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Still holding, /biz/. I don't know whether I'm retarded or have titanium hands. Probably both.

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When the memes come back we are gonna take off.Give it a week or two

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The memes never left us

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Thanks for the copium.

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>2 more weeks

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>btc market dominance beginning 2017 = 90%
>btc market dominance mid year = 50%
The shift seems to capture the transition of value into ETH quite well. I think this time, however, more options and more value entering the space

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Look at the old eth charts closely. Take an hour just analyzing it.

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This is a lot like 2017 tho. Atleast we are not dropping in usd when btc explode. As soon as BTC goes sideways we are gonna start gaining momentum

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Good idea. Doing that now.

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I mean really analyze it. Once you get it you realize The fud here is good

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We are in it together

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The fud is good? As in link will go to $0?

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What's the ratio of honest FUD vs. coordinated FUD? Does that distinction even matter?

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Good as entertaining

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no it's sustaining the massive parabola and forming a huge triangle on the three year chart.
Now we wait

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Haha who cares what it is. If you analyze eth and can’t see you need to just relax then you’re low iq

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Fair enough.

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What if I'm too stupid for TA and just bought because the memes were funny?

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eth had a bottom in jan 2017 and went parabolic from there. Who says because the chart is similar to link/btc it will be similar to eth/btc?

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Never threw my money into this without first reading the white paper and assessing project validity (as much as I could at the time).

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>just because it happened to “.....””” means it will happen to Link aswell

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It probably won’t. Eth level fomo may ever happen again. So maybe you need to go trade a very risky option like short tesla down 50% w 1 month expiry.

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Not really what I’m saying. But one purpose of btc is to bring money into the space. Well it just brought a ton of $ into the space. Now we see what happens maybe it hoards it all but statistically that’s not how this space works.

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Based retard.

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I hope you’re right this past month has been truly terrible holding Link. I am in need of heavy doses of hopium

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>whales are accumulating
>look at old ETH charts
>still up for those who bought ATL
did I miss any copium by retarded holders?

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I agree btc will flow into alts, because whales want more roi. They will probably not go into link, because its centralized, premined and sergey can dump 100mn tokens if he wants to. Eth, ltc, bcash etc. are better options.

>t. all in and probably retarded.

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yea retarded

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Fuck that fat cunt, and fuck everyone who says we don’t DARE question to ask him the usage of all those dumps

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I tried but all this words made no sense to me and gave me a headache.
I just bought 20k in 2017 because anime-chan and AssBlaster sounded like they gave good investment advice.

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I heard about his stunt at the holocoaster memorial and I was in.