuck lol.

>> No.25529421

if you're autistic then treat your family as an investment, your family and friends are a more valuable investment than any stock. support and give gifts generously

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Can I get the Google drive for the books?
I already own wealth of nations bit want a PDF copy.

Also my Gf is letting me borrow 6k is she good gf?

>> No.25529436

I hold everything nigga!!

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>get high meme stock reddit tier research

Are you not able to find shadier, shittier sources fren?

I mean those are pretty shitty but im sure you can find shittier ones.

>> No.25529462

Man, did you even read what you wrote?

>> No.25529470


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I'm actually totally okay with the SRAC pullback and will double my position tomorrow.

>> No.25529481

You're just mad you were born into poverty.
My dad makes six figures a year, why should I care? It's not like he can't afford it, and he's giving me everything when he dies anyway.

>> No.25529496

I wasn’t expecting it at all, especially in AH.

>> No.25529504
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I leverage my assets into more assets, that's not investment it's basically gambling. I mostly daytrade and swing trade.

>> No.25529518
File: 208 KB, 1564x1564, 1604789193759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same, how low do you think it will go?

>> No.25529523


>> No.25529554


who they merge with?

>> No.25529556

TMV 1/21/22 90C

>> No.25529585

yeah ok whatever, i think one's sense of self-worth comes into this


>> No.25529594

Why even live in a fucking city?

>> No.25529604

never selling my pltr stack

>> No.25529609
File: 576 KB, 760x1132, longbooster_is_long.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no clue. I value the company at least $5B, which is well above the market cap even at $20. Potential upside to $10B or more.

Here's my logic. Virgin Galactic is a useless shell company that will never get to orbit, and has a $5B valuation regardless. So just by existing as a space company Momentus is worth $5B. $10B is a 10x multiple on their estimated 2024 EBITDA.

This is BASICALLY value investing now.

>> No.25529632

Who? Weekend review guy?

>> No.25529633
File: 915 KB, 640x1030, 6E7C1E83-B070-4560-B907-6CD3C5B6427C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25529638

Heads up, if dems win both seats it will become California 2.0. Hollywood and big companies moved to Georgia for a fucking good reason and it wasn't because of the weather. The same will happen in the next 8 years with Texas.

You give an inch to the dems they will build a mile of skid row on your dime.

>> No.25529653
File: 46 KB, 928x732, this goy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i think one's sense of self-worth comes into this
I'm jewish, I don't have pride.

>> No.25529696
File: 660 KB, 778x734, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25529700
File: 33 KB, 540x588, 1605918935111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay so where can I find Amyris publicly filing with the SEC that they're up 220% on their internally-owned consumer products? Surely there would be consequences for claiming publicly that you're having exponential growth in profits. Pretty sure Enron got fucked for that.

>> No.25529720
File: 23 KB, 245x300, DENN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are people in this thread who don't own DENN

>> No.25529721
File: 359 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210104-115717_Fidelity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont know really. I could put in a lot more when I get my taxes return. I just figured 500 x 12 = 6k a year.

I dont what I should invest in in the roth ira.

My meme portfolio is doing well but I dont trust individual stocks for roth ira. What should I invest in?

>> No.25529787

High paying software jobs that allow you to work remotely are what you should be schizo about. "Work" in California but live in the third world parts of the US means you make as shit ton of money, have few expenses, AND usually get big tax breaks
Hell, even King Boomer Jew Elon Musk did it this year to Texas.

>> No.25529788

Is anybody else pulling their shares tomorrow? I expect a massive dump once Republicans lose the Senate.

>> No.25529799

im so broke and poor I have no clue what I'm going to do. Might just read financial books obsessively and study the market obsessively and figure out a way out of my shitty hopeless situation. Fuck it all

>> No.25529803

>after hours massive gap up
>volume is lower than the morning dump

There's like a 60% chance it'll dump hard tomorrow.

>> No.25529823

>P/E Ratio: 72.93
Ah, the TSLA approach to breakfast.

