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Am new to crypto but just made my first $1000 on a $200 investment. Come from a first generation immigrant family who only know physical labor.

May not sound like a lot compared to some of your portfolios but I’m very excited to see where 2021 takes us. Hoping to one day be able to take care of my family the way they deserve to be taken care of. Love and appreciate you all!

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Couldn’t have done it without you <3 seriously

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Congratulations, my fellow American. I hope you will be able to, as well. Sooner rather than later.

Remember that the family is the single most important unity of society. Without it, we are nothing. Fuck whores

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>$1000 in profit
We’ll take our 10% cut now anon

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eeh muchas gracias gringos

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>Irish immigrants

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>Am new to crypto but just made my first $1000 on a $200 investment. Come from a first generation immigrant family who only know physical labor.

What coin was it? Based anon

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Good job and congrats

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don't forget to pay the /biz/ fee

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You are welcome frend

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>Come from a first generation immigrant family

Go home.

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lol fucking faggot go back

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>tfw you're a first generation Mexican/Peruvian in the US but you don't look or feel like either.

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XLM to ATH -> Tether -> ETH before today’s run :) still learning but am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be here with you all

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go back to r3ddit with that storytelling humble bullshit just kill yourself dude that was gay as fuck

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desu this famalamadingdong

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Being grateful is imperative faggots

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Did you doge coin it?

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stay poor beaner

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with your newfound riches you may be able to return to your home country

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>Be me
>Live and born in a third world shithole in south america
>Poor as fuck, single mom, she makes $150 Monthly
>Me age 17
>Did more than 15 interview to find a job and none of them accept me because I'm brown and look autistic.
>Sell nudes for bitcoin
>19 years old already have 10k in bitcoin thankfully for the latest bitcoin bullrun 2021.
I literally made it in my eyes..

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Congrats buddy

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>Come from a first generation immigrant family who only know physical labor.
Go back

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>Go Back
Go Back, european.

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But we’re white :’(

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I'm not white and stop laying down to this cracka
We will take their woman and make beautiful mixed kids in the next 20 years there wont be whites, we will destroy them by the root
And thei dont belong to america either.

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Congrats, and welcome to the USA. 5x is nothing to scoff at. I'm glad you're doing well and i wish you and your family a happy 2021. Your gonna make it bro.

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Post tits

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please post wife boobs I will donate many scamcoin sirs

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Was about to say congrats but realized you’re a low IQ maga faggot and will probably lose all of it anyway

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>I’m not white

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Your welcome friend. We're all gonna make it.

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Don't you want your children to look like you? Why would you want to mix..

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Congrats OP but remember easy cum easy go. Don't get greedy!! Everything works in cycles I've been here since 2017 made lots of shekels and lodt even more and remember it's the friends we made along the way that matter. NOT!!!

Yes. , fuck whites they're on their way to extinction. Pinches pendejotos!!

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So just sell CP to get rich bro.

Thanks whore

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Big respect anon, I'm in the same boat pretty much. Not from an immigrant family but my first goal with crypto is to free my parents from the rat race.

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Congratz anon. You sound well on the way to making it.

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>Couldn’t have done it without you
You need naïve retards to hold your bags.

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If ur a New Worlder, congrats, if ur Old World, buy expensivve rope