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I own 3k chainlink

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With 3 (THREE) digested Big Macs

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send the board of directors an email with the word NIGGERS in the subject and I QUIT in the body

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I'm gonna pull my fucking dick out and piss all over the floor in his office. Then I am gonna brutally assault his anus with a baseball bat after I kidnap him while he is walking to his car after work.

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no make it yet but I don't think I would tell my boss at all. I think I would just send resignation by email and never return.

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this is how.

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I fucking hope I can keep the remote working bullshit
I will just wait I get fired

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My boss owns 100x the crypto i do. I will just take his job when he retires.

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My job isn't very stressful and my boss is a pretty cool guy, so I would just ask to go half time full remote and see what happens

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Just get paid full time to work 1h a day
Nobody will notice, at least for a while

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I'm going to quietly max out my benefits and contributions to my 401k.

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Give him my two weeks, shake his hand and thank him for the opportunity for employment as well as the opportunity to grow.

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"I quit"

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Wake up bright and early to beat everybody in, i am main admin on social media and im going to post the owners real name and mugshot from when spent time in club fed for embezzlement then send that to everybody in our customer list, take a shit in his coffee cup, microwave the mugodookie for 99:99 then piss on the carpet and in the filing cabinet (which i will lock and take the key) in my office. When they clean the carpet they will find the dozens of dried loads under my desk. Faggots.

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PLZ somebody post the pasta

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...And then shit on his face right???

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Only correct answer

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jizz in his coffee

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i was hoping to shit on their desk but i'm not sure now with work from home in effect still.

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Rock up to work wearing the following.

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Peacefully resign. A good life lived is the best revenge.

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I send him messages like this one today... i love rubbing in his face that I own btc and he doesnt

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probably just tell him I dont need to work anymore and Im quitting. Hes a pretty cool guy, he'll understand and probably be supportive (desu though its not like Im all that hard to replace)

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I’m sorry ma’am
I must put in my 2 weeks
Due to covid I can’t work with so much fear of customers
>show up at McDonald’s a week later through the drive thru in my lambo filled with big titty asians

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I won’t I will just ghost the bastard

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Just imagine sending this to your boss

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No need to be unpolite my friend, I agree

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I haven’t even seen my boss since the plandemic started.

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lmao I got a new one sometime during the plandemic who I have never met. I'm a fucking ghost.

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i'm going to tell him that he has the opportunity to pay me my normal salary for half the time commitment or find somebody else

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My boss made fun of me.the other day when I told him about crypto coins.

He said "if you know so much about this stuff how come you're still poor working for me all these years?"
I told him I was just holding

All my coworkers laughed I have never felt so humiliated

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Im a NEET so i guess my mother is basically my boss?

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Im not. Im just literally going to stop going.

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High IQ.
Then do this once every year.

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rape them

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This is the way

>> No.25480968

Hey dad check this shit out

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It was your fault, you shouldn't tell anyone, why would you tell your BOSS?

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My current boss actually looks out for me and has had my back several times. A rarity. I'll go part time for a while then gracefully exit. Some of my old bosses I would have happily told them to eat a large cow shit and called them a massive faggot.

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every single boss ive ever had has either been humiliated by me, absolutely scrutinized and bloodthirsty, or screwed me over in some way shape or form

so now i dont have a boss

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my boss is a good and decent man. we have talked about our time in the war and some of the fucked up shit we saw and did. one time on the way back from lunch we were first on the scene of a horrible crash. we both ran over there and made sure everybody was OK, called the police, and stayed on the scene afterwards to make sure the people involved we allright. it brought us closer together I consider us good friends. We also bond over our hatred of niggers, democrats, and trannies. I wish he had heeded my advice to buy crypto, but he always had some excuse, oh well. I will shake his hand wish him the best and stay in contact with him because that what friends do.

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You guys gonna get down on one knee and suck a blue lives matter police officer's dick together to celebrate? Fucking fascist. Trans lives mattresses. You probably fap to trap brap porn.

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I like my job so ill just keep doing it until I get replaced by robots then retire.