>> No.25529832

Hmm maybe after my company gets bought out and I cash in my 20k units for 8-10 bucks each, ill quite and work remotely for someplace while I live in a cabin in the mountains with my dog

>> No.25529836
File: 115 KB, 1072x1440, 1607345520935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Already did. Will buy cheapies if doomp.

>> No.25529843

don't worry
technology is deflationary and so is unemployment
therefore our central banks will continue to print money in a bid to create higher than "target" inflation
central banks can then "look through" inflation in order to inflate away the debt, because it's politically impossible to raise interest rates

taxes will mostly not rise
we will be taxed by inflation

>> No.25529862
File: 69 KB, 858x492, 1598118383404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TSLA, unironically.

>> No.25529867

Read the Boomer Investing 101 link in the OP.

>> No.25529880
File: 1.35 MB, 1596x1414, bobo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where are my bobros?
[Voodoo Child intensifies]

>> No.25529890

>you let shady corporations owned by the CIA take over your elections while doing nothing to stop "ballot boxes" put out by stacey abrahms despite her previously trying to register thousands of dead people and they turn your state into California

No shit

>> No.25529892

if you use only the PE ratio to determine the fair value of stock you must be holding a bunch of value traps and garbage

>> No.25529902

dont sell shares only buy the dips

>> No.25529923

Never read anyone that made millions ever say "Thanks to this book, I'm a millionaire"

>> No.25529926

>The same will happen in the next 8 years with Texas
Cali refugees are already shitting up Texas pretty bad. I’m pretty much priced out of a home now

>> No.25529963

Not tsla is for my meme portfolio

>> No.25529967

i did on thursday. sold some shares but since its all in etfs, i feel kind of silly for doing it. i might just throw in more money tomorrow and buy more shares.

>> No.25529991

When in boomerland, do as the boomers do. Just buy SPY with $500 every month and ignore it.

>> No.25529993
File: 314 KB, 1920x1080, 1609788479325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>>25529448 (You)
>Surely there would be consequences for claiming publicly that you're having exponential growth in profits. Pretty sure Enron got fucked for that.

Jeez, man. Ok, I'll spoon feed you a bit, new fren.

Enron went under because they created fake shell companies and create the illusion of profit with accounting manipulation.

All companies state they have an up potential in their earning calls. Its what they call a blue sky scenario.

>> No.25529995
File: 428 KB, 555x657, 5EA558FC-8C73-4F4C-B40E-90B14EAD88EB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when an argument you shitposted in real life shows up posted on smg
I’m being psyopped. I’m out.

>> No.25530012

Warren Buffet reads 5 hours a day

>> No.25530021

I'm just messing with you. Why should I prefer them to DIN though? Because owning that lets me pull the Shareholder card at both I-HOP *and* Applebees.

>> No.25530031

no i actually bought into a $10 spac today. dont think it will be much to worry about either way.

>> No.25530035

are indexes dropping again tomorrow? shit was a massacre today

>> No.25530057

Only Allah knows the future.

>> No.25530088

i'm here with you bobo. 300 point crash on the DOW tomorrow incoming

>> No.25530089
File: 570 KB, 750x1176, E2A359E3-C75D-49FE-A500-F2B1648AAFD4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here you go fren

>> No.25530117

>Oh no! DEmocrat$!!!

Psh, as if that matters. Politicians own stocks and many companies pay for campaign funding for politicians. Buy the shit out of this dip. If you don't, the 1% will.

>> No.25530126

honestly DIN is a buy too, the whole sector in my opinion looks really solid going forward i'd own both if I had the money to do so.

>> No.25530147

Okay I need a breakdown of this
I know most of it but some of this shit is equally believable and off the walls

>> No.25530162

You guys think the dems will use PLTR to track Trump supporters?

>> No.25530189

Senators don't affect state politics, retard. Republicans still have a trifecta at the state level and will continue to for the forseeable future.

>> No.25530191


"On June 18, 2010, Vice President Joe Biden and Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag held a press conference at the White House announcing the success of fighting fraud in the stimulus by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB). Biden credited the success to the software, Palantir, being deployed by the federal government"

>> No.25530207
File: 573 KB, 800x969, 1597072394001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TSM, WMT, and GBTC saved the fuck out of my portfolio today holy shit.


