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>BTC too fucking slow to do anything meaningful with
>ETH gets more expensive the more people using it, preventing any meaningful work from being done
>Tether is printed from thin air and in a RICO trial for 1 trillion dollars
Crypto is a fucking shit show isn't it? We're never going to use this tech, its all trash

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>tether fud

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It's a lottery that consume a lot of electricity

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And fucking idiots like you are the reason we're stuck in speculation hell.

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midwit detected

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>he doesn't know about monero

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muh tether

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Please enlighten me oh Grand Wrinklebrain, what did I say that was false?

Slightly faster bitcoin that regulators hate. Surely this ends well.

>muh 'muh'
not an argument.

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Wait till you use XRP to transfer that sweet sweet value of yours. Sure, other projects can eliminates slowness and fees. But I choose XRP because of their influence in the global market. Also, regulation is coming. Better get into something that already has KYC built into its tech as well.

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>he doesn’t know

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What’s sad is 3 years ago we were dealing with the same problems. 3 fucking years and no solution. Makes you wonder

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The goal is to create a highly decentralized and secure bearer asset that underpins everything. 99% of the world will use these systems through services like Square and Paypal, Apple Pay, etc. Nobody actually wants to keep up with a mnemonic seed and worry about home invasion all the time. Hal understood back in the early days that Bitcoin backed banks were the real end game, because this technology fundamentally doesn't scale. This is about providing something ultra secure beneath it all that can replace the dollar itself.
This is why Bitcoin will win. Eth is desperately trying to solve an unsolvable problem with 2.0 and sharding bullshit. They just make the base asset less decentralized and more complicated overall. All the same defi will be built on centralized platforms, which is the only way it can scale, using bitcoin as pristine collateral underneath