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Why are 75% or more of the people from this country scammers? Even in Canada, it’s the pajeet dominated cities that are notorious for scams

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it's in their dirty blood

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scamming whites is an Indian's duty

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>low iq
we dont really have much to work here do we?

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these dirty streetshittying glowes call my grandma to try to scam her. i had to dc the boomerline.

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>>low iq
Yeah, India has lower average IQ but due to the way IQ distribution curves work, it has more 110+ IQ people than the US population.

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Plese reconnect the line. Kindly do the needful, sir.

Fun vid: https://youtu.be/7mceb_t8EIs?t=966

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Pajeet spotted lmao

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Interesting. I never thought of it like that. I wonder if it’s actually been rooted in them to get vengeance for having to live in such a shithole of a country

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kys with your dirty brown hands

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Why are you so mad, sir? Please calm down

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Simply put you can't trust brown people.

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Total bullshit, England didint profit from it, only India profited. Imagine how many streets and buildings there were build by the Anglos...

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How was India ever profitable for the british? Having access to export markets for British manufacturing surely couldn't have made up for the massive infrastructure and administrative work that the project took.

The only thing the british turned a profit on was the opium trade.

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It was way worse after the "independence". A bunch of socialist faggots destroyed the country more than the Brits could ever imagine.

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No shit, but I wanna know why? How did it become like this?

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back to plebbit you literal pajeet nigger, your kind is not welcomed here

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Man, you aren't wrong. Whenever I visit some British era monuments and railway stations that look much more beautiful than the Indian architecture right next to them.

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75%? Like 95% don’t even have access to the internet you absolute retard.
Can’t wait for you cucks to get crushed by the inflation.

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Poor as fuck, no morals or integrity, ugly as sin and attractiveness has been found to be linked to levels of certain bad traits, when you shit on the floor and not think it is primitive then you are confirmed to also be in a primitive "I take, not work for" mentality, etc, etc, etc

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No sir.

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>the internet penetration rate in the country stood at around 50 percent in 2020
What are you talking about faggot?

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I think slavic people are worse

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just like whites don't care about the well being of us Indians, we don't care if we scammed some whitey's poor old granny

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yea sure, the same way whites getting scammed is our gift to them

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That’s a weak ass argument my toilet deprived friend. There’s a big difference between not caring and actively seeking to cause harm

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Easy money

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we are already convinced that whites were a blight on us

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>we don't care if we scammed some whitey's poor old granny
Disgusting dalit. Hang yourself. You bring shame to this country.

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Hahahah get FUCKED white boi
Any wealth available will be stolen from you. Those who are stupid to fall for scams deserve to get financially raped bwahahah.
Yes we ARE scammers
yes we WILL CONTINUE scamming
Get fuckes whiteboi.
Stay away from my curryland or u will get raped

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I wonder why our numbers never improved even after Independence. It was the socialist regime and dalit niggers like you.

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post hand faggot before calling me a dalit

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as soon as you pay reparations $48 trillion, we will think of a resolution to your butt hurt

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Bwahhaa dus whiteboi mad
Dont trust anyone, trsusting anyone but yourselves is a one way ticket to hell
Cry more pussy, i will stay here till this place dies hahaha
Lmao keep "Working for" the jews lmao hahah
No one will ever poo in the loo here. No i will NEVER POO in the loo, cry more cuck
Boo hoo fucking hooo, moralfag

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Because most of them are so poor they cant even afford dirt. The caste system there still exists, and if someone born into a lower caste wants to get ahead at all they will do whatever it takes. It's not an excuse and I wish the British never let them go because they were working on turning them into something productive.

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When the Britishers left India in 1947 after ruling for 200 years, 70% of the population was under poverty.

Hence, most of the people in India are desperate for Money and Low IQ(Poverty decreases IQ by 13 points).

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indians will scam you, breed your women and take your job. what u gonna do about that whiteboi? Its time to bend the knee lmao

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I'm a slav, and I unironically agree with that. The worst thing is that a slav will never scam a westerner because there is some power of free will behind the western mentality, and as power is the only thing we admire, the only people slavs are capable of scamming are the other slavs, maybe brown people also, but not blacks.

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I know all Kitboga vids are pretty much the same but I can't help but laugh at him fucking over poos and wasting their time.

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as soon as scamming whiteys left us alone, we started getting rich .. coincidence? not

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Im not butthurt. I couldn’t care less what you do since I’m 10x smarter than you and would never fall for your poorly constructed scams. I’m just genuinely curious as to why your people does it and is notorious for doing it

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No you're just biased because the ONLY pajeets you interact with are scammers, very simple explanation.

