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Yet another 2 Million users added in a month.

I am inevitable.

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20 cent stable coin! kek!

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I'm accumulating as much as possible right now. Bitcoin will probably dip back in to the 20k's for the remainder of the year which will keep the BAT price low but I feel like the time of .20 BAT is coming to an end. 2021 is probably the last time we'll be able to buy under $1.

> 24 million MAU
> advertisers bought 287k worth of BAT between December 28 - 30


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It is until it isn't...

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I am using this coin to short against it. Is this a mistake?

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We need more BAT meme's though. There's a nice collection now but it needs to be on par with the stinkies if this thing is going to hit $100 a BAT.


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Brave also needs to release something that's not a fucking widget, or Elon needs to tweet "BAT token :)" which means we are going to be in limbo for another year.

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Brave will also be the first company to IPO that has an integrated crypto currency as well. I'm sure that will happen in the next couple of years and by that time it will have a reputation as the Google killer which will make it a very lucrative IPO. That alone will slingshot the price of BAT. Jacks me up famalam.

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its in the stablecoin section on coinbase for a reason

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Soon brother, soon...

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>Bat still 20 cents
Yeah you guys are being XRP'd. Sell your bags, this shit is worthless.

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This basically. Shouldn’t even be treated like a crypto. Hardly moves with the herd. As long as users keep adding on, it’s a solid investment. Whether you want to add on more bat and be patient or try to 2-10x on another project is up to you. I used to be all in but I caved and split it up while holding about 1/4 of what bat I had. I made more money in other projects I ever did by just holding bat. Still holding though. It has normie attraction and real life use case while solving issues and making you an income. They’ve followed regs even to the discontent of their user base. KYC meme is bullshit, soon there’ll be so much regs that this will feel like the Wild West

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Ok so at the very least you're not going to lose money and the best case scenario is it does a 1000x. What's the issue here? Or are you just waiting to shill the rug pull of the week from your discord group.

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or worse, it could stay at 20c for all time and we will be stuck in limbo saying "just 6 more months" and never achieve closure till the day we die. At least with a rug pull you can move on

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so.... being XRP'd.
Look at XRP chart, do you guys want to be them?

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Rule number 1 in investing is preserve capital. Ask me how I know that you haven't made any substantial money trading...

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>Rule number 1 in investing is preserve capital.
Maybe if you're a boomer who doesn't know how to 10x and wants to spend 20 years investing when all you have to do is make it and stop paying attention.

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Look at the price on this motherfucker

Its price literally cannot go up. It’s hilarious. Absolute fucking shitcoin in every sense of the term. Trash!

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Just bought 5k more. Let’s go

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The early memes sure were good. I went in more than Link on this shitcoin

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So if you're still here you haven't made it yet then. Which just goes to show that you have a shit investment strategy. Meanwhile in 20 years I'll still have all my starting capital and the gains I made along the way. Let me guess you make under 100k a year too.

> *sips*

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I've done 3x this past 30 days alone and 10x since march and you've held BAT bags for no reason.

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Literally stay on reddit i bet you baghold cripple too retard

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Honest post here, I wish you all the best with your investment. Been using Brave since 2018 and I will continue to do so, but have completely moved away from use of the token. Can't withdraw without going through (((KYC))). The monthly token claims glitch and don't work 90% of the time on my phone and tablet - PC works okay. The majority of websites I visit, which are primarily crypto sites, still haven't bothered to accept BAT donations. Token price hasn't moved in three years despite tens of millions of users. And after getting spammed 5x per hour with ads for the last two years, I've received $18 worth of BAT rewards. Meanwhile my LINK bags retired me and bought a house. What do you all see catalyzing actual price movement for BAT this year?

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Google Killer? I doubt it, although a strong alternative? Possibly

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Double-replying. Oh he mad son. It's not like you should invest solely in BAT, no one said that and you're a strawmanning faggot.

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or worse it could crab while everything pumps and dump when everything dumps. its not going back to a dollar

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BAT has and always will be worthless. Brave is a bad browser and the owner stole affiliate money from people. He can not be trusted, what he did broke laws.

