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Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading decentralized p2p privacy cryptocurrency!

Monero is secure, low-fee, and borderless, meaning users can send XMR around the globe despite corrupt governments or broken financial systems. Innovative privacy features such as Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring CT (hidden tx amounts) ensure that Monero's blockchain is obfuscated -- the financial history of all Monero users is encrypted from the prying eyes of adversaries on a public blockchain, with the proof of the transactions being possible by a Monero user willingly providing a view key for a specific transaction if needed.

Monero has also improved upon the scaling downsides of the current popular cryptos. To avoid high fees, dynamic block size ensures that the size of the blocks will increase as the amount of txs goes higher. Further, the mining network algorithm Random X establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier of entry. Lastly, the mining network will be preserved by Tail Emission -- instead of the block reward falling to zero like with Bitcoin, the block reward will gradually approach 0.6 XMR in May 2022, where it will forever stay. This constant linear inflation means the inflation rate will asymptotically go to zero while continuing to provide an incentive to miners to maintain the network.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a Monero Chad will be with you shortly.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE - https://web.getmonero.org



>Non KYC:
Local Monero
Crypto ATMs
see: kycnot.me



Gui/Cli (recommended)

IOS: Cakewallet
Android: Monerujo

>Cold Storage

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xmr bros is litecoin with mimblewimble a threat?

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dead child porn coin

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lol no.
it's optional privacy with a transparent ledger that doesn't even exist yet. Litecoin privacy is a meme. The dark net has already chosen Monero as the heir to the throne, and the world underground economy will soon follow.

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>got FUD by kikes, XMR down 25%
>meanwhile alts mooning 50%

Thanks, kike

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i swapped my XMR for LTC right before XMR tanked 20% and LTC gained 20%. Feels good.
Gonna buy back in soon as im long term bullish, hopefully this swingie doesn't get the rope today.

I'm very bullish on LTC as well, so it's hard to hold XMR.

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People not hoarding are going to weep fucking blood.

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50/50 that shit.

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Convince me that monero is not going to be banned once the world underground economy chooses it

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Yeah this is bullish news but it times to play out. What if XMR under-performs compare to LTC and ETH this bull run? etc.

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Doesn't matter because with atomic swap, people can swap BTC to XMR, and XMR to BTC automatically.

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I did. I'm 100% LTC for a bit longer. I've earned so much on LTC the past weeks. If I held all in Monero I would miss out on so much. Gonna split the profits back into 50/50 soon when LTC calms down a bit. This way I'll have more XMR for the rest of 2021.

Personally I think LTC will have a major correction once MWEB releases, but that's not yet. When people are done FOMOing on LTC I will split, but not now.

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>i swapped my XMR for LTC right before XMR tanked 20% and LTC gained 20%. Feels good.
nice, it's always comfy when a trade works like that
The history rhyming with the FUD around Bitcoin when it first entered the market is so obvious.
you can't ban a p2p cryptocurrency and Monero is compliant with existing regulations.
One of the largest American exchanges, Kraken, is a big supporter of Monero and even openly donates to its development.
And historically, legal courts have sided with the side of encryption and constitutional rights.

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You can’t ban it, it’s literally not any governments decision. You’d have to completely nuke every computer on the face of the planet simultaneously, even that isn’t guaranteed and would likely still fail.

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>And historically, legal courts have sided with the side of encryption and constitutional rights.
The best part is that countries that try to ban encryption (Australia for example) only make me even more Bullish on XMR.
When they threaten people's privacy, people become more interested in privacy than before. It's like it switches a flip in people. When the governments are working against it, people want it even more.
A China ban on XMR for example would be glorious. I would love to see how that plays out.

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Governments and financial institutions would not view it as a threat if it didn’t work or wasn’t a substantive project.

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is monero a good place to store gains? i hate how volatile it is

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You use it to make gains, not store it. You store your gains in USDT or DAI.

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what about muh privacy

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> I would love to see how that plays out.
I already know what would happen: the price would drop 20% and then I will by cheapies.
There are people in this thread who unironically think Monero can be stopped by a ban. It's pretty ignorant towards history and the way governments work, and just how easy it is to circumvent "bans". The dark net isn't going to just choose privacy and then abandon it. They've made their decision that Bitcoin doesn't work, and it's extremely easy to find Monero these days. Getting delisted from an exchange with 0.07% of the overall Monero volume means dick.

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>this bull run
XMR is much bigger than this bullrun
think long term, think 5 years... 10 years...
this is the shit

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You swap from XMR to USDT using those anon swap exchange, there's your privacy. Your USDT is effectively private cash.

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I know, but I wanna make money in this bull run so I can buy more XMR.

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I know I just have to wait... 5, 7, or 10 years... and I will make it... but it's so tiring

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>red ID

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>xmr thread

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Guys... I think we hit bottom on xmr/btc.

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Maybe, maybe not. I'd like as long a window as possible to accumulate so I'm good either way. This thing is years away from being a household name (barring some extreme event where monero is instrumental to the commission of a high profile crime)

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I don't think LTC is pulling back till at least $250

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I don't think we will stay at these levels for long. We're literally below ltc/btc ratio right now lol.

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>(barring some extreme event where monero is instrumental to the commission of a high profile crime)
Tom Hagen.
Not high profile enough?

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If that's the case, great! If not, also great.

Newfrenz take note, XMR threads have two kinds of enthusiasts- Chads and speculators. Fluctuations in the market will bring an influx of pink wojaks from those who don't care about anything but their sats or fiat that day. Chads will quietly accumulate, as they consistently accumulated btc when it went from 20k to 3k a few short years ago. Good investors are thinking about what happens in 5 years, not 5 minutes.