Most indians are fine, really.

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>rich under british
Bwahhahaha keep blabbing whatever your jewducation taught you.

Lmao take a look at this britcuck. India superpower jai hind

>> No.25454479

you are not smart enough, that's why you can't figure it out

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He thinks hes smarter than me hahahaaa. What are you as a professional then?. Cs? You will never get the respect of a medfag.
As to why do we do it, why not? Its free money. I made crypto scams in my free time and shilled them to biz. Those retards handed over 10k easily

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Yes, they exploited us like shit. For instance, 4 Million Indians died during WW2 as food was diverted by Churchill from India which caused famines.

But we are to be blamed for allowing them to rule us for 200 years and should've done much better in the last 70 years. Only 5-10% Indians are doing well

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>White bois and niggers coping that they got scammed by CHAD and THAD jeets

>> No.25454558

Most whites don’t hate Indians. And most whites would feel terrible for scamming your jeet grandmother.

>> No.25454579

>should've done much better in the last 70 years
Finally the Gandu family has been kicked from the seat of power. I hope to see a better future with NaMo.

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>would feel terrible

a luxury for the poor

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Then the "most whites" are moralfag cucks who are menat to stay at the bottom of the hierarchy. Stay mad and keep seething

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>Its free money
It’s not free though. It’s stolen. Where do you draw the line with your morals? Would you kill someone for money if it meant never getting caught?

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>a luxury for the poor
Not really. I have interacted with lot of poor Indians and most aren't scumbags like those scammers. Stop excusing criminal behaviour due to economic situation of the individual. It is disrespectful to all the poor people who work hard and honestly.

>> No.25454680

He's no better, if you have been following all the data that is being allowed to come out(Employement, Crimes, Economy, Trade, Electoral Bonds - Everything) then you would know.
Anyways I'm out of this thread

>> No.25454687

Retard, any money that doesnt require work is free money. There is no line or morals.
>would you kill for money if u dont get caught.
Depends. If the guy has huge money and if i need it, then why not? Wpuld be a first practice kill.

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I know not all Indians are subhumans incapable of empathy like you, but you’re making your people look bad (assuming you’re not larping).

>> No.25454733

you're a muslim, aren't you?

>> No.25454752

Very interesting, thanks for answering my questions. I’ve always wanted to look into the mind of a scamming street shitter

>> No.25454767

>It is disrespectful to all the poor people

>passing judgements on what poor should and should not do

another luxury for the poor ..

>t.stop being poor
>just get a job
>look I have a job that pays me first world salary, so why don't you do like me

Some Indians want to make big bucks just like colonial whiteys wanted to make big bucks stealing Indians goods and selling them at huge markups

>> No.25454775

Tera bhi time aayega, hijre.

>> No.25454778

he's a fucking faggot, he cant kill shit

>> No.25454816

t. ahmed

OP is a sandnigger psyop, Indians are the only thing that has been keeping m*slims in check right now

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The hands of the law are going to snap shut on cockroaches like you. I would be very happy on that day.

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I dont care if i look bad on a anonymous balkan ice cream making forum retard. As said before no morals, only me
No im a pure high caste brahmin CHAD
Keep thinking the poor police can do shit

>> No.25454841

agree, hindu trads would have made it much better

>> No.25454877

Bluepilled opinion

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kek bhaiyya.
Now it explains very thing about you and your behaviour.

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It's funny when every whities blame Indians and other races for crimes
Asians for buying up their homeland and businesses
Blacks killing and robbing whities
Latinos stealing their jobs

Who is the root cause of all these problem?
White privilege, oppression and racism. Karma is the bitch cunts. Matter of time all whites gonna bent the knees, be slaves for new waves of rich international globalists. MATTER OF TIME :)

>> No.25454901

ok bhaiyya

>> No.25454942

I hope u stop scamming these piss poor white people lmao

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>t. self hating whitey

>> No.25454959

I wouldnt say white priviledge or racism is the cause. I'd say white bois being the cucks they are and not taking charge and control of the country is the reason

>> No.25454962

Each time you're calling someone a nigga, chinks, Muslims, pajeet, cholos, terrorists. You, your mom, your grandpa, sister will pay for it. Remember this whities

>> No.25455027

lmao as for me i have nothing against white people, i just breed tons of white women with my crypto gains

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>I wouldnt say white priviledge or racism is the cause. I'd say white bois being the cucks they are and not taking charge and control of the country is the reason
Finally a based opinion from a bhaiyya. Have my photo and try to figure out which state I am from

>> No.25455050

I’m unironically not white. I was curious for some answers and got them. Keep seething though (:

>> No.25455055

what do you guys think about eurocucks not accepting indians as aryans

>> No.25455068

Little whiter, so i guess western state,but you speak hindi, so maybe Maharashtra.