>> No.25530218

Fuck bros I'm scared of a dump tomorrow. Should I sell?

>> No.25530225

that's not how he got rich though. he got rich by being a hedge fund manager using other peoples money

if i were you, i'd focus on somehow finding a stable income part of which you can put into shares every month. even if it's a small amount. you need to be constantly adding. this will make you a more confident investor as well.

>> No.25530241
File: 300 KB, 905x900, awoo enough.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think team a will do something that will incite team 1 to cause a ruckus. team 1 will retaliate leaving team a exposed of their shenanigans.

>> No.25530252

Based but seriously what’s the deal with the grayscale etfs

>> No.25530253

That's not what he said, retard.

>bet on democrats to win the election
>buy the cheapies

>> No.25530268

The software coder gig is about to be dumped hard. Current 19-25 year olds cannot lift weights or engage in physical combat. They all took the bookworm and laptop route. The market will be, and is currently flooded with software engineers and coders. The field evolved and you now have actually smart kids that know their shit.

This is the RNurse boom from 2005-2015, and guess what happened? RNurses make fuck all money now and the same will happen when companies will hire 5 25 year old coders for 45k/year instead of 1 pajeet or chink for 250k.

Enjoy the money while you can and spend/save wisely, tech will fuck the lower half of their workforce even further to get the bottom line up to further invest.

At this point it is better to just fucking own land and a home that will explode in value once the city flight and rural development continues...and you stay funny or positive in clown world.

>> No.25530278

Buy his shitty fund then. Buy slow as shit like Kroger.

Let Robinhood fags that invested in Tesla on March outdue you 10x over.

>> No.25530281


>> No.25530291


>> No.25530296


It fell by 900 points on september 2nd.

>> No.25530297
File: 2.29 MB, 1849x826, dp01-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25530315

ETFs are convenient and institutional investors are allowed to buy them, which is why ARKK owns a bunch of GBTC

You can also put them in tax sheltered accounts like a normal equity

>> No.25530327

>cia or fbi

Very normalfaggot. Why does the DIA never get brought up?

>> No.25530339
File: 704 KB, 1434x1284, 1609722595111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB)

>> No.25530342

I hope so, I was looking forward to UPRO cheapies today, but they never came...

>> No.25530344
File: 43 KB, 500x415, 1605759318742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

buy WKHS calls

>> No.25530353

>Let Robinhood fags that invested in Tesla on March outlose you 10x faster.

>> No.25530356

That's the way to do it. I didn't have money but I guessed Aurora cannabis would have went up and it went up like 8 bucks ;__; plus I got a ton m right before. I'm not a human being in this world. I'm nearly retarded. Just wish life was over so I can get my peace.

>> No.25530357

Excellent advice. Simply because this is what I've been doing for the last 2 years. My wagie job is just to fund my investing.

>> No.25530372

so TLDR don't work in tech proper but anything that's loosely tech-related that can be used in multiple industries is still g2g?

>> No.25530397

Mommy cathie, Tesla was up, zoom was up, please make Arkk go up thank you

>> No.25530401

I program abap.
It is used by huge oil companies.
New college grads hate it. Outsourcing it doesnt work because you get shit code.
I can't be replaced.

My next pay jump will be 30 to 40% when I switch jobs.

>> No.25530412

All the zoomers say "I wish I had majored in business". Kek. If you can talk to boomers and xoomers and sell them things, you can make it.

>> No.25530421

>80 thousand USD in Suncor Energy at 17 USD a share
>Was thinking to run 50/50 Suncor, Exxon stock
>Decided against it
>Going to toss 50 thousand dollars in margin on it when it hits 11 USD a share

If they go bankrupt, I am just going to wait 20 years and off myself. I'm not going to sit there and trade stocks and live in fear for 10 years. That would be very stupid on my part. That's what would happen.

>> No.25530428

They hold X amount of a certain crypto. They're worth getting into until they're trading above their NAV. ETHE dumped hard today despite ETH mooning over the holiday cause it was trading well above its NAV.

>> No.25530462

buy and hold ICLN.

