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BNB value: $39.53 - 5.7B mcap
UNI value: $5.04 - 1.3B mcap
HT value: $4.92 - 979M mcap

LCX value: $0.03 - 17M mcap

What if I told you that you are literally staring at the easiest x75 in your life?

Red pills:

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Prince of Liechtenstein (middle) networth is 7B and is a well known backer

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Liechtenstein is the shadiest place on earth, no thank you

Poorfags will be impressed by this normie WEF shit but redpills these are not

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Wtf are you talking about it’s literally one of the richest places on earth. Prince is the 4th richest prince in the world. They have the greatest standard of living and more jobs than workers. They make so much damn money there. Not to mention it’s energy has the highest ratio of electricity to home. This place is where crypto should all be stationed

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This actually looks very good. Shill me more

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There is just no way this will stay at 3c. Comfy holding throughout 2021.

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Maybe XRP shizos will jump into this ship. Either way even compared to binance coin, the LCX mcap is so tiny.

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They officially launch in 2 days so it's still at ground level. That's what makes this so interesting.

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Could be sell the news situation if it doesnt go up

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You unironcally have no idea about WEF

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Do you have no patience? How often do you get the chance to enter an exchange coin right from the start? The only thing you have to do is wait.

With the amount of companies and money present in Liechtenstein alone, if only a fraction of them have interest in crypto/their services... you do the math on the current market capitalization of the company.

With three newly obtained licenses, Liechtenstein's pro-crypto laws, insurance from a AAA-rated country and the influx of money into crypto you bet your ass there will be interest.

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Eight licenses*

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Ah yes GrOuNd LeVeL

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U are arguying with ppl from discord groups.. 100k+ ppl trying to fud

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These are discords trolls that will argue with u forever.. thats why biz doesnt give a fuck about normies, dummy

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I mean temporary . People from here might sell if the 5th isnt what they expected

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what is token used for?

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Powering a new exchange that rebrands open source code and lets you sell it to your friends for 50% commission

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Streetshitter go back to fucking Mumbai. Liechtenstein is like the miniature version of Switzerland.

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The platform
I hope we dip again this didn’t dip as much as the last dump earlier. I hope that wasn’t it yet.

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Please don't shill this to the retards here. The exchange launches in 2 days, accumulate quietly.

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It releases in 2 days and the price of LCX tokens on their exchange will be pegged to 0.10 USD, thats 3x from here.

Read this :

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Of course they will, probably sell the bottom after they bought the top for above 4 cents, jump to the next Pajeet shitcoin trending on dextools or some other shitty place, get rugpulled and watch this shit go to $0.5. Never change /biz/

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holy fuck we already made it, even with a 10k stack

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Already have

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That is a pretty cool movie indeed.


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just no i can pump shit out of it if i will buy it using 10% of my depo but i wont do it

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All the shilling and only a meager 5x.
FFS, are you even trying?

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Bought 100k.

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How has this napkin strategy worked out? Amazon averages over 6.5 million site visits per day. That makes Amazon the 10th largest website in the world by visits and the largest ecommerce site, according to Alexa statistics.


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Lmao pajeet scammers forgot to change locations of job roles. Pic related is tech roles but they're all like this. Lichtenstein based exchange hiring exclusively in Gurugram, India?

Yeah... no thanks fuck off Ranjesh

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The fud really is starting to roll in huh

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Looks pretty darn stupid like the dodo guy really is. Just got lucky pushing one idea to infinity, yet he can't even produce a logic proof sketch.

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>Powering a new exchange



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>suggesting Binance doesn't outsource to India

It's been long known they do this

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Look I know you have some weird fantasies about being switzerland/liechtenstein elites but the reality is that these people are the least trustworthy people on the planet precisely because of their laws

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Hey OP please go back to selling MLM with your bad faith equivalencies

and kill yourself

do it

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based, imagine if jeff bezos never took that napkin he would have never made it, brb investing in napkin companies stocks

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>People will lose out of the easiest gains of their lives because of a tiktok account

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lcx lists chainlink as one of their number one partnerships
Will /biz/ really miss out on this?

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Napkin idea easy 10x p/e multiplier

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Yes, they will.

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i own 1/40 of all tokens ahahhHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Jelly if true. What's your endgame?

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creating a community for anyone who is not on hard drugs and is not a nigger in nature, buy land, woods and learn how to build castles as community and live in tribes of max 150 ppl

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comfy holding this
i was up all night holding other alts

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where to buy LCX?