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I learned that lesson the hard way when I could’ve sat on my 50k linkies and been most of the way to making it by now. I sold along the way to $20 because I was a fucking spaz.

I don’t care if Monero is $140 or $40, I want many, WHOLE coins.

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stop making generals. Coins with generals only dump. Bitcoin does not have a general. Sell your bags if you are this desperate

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>green ID
>lucky 777 trips

They have already chosen it.

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I have 6 eth that i want to turn into xmr. Whats the best way to do it?

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I would suggest the ETH/XMR trading pair on literally any exchange. I personally use Kraken and store it on CakeWallet, will move to a hard wallet when it exceeds $50k USD in valuation.

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Nice point... xmr general following in xrp’s footsteps and making all the followers eternal bagholders

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You can only manipulate shitcoins on /biz/ nigger

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this is bullish
they are attacking us from everywhere lol

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you are a moron

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alts to make gains, btc to store, xmr to store privately. why would i hold my gains in usd and watch them evaporate as the government prints trillions?

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The government is spending 1.25 million to try and kill Monero.

This is so, so bullish.

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No you are if youre in xmr over btc

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/biz/ is basically a btc/link general by default so making a general thread would be redundant. i like xmr generals, because they are one of the only places on the internet where cypherpunk Chads call it like it is without some bullshit fasade.

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Second this, keep the xmr content

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If they hate it so much why don't they just snatch up the devs?

>> No.25462884

That’s like cutting one of the heads off a hydra.

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Surprised we aren't back to $150 but oh well... more cheapies
I believe that only stablecoins (either stable relative to the value of fiat, or more interestingly BTC) can really be considered a good choice for storing value in.

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You’ve got years to accumulate. If you have a job, DCA every time you possibly can. Chasing swing trades is how people lose money here.

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in fucking deed

>> No.25463565

>holding XMR
>missing out on the golden bull

>> No.25463688


Privacy bolted on top of a public ledger will cannot compare to privacy built from the ground up.

If your freedom depends on it, you'll use XMR.

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underground austrian econ here, can confirm
keynesians will get the rope

>> No.25463993

unknown amount anon, never forget the golden rule

>> No.25464004

>eth up 30% this year
>monero down 20% this year
Hahahahahaha holy shit imagine holding this hobbyist project

>> No.25464085

Please laugh at me more for accumulating a project with actual adoption and privacy for DIRT FUCKING CHEAP. It will make my gains so, so much sweeter

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>buying eth while its up 40% in two days

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>buying monero when it’s about to be delisted everywhere

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>falling for the fud because one broke boi exchange delisted because they have liquidity issues

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Imagine being this naive.
Do you also think the IRS will give the word and crypto will just disappear?

>> No.25464318

>about to be delisted
quit spreading this FUD, it's not getting delisted, there are no regulations coming

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hey faggot, everyone in this thread is now aware that you're a newfag. gratz.

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>absolut with the ice let's get hammered

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still holding mostly eth, but will soon swap it all for xmr

>> No.25464775

it's already going back down though

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Everyone in this thread is now aware youre a dumb faggot that’s holding a hobbyist project that isn’t 100% anon. Topkek newfags like you think muh privacy is important meanwhile your shitcoin is still down 70% from ATH. Hahahahahahahaha fucking loser

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File: 1.05 MB, 1536x2048, chad 23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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glow harder

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>haha, let's laugh at the guy buying beneath the ATH, I want to buy when it's *above* its ATH!

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>dead child porn

No, thank you.

>> No.25465400

Mmmm yes, seethe for me, assume I’m ONLY holding Monero, mmmm yes. Very retarded, enjoy your gas fees.

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>let’s laugh at the coping bagholder

>> No.25465476

Nice, so you’re missing out on gains is that what you’re saying kek

>> No.25465583

yeah we get it, you are doing well at the casino right now. It's odd how you don't post in the generals when Monero is mooning and other coins aren't.
also implying we don't hold other crypto.

>> No.25465623

Good god you’re new

>> No.25465637

Pick one

>> No.25465670

yeah, how much was Monero in 2016?
neck yourself faggot.

>> No.25465687

Read the image, feel superior for a couple months, then weep.

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I love making you basement dwellers seethe over your useless shitcoin. Privacy is a meme just like you. Have sex incels.

>> No.25465936

So what coin do you recommend raju?

>> No.25466004

Not here to make dumbfucks like you rich. Keep holding monero it is very good coin sir.

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Hourly reminder that Monero is poised to become the reserve currency of the global shadow economy and is currently replacing BTC on the darknet while making inroads into the e-criminal and money laundering sectors in general.

>Bitcoin is too hot for criminals. They're using Monero instead

>Crooks opt for Monero as crypto of choice to launder ill-gotten gains

>Darknet Giant White House Market Drops Bitcoin, Supports Monero Payments Only

>Monero replaces Bitcoin for Sodinokibi Ransomware operators

>Why Malicious Hackers and Cyber attackers Love A Cryptocurrency Called Monero

>$7.5M in Monero Demanded in Alleged Cyber Attack on Argentinian Telecom Giant

>Latin American crime cartels turn to cryptocurrencies for money laundering

>> No.25466134

>2018 articles
>has tanked since then
Nobody actually falls for this right? Lmao holy shit

>> No.25466152

He doesn’t even have any good picks LOL

>> No.25466328

It’s definitely not 99% anon monero I’ll tell you that kekkekekk

>> No.25466332

>>2018 articles
Only first two. And indicative of a steady trend upward to the present day.