>> No.25530465

All my business courses taught me is that the most successful companies aren't run by business majors, they're run by engineers

>> No.25530473

Wtf is this, anon?

>> No.25530476

got down to 600 today

>> No.25530490

eToro is a good platform?

>> No.25530508

Only if you're a bad businessman desu

>> No.25530520

No it's 2005 era dogshit owned by literal Jews

>> No.25530540
File: 34 KB, 958x350, 86e5cfe6c354cd8d3f43c0125a650861[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any other /CHEK/em bros here? Tomorrow we ride to $5

>> No.25530542

Don’t be a liberal pussy

>> No.25530547

Brave user identified
But fr it's Israeli so it depends on your opinion of Jews

>> No.25530557

Some algo that takes dark pool buys/sells and puts it into an excel sheet. Pay it no mind if you don't believe in dark pool shit.

>> No.25530582

It makes no difference to me. Getting a second degree in Astrophysics and then a masters, I'll ride to Mars and hunt buggalo in Tharsis. Maybe help lay the theoretical groundwork for dumping comets into the atmosphere to warm the planet.

>> No.25530583
File: 236 KB, 489x382, 1602616412378.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

smg bros what are good gold plays?

>> No.25530596

he should read his own books so he doesn't sell the bottom again lmao

>> No.25530615

That's not true though, not even remotely. Bill gates never was an engineer, neither was jobs, or dorsey, or even zuckerberg, or santos, or pretty much anyone else.
All the successful companies, where success is more than "staying afloat" like the spyderweb software guy does (I mean, he does a little more than 'staying a float' nowadays but hopefully you get my meaning), were rich to start with, some were businessmen, and few to none have ever been engineers and when they have been, usually they either had also a business background, or were taught business by their parents and moreover leveraged connections.

>> No.25530616


Hold for dow/gold ratio of 1:1

>> No.25530626


>> No.25530627

So what to get into? It seems all doors are closed without a college degree besides blue collar stuff that you have to pay to learn too

>> No.25530634

for me it's GLTR

>> No.25530638

I guess my point is that I've been waiting for the january dump anyway. There's always a market shift at the end of each month and roughly every 8 days and at the end of each quarter and you can see the cycle play out on the big chart going back years. People being shocked that there's a dumparoo are going to want to kill themselves when the quarter comes to an end and people start taking fucktons of profits. BTC is going to dip hard and /biz/ will cry bitch tears. It'll be amazing.

>> No.25530639


falcon gold

>> No.25530663

My brother Mosh...er I mean Mitch Goldberg makes some really nice gold plated items, I can have him give you a discount.

>> No.25530672
File: 363 KB, 376x401, 1608302554807 (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay but does that mean I should buy more PLTR?

>> No.25530674
File: 166 KB, 750x938, ElgfQILVgAIc4Hx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now imagine how everyone else is feeling.

georgia shit is fake anyway, doesn't make a lick of difference. shit's dumping because everything is overbought from the nov/dec run up.

>> No.25530677

>dumped hard to 1101 dollars

>> No.25530698

leaps on GOLD AUY and NEM

>> No.25530709


>> No.25530715
File: 66 KB, 640x438, 1601801484543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sold my UUUU this morning
How do I go ahout buying lumps of gold

>> No.25530717

>That's the way to do it. I didn't have money but I guessed Aurora cannabis would have went up and it went up like 8 bucks ;__; plus I got a ton m right before
yeah this is really frustrating but it's happening to all of us. i'm always seeing opportunities that i don't have the money to buy the dip in, then it moons and i missed it. or you feel the regret of not buying enough. or you sell too early, etc

you've got to keep reminding yourself that there's new moon missions every day. make yourself kind of emotionally dead to this stuff, make a plan and stick to it. most of your money goes into that. then keep some aside for the meme plays. even dudeweed. personally wouldn't touch cannastocks tho. there's some anons here who seem to do ok out of them

>> No.25530722

Skills where you can't be replaced. Either by raw talent like oil boy up there or dying trades that millenials will blow their inheritance on instead of doing it themselves. Mechanics make a good dime if it's their passion. Specialize in shit undying corporations need. Be the guy who can maintenance the engine of a big rig or heavy machinery on site. Be the one who can maintain the antennae towers. There are tiers to being a wagie, the risk is being the ones replaceable.