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No I meant, take profits or hold long term?

Also can I join your community if I'm an LCX chad?

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what exchange are you using? is Blockfolio actually an exchange?

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cash out bit by bit, all welcome, no niggers, trannies, kikes

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why would you buy this if its just all around worse than the competition? genuinely confused

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the madmans going to do it with that big of a stack

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Based. I just hold a few LCX compared to you, but I definitely support your mission. Would like to join in with my family, all pure white European (German/Austrian) and looking desparately to escape globohomo hellscape.

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i dont mind if ppl are black just no niggers

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I always do everything /biz/ says, /biz/ is the new WTC

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so where am i moving?
where's the place?

got any specific land in mind?

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visegrad group - poland, czechia, hungary, slovakia

>> No.25455487

Beautiful places. particularly Hungary.

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>I always do everything /biz/ says, /biz/ is the new WTC
biz also said buy prq, did you? you did right...

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Bought 10k night.

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well im from poland myself

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I made a shit ton on WTC though

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Will your nation ever recover from the Cyberpunk debacle? Be sincere.

>> No.25456055

Of course.
CDPR already made a statement saying that they will fix it alongside their reputation - no matter the cost.

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What will 200k lcx get me in 2022?

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come on guys even if you are stuck bagholding some piece of shit coins just sell at a loss and buy some of this

>> No.25456212

You can buy out all the other crypto exchanges.

>> No.25456263

future millionaire

>> No.25456267

dare I say b-based???

>> No.25456325

Wow had no idea 200k was that impressive. Thanks bros, let's keep accumulating

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how dare you shill a coin, when the website is build on wordpress, you fucking pajeet?

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Wordpress is a market leader you mongrel. Are are Disney and Sony also scams in your eyes?



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Holy shit fuck eth fees, a transaction should not cost 70$.

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>> No.25456818

kill yourself

LCX whole social media / digital presence was built on fiverr and it stinks

>> No.25456884

I'm thinking we need a layer 2 scaling solution

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>> No.25456897

never gonna make it nananana

>> No.25456971

he will make it, he is from discord server with 100K ppl that goes around and fud what the wanna buy for lower price

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False information you retarded fuck. Quit using this lie to shill. Minimum of .10 within its ecosystem for paying fees and such. Read the whole fucking thing next time.

It won’t be used on an exchange for .10 unless its actually valued at .10.

>> No.25457182

The coin itself can be worth less than 0.1, but in the LCX exchange it will be pegged to a minimum of 0.1 ya retard

>> No.25457209

>tells me to read more
>doesnt fucking read himself

why are you such a fucking moron?

For example, in the case of the minimum value (0.10 USD), if you pay for services at LCX.com valued 10 USD, you have to pay a maximum of 100 LCX. If the market price of LCX Token is increased to 1 USD for example, you will have to pay 10 LCX Token to pay for services valued 10 USD. At the same time, if the LCX Token is traded on cryptocurrency exchange at 0.02 USD – below our minimum of 0.10 USD – and if you pay for services at LCX.com valued 10 USD, you only have to pay 100 LCX as well, because the value of LCX Token will not go below 0.10 USD within our ecosystem.

>> No.25457225

are you an actual 3rd worlder

>> No.25457231

do we wanna talk about why the WEF likes LCX, or are we content to ride the meme wave?

>> No.25457240

because it's fully licensed and thus regulated

>> No.25457308

kek, so is coinbase and gemini. it has to do with the STO launchpad

>> No.25457386

Holy shit are you this fucking stupid. “Within its ecosysystem”. You just backed me up with this post. It will not automatically be worth .10 on an any exchange including its own for trades. .10 is their self-declared minimum value that it will be used for in paying fees within LCX.

You really think anyone would just give you .07 per token for free if you bought at .03?

Quit being an absolute moron anon.

>> No.25457461

Im reporting you for trolling outside of /b/.
Disgusting monkey.

>> No.25457465

not only, CEX aggregator, Uniswpad layer 2, STO, licensed for tokenized assets, etc...

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Mystery guest is Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO. Coinbase will turn to LCX to handle their STO's.

Several anons called this, going full autismo mode doing facial structure analysis. Don't ever understimate biz's collective autism. It makes sense both based on this image and the new legal powers they obtained.

>> No.25457548

Do you truly believe I’m trolling or are you just doubling down on your complete retardation?