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So what you have $1000 now? Good for you little guy, did your mommy tell everyone what a good little investor you were? And if I had to guess I'd bet that you're the schizo rippler.

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IPO? E-celeb utilization of token? Self-serve? Snowball adoption effect? Google anti-trust suit? 50M user mark? I dunno lots of potential.

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With respect to advertising I mean, Google is a whole other story when it comes to the other services they offer. But ya strong alternative is a better way to put it.

> lmao he mad

Is this the binance widget fud again? If you click on their widget of course they're going to use their referral code. Try not being dumb.

Keep seething tiny tim.

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It’s fucking depressing. I concur with bagholders that BAT is a good idea and that it may have more legitimate use cases going forward. But 2020 made me begin to doubt the BAT/Brave team’s ability to really get users on board with the token, and literally everything about BAT points to its price being irrelevant and not important to its utility.

The team was very clear that this is a utility token and not an investment. At first I thought they said this with a wink and a nudge, and then I realized that they are actively working against any price speculation in order to confirm this (clearly for legal reasons). Until the SEC clears up security regulations, possibly through the Ripple/XRP lawsuit, BAT will continue sitting in limbo. Brave basically needs a court order saying BAT is not a security for any price action to take place. That could take years. This shit is going absolutely nowhere in the meantime and is/has been a total fucking waste of time. Many were duped into “investing” in this by a sly Brave team, but >it’s not an investment.

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> then I realized that they are actively working against any price speculation in order to confirm this

Of course. That is one of the biggest indicators that Brave is a legitimate company and not a rug pull or pnd scam like ripple or chainlink. Not to mention that a reputable VC firm like founders fund would never be involved in a project like that.

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>Ask me how I know that you haven't made any substantial money trading...
Well, I wrote a market making bot (started running it summer of last year) that is making me a killing with all this volatility, pic related, and that doesn't include the BTC pairs which also made me a decent amount. While I am a terrible manual trader/investor, I clearly know a thing or two about trading and risk. The thing is, if you dig deep into r/batproject, you'll see some worrying posts such as lack of advertiser interest by team members. Think about it, how can we have so many fucking users and still be stuck at the same price we were 3 years ago? Something is clearly wrong with the project, and I am pretty sure it is advertiser's disinterest.

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doomed, actually, because it's an ETH spinoff shitcoin that's got unuseable fees.

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I bet you're impressed with yourself that you managed to make that small amount of money in a giant bullrun. Hat's off to you tiny tim. I made 4x that. Of course I'm larping though.

> Think about it, how can we have so many fucking users and still be stuck at the same price we were 3 years ago

Trading shitcoins has seriously warped your sense of value and price action. Just admit that you're a trader and not an investor and that BAT isn't the project for you. And to your point about lack of advertiser interest, I don't think you could be farther off the mark. Just look at the current advertisers and tell me how fortune 500 companies running multiple consecutive ad campaigns is them losing interest?

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I’m glad you agree, but that doesn’t negate my other points that BAT’s price is going nowhere and discouraging investment in BAT is a double-edged sword.

BAT is trying to be a legitimate crypto project, which is admirable, but a major part of crypto has become price speculation. That’s a fact. It encourages hype, users (this would be BAT users, not Brave users), investors, adaptation, etc. if you discourage investment in a utility token, you’re in part discouraging its use and adaptation. BAT will be worth 20-30¢ a year from now, accordingly

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Why would you assume that the "hype" would always stay static? Could that not change in the future?

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>Just admit that you're a trader and not an investor
Holy shit you are retarded. Do you know what sharpe/sortino ratios are Mr fucking bigshot trader? It is gains/risk (some people say they are overly simplistic which I somewhat agree with but it's not completely useless). A line going straight up without crazy dips is a very good thing if your strategy is constantly taking profit. Too high risk, even with massive gains is not good because there was a decent chance it could have gone the other way. Being proud of staying at 20c is retarded. You are literally speculating at this point, which is not what a good trader does. Also, here is the current state of BAT paywalls:

>That said, we will have SKUs and publishers will be able to use them for pay per view articles and content, but it wasn't made a higher priority because the market feedback was that it was not a high priority for publishers.