Or be these cool crypto gamblers.

I don't care anymore. Cheers.

>> No.25530740

Ah the pi business cycle

>> No.25530762

Shill me on it

>> No.25530766

>date] [Auto] 27 new posts
What do you use?

>> No.25530767
File: 92 KB, 1000x1000, 1609782419650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doors are also mostly closed for college degrees unless you know someone or straight up lie about having "10 years dicksucking experience" for some entry level field you're trying to get into. Fuck HR.

>> No.25530780
File: 170 KB, 360x346, 28953789532.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And Apple (the thing he refused to buy for over half a decade) is the only thing carrying his entire company

>> No.25530788

I'm talking about ETHE retard

>> No.25530804

No, it doesn't have options and doesn't have the smaller cap tickers even the exchange traded ones. The spreads on crypto are shit. It prevents you from putting more limit orders than the money you have to fill. The orders sometimes take a literal hour to close.

>> No.25530805

I'm okay with jews I hate ching chongs

>> No.25530815

Idk I hate life I just want it all over

>> No.25530818

Sounds pretty consistent with everything else I've heard. I've just never really been able to figure out what white-collar skills I could develop that are hard to replace but I'm sure there's something. I know that physical work is hard to replace since it can't be outsourced as easily as something online can.
Anyway, thanks bud

>> No.25530835

I’m a two bit mechanical engineer and I get offers to manage data centers or some factory at least twice a month on LinkedIn because I do..... drum roll please...... fucking HVAC

>> No.25530847

Didn't TSLA shareholders receive 5x their stock?

>> No.25530900

He got rich by using hostile takeovers exclusively.

>> No.25530918

jew detected

>> No.25530928

It stock split, yes, but the value of that stock was divided by 5. Granted, I'm up 120% on Tesla. I wish I had gotten in at 770, but kept fudding myself.

>> No.25530932

So what makes you choose HVAC over the other jobs?

>> No.25530945
File: 37 KB, 1216x250, 1600000426565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

learn excel and use pretty colors. management loves it

>> No.25530952

I see damn, which would you reccommend?

>> No.25530977

Well that's easy enough since I use excel and other data memes on a regular basis

>> No.25530999

Multiple ways check out pmg

It’s a pure shit hits the fan play more insurance than anything. It’s happened multiple times before in history so it will (or close) again. It goes actually very poorly....until it doesn’t

It’s more of a store of value than a moonshot in the meantime

>> No.25531005
File: 708 KB, 1543x1200, 22061FC2-72CF-4089-9520-E9F16D3AA6F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US bank regulator gives the ok for banks to use blockchain technology. There will obviously be more crypto crashes in the future, but at the moment they won’t be regulated to death. Bullish for those that hold crypto related stocks.

>> No.25531042

actually bullish

>> No.25531064

You can learn electrical work on the side. Books and semester courses. Electrical engineers are pretty good jobs. You might have to undercut a salary for the first few gigs just to get in and build a reference. Go personal business or climb into bed with undying corporate.

There will be a lot of boomers dying, if they didn't reverse mortgage their home and their kids are left it, chances are it will be a 1970-1990 piece of shit behind the home depot drywall. You will be surprised how many 23-33 year old MEN can't change a tire or replace a headlight/jump a car.

People always break so there will always be a doctors to help get them on whatever pharmacy company will bonus him on for every prescription written.

Things always break so there will always be a need for someone to fix it.

>> No.25531079
File: 78 KB, 583x580, ira loli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are a hundred coinshit threads on /biz/ and you picked an /smg/ thread.

>> No.25531100

>I've just never really been able to figure out what white-collar skills I could develop that are hard to replace but I'm sure there's something
Electrician, welder, plumber
The trifecta

>> No.25531102

Depends on genetic health and life choices. Some ppl are better off enjoying their money quicker

>> No.25531122

Institutions are going to wake up to some green dildos.