It’s unbelievable how many dumb fucks believe this garbage. It’s almost worded so anyone with half a brain gets confused and thinks they get magical free money. LCX isn’t the US government retard.

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WEF has plans to commodify our lives... education/labor/heath. so as an example.... with millions of people in the US now out of work, and the future labor market being automated at an increasing rate, what do we do with all these people? a few things, but an obvious place to start is with fast tracked education programs... like coding bootcamps....to train people to the right skill sets to be useful. problem is, everyone is poor and out of work. what about a new business model though, that will train people at no up front cost....all thats asked in return is a percent of their salary for their first X amount of years in the field? this labor debt is an example of something that will eventually become a tradable asset on the blockchain.

>> No.25457647

dude we know what "within the ecosystem implies"... the fact still stands that this shit will go past ten fucking cents so quit crying

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In the end I don't even give a shit what the finality of the product is, I'm in to make money off an obviously good investment

>> No.25457708

did you learn how to use 4chan just for marketing purposes?

>> No.25457723

Joined telegram, red latest announcements, worring thing is that it already pumped a lot this year, but comparing to possilibities, this price is nothing. they are doing token burns every quarter and as long term investment, this looks REALLY REALLY good. I can't belive it flew under radar for me so far

>> No.25457726

Oh, and their tagline has been 'tokenize everything', which also fits perfect for this theory.

Don Tapscott was advisor for Jibrel, which strived to do the same. They ran into a wall of legislation and couldn't get it off the ground. LCX succeeded in that so it only makes sense that he joined them.

This guy is deep into the WEF and probably has a lot of strings to pull.

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Fucking based red pills anon, this is the bullish shit I hoped for making this thread.

>> No.25457795

That pump was fucking nothing compared to what is coming

>> No.25457825

"we know it'll go past .10" is purely speculative. I do agree it can within the next few weeks.

But using it as a guarantee based off misconstrued information is on the same level of bullshit as other real scams.

>> No.25457837

Actually I think the same

>> No.25457851

why is it so GODDAMN HARD to buy some of these tokens, fucking hell

>> No.25457883

Because the jews don't want you to make it

>> No.25457898

obviously the exchange has enough incentive to keep it above .10 anon. anything below .10 is basically an arbitrage opportunity for the exchange

>> No.25457909

Am I too late for this?

>> No.25457925

its not based off some misconstrued piece information it just logical given the people involved in the project and what they are doing

>> No.25457928

Still very early

>> No.25457929

I'll tell you why the market value is guaranteed to reach the floor value short term.
If the market price is lower people willing to purchase the services on the exchange will market buy instead of paying in fiat thus pumping the price up.
All tokens used this way will be burned.
Buying bellow 10c is almost guaranteed free money unless something goes horribly wrong.

>> No.25457934

bro...just scroll up. its going to .10 minimum short term

>> No.25457965

I am not going to give you financial advice, but imagine amount of assets flying in through... check out telegram announcement channel

>> No.25458006

just watch a uniswap/metamask tutorial on youtube. it's pretty easy. unless youre an ultra normie i guess. nothing worth having comes easy.

>> No.25458043

I have 250k LCX is it enough?

>> No.25458046

I'm already up x25 so yes you are late

>> No.25458049


Why can't I buy this fucking coin on major sites?

>> No.25458105

Because they haven't even launched yet (2 days left). You're literally that early. Use it to your advantage.

>> No.25458117

kek. i guess ive graduated from freshman newfag to sophomore newfag. funny seeing this posts from another side


>> No.25458143

future millionaire

>> No.25458145

So what's the timing then? In terms of London time, when will they release?

>> No.25458148

How did you find your way here in the first place

>> No.25458153

Ahh, here they come

>> No.25458170

I own 20,000 LINKS bought at 30 cents little fag. Compared to you, I'm a Blue Whale.

>> No.25458199

The normies arrive

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>> No.25458244


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>> No.25458466

I just found a way to buy LCX early through their site.

You fucking morons, at least shill correctly.

>> No.25458482

Ok just bought 100k, I trust you anon

>> No.25458532

then share

>> No.25458542

and now i'm going to be brutally honest. This explanation takes the cake. As long as this exchange is even remotely worth a shit this thing is going to .10 soon. Thank you for not being a pajeet.

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You ar velcomed

>> No.25458621

This is going to be huge.

>> No.25458640


exchange eth on uniswap with metamask wallet

>> No.25458665


Illuminati?This is super bullish.