>t.gujjew chad

>> No.25455101

odisha or bengal

>> No.25455133

Is...is that a butthole?

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They shouldn't desu. I have seen DNA analysis (Don't have the link on hand). Even the highest of the highest caste has a significant aborginal mixture in them.
Middle Easterners and Afghans have more Aryan admixture than Indians.

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how much u made scamming these white people, there was a thread back then where a guy claimed to made $1.2M scamming people on biz

>> No.25455165

Gujjew recognizes his neighbor correctly. How do you pull money out of exchanges?

>> No.25455170

Who cares what eurocucks and nordcucks have to say. They elected a woman as a leader, at that very second the opinion of the entire country was neglectes. They dont even have the courage to rape hahahah

>> No.25455189

yeah but even eurocucks have like a lot of slavic influence which increases their mongloid amixture

>> No.25455208

Im nowhere near that, im near 23k usd rn
I dont , all that money will stay in there until its about 2 or 3 million

>> No.25455277

scamming is pretty bad for our economy

>> No.25455280

Is that just the biztards or all your scams? Do you also do any of the overseas “phone call” scams?

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File: 197 KB, 580x804, British 21st lancers battle of Omdurman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No poo can contest a European with Neanderthal admixture in combat or in intellect, so you resort to trickery.

>> No.25455345

rwrrific that terrific that really terrific that

>> No.25455359

turned $5k into $300k and i have never scammed anyone here. Scamming is not cool bro. i lost $100k in 2017 to a project called confido.io (all white team) and i was depressed for months.

>> No.25455366

Theres evidence to suggest other races (non-white) don't feel guilt, or atleast not as strongly, only shame, which requires you to be found out.

>> No.25455396

Frankly speaking, Pakis account for no less scamming in proportion

>> No.25455400

Holy shit I remember confido. I don’t remember exactly how it went down though. Was it an ico scam or more like bitconnect?

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File: 106 KB, 1024x851, India ancestors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To all Indians in this thread, how accurate is this?

>> No.25455424

Yes but its for "your" eco
Just biztards gave me 23k.
I worked at a phone center in the past, made very little.
I use dropship scams in us amazon and ebay, that is most profitable.
Alright what do you want to fight with? Bare handed,weapons or guns
Just see your colleges whiteboi.
>resort to trickery.
Yes and thats called using intellect whiteboi. In a fight u should not be caring a moral fag.

>> No.25455463

Lmao our kind run this board. If anything we are the hunter and you are the prey, keep buying my shitcoins goys. Think about this everyday you live on this earth 150k indians get connected on to the internet. This dude thinks it is still 2006 Lmao.

Clean my unused toilets wagie.

>> No.25455476

Not at all, unlike a few autistic people on chans, literally nobody in india has the time to do we wuzzing.
>scamming is not cool
I dont care if its cool or nit zoomer faggot

>> No.25455501

Honestly, I respect your hussle. Most pajeet scams are so retardedly constructed that anyone that actually falls for them deserves to lose their money. Good on you anon

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very underrated post.

indiabro said the truth and literally none of you grasp it. india exports its "dalits" (untouchables) because they believe even the gaze of a dalit upon a real human can be harmful.

Egalitarian globalhomo culture of USA, EUR, CA, etc believes "all people are equal" so you import them and then scratch your confused stupid white heads on why they keep scamming you.

You have a retarded culture that isn't connected to reality of the universe. Keep trying.

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do the needful sirs

>> No.25455675

>india exports its dalits.
No simply no. Dalits dont have the money or anyrhing else requires.
Dark skin!= dalit.
Many rich and educated south indians go out.

As for all the egalitarian culture of western world.
Thats all true, grow a pair of balls you pussies,or keep getting fuckes lmao whitebois

>> No.25455693

why are indians so delusional lmao

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File: 86 KB, 965x1081, 1604463018642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Harappans were proto-Abos aka Dravidians aka Modern south Indians. So the comic is nothing but a joke.