>> No.25531127

Robinhood is a good trading platform?

>> No.25531140

Ya cause some people hold crypto related stocks here. Filter me if it fucking triggers you tranny

>> No.25531149

I really just want to die honestly

>> No.25531160

This last run is probably the one you either make it or don't, I doubt they'll let it just crash in the future.

>> No.25531169
File: 320 KB, 620x720, 1609014153856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goddamn boomers LOVE colored excel. My old boss has been at the company longer than I've been alive, and if I didn't give him a pretty excel sheet I'd get cucked.

>> No.25531176

no, not "use excel". master it. programming/vba, plugins, data transformation and automation. i was making $200k/yr because i was the local excel guru.

>> No.25531185

You don’t choose hvac, hvac chooses you

>> No.25531190

>can't change a tire/jump a car

Yes, when the vast majority of the population isn't taught such a thing they won't know it. Good on you for figuring that out.

>> No.25531200

fuck lol what happened to SRAC after hours

>> No.25531237

the true trifecta. anyone can be a carpenter or a painter

>> No.25531240

I'll do that, then. What resources did you use to learn those various skills? I have one for VBA and plugins already, but I haven't seen anything for data transformation or automation yet

>> No.25531257
File: 40 KB, 731x806, 1601469595860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25531266

>when the 19 year old temp opens the report, inputs new data into whatever fields and changes the date to the current day, [save] and fucks all the formulas and values you set because they used the wrong page.

>> No.25531267

FAA delays for either Vigoride or a customer's payload, which wasn't clear. Just "lol we need more time to process your paperwork ;)" DMV-style fuckery. Next scheduled launch is Feburary.

>> No.25531290

Spaceship canceled.

>> No.25531295

High paying jobs

>> No.25531302

There is a tiny book that comes with cars. It's usually in the compartment you keep your napkins and extra ketchup packs.

>> No.25531312

Have you considered reading the first couple lines of the OP?

>> No.25531347

You're hurting yourself by using Robinhood. Bad order fills, short trading hours, more bugs, doesn't support futures etc.
Only benefit is cheap ass margin and dogecoin.

>> No.25531354


>> No.25531356

everyone with a functioning brain does kek

>> No.25531421

>live in the time when you can find literally everything available to learn on the internet
>making excuses for not knowing things
It isn't their fault for not being taught, but it is their fault for remaining a stupid ignorant fuck.

>> No.25531442

it was mostly just time on the job tbqh

>> No.25531457

Where’s the proof

>> No.25531489

That's cool, I'll try to find some stuff and build the skills so that I can hopefully get a decent job once I'm done school.
Thanks, chief

>> No.25531532

To be fair, I've never actually had to change a headlight, but in 12 years, I've only owned 2 cars. I can change a tire and jump a car though.

>> No.25531622

Do you find day trading to be profitable? Onionstubers constantly tell me to not day trade.

>> No.25531646
File: 27 KB, 600x627, 1609812544131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how are there still maga trannies coping

>> No.25531656

sweet, i'll buy at 13 or lower.

>> No.25531670

>see the internet exists, so you should do this thing that's retarded that boomers care about

I would literally rather never learn, purely to spite pretend-men who ruined the USA forever and are all obese old fucks but pride themselves on 'knowing how to drink real gud and drill holes in things and change tires'. "Fuck boomers" will be my last words.

>> No.25531714
File: 33 KB, 640x426, 1967cobra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work in big tech and this post is 100% accurate, everybody and i mean EVERYBODY knows how to code these days, 90% of "coding" is making shit like ui's and organizing website layouts for established businesses

Unless you really know your shit, and spent years and years SPECIALIZING in something, your going to be getting paid just slightly above min wage very soon.

I suspect that physical jobs and trades jobs will make a huge comeback again since people need things built in the physical realm and trades/construction always booms after a recession due to "cheap" labour and fed investment.