>has tanked since then
Adoption and utilization have only increased and keep increasing, which is what ultimately matters.

>> No.25466522

how new are you to this market just curious lmao

>> No.25466538

Wrong. Price is what matters and it’s still down 70% from ath. Hobbyists projects will not succeed. Especially when privacy comes to eth within the next year. Xmr will soon be obsolete.

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File: 52 KB, 488x330, screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25466564

Bought eth at $3 if that helps you

>> No.25466567

Anyone putting 99% of their funds into anything other than freshly retraced BTC is a fucking foolio.

About 30% of my holdings are XMR

>> No.25466624

so pretty new then, got it

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>Privacy comes to eth within the next year
>Xmr will soon be obsolete.
>Eth 2.0 Phase 0
>Atomic Swaps
Kek you have fucking negative IQ, enjoy your shitcoin mETHhead.

>> No.25466693

Cope harder faggot. You’ve failed to explain why it’s down 70% and why it’s down 20% this year. Keep thinking youre smart though kek

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>> No.25466724

You’re not this much of a brainlet are you? Hahahahahaha fucking shit. You got me there

>> No.25466774

>Wrong. Price is what matters and it’s still down


"An economic bubble or asset bubble (sometimes also referred to as a speculative bubble, a market bubble, a price bubble, a financial bubble, a speculative mania, or a balloon) is a situation in which asset prices appear to be based on implausible or inconsistent views about the future.[1] It could also be described as trade in an asset at a price or price range that strongly exceeds the asset's intrinsic value"


>> No.25466777

You think "privacy is coming to eth next year" and i'm the brainlet? LOL you're too dumb to even realize how stupid you are.

>> No.25466778
File: 757 KB, 600x800, 3515B686-F6C7-4D94-B2D6-93BB1B031840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now it’s 15 posts by this id. You’re right, it’s rentfree. I don’t pay rent and I’m set for life. What about you guys?

>> No.25466793

Digits confirm how retarded you are.

>> No.25466818

What a waste of trips. You’re holding on to a dream anon. I’m sorry that your shitcoin is down this much. What a great way to start 2021 hahahahahahaha fucking dumbass

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File: 853 KB, 654x619, 1607965796818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I’m sorry that your shitcoin is down this much.
No need to be sorry nigger, you can gtfo this thread now.

>> No.25466990

>g-guys I said it! Am I cool now?
I would have already kms by now if I were as pathetic as you

>> No.25467041

>20% this year
>this year
>three days
>up 200% in 2020
sure thing faggot. kill (you)rself

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>it’s down 20% this year
>what is short-term volatility

>> No.25467962

For someone who says they’re rich and set for life and never has to work again, you SURE sweat the words of XMR holders who (according to you) are dumb.

>> No.25468135

bros, i fucked up. I lost my kraken email and password long ago. I havent used Kraken in 3 years.
What do you guys suggest I do for XMR?

>> No.25468353

talk to kraken support or kneecaps

>> No.25468391

fucking shitcoin is done for

>> No.25468416

Kraken support, if you REALLY want to accumulate RIGHT NOW, you could try your luck with localmonero, the site is secure but you (obviously) don’t really know who you’re trading with.

Or mining always works.

>> No.25468524

wait a second. CMC says i can still use Binance to get monero.
What the fuck is your guys fucking problem

>> No.25468539

Share love please, not anger.

>> No.25468646

don't feed the trolls lol

>> No.25468689

>]120 / 26 / 39 / 3

what is binance

>> No.25468729

It totally collapsed in Satoshi value

>> No.25468815

Alt szn comes a couple months after Bitcoin enters euphoria mode, don't you know this?

>> No.25469109

I work in IT about a year ago the where ddosing our firewall for big webshop demanding xmr to stop.

>> No.25469199

I live in CT and cannot use Binance US, so kraken is always the first thing to pop into my mind

>> No.25469309

I'm fucking going all in. I hope you guys are right

>> No.25469342

DCA to hedge against volatility.

>> No.25469367

friendly reminder that the bitcoin chain has immutable images of child abuse embedded within it, while monero does not: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47130268
back to your XRP thread, schizo

>> No.25469946

Do XMR wallets have multi sig feature?

>> No.25469979

if you're not in the US binance is fine
otherwise don't know

>> No.25470032

.0074 down to .0041 in 30 days. Terrible

>> No.25470164

you can with the CLI

>> No.25470183
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why would I buy this now. The chart is one of the most bearish charts in the top 20. Only XRP can compete

>> No.25470228

buy high, sell low

>> No.25470277

IRS has $600,000 bountry for cracking XMR in September. Now the bounty is 1.2 million dollars. Im sold

>> No.25470281

you're supposed to buy low when the chart is showing a recovery not diving off a cliff. It has literally never dumped so much outside of a bull market with extreme volatility

>> No.25470329

Go back to reading charts retard

>> No.25470446
File: 4 KB, 130x169, chart xmr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im confused how anyone can say XMR fell off cliff. USD price wise, this is one of the healthiest upward trends ive seen.

>> No.25470469

will do, that's why I sold when it broke 0.006 :^)
usd chart is worthless

>> No.25470479

let me guess, you have absolutely no experience reading charts and you are just talking out of your ass looking at coingecko.
please, englighten us, what metrics are you using to support your claim that we are "diving off a cliff"?