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File: 82 KB, 725x719, 1604037930192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>india exports its "dalits"
Dalits don't have the money or the skills to immigrate. End your reddit spacing before ending yourself.

>> No.25455737

Can’t be good for the economy having a nation known for scams
Certianly put me off doing business there

>> No.25455751

>Alright what do you want to fight with? Bare handed,weapons or guns
Longbows at a furlong in a forest in the middle of winter would be my choice. Followed by a no holds bared pugilistic contest to the death if you survive a clothyard arrow through your chest.

Indians tend to have a flabbiness to them. They are always weaker than they look. Most of you have Frankenstein's monster tier heads but weak bodies. What's that about?

we invented the modern world.

Nothing to do with intelligence, it's just that Indians are so accustomed to scammers that they act like an invasive species in honest countries where people trust each other.

>> No.25455764

I am the same person as >>25453729 btw. Dynamic IP is a bitch

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>they act like an invasive species
Indians who move to the west tend to be very cucked and liberal. No one likes them here in India and the westerners hate them over there.

>> No.25455857

>if you survive arrow to your chest,
Well guess what it was a fake dummy haha.
>we invented the modern world.
You didnt, you ancestors did, for which they are respected. You dont get any credit for that cuck. You will be raped and your country will be filled with little pajeets.

And guess what, there are 15 other indians in the battle charging you and stabbing you from back. And wait , if they dont kill you, i also have a sniper. Yeah i dont give a fuck about rules in fight, especially if it us till death. Get fucked,stabbed, raped and sniped moralfag

>> No.25456003

The weird thing is that even as our countries go to ruin they also ruin anyone who enters. First generation Indians will exploit the system and become rich, maybe the second generation, but the third will become the degenerates and kill themselves with whoring, drugs, and drink.

I say it as a native, these places are a black hole of culture nowadays.

>15 other indians
Trust a shitskin to gang up on one man. Kek. You're lucky we didn't have the Gurkhas eat you all, or starve you ALL to death, or re-route the Ganges to flood your village. Europeans giveth and Europeans taketh away. Be grateful you still exist.

>> No.25456061

They will be the one raping you whiteboi.
>starve you all to death
See your own grocery prices then larp

>> No.25456067

>"reddit spacing" = I cant fight you on facts, so i'll fight you on spacing
typical homo

>> No.25456125

>westerners hate them over ther
Why wouldn’t they? Pajeets are literally known for taking money out of our grandmothers pocket. Not just white people, they don’t discriminate. That being said >>25455501

>> No.25456157

Indians eat bread sopped in diarrhoeic goo for every meal. And you talk of food?

>> No.25456172

Then teach your grandmother to nit be a fucking retarded whore anon,

>> No.25456217

Keep coping whiteboi, yes we eat poo. What you gonna do about it?
>you talk of food
Yes keep seething, im eating my paneer tikka and chole bhature rn

>> No.25456279

Yeah, but it also has more sub 80 IQ people.

>> No.25456304

>im eating my paneer tikka and chole bhature rn
Proof or gtfo you larping faggot

>> No.25456330

Well, enjoy, I'm leaving this thread, but be aware that your crimes will have repercussions.

>> No.25456364

Man i just finished
Thanks . I will keep care of myself

>> No.25456500

Note: if any pajeets living in pooville would like to come out and refute the claims of
Please feel free to do so (must post proof that you are a pajeet). My business partners were considering a highly lucrative deal with an Indian company and I made this thread to prove to them that pajeets are good for nothing but shitting on streets and trying to take your money

>> No.25456506


>> No.25456549

Alright retard, if you are smart enough you should know what to do, most likely the people you made the deal with will be fine, they are moralfags.

>> No.25456569

fake and gay a.k.a white pilled

>> No.25456585

Massive corruption make scamming more profitable working

>> No.25456594

They are not as bad as mudslime. Its also primarily South Indians who scam

>> No.25456673

it's primarily whites who scam with tricks like d&c

>> No.25456674

I think they are too autistic to be scammers. They don’t have the “picardía” to do such things. If you get scammed by an Indian you are a retard 100%.

>> No.25456801

Obviously I know what I’m doing by making this thread and exposing you niggers. My faggy bluepilled partners wouldn’t take my word for it that y’all are a bunch of no good scammers. What better proof than the confession from a pajeet himself? But again as I said earlier I respect your hussle, good on you for taking advantage of complete retards and getting your bread. I just want it nowhere within a 10 foot turd of my business

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