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Looking to delegate an unknown amount of GRT.

Other than the fee taken, what's the practical difference between picking an indexer?

Why isn't everyone picking the low-fee indexers exclusively?

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Also why the fuck would anyone delegate their GRT to an indexer with a 100% fee? What the fuck?

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Those retards might not be okay. Also any reason I can't actually submit a delegation?

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I'm still waiting. Its entirely possible for an indexer to fuck you over. It's highly penalized but we're so early in the game I wouldn't be surprised if some retard tries something really dumb right before tax day.

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How would an indexer fuck you over?

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Changing their rates. It is entirely possible for you to lock in your funds for a month and then they change their rates so that you get no fees. You are then locked into that indexer until the timer expires or someone intervenes.

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That makes sense.

So it seems that the optimal way to find an indexer to delegate to is:
1) low fees (low fee/rewards %)
2) high cooldown (since your GRT is locked into that indexer for a month)

This seem about right?

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I'm not sure, which is why I'm waiting. If someone has a high cooldown it means that they recently changed their rates. Do you really want to delegate to someone that is constantly messing with their rates?

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there is no reason, they may just be listing as a community and they'll pay the individual delegators later.
low fees are very good, anything above 25% is shit. high cooldown isn't THAT important as some indexers don't set cooldowns, but it's important to not gype yourself

i invested my paltry ~600 GRT in p2p-org.eth and after tracking my amounts in sheets, I'm pretty sure i get around 1 GRT an epoch (day). this isn't so bad, and the query fees will rise as The Graph grows in popularity. right now, the delegator rewards are quite plentiful, so i recommend biting the bullet on gas costs and putting all your GRT in there while the market is still shitfucked

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Sure, but it says the cooldown is set by the indexer themselves when they update their parameters.

Couldn't they just set their cooldown to 0 so nobody knows they constantly fuck with their rates?

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This is all very helpful, thank you. I have a 20k stack that I'm hoping to delegate.

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yes i would advise delegating to the big dogs with low cuts and high query payouts. i don't think it's worthwhile to invest in any indexer that isn't getting paid GRT for indexing, unless you just want to farm the more plentiful delegation rewards from a smaller indexer

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>high query payouts
Which field should I be looking at for this?
Query fees/indexer rewards?

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Cool, that's what I thought.

Seems that the p2p-org.eth indexer is the clear winner here.

Learned a lot, thanks anons. Will stake later today, looking forward to getting fucking in the ass by gas fees.

Two last questions:
1) How safe is this staked GRT? Is there any possibility of losing the principal staked?
2) Why are all the subgraphs "PoolTogether"? Ideally shouldn't there be a bunch?

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pooltogether is the first subgraph they ported across, more will come soon.
pooltogether is also a fucking awesome idea (a lottery where everyone gets their initial back), I suggest you look into it.

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1) Delegated GRT can never be slashed or "lost". The only way GRT is taken from you is the 2.5% deposit tax they have every time you push into a new delegator (and gas yadda yadda). You should never lose a principal beyond that if you're a delegator.

2) They're all "PoolTogether" because that's the only one going right now. The Graph has been in development since 2018, and it only started to function as a whole unit last month when it started selling the token. There will be way more subgraphs as The Graph expands. Everyone FUDing and posting pink wojaks are too impatient to wait the few years it will take for this thing to soar. This is a technology which has taken time to develop, taken time to implement, and it's going to take time to get us some money.

So, delegate, leave it there, and if you still have money, either buy more GRT to delegate or try and get cheap thrills off other coins. But this my friends, will take a while to age.

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Can't believe I never looked into PoolTogether. Pretty fun idea, although DeFi gets my head spinning after a while thinking about how dollars earn "interest" out of nowhere (unless it's through fees)

I'm pretty informed on ETH developments, and I actually bought all my GRT at $.11, and I really believe in the project. Thanks anons :)

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Good to hear. Also, quick FYI so you don't get confused. https://network.thegraph.com/epochs/ will list every epoch that's happened and is currently active. Any Epoch that isn't in the "distributing" phase means you haven't yet gotten paid for it, as they're still crunching the numbers on it. So, you do technically get a payout per epoch, but you won't technically get the payout of GRT until they finalize it.