Well I can afford to gamble with 1 ETH

>> No.25458701

Never been so comfy with this hold

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this isn't gambling

>> No.25458739


sign up, deposit eth, transfer eth to LCX...ez pz

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Did you also make this?

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>> No.25458808

no, but it's nice larping about holding some secret illuminati memecoin

>> No.25458854

to be fair this pump has only been going on for two days so this could still 2x

>> No.25458864


Can you think of a better trio to hold into 2022?

>> No.25458870

This guy certainly didn't buy ETH at 100, or BTC at 1000. Yes let's abandon all coins that doubled in value.

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File: 1.53 MB, 1291x852, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.25458975

wef are just jews, you can buy them

>> No.25458979

It's a longterm hold you monkey

>> No.25459004

I want to fucking strangle such insufferable faggots like you how the fuck can an anon make me this mad

>> No.25459031

Your Ex

>> No.25459046

I want to believe but how can I see something like this and not think it's anything more than a massive scam made by some out of touch marketing team?

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LCX Marine # 437 checking in 68K COMFY

>> No.25459091

Can you believe people bought bitcoin at .035. What idiots buying at ATH.

>> No.25459093

Missing one of the biggest opportunities or even the biggest because of a video HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

>> No.25459122

those videos are literally meant to filter people like you

>> No.25459134


>> No.25459149

Oh hell, what a surprise that it pumps when the live version of the exchange is just around the corner. this certainly is a discord tranny P'n'D scam...

>> No.25459159

to be honest on first sight I thought "what the fuck is this" but I actually liked it halfway end

>> No.25459166
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>guise i know nothing about the product but look at the chart guise it POMPED SO IT MUST DUMP HEHE BUY HIGH SELL LOW HEHE HE BOUGHT???????? DAMP EET HEHEHEH

>> No.25459222

don't worry this is perfect for normies

>> No.25459232

even if its a pump and dump, I kinda regret selling today, because it will probably go up in value by jan5, so just hold and dump it all on jan4 23:59 lol, leave like 20% in it, just in case

>> No.25459259

Who wouldn't want to finance the founder's wife marketing career, and help validate her genius social media ideas? I for one won't mind, as long as she can buy plenty of handbags and land a comfy job at AMZN after rugpulling me.

>> No.25459268

Rich people are notoriously autistic about cool vs. cringe. Such a shitty video actually gives me hope.

And Germanic Mountain Jews are NOTORIOUSLY hilariously cringe the richer they get. Their girls turn off the lights before sex and believe modems give off radiation.

>> No.25459272

This is not meant for neckbeard bottle pissing basement dwelling incels or based chads, this is meant for plebbitfags and normie scum.

>> No.25459301

Can't believe this is only at 20m cap. No other exchange like it is even close to that low. Mid hundred million market cap by q2 2021, calling it.

>> No.25459309

your mothers going to dance to this song when it hits 10$

>> No.25459315

It is a fucking exchange, this is a hodl like BNB

>> No.25459331

uhh, what the fuck Bros

>> No.25459339

Sell the news is a golden rule in crypto. Beware the 5th, it may dump.

>> No.25459346

fucking hell stop pumping. im not ready

>> No.25459353

nobody knew about LCX a week ago, glad I bought some cheap coins in July.

>> No.25459462

ahahaha weak hands, it will only start from there you turd

>> No.25459473
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>He's missing out on these gains because of a promotional video.

>> No.25459483

this is a sell signal holy shit

>> No.25459522

>19 posts
>12 posts

Guys stop trying this hard, they will notice

>> No.25459668

I'm the OP you faggot. I'm tending to my thread.

>> No.25459673

Like a riverrrr

>> No.25459695
File: 184 KB, 1837x932, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a pump and dump have a dashboard?

imagine if those retarded germans and swiss are memed into using this exchange

>> No.25459721

I'm an admin at Youtube. The guy who created this shill thread is removing our comments on the shitty youtube cringe video.

Kill yourself kid. You've been outed.

>> No.25459749
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>> No.25459761

.04 waiting room!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.25459784

I unironically made this. I hold a large bag of this and have been shilling/fudding this on and off trying to accumulate more. That fudder last night talking about pajeet’s and coinally? Hehehehehehehe

>> No.25459791


How does it feel to be a huge fucking faggot anon?

>> No.25459802

Take your meds schizo. Do you think I have admin rights on the LCX channel? Lmfao.