I also hold plenty of coins other than BAT like BTC, XMR, and ETH, so my net worth went way up too during the bullrun, but the market maker takes profit, so these are realized gains that is just printing money. Enjoy getting dumped on because you will be too fucking stupid to sell. I will be selling you my bags at 40c and you can enjoy limbo.

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I think the issue at hand is simply that BAT does not have enough utilization right now. You either tip, which many find gay, or jump through hoops too high for normie brains in order to keep it for yourself and cash out a few bucks.

I am pinning my hopes on greater utility.

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The problem with BAT is the supply. If there was less it would be worth way more considering there is an actual use case.

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How did you manage to fit so much seethe in one post? Seriously, asking for a friend.

> noo not my hecking paywallerinos!!!

Just admit it, you lost.

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lmao what did I lose? You literally have no response

>seriously, asking for a friend
back you go

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agree. Tipping would cause a lot of excitement if it were easy for normies to cash out and BAT was actually worth anything at all. Right now neither of those are true and tipping is laughably worthless

BAT’s heart is in the right place but execution is just not there, at all.

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You bring up no valid points, there's nothing to refute.

> back you go

You're the one who posted a reddit link pal.

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5 $ in 3 months

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Is this my boy? Lmao

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idk, who is it supposed to be?

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Lol no arguments again. And nice spacing, back you go

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> literally posts r*ddit link
> demands that others go back to r*ddit

Such is life when high schools are virtual.

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NANO is inevitable. come up with your own slogan.

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Happy Monday Lads.

Agreed. Utility is coming "soon" hopefully.

>Such is life when high schools are virtual.
He's already dead, lad. Wrecked lol

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Lol, thanks brap anon. No mercy for BAT bobo's.

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Ok just read the thread fellas and want to address some key points.

Brave is working in making cashing out bat easier this year through different exchanges and making it easier to spend bat with the pay with bat feature.

Advertisers are interested in bat. Hence PayPal and Amazon advertising on the platform.

More utility than just tipping is on the way such as paying with bat.

Staking is being talked of through their Themis program.

Brave just updated the basicattentiontoken website in line with a full campaign this year. I don't get why people hate bat but shill random defi crap. I get that they get 10x or whatever daily but they seem to be playing with low 5 digits sums at most. I understand that btc eth link has done better than Bat, but one day the 50mil users and market will twig to the fact that there is a token underpinning a rapidly growing ecosystem (not just tipping) and token value will soar. There is a finite amount of batties. It's just a matter of time, and it could be a while. Bat will always be here, the father of the prodigal son 'apeing' into random rugpulls.

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Switched to Brave a few days ago. It's really cool. The internet is finally somewhat usable again.

But I deactivated everything BAT related. What's the point of this shitcoin? I'm not going to send some idiot on reddit 1 BAT for posting le epic meme and I won't watch ads to collect 1/10 of a cent per hour or whatever.

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iiLnyMTB please refer to this anon >>25517063

Then you have my permission to get back to ribbit

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we do not yet talk about bat

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>What's the point of this shitcoin?

Part of the point is that you shouldn’t have to send it to anyone. You should get what’s owed to you for having ads shoved in your face. That was originally one of the whole reasons for the token’s existence.

Good post. Makes me want to double down on this shitcoin.

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Hi Luke

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I do :(

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Worrying about covid-19 and using an iphone are unironically cringe behaviors.

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>You should get what’s owed to you for having ads shoved in your face.
Does everybody realize that this is nonsense, or are the Brave founders actually retarded?

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I'm going to appeal to authority here but do you realize who the VC backers of Brave are? Have you ever heard of founders fund or Peter Thiel? They didn't think it was dumb when they founded it.

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Hi it's actually Jennie :)

They hated Jesus because he spoke the truth

People have conceptualised it since the late 90s, cryptocurrency allowed it to happen. It's happening right now.