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Interesting. Looks like query fees/rewards are going up quite a bit as the days go by.

It looks like the last 6ish days are still being worked out, which is the bulk of the actual rewards that go to indexers/delegators. Obviously becuaee we're early on in the protocol's lifespan.

Why the hell does it take so long to figure out the rewards distribution though? 6 days seems like forever.

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Anything financial (relating to paying out to people) will always take a long time to clear in all realms of this world. 6 Days may seem like a long time, but you have to keep in mind that you'll start to see big bucks only in SIX MONTHS. This is a timeconsuming process, but things will come to you in due time. Besides, the 6 days is irrelevant because even if you want to cash out on that Epoch's GRT, you still have to wait 28 days to cash out regardless.

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Oh shit boys those query fees are gonna moon, GRT is gonna rocket soon.

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don't let the retards know, this is a comfy thread to discuss the benefits of holding your GRT rather than getting disappointed at our "failure" while everyone else rallies up. this is (hopefully) how we win

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I think I see.

I'll have to do more research on how the epoch's payouts are calculated, since the whole
>things take a long time to payout in the financial world
thing doesn't jive well with me. Distributed authorities never take 6 days to confer/calculate a transaction, that's one of the whole points of crypto.

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I think it's just a complex thing that they have to finalize before they can start paying everyone out their due share. I'm not certain if it's a thing to worry about, it's just another complexity in this whole cycle. NOT delegating if you're a GRT bagholder is a wrong move in my personal opinion after reading and talking to other delegators, but I have nothing to gain from you choosing not to delegate.

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No, I totally understand and I'm for sure going to delegate.

Just trying to figure it all out.

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Based advice I’m delegating my entire 1 million stack of GRT

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understandable, i'll be lurking here if you have any more questions. it took me a good while to kinda "grasp" how this all worked, but I think i have a working knowledge of it now from my own research

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show screeny of transactions or LARP

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What's the return on that been so far?

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Sure- I think the last thing I need to figure out is who/what exactly goes into figuring out the indexer/delegator payout like we discussed.

Because I'm still not understanding why it takes more than 1+ hour to issue rewards to stakers, since every defi project and Proof of Stake coin can seem to do it with ease.

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damn, based

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Okay, I spoke to a developer about the epoch lifecycle. Here's how it works:

1) The time periods between `settling`, `distributing`, and `finalizing` are set by the protocol itself.

2) The distribution of rewards happens when an "allocation" closes, which is at MOST 28 days. A smaller time span can be done, but it requires ETH gas to be paid by the indexer.

3) "Allocations" are where new issuances of GRT are placed, as these are pools of indexer's stakes & delegator's stakes. After that 28 day period (or less if closed manually as mentioned above), the fees + new issuance are distributed via the protocol to the relevant parties.

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They may build in a buffer/escrow period. So they actually get paid before they pay out. I just pulled that out of my ass though, so...

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smart fren

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It’s 0.5% not 2.5%

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This is part of it for sure. From the mouth of the horse:
>Settling is the period where query disputes can be opened.
>Finalized means no more rewards can be paid out

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When I go to the delegate page and can't link my meta mask. Doesn't show it in the top right corner. Wtf

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Are you using the same browser that you use for metamask?

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Ya I'm just inside the meta mask app.

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>at MOST 28 days
oh shit, thanks for the info.
my bad i misspoke

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I delegated, Hopefuly it doesn't moon now or else I'm gonna miss the pump

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if you delegated, you're in for the long run with us. The moons and dumps you'll see in the next few weeks will probably be nice, but I've already settled on going for like six months or so unless it gets super tasty. i don't think we'll have anything really substantial until The Graph Protocol gets a bit more usage, which it slowly but surely is.

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