>> No.25470562

USD chart is at least safe. it looks like if you invest in XMR your assets will appreciate even if BTC opportunity cost rises. Its a matter if youre a btc maxi or not

>> No.25470714
File: 54 KB, 1230x612, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

then look at the XMR/EUR chart
EUR is one of the least inflationary fiats, the European Central Bank is so hesitant on printing money so that the frugal northern EU states can enjoy their budget surpluses
XMR/EUR chart still shows asset appreciation

>> No.25470809


>> No.25470854

checked and based
fuck the IRS

>> No.25470859

looks identical to literal XMR transactions

im really convinced XMR is gradually getting adopted more and more on the shadow markets

>> No.25470871

Because these are all airhead newfags who only know BTC and ETH and literally cannot comprehend the idea of buying low and selling high. To them sats are everything, every sat lost is a sat they’ll never, EVER gain back, not even in the inevitable situation where XMR outperforms it. When Bitcoin is going up, all they see is Bitcoin. If you flip to the channel where they should be planning their next move, it’s static.

>> No.25471210

and BTC first started off as a dark web coin before getting mainstream
XMR is going to be the same

>> No.25471263

holding is a meme. I'm not talking about trading microcap shitcoins and getting rugged, but when a chart has a very obvious shift from bull to bearish trend its better to save your sats and buy cheap. I posted in multiple generals about the 0.006 level being broken and it was a good time to sell and everyone said the same thing
>stupd newfag
>lmao /biz/let buy high sell low
etc. etc. where now I can get a 50% increase on my stack

>> No.25471397

yeah, obviously BTC is more than just deep web coin like it was in 2015. But if XMR can be just 1/4 of what BTC was, then ill still be a millionaire

so you still believe in XMR longterm?

>> No.25471483

Such a majestic chart. Strong upward tendency for all year with multiple corrections to keep the price healthy, and idiots say that it's shit because it doesn't moon 100x or whatever and make them into billionaires. Tards.

>> No.25471530
File: 86 KB, 624x850, 1609611194116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slow and steady wins the race.

>> No.25471672

>faceberg file name
>smelly dumb newfag scum
>absolute brainlet
Yep, seems to check out

>> No.25471783

based freedom birb

>> No.25471830

I kek'd

>> No.25471852

I think it's one of the safer holds but I'm not completely sold. My biggest concern is either regulation regarding privacy coins, and the driving forces for this market cycle. I know regulation means that is actually works as intended, but I still think that will destroy the price. The other issue is that if the primary inflow of money this cycle is institutional investors, I really doubt there will be money flowing into monero. I only look at the BTC charts because from my perspective, if I am investing into crypto and taking on such high risk, I need to at least perform as well as the main crypto. If BTC fails, XMR will fail as well, at least in terms of an investment. BTC doesn't need XMR. I will likely buy back soon, but will watch the chart and if things look bad I will make sure not to be emotionally invested and unload my bags asap

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>> No.25471917

> very obvious shift from bull to bearish trend
we are still waiting on your brilliant insight anon about how we are "falling off of a cliff". But of course there isn't any, because you don't actually study charts.
Moonboys get the rope. All you guys do is wave your dicks around when you win a gamble and then its crickets when you get dicked. Your tone from the beginning was that Monero is a trash investment which is fucking retarded if you look at how we've performed over the past year, or from a better perspective, over the past five years.

>> No.25472024

look at the btc chart you mongoloid, fiat charts are a meme. It was a trash investment a little over a week ago which is when I sold into BTC

>> No.25472123

>trusting a coin with a mexican name

>> No.25472165

It's Esperanto you idiot, an artificially constructed language to facilitate international communication

>> No.25472211
File: 84 KB, 586x462, NEW COINBASE LISTING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi lebanon

>> No.25472361

Don't listen to this glownigger/IRS agent >>25462163 Download Bisq and trade P2P without the centralized exchange. XMR has decent volume there.

>> No.25472364

hello fren
XMR soon to folllow
good hopium

>> No.25472375

yeah you're clearly a buy high sell low moonboy.
congrats you won a gamble. anybody can do that and then gloat about it.
but calling Monero a trash investment at any of these entry points (anything below $500 is a fucking steal as far as I'm concerned) is retarded. You'll have to give some insight into your thoughts on that, because it's greedy moonboy logic and it's why nobody takes cryptocurrency seriously.

>> No.25472469

XMR is my favourite coin but you guys got balls of steel if youre still willing to hold like this.
Monero is slow to catch up during bullruns. Best to keep it on the side and be ready to start buying back in when theres an actual reversal.
Gotta remember thats its a liquid coin. Money comes in, money goes out. People using it as the currency of their business arent gonna watch their profits get wiped, its needed to restock product.

>> No.25472474

oh nevermind I just noticed your above post.
my point mostly still stands though. calling Monero a trash investment at these levels is dumb. I I completely disagree with your regulation concerns, as it is distinctly the same pattern Bitcoin went through.

>> No.25472476

alright enjoy holding through the top of this cycle all the way to the bottom instead of 10+xing your stack you hodling retard

>> No.25472566

but that's exactly my point anon. You are being a moonboy and it doesn't add anything to the discussion.
Calling Monero a trash investment shows either your disingenuous to the fight to preserve satoshis vision or your just a greedy moonboy.

>> No.25472725

Or hold through the top and buy the bottom with freshly earned fiat because I am not an autistic NEET.

>> No.25472885

he likes to spread.

>> No.25472972

binance is gonna delist monero soon, is this true

>> No.25473168

LOl ofc not

>> No.25473185

So what coin are you in now? Are you in tether?

>> No.25473282

ONLY bittrex decided to delist Monero, Zecash and DASH. I would not expect anywhere else to delist them.

