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Name a comfier coin than this

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>Hasn't moved for a week
Are you a retard?

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Imagine not being in bitcoin silver for this year...yikes

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It is a pretty nice coin. Sold my BTC gains for some LTC. Wonder why no one ever cares about this coin on BTC. I remember when it was $25, wish I bought some back then.

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Dude, this shit isn't even worth 1/2 it was when Chinky Lee dumped his bag 3 years ago and we are in a bull market.

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guys will it ever moon? why doesn't it pump like eth?

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Litecoin will be worth more than 0.01 btc by eoy faggots.

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That's what I thought too but when I saw vitalik sell his eth at 700 I went all in to LTC

They both know what's up if they both selling

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ADD fags go buy tron or some other shitcoin. bitcoin profits eventually gonna move right into litecoin aka my pockets

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Well, you had Chinky Lee to shill the silver meme on CNBC 3 years ago. You are not going to have that this time since he cashed out

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didnt the founder sell at the exact top and never come back? lmao

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he still holds alot i know him

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Not only that but he was the main developer. There's no one building on this shitcoin. It's literally dead in the water

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Shouldn't you Tethered up if the godfathers cashed out? Kek

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Should I invest into litecoin?

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It's better for litecoin fundamentals for him to not hold massive bags. He took a well-earned profit and now he's out. It's time for the coin to grow without him

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apparently theres a privacy update coming should be dope.

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every coin aside from it

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I think it’s a good thing the main developer got out then. Now there isn’t a main influence on the coin

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Is there any actual development happening?

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He is still working on it. Stealth transactions just got added to testnet in october.

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delisting incoming

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opt in privacy and exchanges wont enable it

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>delisting incoming
only if you're a broke boi exchange

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That's not developed by litecoin. It's just being implemented by them

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Same thing

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I said comfy not cringey

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The litecoin team didn't create mimblewimble. It's like installing a software update made by someone else. All they have to do is tweak a few numbers and audit it. This is all they've done in 3 years kek

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they said the same thing about zcash and it still got delisted

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LTC/BTC is crashing hard, sad to see

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I have a phd in cybersecurity and litecoin is light-years ahead of any other coin. It's not just bitcoin silver but the most advanced algorithm we have ever seen in crypto. It can do everything and mw will help everyone realise that.

And they have only been doing it the last year to design the best algorithm ever fag

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ltc = 1.2k soon

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> never went to college

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It's bitcoin with every number multiplied by 4 and a mimblewimble update that dozens of other blockchains already use. Nothing is advanced about it. It's simple stupid and useless

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>It's bitcoin with every number multiplied by 4

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>Name a comfier coin than this

ok next

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Can litecoin platinum or diamond of the crypto space?

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why u lyin

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No, that title would go to ethereum

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Litecoin chads it's about to get comfy

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Pump when?
I just got in from my shitcoin gambles. Was it a bad time to get in?

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Dogecoin is a Litecoin token. If you believe in Dogecoin then you must believe in Litecoin as well.

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Looks like it might have been the perfect time actually

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>most advanced algorithm we have ever seen in crypto.
Chinky Lee even said he just copied BTC code, change the block time, change the total coins, change the mining algorithm. His method is "boring is good". WTF are you talking about, geniusbro

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Easy, ELX.

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I believe Bitfinex delisted ZEC but keep XVG for that optional private transaction meme

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I like the coin, but I heard it's going to become private soon. Could it get the axe on exchanges just as xmr did a day ago because if that? Or is it too big for delisting?

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No charlie lee our savior is on coinbase board of directors he knows everything

He saw that xmr and cash were going down the drain so he add this optional privacy feature as a side chain

This shit is gonna make us rich can't wait

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Luv me btc
Luv me Ltc
Love me eth

Simple as

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Nigger literally only bitcoin is back way and past it's high.

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LTC will be the only fast and cheap optimal privacy coin that's highly scalable.

Institutions are gonna fucking clamor for this once it's released

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I have a whopping 1.00 Litecoins

How fucked am I?

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Son I have 600 LTC step it up

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>sent 1 LTC to a software wallet in 2017, find the seed string and generate wallet again, 0 funds in wallet.

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Chink Lee told us exactly when to sell the top and when to buy the bottom
Are you fucking dense? Most based fucker in crypto

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Whats the suicide and make it stack? I was trying to stockpile but the rocket took off earlier than I had expected

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Great info, thanks. I actually made some good gains on ltc and was afraid they were gonna delist it after what they did to monero. The coin ia very comfy , it always goes back up after a small dip and you can make good money.

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vitalik fucked it up i guess he sold at 700

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And now PayPal is doing the job more efficiently than Charlie ever could. The winners have been picked already if all you care about is fiat gains.

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need at least 100 to make it affording a nice six figure midwest home

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Also a little drawback of bitcoin is the division into 0.00062425 sats etc. Which is confusing for boomers.
And yes, people do not buy fractions. It is stupid but human psychology won't change. That's why stock splits happen.
21M BTC turned out to be too few. So litecoin actually might have a bit of an edge for usage and accumulation over bitcoin

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plus the rumors that paypal is gonna be using litecoin as their primary crypto payment service

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suicide 84
make it 840

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I have 5 Litecoin, what can I expect from this over the next few years and how many should I aim to accumulate (and by when?)

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How high do you guys think this could get to?

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Wasn't that supposed to be RSR?

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Darn looks like I'm ngmi

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I know that feel brah, barely scraped suicide stack
500 USD - conservative estimate
1k USD - hopium
5k USD whalebro's schizo dream, he fucked us big time in the last cycle, but who knows...

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Assuming you didn't just make that up, what does that mean exactly? What does a crypto payment service using LTC offered by PayPal look like?

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you're a fucking idiot anon
in the past month i've made more than 100k and this shitcoin is only .3% of my portfolio

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you are also a fucking neet larping pajeet, it's literally just a fucking btc fork * 4

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>Name a comfier coin than this

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LTC mw will body this when released

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Almost all of them you absolute retard.

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Just like old man Bitcoin. 2 mb blocksize and tether keeping it up.

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XVG is literally a better coin.

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Both parties need to be online for a mw tx.

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>CEO sold all his litecoin

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Cuck base still has zec u just can't withdraw to a shielded address wtf are u talking about?

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Careful lads, Charlie might dump on you soon.