>> No.25459852

It shows prices from different exchanges? OwO

>> No.25459859


>> No.25459879
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I guess so

>> No.25459883

how much ETH do i need to turn into LCX to hire those 5 chinese girls to dance for me ?

>> No.25459896

guys I'm waiting for my coins to arrive on their website so I can buy more, quit pumping it

>> No.25459899

Followed directly by another whale dump...

>> No.25459903

YES THAT IS ONE OF THE MANY FEATURES IT HAS holy fuck just read before asking such stupid fucking questions

>> No.25459914

lmao this wan't even a meme, it's actually at 0.4

>> No.25459930

Fuck off street shitting brownskin Pajeet.

LCX is a worthless scam, we all know it. Now go and eat your curry sauce and ask your mom for a palm leaf to wipe the shit crusting your asshole.

If any subhuman kraut hires pajeets for their exchange, its a DEAD exchange.




>> No.25459933
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have you upgraded your account anon?

>> No.25459978

how is LCX a scam when they are literally opening thew best new crypto exchange in europe?

do you think those german boomers will use chinance or Cuckoin?

>> No.25460019
File: 5 KB, 208x195, not yet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>file name

>> No.25460039


Its going to be great getting mega rich off of old Euro money lmao

>> No.25460041

if theyre opening it in europe they couldve made it A BIT FUCKING EASIER FOR EUROPEANS


>> No.25460116

true were tf is maestro or whatever the fuck ?

also prepaids are ez to get tho

>> No.25460118

I'm sure WEF likes to openly list obvious scams on their website


>> No.25460635

there are more than 1,000 organizations listed like that.

Show me an open link page where WEF gives a shit about LCX.

Its a fucking scam.

>> No.25460674

I-is this still a good price to enter?

>> No.25460719

The exact opposite is what the world needs. Let people work where they are qualified. Stop automating everything and bring back the labor force.

>> No.25460740

.11 eth to make trade.
Fuuuuuuuuck youuuuuu

>> No.25460757
File: 49 KB, 822x640, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25460775
File: 65 KB, 860x1024, 1607677169303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No you fucking braindead moron why would u buy tesla stock for cents.. or microsoft or amazon

>> No.25460802

38 million fully diluted market cap for a project of this caliber. Easy 10x from here

>> No.25460908

Thanks anon. I bought 45k LCX coins. Will hodl until I'm broke, or until I'm rich. Will definitely try and find you if I become rich and buy you a girl to give you a good BJ (or pussy licking?)

>> No.25460930
File: 50 KB, 500x486, yd93chkpr4011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Debit cards are a thing

>> No.25460994

Hahah no problem fren, your sister will do ;)

>> No.25461010

EU fag here, can confirm

>> No.25461061

Just bought 50k LCX, half a months salary so happy to burn if it burns.

Is this enough Anons?

>> No.25461075

how can i exchange eth to lcx on their website ?

>> No.25461093

I wish i had a sister, I will offer marriage if I had.

>> No.25461120

how to avoid .11 ETH trade charge

>> No.25461134

U can swap on uniswap

>> No.25461136

I'm not sold on it yet.

Suspiciously few analyses or videos about it.

If it werer indeed 10x, it would have more exposure and exposure and nitpicking from the usuals.

High chance of scam.

>> No.25461174

Wef have it on their pages, moron

>> No.25461176

0.11 eth for what volume?

>> No.25461181

Have you seen

>> No.25461194

ye, nvm im really stoopid

>> No.25461196
File: 287 KB, 1896x832, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the scam part? a new crypto exchange in europe release, what's so scammy about it?
looks solid to me

>> No.25461212

hahah good luck finding one, future millionaire

>> No.25461332

Around 300 leafbux

>> No.25461361


Potential scam reasons:

* Why do they want government ID verification for any deposits more than 1000 francs? It should easily be 10x that deposit limit.

- Why do they have no one seeing its potential other than basement incels on /biz/? Don't say "durrrr german mountain jew prince is backing it" I dont give a shit about some moronic bald fuck being swindled as well

- What potential other than a European exchange market are they bringing? Whats the special thing about their token? Seems shady AS FUCK

>> No.25461363

WEF also mentions XRP


Take that for what you will

>> No.25461399

About 7k lcx

>> No.25461428

They are a bunch of jews with total control and if they want best crypto exchange they gonna get it

>> No.25461496

wait what?

how does that fee make sense, what are you talking about?