>> No.25473553


>My biggest concern is either regulation regarding privacy coins, and the driving forces for this market cycle. I know regulation means that is actually works as intended, but I still think that will destroy the price.

Atomic swaps, dude. Will make Monero effectively immune to regulation, delisting, banning. They'd literally have to also ban BTC to hinder XMR acquisition and trading.

>The other issue is that if the primary inflow of money this cycle is institutional investors, I really doubt there will be money flowing into monero.

This cycle? There will be many more, and patience is a virtue. Anyway, Monero doesn't really need institutional investors since capital is steadily flowing in from the shadow economy. Its already in a semi-banned state yet still keeps growing, a very promising sign.

>I only look at the BTC charts because from my perspective, if I am investing into crypto and taking on such high risk, I need to at least perform as well as the main crypto.

The charts only reflect the speculative hype and euphoria around Bitcoin, not its utilitarian fundamentals. It still can't compete with PayPal for security and easy-of-use and, unlike XMR, BTC also steadily losing marketshare in the only consistent crypto economy around: the darknet markets and ransomware.

XMR is a long-term but reliable hold, its just too useful to too many wealthy elements, criminal or otherwise, to fizzle out and die.

>> No.25473566

How low is this going? I've been holding all this time when I could've been in BTC, but it's too late to sell now.

>> No.25473588
File: 64 KB, 340x296, 1578488171479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I crazy? I feel like the more Monero is attacked, or even delisted, the more it gains value... I would love to have more money to invest in this project, to be honest.

But please, please, please, take actions to make sure the development of Monero, its source code, its development community, can't be attacked/manipulated. This is my only concern!

>> No.25473593
File: 91 KB, 880x880, 1609690035596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>If BTC fails, XMR will fail as well, at least in terms of an investment.

If BTC fails, the DNM will still exist and be using XMR. If BTC fails, the shadow economy will continue adopting and using XMR regardless. The crypto genie is out of the bottle, the only question is who will survive natural selection i.e. once the hype dies down which crypto ultimately provides the most utility and reliability?

>BTC doesn't need XMR.

Once atomic swaps are operational, BTC to XMR to BTC swaps will become the gold standard for BTC mixing/cleaning/rebirthing. And since BTC is inherently non-fungible and potentially tainted while XMR is fungible and immaculate, BTC holders will be at a distinct disadvantage and subject to paying XMR holders respectable premiums for the privilege of using Monero's God-Tier transactional privacy. Don't want to pay a premium? Go use an inferior and potentially compromised mixer then.

In other words, BTC needs XMR to provide it fungibility-by-proxy. And this will remain the case as long as XMR remains the premier privacy coin.

>> No.25473636

So when will the atomic swaps come? I have around 100 XMR, considering getting more now because of the FUD, should I? I honestly think this has the most upside potential of all, but not sure when it will start to materialise

>> No.25473679


Q4 2021

>> No.25473703

unknown amount goddammit anon
checked and worry not fren, the devs will always have someone to fall back in case of some accident that might affect them
you have my word

>> No.25473774

A large unknown amount of XMR the size of a small unknown amount

>> No.25473808

I have no clue who you are, but your words soothe me. Thank frend.

>> No.25473809

This. The use case, incentive, and technical expertise endemic to XMR make it a self-preserving ecosystem.

>> No.25474148

I'm a regular on the DGs and have made some pretty based friends along the way that I truly am thankful for, plus the knowledge shared here is invaluable
I am glad I can soothe you, stay strong fren
you know it

>> No.25474580

USDC or DAI, avoid the tether scam!

>> No.25475284

This. You chads are supposed to be the future of crypto. Don't touch that shit.

>> No.25475660

based market cycle anon

>> No.25475905

They can't enforce bans.

>> No.25475912

I'm not saying XMR is fundamentally going to die in the long term, I'm arguing against it underperforming relative to BTC in the short term (dump from 0.006 -> now) and potentially this market cycle overall, though not that sure about that second point. I don't really care how much it is being used, I care about making money, and hype/speculation drive a lot of that in the short term. Usage in online criminal markets is nothing compare to institutional money and normie fomo. I also understand they can't actually ban XMR in any capacity, but banning it from exchanges is enough to destroy the price imo, at least in the short/medium term after.

If your plan is to put cash in and hold for a decade+ then yes I agree that XMR is a very strong hold, although if I were to do that I'd still hold at least 50% BTC

75% ETH, 25% BTC. I sold all my XMR and bought DOGE at 16 sats, sold at 32 sats and am keeping BTC now waiting to reenter XMR, but am also looking at other swings.
I find trying to predict BTC trends too difficult outside of large time frames, so I never tether until I completely exit the market this cycle, so not thinking about it until fall/winter this year. Although I'll hold DAI not tether

>> No.25476212

Never have to worry about Uncle Sam seeing that XMR to Fiat transaction. :^)

>> No.25476352

it will be
it will crash
and then what?
it recovers
it surpasses its ath
it surpasses btc
it surpasses all of crypto
because its the only crypto with an actual use case.

>> No.25476355

what the fuck was that..... check that wick on Bitstamp monerbros

>> No.25476534

What wick? monero isn't even on bitstamp

>> No.25476588

Also on Kraken XMR/USD.
Someone's taking profits

>> No.25476911

Kraken usd/eur pairs are at 0.785, what the hell?

>> No.25477025

what do you guys think of other privacy projects (like suterusu)? Will they get a slice of the privacy pie too

>> No.25477096

Arbitrage time

>> No.25477174

>I don't really care how much it is being used.