Btw fellas I didn't even mention self serve ad buys nor publisher ads in my last post, they are the biggest 2021 news incoming.

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This is now a BAT thread.

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Now you just sound like a dumbass. How is it nonsense? The average NPC unironically browses the Internet without Adblock. They’re getting ads shoved in their face >for free like a good little cuck.

Ask anybody if they’d like $1 a week for browsing the Internet and they’d say “what’s the catch?” There’s no catch here, it’s just finally possible with current tech. The problem is it’s clunky and shitty tech at the moment with high regulatory prices to pay and overcome.

The idea of making money to use the Internet isn’t far-fetched or even novel. It’s finally possible. Brave offers opt-in/opt-out online advertising. You can make money off of it should you want to, but you don’t have to. Win/win. Any retard can see the appeal, it’s just a matter of whether they can make it not clunky/shitty and make it actually work.

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Absolutely exquisite anon.

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I accidentally have 11k BAT from enabling it on my sites and linking to the browser when they paid out bats for that.

Am I gonna make it?

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Weak argument, but you know that.

Why would anybody pay me to watch an ad? The ad pays for the content to be produced/delivered to me with no additional cost to me. Where does the value come from, if I get the content *and* the ad revenue?

Free content: pay for it by watching ads.
Paywalled content: pay for it with money.

Sure, if someone (for example Thiel) thinks this a nice unregistered security pump and dump and someone else is going to be the fall guy, I might back it somehow. But I would have to know, that that's some Münchhausen BS, who's pulling himself out of a swamp by his own hair.

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Thank you sir.

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Holy shit another retarded post by you. Brave != BAT. He didn't buy BAT, he owns stock in Brave. He also owned Bitcoin (not sure if he is still holding) so he clearly is interested in cryptocurrencies that are not BAT. If he thought BAT was good, he would have some wouldn't he?

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people still think this shitcoin will pump? no one even gets rewards anymore

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>The ad pays for the content to be produced/delivered to me with no additional cost to me

On Washington Post or Twitch or Men's Health or wherever the fuck, yes. This is a browser. Advertisers get higher click-through rates using Brave because it has (optional) targeted ads.

>> No.25518438

It's for your attention dumb fuck and it's happening right now as I spoonfeed you. I'm literally getting bat right now answering your banal questions. This concept has been around for years. It's finally happening in your lifetime. You are being paid for your ATTENTION. Hence basic attention token. High quality adverts tailored to an audience who wants to see them brave has the highest click through rate of any advertising platform.

>> No.25518440

Sage. And wait.

>> No.25518567

Alright, so Brave has, say 100M users.

Coca-Cola Inc. wants to buy ads to be displayed to these 100M users and gives Brave Inc. $10M.

Now I'm a Brave user. I can now do what? Do I have the choice to:
A) Watch the ad
B) Don't watch the ad
And if I chose A), I get a cut from the $10M in the form of BAT?

But if most users are dumbasses anyway (I agree btw) who won't install adblock, why would Coca-Cola Inc. do that? They can just buy ads the usual way and that would be cheaper, at least by the margin of the user-cut, compared to Brave, right?

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This has to be bait. No way someone could be this dumb on purpose.

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>> No.25518608

How much an hour do you make that way?

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But anon BAT and Brave are, and will always be, tightly coupled. It stands to reason that if Brave does well BAT does well. Why are you being so dense. Just sell all your BAT and never look at the price again. Are you the guy who's ex wife made a bunch of money on BAT?

> he told me he saged

That's now how 4channel works dum dum

>> No.25518821

>And after getting spammed 5x per hour with ads for the last two years, I've received $18 worth of BAT rewards.
I got $2k for a tiny text link that installed like 5-20 brave browsers a day

>> No.25518930

again no response to what I said, the cope is fascinating. Peter Thiel doesn't own the coin, why are you mentioning him?

>tightly coupled
One has exponential growth, the other has flat-lined. Do you know what coupled means?

> he told me he saged
what are you talking about? I didn't sage anything you retard

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Good to see you keeping up the tradition, lad.