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With two weeks notice because my boss is cool

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I might throw in a I told you so though because I told him to buy link at twenty cents.

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Please be a larp, this is dumb

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I'm not, I'll just resign very quietly. No need to make a scene.

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Pretend I need access to his emails to update them and then send the peanus weenus pasta to all

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My boss is based. He watches F1.I probably give him this line: https://youtu.be/fCdY8B-oYrk

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going to do literally nothing, collecting a paycheck until i am fired

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^Real answer. Don't quit and make it easy for your employer. Make them ask you to leave and collect the unemployment benefits.

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based autist

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thank him profusely for giving me the opportunity to earn funds for my investments. gift him an expensive watch and vacation tickets for his family.

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Wage slaver of 12 years. I still need just one 10x and I'll be comfy.

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fucking kek

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Extremely based and honestladpilled

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>Big titty asians
I was just going to submit a thank you and a resignation letter but now I think I need to involve big titty asians

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>he told the normies and expected them to understand

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Im not gonna make it in today son, so I'll see you tomorrow alright boy

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I'm going to keep working and keep my profits in a high APY yield aggregator and skim monthly profits as a supplimentary income.

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Tell him he's fired

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By asking my foreman for my two paychecks.

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My bosses (husband and wife business owners) have been employing me since I was in high school (in my early 30s now) and give me raises without asking for it. We're close as hell. Engineer's salary btw.
Will be kinda sad to tell them I gotta split.

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Just a simple two weeks notice. If anyone has any questions I'll just say I want to spend more time with my wife. Even she doesn't know the sunk cost of my investment, much less how much I'm bagholding. If you really made it you then you would never want people to know just how much.

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It's going to be weird because I work at a small business with only one coworker. I'll have to find a protege to replace me or the business will surely go under

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I quit the week after I paid my mortgage off at 29. Told them I was going to go start my own business. They laughed and gave me the “good luck they always come back”.

But now I have 7 figure ecomm business, 6 figures of crypto, 150k cash. Living my dream life. Nothing makes me happier knowing they’re still in their cubicles while I chill on the 34th floor of my high rise condo, drink coffee and work on my biz.

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12 Years a Wage Slave

>> No.25484320

Call him a kike straight to his face, fart really loud and smack his hat off, then laugh like a maniac as I walk out the door

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back to biz after falling for some shit coins in 2018 and leaving. How many of you have proof you actually have enough money and how many are larping fags

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nice, what's your biz?

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Congrats anon, well done. I'm on great terms with my boss who's taken my career from good to great. If I make it this run I'll give plenty of notice and work out an exit strategy that looks good for him. Retention targets have impacts on exec bonuses.

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Congrats makes me happy to see anons who made it, want to do the same but the corporate coding job is too comfy right now during covid times

>> No.25484487

I'll put in a respectful 2 weeks notice and tell them I greatly appreciated the opportunity to work there. My job took a gamble on hiring me with no experience and they helped me get out of a bad situation in life.

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Congrats anon, this post gives me hope. I’m going to be launching an online data business later this year. Any general tips you can offer for starting a business?

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I would just buy a house as close as possible next to my boss and put this where he can see it.

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by taking a fat shit on their desk while maintaining eye contact

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Checked and absolutely based.
Make him watch as you sodomise his wife and daughters

>> No.25484797


Make sure you have enough passive income to cover your living expenses to have endless runway for your biz to get going. The hard part when starting out is having patience and faith.

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>money talks, wealth whispers
you will make it, anon

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>Wake up every morning and slide my asshole over this giant thing while facing my boss's house waiting for him to leave for work

>> No.25484918

Net time this happens - just flop it out
Give him the old Mexican wristwatch
Point and him and say 'suck it'

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based. plus you wanna avoid the situation where some roastie you worked with sees the gravy train and sues you for some sexual harassment she just thought up now that she sees you have money.
just ghost the normies you wagecucked with - if you made it they're nothing but a bad dream now. don't even think about them.

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I told them about Chainlink during my interview lol.

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I'm going to shit myself in his office then i'm going to smear it all over his desk.

>> No.25485006

Not gonna. Just gonna keep doing my comfy remote job and collect 401k + benefits for my family.