Maybe you should care, because as unlikely as it might seem RIGHT NOW, Bitcoin could well end up being the next Dot-Com Bubble. I'm old enough to remember the start-up mania of the late 90s, billions in institutional capital were flowing into the sector in anticipation of epic future profits and then, once it became apparent that the whole thing was based on hype with little in the way of actual real-world results.....POP!

"At the height of the boom, it was possible for a promising dot-com company to become a public company via an IPO and raise a substantial amount of money even if it had never made a profit—or, in some cases, realized any material revenue. People who received employee stock options became instant paper millionaires when their companies executed IPOs"


Sound familiar?

>I care about making money, and hype/speculation drive a lot of that in the short term.

Pricing derived primarily from hype is extremely risky in the long-term. You might get lucky for a while but historically, every single speculative bubble has burst eventually.

>Usage in online criminal markets is nothing compare to institutional money and normie fomo.

For now. But that is rapidly changing, and FYI the the global shadow economy is valued in the trillions of dollars, if just a portion of that ends up in Monero's marketcap that is still HUNDREDS of billions of dollars.

>While estimates vary, some put the underground economy at 11% to 12% of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), or roughly $2.25 to $2.5 trillion.

>I also understand they can't actually ban XMR in any capacity, but banning it from exchanges is enough to destroy the price imo, at least in the short/medium term after.

Just think about what kind of message banning Monero sends: XMR's transactional privacy works so well we don't want anybody using it.

>> No.25477193

That means we're 2 minutes away from a massive red/green dildo.
Not a good time to play market maker

>> No.25477211
File: 708 KB, 1242x2237, 095D8D36-D024-435D-A758-0A17FA4F47F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally crawled my way up to 90 Monero over the past four months. I’m pretty excited. Almost at my goal of 100, and then thinking of picking up some other privacy coins like Grin too.

Maybe Aeon too, though I’m not sure how the asic friendly shit will work out long term.

>> No.25477320

A nice coin. Doesn't need fucking minding. Doesn't jump around all over the place while you're asleep

>> No.25477956

were missing out on altseason monerbros....

>> No.25478067

I’m seeing DOT, ADA and LINK gains, just not holding AS MUCH as I possibly could.
Helps me sleep easier, I don’t check charts as much.

>> No.25478078

I run Arch Linux, installed the "monero" package and made a wallet, all local, no websites, is this the recommended way?
Also, how do I "buy" monero now?

>> No.25478175

It’s the beginning of 2016 all over again bro. Just wait and see what happens next.

>> No.25478244

With the upcoming tether lawsuit, I think the strat is to cash into usdc/dai , the inevitable btc dump will send xmr rock bottom as well as pump usdc/dai to 1.1 -1.2$ ish and that’s when you renter monero and permanently hold.

Thoughts on this power play?

>> No.25478312

He called me a glowie, but he did have a better option than me, so I can’t really bitch.

>> No.25478538

I will slowly be investing 5k into this this month and next month. Then I'm just gonna hold for an eternity. I'm with you boys.

>> No.25478577

Does buying Monero on KYC matter?
What wallets support it?

>> No.25478648

Do you have an email? I want to know when I should re enter XMR. You seem to know

>> No.25478694

Please dont end up like the guys who bought BTC at $2 and sold at $1000

>> No.25478770
File: 191 KB, 1562x900, monero miners 20210103a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just bought 5 more XMR

>> No.25478972

but were being delisted

>> No.25479043

didnt bittrex just delist this

>> No.25479110

>all local, no websites, is this the recommended way?
I believe the arch package is provided directly by Monero, so that sounds right.
You can do whatever you want anon, but if you have the space it is definitely recommended to run your own node. This way you improve your privacy, and you can help strengthen the network.
Alternatively, you can connect to a remote node and only sacrifice a little privacy (the remote node you connect to can see your IP address). However, there are ways around this (tor/i2p).
>Also, how do I "buy" monero now?
there are many ways. check the OP.
good luck anon
It matters if you don't want to provide KYC. If you don't care, than not really, because the exchange won't know what you do once you send Monero off of it.
Check the OP for the different wallets.

>> No.25479170

Yes, were you trading xmr on it? I doubt that being it 0.5% of volume

>> No.25479232

I won't. I have everything covered and plenty of leftover income so I don't need to sell at all. I'll hold for a decade if that's what it takes but I'm planning to hold until it it reaches 5-7k at least.
thanks anon. you too. we're all gonna make it.

>> No.25479368

This syncing shit is taking a hot minute
Isn't that what the monero daemon is, and why it's syncing right now?
Also I use mullvad vpn so I guess I'm good with privacy
Wish monero was more prevalent

>> No.25479439

>Isn't that what the monero daemon is, and why it's syncing right now?
correct. It's going to take quite some time to sync to the block chain, likely ~10 hours.

>> No.25479700

Monero is so based, love that mining doesn't require latest meme gpus
Can't wait to setup my raspberry pi with the daemon

>> No.25480017

yeah Monero is where the mining community has migrated to. It's best to join a pool if you if you want to get more block rewards (it's very hard to solo mine, but possible lol).

>> No.25480130

Does the daemon setup solo?
How do I a pool?

>> No.25480140

Alright chads the next hour is unironically critical.

>> No.25480237

Cake Wallet or Edge?

>> No.25480313

The price not fucking dumping with delisting news is good. Going to spend 5k and mine this shit.