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Pure larp.

>> No.25519073

Nope. Rewards paid something like $3 to $10 per install depending on country.

>> No.25519094

It's irrelevant. I have a full time job in stem. I don't use brave opt in adverts to make money lmao. You must be young, or from a 2nd/3rd world country. I make a small amount of bat I can tip, save or cash out each month for literally ZERO work. I had to be served a few advert notifications for things I'm already interested in. Again, literally zero work for free money. Earn rate will increase once pub adverts come online anyway. But I'm not particularly bothered about how much I 'make' - only Indians are on the brave subr*ddit.

>> No.25519120

I’m a wagecuck waging right now so I can’t answer this in detail, but I think the idea is that Brave ads target user attention “better” than other fraudulent click bait online ads. Your Brave ad is (allegedly) more powerful or relevant when an Internet user 1) knows they’re being compensated to see it and 2) agreed to see it.

This is all theoretical and unproven. It’s Brave’s job to prove this. You’re absolutely right that not all those Brave users are opting into ads, so if Coca Cola is spending 10m on a Brave ad campaign, they’re probably being briefed by Brave about the numbers because anything else would also be fraud. However the fact of the matter that Internet users can now get paid (their due share) for allowing online advertising is self explanatory

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Sorry wrong anon. Yes I am well aware Thiel didn't buy BAT but you're being obtuse when you assume that it wasn't one of the defining factors when his fund backed Brave. And they're coupled in the sense that Brave will always use BAT, read the whitepaper. You can't tell me that once they start pushing BAT hard that the price isn't going to increase.

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Ya only if they used it after a month. And even if you were able to get credit for the installs there's no way you wouldn't have been flagged. Show proof or your mother dies in her sleep tonight.

>> No.25519196

If I can get out at the top, yes. It's a guaranteed 4x.

>> No.25519240

You always win. Imma do some digging now.

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I'm up to almost 30tbs from work. I literally can post for years on end. Its not a competition lad, its about supporting the cause which you do well.

>> No.25519468

Okay, thanks for confirming the pointlessness of BAT, as I stated in my initial post.

>> No.25519480
File: 10 KB, 421x111, hgjghj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wouldn't have been flagged.
Flagged for what? They paid BATs to advertise them and get them installs, I added a link to my sites, that's how it was supposed to work.

>> No.25519505
File: 97 KB, 750x906, cowboy-boomer-drinking-monster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's ok you can leave now.

>> No.25519564
File: 19 KB, 338x424, angry-cat-behind-computer-becomes-confused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my bad anon. I thought you meant YOU were scamming them, not that people were using the referral link. My bad senpai. Glad to hear it.

>> No.25519667

Just bought litecoin, feeling good about this.

>> No.25519682


Anyone know of anything to shill now that the referral program is over? I tried VPN but it's making like $50 a month despite getting a lot of clicks. I think the VPN industry is shady af and doesn't report all the sales desu.

>> No.25519704

I'm Batman

>> No.25519944

Not at the moment. You run ads on your site?

>> No.25520005
File: 1.31 MB, 500x382, jiggle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly compeTITions is always fun Based Brapper Bro. I just have a hard time finding gifs under 4mb

>> No.25520100

Just a text link at the bottom of the articles, fuck giving them free data on my visitors.

>> No.25520143
File: 48 KB, 511x305, bat-eich-checks-em.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based. Ever try affiliate linking?

>> No.25520216

Only VPN so far other than Brave. I emailed some gun shops and asked if they're interested (they're banned from advertising on 99% of the internet) but didn't get a response.

>> No.25520231
File: 356 KB, 1080x1514, PicsArt_12-19-05.54.32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25520254

That's a good idea. Thinking outside the box.

>> No.25520488

wish it wasn't tied to brave browser and you could get free shitcoins from a browser plugin instead

>> No.25520529

dear bat holders... nothing will change now. Let it rest. The time will come. You are not helping yourselves right now.

>> No.25520586

OP here; I don't actually hold BAT. This is all an elaborate ploy for me to farm curated brappers- don't worry.