>> No.25461549

anyone else have trouble verifying their account on LCX site?

>> No.25461566
File: 1.07 MB, 1400x2582, Screenshot_20201231-165359_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you have any idea how high the threshold is for obtaining these licenses? Do you honestly think it's a scam after reading this? As in, criminals looking to rug you?


>> No.25461610
File: 14 KB, 984x285, vitqliiiiiiik.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ETH is mooning and network is congested as fuck

>> No.25461649

You keep posting the same shit over and over again. Thats how you make it EVEN MORE suspicious.

Its the address of a company registrar you moron. Any and every Döner stand in Germany has the same page if they operate with taxes. Maybe token licenses are unique, but so what, they applied for something and got it.

Stop trying to impress people older than you on biz.

>> No.25461684

with what? the last final step must be the most difficult one

>> No.25461685


They're trying to become THE regulated exchange, they're not going to get there by not having ID on the people using it.

Imagine the SEC asking them who's this guy moving 2 mil in your exchange?

"Uhhhhhh we don't know"

>Why do they have no one seeing its potential other than basement incels on /biz/?

We're here first, that's as simple as that, /biz is always first on coins, I remember back in like 2018 or so we made TRTL just for the fun of it, took three months to get popular and and I made a ton of money from what I mined from the get go.

we always shill coins will 100x potential, shit like this is why anons don't get rich.

>What potential other than a European exchange market are they bringing?

What the hell else do you want? a crypto based state backed bank? we're talking an entire crypto exchange.

>> No.25461719

trying to take the two selfies for verification, not working

>> No.25461738

Binance tried and failed

>> No.25461740
File: 214 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210103-121208.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It dropped a bit when I entered everything again to get this screenshot. But it's still like ~25% of the total value of the trade in miners fees. Fucking bullshit. I have .05 eth in this wallet to cover fees atm and it's not enough. May try to just buy directly from their website

>> No.25461754

change light, repeat it, didn't work the first time for me also

>> No.25461821

how long did it take to become lvl 2 ?

>> No.25461830

It has to pullback/dump on launch date right?
It's up 250% it needs to correct before going up

>> No.25461843

Jesus Christ, LMAO.

>> No.25461869

pretty easy

>> No.25461901

no not how hard it is I mean the duration. I cant buy more lcx cuz Im not verified yet

>> No.25461917

Also, will there be a LCX/X pair on launch? Or can you will only be able to get them only via uniswap for the time being?

>> No.25461928

>turn your head to the left and wait 5 seconds
??? doesn't work wont go past this step on desktop, I'll try on mobile

>> No.25461934

What network do we transfer ETH to LCX from?

ETH or proprietary?

>> No.25462002

yeah it needs more tries for this

>> No.25462003

like 2 min

>> No.25462006

It's an Erc20 token for now so it runs on the ETH chain, wouldn't be surprised if they end up pusshing out their own blockchain

>> No.25462025

Why should it, honestly? Not even plebbit has it really on the readar yet. Will probably shoot up and whales dump their stack massively at around 10 cents. I rather expect a severe pullback then.

>> No.25462067
File: 93 KB, 1728x889, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is an example of the meme 1 lcx=0.1 USD

>> No.25462117

Are you really gonna gamble on this with 20 mil market cap? this is x10 in 6 months no brainer

>> No.25462159

I submitted everything for verification on new years eve, still waiting on approval. I'm just hoping it gets completed before the end of the bounty

>> No.25462290

Anyone have a referral code?

>> No.25462293

you're talking to me like I'm behind this trend....i'm just telling you what to expect. this is one example. health and education credits too will be commodified. this is the future that's being built.....whether its an orchistrated thing like the conspiracy anons believe....or just the way technology is trending....it's whats happening. there are many pilot programs in place already. the WEF has been clear about their support in these types of endeavors for a few years now.... none of it is new, but it looks way more likely now post covid than it did last year.

>> No.25462326

https://wn nr/w7GPsp

This is the ref link for 50 extra entries in their bounty shit going on. Use it and log in using google or twitter or whatever

>> No.25462393

gas fees can be paid in lcx too with 1 clx = 10 cents so naturally through arbitrage the price will rise if theres enough volume driving the abritrage

>> No.25462395

I would send you mine but the KYC is not finished for me

>> No.25462466

I'm tempted to buy some more even though I already have 50k tokens. What do you think Anons? Go for broke?