>> No.25480716

what's going on? I am noticing that we are starting to break out in the midst of BTC struggling.
The daemon is for running a node, not for mining.
When your daemon is running you are syncing to the network, and if you open your ports, you can help seed the network to other nodes
>how do I pool?
download xmr stak (dunno how to do this with the arch distro. I use Ubuntu and am still noobish with it) and then find a Monero pool. When mining, you are just providing hashpower, so you actually don't need to run your node to mine.
cake wallet

>> No.25481210

Cake wallet for sure

>> No.25481323


>> No.25481595
File: 81 KB, 827x1181, 1584878674077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25481741

is there a way to send monero to binance

>> No.25481779

moving my btc and alts to this once they stop going up

>> No.25481806

Attention Monero chads: Monerochan is a finalast for the 4chan up roster!

>> No.25481859
File: 1.12 MB, 1427x2300, monerowaifu20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25482155

How? We just got delisted

>> No.25482214

what cpu do you plan to get? i'm looking into it and thinking the newest ryzen is the way to g.

>> No.25482691
File: 16 KB, 328x370, Eq1H9mFXYAATElW223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, I just need an advice now I've got $150 worth of cryptos(BTC,ETH,LTC,LINK,GRT,DOGE) should I sell those and buy 1 Monero or just wait for the end of this month and buy with my paycheck I'm thinking about holding for 2,5 years and DCA'ing in that timeline any advice is appreciated

>> No.25483121

release the kraken

>> No.25483502

What do you mean? just deposit it

>> No.25483507
File: 318 KB, 700x819, 1599025397180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got 150 bucks spread across 6 cryptos?

>> No.25483585

Yeah just get a whole Monero and DCA BTC, ETH, LINK and ONLY pick up DOGE after it’s dumped. It’s up over 100% in a few days, you WILL get shit on if you buy now.

>> No.25483674


>> No.25484050

>I run Arch Linux,
Kill yourself, tranny

>> No.25484337

iOS master race, amirite?

>> No.25484498

I have a feeling this post was made by an (((arch))) shill. You should try inhaling gasoline, nigger

>> No.25484553

what do you use?

>> No.25484792
File: 53 KB, 936x621, safex ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to like Monero but with recent news that feds are able to trace transactions I lost confidence. I sold my XMR stack for a scam called SAFEX that is literary an identical clone of Monero but with a huge possibility that will do 100x because its economics created by SAFEX Chief Economist Ivana Todorovic is based on a Polish MLM system that never fails.

>> No.25484823

Fuck off pajeet nigger, your mom is a whore.

>> No.25484839

>I used to like Monero but with recent news that feds are able to trace transactions I lost confidence.
lol you fell for government fud.

>> No.25485205


In terms of actual money. XMR is like the only crypto that's needed. Everything else that's trying to just be money can fuck off

>> No.25485723

Normies want BTC and ETH right now, though :/

So we wait...

>> No.25485806

I did the math, I need $2500 XMR for financial freedom.
Hope we make it bros. You're all I got now.

>> No.25485848

all my fiat from now on is going into xmr see you nubs at 25k

>> No.25485851

Anticipation makes the reward sweeter. Anybody who can't see the writing on the wall is an absolute pud.

>> No.25485853

XMR's problem is it's not a scam funded on reams of bullshit and a pretty website, so institutions and rich idiots don't care in the slightest.
XMR didn't have an ICO, it doesn't promise to be a platform for the "future of computing" (vitalik's bullshit) or the "future of lending" (DeFi bullshit).
When people hear the term "ponzi" they think 20th century USD fraud, the kind that pretends to be a risk-free investment and collapses under its own weight.
But with crypto? Ponzis are entirely normal, respectable, and viable schemes. You buy low, price rises, you sell high. The sucker who bought from you does the same. Repeat until ATH and the last suckers in the chain get burnt.
Wait a year and reset. A perfectly viable, legal, above board ponzi scheme.

But why are all the shitcoins growing 10% every other day with no fundamental value? Why is XMR/USD at all time lows even as the DNM supply chain and their billions in cash-flow migrate to XMR?
Because XMR isn't marketed as an investment.
I love Monero as a currency, but making a coin without attracting greedy investors is like making a Soufflé without baking soda.
It's not going to rise.

TL;DR: Ponzis are actually a 'good' thing. XMR cannot be killed, but it also cannot 10x as long as it only attracts privacy crypto nerds.

>> No.25485903


>> No.25485917

xmr is going red while everything else is green. whats happening?
check my ID. red.

>> No.25485945


>> No.25486103

What I use is besides the point. Arch users are faggots, trannies and a poison on the linux ecosystem. Fuck them

>> No.25486265

XMR shouldn't be marketed like scams, because it's not a scam. The only thing necessary for the price to grow is for adoption and use to exceed production- and with daily txs consistently hitting ATHs, that's merely a matter of patience.

>> No.25486912

Used 3900x and 3950x provide a good value. If you want a new 5000 series they are great too, but they are much harder to come by. Don't fall for the trap of getting a 6 or 8 core cpu because they are cheaper. The cost of the motherboard, psu, ram, etc will make the total cost difference between systems negligible. Also get fast ram. 3600 mhz cl16 or better is the way to go.

>> No.25486946

2500 XMR
18 XMR (approx $2500 USD right now)?

2500 XMR is a make it stack (times 10)
18 XMR is a suicide stack

>> No.25487138


>> No.25487190

If there's any fundamental reason to speculate on BTC (future of money or something) then that speculation applies just as much if not more to XMR. People buying BTC right now need to be made to realise this. I think fundamentals are out the window in today's clown world though. At this point BTC is just established as a reliable ponzi, underpinned by a belief that it will go up forever.

