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>how much in GRT?
10,000 GRT

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> 24
> 2780

Is this enough to make it bros?

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Makes me feel bad, only have 1.1k.
Åge 28

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I'm still waiting

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> GRT stack

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no. 10k at least

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Graphchads assembly

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$1000 EOY

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age 20
GRT level: 54,000

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How does $278,000 uniornoically sound?

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5,500 GRT

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Age: 28
GiRTh: 35850

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I literally have that exact amount too lol

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>How much in GRT?
1,200,000 GRT

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>23 in a week

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>bout 30k

Got my bot making market buys of this and LINK till I run out of shitcoin fuel.

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thinking about picking up another 1000 since its so cheap now, but not sure if its gonna keep dumping

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That's why you DCA

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Maybe 3 buys of 300, 300, 400 trying to grab dips

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Just bought 6000 more GRT

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yeah what this asshole said

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40k$ wallet

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sounds good thanks

may all of us graphies make it someday

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30 yo
45 GRT

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Good luck! 777web3777

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Hi guys I am new to investing, I want to buy the Graph but, my friend said I would get dumped on by VC bags and that the market cap was to big to make any money, he also said to buy PRQ as it actually dealt with real-time data whatever that is.

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buy both and checked

t. also hold 7.8k perks

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>910 grt

I can only hope it stays low for a few paychecks. Christmas really crippled my buying power.

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I wanted to get 36k but I'm gonna invest in some AVAX. I spent all year investing in coins. I crunched the numbers and I'm only up 20k usd more than if I just kept in savings. (My salary is 40k). Once I'm done this year I will take a break from crypto for 5-6 years and hopefully my portfolio will have increased.

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>realize I'm not 23 or 24 anymore
holy fuck life is so boring, how am I so old already
also I have 6k

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>23k total
>13k delegated

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53k GRT
I'm moving to the middle of nowhere next month

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2,029 GRT

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not making it any time soon

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how much do you guys think GRT will be EOY....REALISTICALLY?

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Sorry for you loss anon, but i'm not retarded like you.

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$8 billion

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nice Discord/Telegram efforts niggers

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i see https://framework.ventures/ is backing graph, they picked AAVE and CHAINLINK also coinbase ventures is backing them

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What do you advise for bots?, im seeing few github projects around but not sure what to put time into.

Thank you!

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>>how much in GRT?
>0 GRT

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>not PRQ

Never going to make it.

Before you fud, just know I'm a 3 BTC, 12 ETH Chad who won't even read your reply. If you want to make it. Sell that GRT and buy PRQ. Last time I'm going to tell you.

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What are the suicide and make it stacks?

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Bought at 35c

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I live in NY, how can I get some GRT?

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Im about to suicide right fucking now

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>how much in GRT?
1000 GRT
Can't wait to become a millionaire

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$0.06 EoY

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Your coin is dumping kek.

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>Age: 28
>60.5k GRT

It will continue dumping. We had resistance at 0.33 and that shit was broken hard. 0.30 new floor, also probably going to crack. Hodl at least a year boys.

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Will I have enough to buy a few bitcoin?

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probably not
I don’t see it going higher than $1 in the next 6 months

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>how much in GRT?

I got iron hands i'll hold at least a year even if it drops to 0.01 tomorrow

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im just waiting to see how low it goes, going to buy a massive stack

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What the fuck

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You think that small stack gives you any credibility?

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That's what I assumed. $1 is still good enough for me. Was hoping for like $5-$10 though

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How you guys doing sat wise?

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I wanna kms for rebuying it at 55c even after selling the literal top

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Uniswap sir

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Shitty, but it's trading inverse of BTC, so when BTC dumps, it appears GRT is going to obliterate testicles, at any rate, it's a good project and I'm working on becoming an indexer, so I look at these dumps as godsends because you need at least 100k to index and I'm still at a measly 30k

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so like even microsoft couldnt unseat google with bing how the heck is coinbase gonna do it with this token? what is the website for the search anyway?? "google of crypto" doesnt even have a usable website. total fuckin vaporware

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30 in 5 days

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He actually thinks "google of crypto" means "google killer"!

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I swear this whole Google of crypto bs was some real mistake
I mean yeah, it indexes like Google, but when you think Google you think search, not indexing

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The only reason was because google is a government operation now, look at the Hillary search results. They will continue to buy things like facebook and google until reality sets in and they can't, and then they will flee to a new paradigm, even Bill Gates has this shit hooked up look at his bunker in NZ.

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we just touched the bottom lads, only up from here

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wtf you talking about? if i want to know something about a crypto i just typw my question in the search bar and it googles it for me. youre probably the kind of boomer that googles google.com and then types in your search. What you think "graphing" is gonna become a synonym for searching?? absolute brainlet

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If I call your bluff, your mother will die in her sleep tonight if you don't acknowledge you read my reply.

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Scratch that, just more than doubled by stack to >1200

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gj anon

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dumping again. What a shitcoin

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Just more than doubled again to nearly 2500. We're moon bound, babyyy!!

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I fucking hate Israel

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Kek at all the dumb niggers ITT.

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what is this. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. Seriously I spent everything left of my grannies retirement on this fucking shitcoin because you fucktards told me it was going to moon and now it’s looking like once they allow landlords to start evicting again she’s going to have to move in with me. You guys fucking RUINED my life.

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Does that include you, or?

You obviously got pajeeted son, this was all a scam, no 10x for you this week
The best course of action is to sell everything sorry anon

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I'm sorry about that man. Just go ahead and sell so the price will be lowered by 0.000000053305% so I can buy more.

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Why can't you buy regardless?

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looks like he sold bro

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Don't really know what to do right now lads. Should I double down and put my last couple of eth in or should I keep them? It's dire straits. Jesus.

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I'm thinking of buying a small stack of maybe 1k, and buying more if it keeps dropping.

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Nothing left but holding. It's in the depression stage of cycle already. It will moon eventually, question is how far

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and so many of us fall for it every time. definitely in depression.

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Yes, I see it too. Load up!

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Just invested my life savings boys. I'm gonna be rich!

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bro stop flexing

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pick one