>> No.25462535

If it's only used for arbitrage wouldn't the price stagnate at 10 cents?

>If I have to chose between using a coin that costs 30 cents each and paying 10 cents each....

>> No.25462544

what happens if lcx is 0.2 USD?

>> No.25462546


>> No.25462558

This will go parabolic... think TRX in 2017 from a few satoshis to $0.30 in months. Find a way to buy 100,000 and stop worrying because you don’t have to worry about bullshit marketing with pajeets and neck beard filled telegrams spewing “low IQ” bullshit over a fucking wallet. Everything else can fuck itself with a rake, ape the fuck in.

>> No.25462579

Read my id

>> No.25462584

no, there's no arbitrage incentive to bring it down to 10 cents, only an incentive to bring it up to 10 cents.

>> No.25462665

What is the best wallet for LCX?

>> No.25462689

also, there's absolutely no reason to stop automating work that can be automated...but it does cause one to think about how one can profit off labor that is no longer economically productive. this is what I'm talking about....commodifying labor debt

>> No.25462708

coinomi on phone and trezor hardware

>> No.25462766

It's hovering around 4cent resistance. If it breaks that it won't go much lower anytime soon...

>> No.25462767

any ethereum wallet... I am also using coinomi though

>> No.25462791

I've been curious about Coinomi on my cellphone for practicality.

Compare to its rivals please.

>> No.25462804

How do you commodify labor debt? Trying to wrap my brain around the concept

>> No.25462818
File: 221 KB, 709x745, Funny_Valentine_scars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>napkin strategy

>> No.25462987

sure you did.

>> No.25462994

Literally free money if you have the patience to hold for a few months. Don't dare to do a prediction but this isn't going down with this mcap

>> No.25463050
File: 1.18 MB, 320x240, 1609659141369.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ive been curious if you are homo or no

>> No.25463076

How many lcx do I need to not commit suicide in a few months?

>> No.25463097

I transferred 1 ETH to LCX, it says I can't convert to LCX because of limit.

How can I be at my limit if I JUST put 1 eth into their system without converting, what the fuck?

>> No.25463110

Have you verified your account?

>> No.25463127


>> No.25463153



>> No.25463161

mid level verification yes

not full level 3

but level 2 saays 1000 francs limit, I didnt do anything worth that, what the fuck is this shit?

>> No.25463167

there's already coding boot camps that will train you for the job market and ask for a percent of your salary as payment. they could bundle a handful of debts like this to create something like a mortgage backed security

>> No.25463240

just open a coinbase account, get eths there, open coinbase wallet, link wallet to coinbase, then use uniswap to exchange eth to lcx. see the thread above there's a pic. Now you owe me 10k LCX in commission :p

>> No.25463253
File: 108 KB, 606x499, 1607051931714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but gas fees are retarded right now

>> No.25463261

is that possible with binance instead?

I dont trust KYC americucks

>> No.25463326

chinance is alright

>> No.25463446

It's a pajeet scam, they're literally hiring from gurugram, india which is the most famous place for online scammers.

>> No.25463464


New thread here since this one will reach post limit soon

>> No.25464241

so will i actually be able to spend my bags at .10 on eth in 2 days?

>> No.25464319
File: 24 KB, 236x237, shwb3zamv3x01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just look at this faggot's cope

>> No.25464379

can anybody direct me to the best/safest exchange to buy this coin? i made a coinbase, then a kraken pro, now I'm finding that I need another and I'm hoping it's the last exchange I need to make an account on

>> No.25464569

Uniswap lets you trade eth for lcx thru your wallet

>> No.25464918

is there a discord with these fud pastas? can i get invite?

>> No.25465063

Price EOY?
Shill me lads.

>> No.25465198

Jesus, what happened to scamelcoin? Anyone know? I was briefly interested in them, but there was too much smoke and mirrors. They had Don Tapscott like you say, but clearly they weren't able to pull it off.

>> No.25465236
File: 11 KB, 300x200, fghghg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First you have a simple idea and a rough draft of the system and after that you work out all the details and intricacies of the system and build upon it
This is how the greatest things take off
Niggers like you lack any imagination and patience to do that

>> No.25465513

I hope they go balls out with the marketing after launch

>> No.25465903

you missed the point, at all
you are the nigger incapable of seeing past it

>> No.25466213

How to withdraw from coinbase wallet without gay miner fee

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