>> No.25520625
File: 576 KB, 600x600, bateman-checkem-dubs-to-come-album.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's the plan in the future.

>> No.25521055
File: 142 KB, 1025x1280, 134579862_843754666422316_956230161523004006_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a ton of free tools you can use to compress gifs and webms. I can post a few later. Pics are good too. One Saturday we will have a thotoff and just post for hours.

I dump pretty much every Saturday. I rarely post during the week so just lurk Saturday threads if you want guaranteed thots

>> No.25521113

I cannot rest I must help brave

>> No.25521185
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And I... am Iron Hands

>> No.25521505

I use Brave and never bothered to use the BATs, always thought it was just a points system like miles not actual crypto. I got 15 BAT and didn't even realize! That's a shit ton of money!

Thank you Brave, very cool!

>> No.25521591


>> No.25521721

thotianna thotson

>> No.25521871


Regret not selling often.

We shall see

>> No.25522176

kek you are either legit retarded or trolling.

this meme is awesome


>> No.25522431
File: 199 KB, 1080x1091, PicsArt_12-21-08.51.28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cheers fren.

>> No.25522633

do you have the meme where its brendan showing his feet? that one killed me when i saw it

>> No.25522700
File: 235 KB, 1620x1080, PicsArt_12-19-07.22.05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah lol this is as close as I have.

>> No.25522762

haha thats just as good cheers bro

>> No.25523024
File: 207 KB, 1080x1137, PicsArt_11-26-01.27.24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been busy lol

>> No.25523136
File: 231 KB, 1080x1331, 133516555_846026046188638_3219925465194430769_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have more of her; just have to find them. Stick around maybe or ask me in the Sat BAT thread.

This is a masterpiece.


>> No.25523437
File: 75 KB, 564x800, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_chima_q__5121ed6c47a3e8e5e16cae0774c43088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Started using Brave in march
>Have about 230 BAT now
>it's split between three computers
>I probably owe the irs anyway
BAT is my first experience with crypto so don't know whatI'm doing that well.
I do think BAT is the future of advertising though.

>> No.25523534

based. if you make an uphold account you can link it all to one place. brave are releasing other exchange intergration like gemini which is allegedly good - i don't know much about it.

>> No.25523961
File: 23 KB, 594x200, stats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cool update from the man himself

>> No.25524073
File: 23 KB, 578x204, stats2lolcameron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25524423

Is that the cameron everyone talks about?

>> No.25524713


>> No.25525115
File: 294 KB, 1206x1212, Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 6.32.02 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what a fucking schizo

>> No.25525227

he is completely unhinged. i only know of him from anecdotes other people post on here. he had another twitter account and also posted on reddit for ages about bat. allegedly he has sold and rebought a stack many a time.

a technique might be you buy when he sells, and sell when he buys

>> No.25525279

His twitter ramblings make no sense. I was just reading the thread between him and sampson and its embarrassing. I'm surprised they give him the time of day anymore.


>> No.25525329

I was thinking this as well. How is this wrong though?

>> No.25525475

for someone who hates brave it really sits in his mind rent free.

because people don't give the full story with XRP. XRP is being investigated in relation to their ICO, however this has been triggered by their founders selling some astronomical amount of their personal XRP holdings into the market. I believe its in the ranks of hundreds of millions each into their personal accounts.

brave users the UGP to fund the business. they are completely diametrically opposed. for some reason the XRP ICO SEC investigation creeps into bat threads. Its one of the most legally compliant coins and businesses there are. Brendan made a lot of comments about this and SEC compliance back years ago on reddit.

>> No.25525895

XRP does not pass the Howey Test. It is not a security. The person who brought the lawsuit has a hard on for XRP and filed it the day he left office.

>> No.25526147

I'm not an XRP holder nor follower. Just trying to fill in the gaps for BAT enthusiasts who people try to shake out using the XRP SEC fud by saying because BAT had an ICO it makes it immediately susceptible to being investigated by the SEC.

It sounds like a good sign for XRP holders though if it doesn't pass the Howey.

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