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"What're you looking at anon"
>seeing how my bitcoin is doing
"Oh yea how is it doing?"

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If I do, I'm going to stick around after putting in like a 1 or 2 month notice, since my field takes a long time to onboard somebody. I'm a key point of failure, and hold no ill-will to my coworkers or boss, so want to help get the successor up to speed. I was thrown into the deep end when I got on board, and it sucked.

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Make his wife and daughters watch as you sodomize him.

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Lmao if he moved I would just follow him too.

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Tell my boss that my mom got injured working on the house she's selling and I need to go back home to help her. Get extra street cred for whenever I choose to re-enter the job market and gracefully back out.

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>imagine telling normies about crypto
you fucking retard. you should laugh at them when you buy your lambo now.

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I'm sure it's great for the people in that city to be told FUCK YOU every time they go outside.

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ID on shirt?

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Aye my fellow autist! I just did exactly this but I haven't made it yet.

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I'm going to literally buy his business and employ him because I could run that place way better than the company do and it is a large plot of land also, prime location for expanding the business tbqh. And we can stock cheaper than the supplier sells it to us, through the company anyway, so that'll increase the margin like hell. He's a pretty good guy actually, so it'd be a good feel.

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Digi, is that you?

>> No.25485756

i'll be making a peaceful transition of power, and you were a great employer

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I have autism reading this

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I would have probably killed myself if not for my boss. I might buy him a car.

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>breaker, breaker, Big Chief, this is Free Bird, I'm reaching escape velocity, nothing but sunny skies ahead, over.

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This is exactly how I quit

>> No.25487374

My boss has crypto too we’ll probably drink some booze

>> No.25487412

Kek me and my boss were driving around on my first day and I saw the Coinbase app on his phone, a few months in and he now owns Chainlink. Nice to have a good boss who is not a chosen person

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kek

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bought an acre in a nearby county at a tax auction back in the summer, my county of residence should likely have a tax auction some time this year once people start losing their homes and land to foreclosures. prospects look good, i just want a half acre undeveloped at the moment. bought my other acre for 4500 including auction fee, so im lookin forward to th next one.

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My boss and CEO are too cool of people to just walk out on. Will probably still give a 2-3 week notice and leave on good terms, will also try to help onboard the new guy :)

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good luck finding one

>> No.25487777

HR notices this immediately and raises a red flag. This is one of the tell tale signs someone is about to quit.

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>> No.25487795

But what is the real life then?
What is there on the other side?

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>> No.25487878

b A s E d

>> No.25488164

His outfit has gone past the point of cringe to the point it becomes unironically based.

>> No.25488528

I'd probably still work there part time as a hobby. That job is kinda fun, just need to get my back problems sorted out

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i'm my own boss

>> No.25488599

>having a boss

>> No.25489133

did not know this. do tell more. Why do they do this?

>> No.25489173

Why would I tell him? It will take a week for them to kick me off payroll.

>> No.25489295

I told my boss that I was quitting to start a company. He was upset at first but I stayed on to help transition. This was in 2011. Fast forward about 9 years we have built a >30M revenue business with >1.5M EBITDA. I own ~30% of the business.

I don’t feel like I’ve “made it” yet because I haven’t cashed out but have my stock, 300k in crypto.

Anons, you can do it!

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>> No.25489629

congrats buddy

>> No.25490133

What is your business about? Lots of people on 4chan post about running their business but leave the most interesting part out. Do you sell something? Is it an online service?

>> No.25490286

Why even work for someone you hate that fucking much. Have some god damn dignity

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this. It's amazing how long you can just literally not work in an office. I guess thats what you get when you hire women lmao

>> No.25490511

After seeing at least half a million in my bank account from crypto... I'll just tell my that I am resigning, and only tell close coworkers that I made it in crypto.

>> No.25491019

Epic thread

>> No.25491124

>agape soiboi in natural habitat.jpg

>> No.25491230

Going to keep working.

How else do I maintain the cashflow into my crypto portfolio?

>> No.25491552

If you dont have your bags packed now...

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