>> No.25487205

imagine being a literal street shitter

>> No.25487521

thanks anon, might need to add things like this to the general.

>> No.25487575

I would just put a link to the mining subreddit. Don’t want to endorse one product over the other.

>> No.25487603

Yeah wtf. I’m pretty sure 100-500 is a make it stack

>> No.25487633
File: 23 KB, 300x304, frenmode.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fren hello, fren i just bought 1.5 XMR fren

>> No.25487715

Based plEB

>> No.25487748

Welcome to the club, fren :)

>> No.25487774
File: 70 KB, 625x943, birb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice try. This coin is impossible to lose with if you have strong hands.

>> No.25487792

i like it

>> No.25487841
File: 66 KB, 777x971, birbb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checked. pleb ID. Next time buy more, and tell us it's an unknown amount.

>> No.25487952
File: 24 KB, 394x458, pleb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

frens what is the projected ATH of XMR if you need 250 or 18 to make it?

>> No.25488004

XMR holders have hands made of adamantium, are completely immune to any and all XMR fud and have larger than average PPs

Not gonna work here, friend.

>> No.25488027

35k in the next two years because of atomic swaps, XMR tail emission (contrasted with periodic BTC block reward halving), and regulatory clarity that permits listing on major normie exchanges with tight KYC/AML regulations.

>> No.25488065

I have rediscovered my tribe fren

>> No.25488107
File: 133 KB, 848x513, Bush Tit is the GOAT 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One day 1 XMR will equal 1 XMR.
Want to get a beer? Just show them one of you view keys, and you'l go straight to the VIP lounge. Oceanfront property? That would require a private transaction. Split off a few pico's to those that weren't this early.

>> No.25488117

Snake oil?

>> No.25488174

based and checked, i'll be here till 2030 minimum frens...

>> No.25488403

Consider how many dollars are exchanged on the global black market. Slaves, drugs of all flavors from everywhere, dirty bombs, private militias, hitmen, etc. Monero can and will easily absorb 30 to 50% of the fiat involved in that market (cash, gems/metals or barter will always exist, 30-50% is reasonable I think) many drug lords and terrorist cells may opt to store funds in XMR which can’t be frozen, traced, tracked, taxed or easily stolen.

Then you have the nomad types, libertarians or people otherwise distrustful of the government or information state, many of them could opt to keep a nest egg in XMR. This group is the most interesting to me, though. As megacorporations hoard data points on individuals and more and more of that data is mishandled, more and more regular every day people look for ways to avoid being monitored.
The definition or reasoning of “someone looking to avoid being tracked” will be just as different in 20 years as it was 20 years ago, and this group will likely expand significantly, especially in poorer or more totalitarian countries.

>> No.25488458

this is a nightmare

>> No.25488468

2 based 2 handle

>> No.25488503

>nearly 300 posts

Successful XMR General today, fellas :)

>> No.25488605

Here's to many more XMR generals!

>> No.25488700
File: 45 KB, 410x598, 1609100963344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

super based, it's time to convert all gains to XMR, literally the best /biz thread is XMR gen. XMR fills the gap that BTC will always have...

>> No.25489058

don't be afraid desu me & the bois will protect u

>> No.25489811
File: 166 KB, 1556x963, Screenshot_20210104_063357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking good lads, cheer up and look ahead, we have such a bright future in front of us.

>> No.25490569
File: 105 KB, 649x769, IMG_20200624_091920_902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25490627

I think the winning play right now is to hold other things alongside xmr. I'm extremely bullish on xmr and my gains from other things have eaten up the dip, allowing me to accumulate more. Definitely think our road will be a bit bumpy - the establishment knows we are a threat.

>> No.25490910

hello frens.
xmr is the new bitcoin. the true bitcoin. desu only thing bitcoin has going for it is the name. its a dope ass name. monero is kind of a shit name. normies will buy coins based off of name alone.

im mining at approx 20-30kh/s on moneroocean. Where r my mining frens at?

>> No.25490954
File: 109 KB, 649x769, 1609740277969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am financially ruined holding this piece of crap and losing both USD and sats while literally everything else is mooning. Fuck you all for shilling Monero here. You are worse than Ripple schizos and should be laughed out of this board.

>> No.25490999

exactly charlie lee paid the mimmble wimmble developer to bolt it on to litecoin, because he felt bad about dumping on all the litecoin holders at the top in 2017.

>> No.25491148

> guy who has his net worth stored on a public transparent ledger gets beaten to a pulp

>> No.25491183

one day we will

>> No.25491318

Think comfy, man. Everyone else is out there in full tulip-panic mode gambling on digital monopoly money. We're here holding the only coin that will survive in the upcoming world, and it's staying steady.

>> No.25491461
File: 64 KB, 595x926, 246b6f1254fe4b25bc9ae6d9fbd24dd3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only newfags fear dips, fren.

>> No.25491465

Haha relax dude. We're going to $1,000,000/XMR eventually. Price movements are just noise until then.

>> No.25491614

>We're going to $1,000,000/XMR eventually
> Being this delusional
Ok, enough is enough, dumping my bags for ETH. You morons keep bagholding the coins of pedos and cartels while I make money

>> No.25491940

Alright hope you don't miss the bus. Monero's taking off sooner or later.

>> No.25492017
File: 31 KB, 358x358, AD19E682-B554-421C-93F4-559F6CBC9819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hold any other privacy coins? Is there space for competition amongst the privacy coins? (Pic is Zclassic)

>> No.25492061

Don't think anything else can compete on an effective privacy level. There's good reasons the DNMs didn't find any viable alternative to Monero.

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