If any 18 year olds are browsing this thread, i Implore you to consider trades as a career path. Just dont blow all of your money and think of a career trajectory beyond that so you dont wreck your knees and back at 40 years old

>> No.25531716
File: 3.08 MB, 420x431, n.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wants racist to leave
>racist have made him all his returns last year
go back and cope

>> No.25531798

What the fuck do I do as an 30 year old NEET then

>> No.25531823

Garbage man

>> No.25531847

Anyone can make Wordpress sites, not anyone can make scalable micro services / api’s
Everything is going to be data oriented. Getting paid 200k to build websites is in the past.

>> No.25531863

>I'll stick it to the boomers by paying people for services I could learn to do myself
Don't you have a tide pod to eat somewhere else retard? Personal finance isn't generational warfare, learning how to change a tire is both practical and thrifty.

>> No.25531877

Do that i do. Buy meme stocks, sell meme stocks for more money than you pay. Don't get pajeet'd.

>> No.25531917
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>> No.25531927

>Everything is going to be data oriented.
Is there value in building a career around legitimate data science and analysis, or is it a complete meme?

>> No.25531990

I fell hard for the college meme. Currently $100,000 in debt and make $40,000 a year.

>> No.25531996

I'm 29 and have been coding for three years in AUS/NZ and already noticed it desu. Wages are lower outside of bigger companies and they seem to pay less. I'm focusing on shifting to product management and essentially selling shit which surely can't go out of fashion and coding just for fun. The reality of what we're seeing is erosion of a gold rush keep an eye on high value crossovers like biology and tech or something that requires some knowledge of an industry and code which can't be taken by pajeets.

>> No.25532001

I guess you would need normie friends to actually see it. I know most of /biz/ are friendless hikikomoris. I live in an area where its pretty evenly split between republican and democrat and normies I know on both sides admit they think its fraudulent. Surprisingly its the dems/progressives that are the most shocked by the outcome.

As far as what the run offs mean for the market though, who knows.

>> No.25532028

If you're just starting out, and you have a portfolio less than $1,000, Robinhood can be a good place to start
If you are interested in reading order book / tick by tick / other level 2 data, and you're also new in the markets, webull is a better option - will also allow you to trade 4:00am to 9:00am
If you're further advanced than that, Schwab / Fidelity / Etrade are all decent choices
If you're trying to actually make it, best overall is TDAmeritrade Thinkorswim (I am hoping to master their client this year)

>> No.25532047

Thank you for your service, goy.

>> No.25532068

This. Employers are fed up with paying contracting agencies massive profit margins for pajeets to do routine work. American contracting agencies are just now starting to compete and bring their own code monkeys to the market. Frankly I don't know why it didn't happen sooner.

I'm a biotech engineer and I could probably do most of these jobs just with the coding experience I've picked up. It's the easiest shit in the world, involving zero creativity or critical thinking.

>> No.25532080
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She got fired, but some thot from Iran got hired at Delta for 95k starting with a data analytics masters.

>yfw you get hired by an airline right before covid19

>> No.25532100
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>> No.25532104

They reposted old news

>> No.25532150

I just watched videos on Tesla



>> No.25532168

If you can work from home you can work from any country. The amount of competition you face has increased

>> No.25532175

Yes, especially if you can get into any sort of financial or science institution.

>> No.25532184

Universities are already pumping out data science degrees. The field will be fucked soon enough

>> No.25532237

new thread

new thread

also check'em

>> No.25532444

Kek, our "company" IT is a fucking joke. Co worker put in a request for a simple replacement mouse after the one he had broke. About a dozen e-mails and a week later finally some dude brings the mouse down to him (this was before covid shut the place down almost). Co worker could've hit walmart, got a mouse, and been rolling again that same day instead of dealing with our in house fucktards.

>> No.25532453

The "pretend men" have more testosterone in their 70s than you do now.

Real hard working men, usually vets were the backbone of the country.

The boomers you speak of were anti war Woodstock fuckoffs that inherited ww2 wealth and squandered it. Just like most Americans did not serve in the military, most boomers are really fucking stupid.

Conservative boomers are based desu. These are usually "the evil white men that hold us down" the liberals will speak of.
They spent their money and invested wisely and live the golden years watching their soon to be written out of will grand son transition to a girl.

Stick to commenting on stocks because you have zero knowledge of a hard day's work and callused hands.


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